Turkey Hunting: Matching Calls and Decoys to the Season

With names like “The Call Girl” and “The Thief” you would think we were talking about titles for a steamy Lifetime movie instead of essentials for turkey season. The season of the thunder chicken is upon us; we’ve spent months preparing ourselves to trick old Tom into thinking we are a Lil’ Nasty hen. Here are some of […]

Motherboard’s ‘Mandatory Carry’ Fail – Contest Entry

(This post is an entry in our spring content contest. If you’d like a chance to win a Beretta APX pistol, click here for details.)  By Bobiojimbo Vice.com has published several pro-gun control articles as part of their recent Smarter Gun series, a series that promises to explore smart guns or the lack there of. Today, I’d like to […]

Here Are the Worst 3 States for Gun Rights

Which are the worst three states for exercising your right to keep and bear arms?There are several contenders for that dubious distinction. The worst states can be found with the answers to a couple of questions. First: Do you have to ask government permission to purchase a firearm? Some states require that you obtain permission […]

Colt Competition Goes Out of Business – First of Many?

Last year, Colt Competition manufactured and sold some forty thousand AR-15s. When Donald Trump was elected, sales dropped like a stone. The gunmaker has been struggling to sell 500 rifles per month lately. And then Uncle Sam came knocking . . . wondering where it could go to collect some $2 million in back taxes for Colt Competition’s […]

The Truth About the Gun Sales ‘Trump Slump’

“In the gun industry, politics and fear matter,” NPR reports. “And they matter a lot. Over the last two years, there was plenty of both to go around amid terror attacks and school shootings. And, of course, there was the presidential race, which Hillary Clinton was heavily favored to win.” And then she didn’t. And […]