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You can’t fix stupid. And cops in the south Chicago suburb or Harvey wouldn’t have it any other way. “In a lengthy video posted on YouTube, a group of men appears to flash guns, smoke marijuana and sell drugs, and even brag about dog fighting and having a dead dog in the garage.¬†Harvey Police Department detectives who watched the video recognized several of the men as known gang members, leading to a raid of the home which turned up the guns and drugs, and led to several arrests, according to Sean Howard, a spokesman for the police department.”

None of these former Fulbright fellows made any attempt to hide their identities as Mr. DeMille zoomed in for his close-up.

Detectives were made aware of the video, which seems to show several guns as well as marijuana and a possible drug deal, police said. Apparently produced at a home in Harvey, it ‘featured a well-known drug dealer and at least 20 known gang members from various southern Cook County communities,’ (police department spokesman Sean) Howard said.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

After executing an early morning search warrant, the local 5-0 took three gang members into custody on a variety of charges, including one individual who had been on house arrest at the time. Oops. Maybe this time the local judiciary will actually put some of them away with more than just a slap on the wrist and a promise to be good.

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  1. These are not “gangstas”. They are cultural enrichers who simply practice a more diverse lifestyle that isn’t well understood by those of us in whitebread society. Given the racism and oppression within minority neighborhoods how else can enterprising young men like these ever hope to make something of themselves? Given more opportunity they might well be car dealers. We really need to work harder at understanding where they’re coming from. //sarc//

    • had an article yesterday that talked about the rise and fall of Baltimore’s Black Family Guerrillas. Astoundingly, they apparently seriously buy into that logic. I guess they just tell themselves whatever they need to, to sleep better at night.

  2. To the unaware Harvey is basically an extension of Chicago’s South side. And the oft indicted Harvey po-leece (and city government) are probably dealing drugs themselves. Yeah dumb…

  3. They are all good Christians trying to turn their lives around!
    Don’t worry everyone. They will be out in 3-6 months.

      • You beat me to it!

        From what I hear about the criminal-justice system in Chicago, I think you are exactly right.

        At most these guys will spend a few months in jail, catch up with friends, and resume their lives when they get out. Again.

        • I imagine most of that time will be spent registering them for food stamps, welfare, AFDC, Veterans’ benefits, Social Security, every liberal giveaway known to man, plus registering them to vote (Democrat only), arranging a car loan and counseling them on correct firearm choices for their life goals. IOW, preparing them to be productive thugs.

    • They were only trying to make enough money to pay for their collage tuition and books! Can’t we all just get along?!

  4. “Maybe this time the local judiciary will actually put some of them away with more than just a slap on the wrist and a promise to be good.”

    Not likely.

  5. Interesting the guns are in boxes still. Would be curious to see if they were hot or not. Wouldn’t surprise me to find out yes.

    ED:rule one keep it on the DL if you’re doing it illegally. Crying out loud morons. Then again I guess they’re hoodlums for a reason.

    • might have been stolen from box cars in NS yards, happens way too often, seem to be tipped off which car the guns are in

    • Keep it on the DL even if you a doing it legally. Do not throw out the box that a new appliance came in, either cut it up, turn it inside out, or drop the box off at the grocery store where they recycle them. A 60″ tv box on the curb?
      If you are sick, maybe with cancer or rehabbing from an intense surgery, do not allow those old pill bottles to go out with the prescription on them. Do not put in the obituary your address or the fact that he/she was battling cancer.
      NRA member? Don’t advertise it. Jeweller? retired jeweller who fixes watches at home? Don’t do business in your home. Cash business, do you work the street or a booth at fairs? again, be careful.

      People do follow these people home and will try a home takeover robbery, a burglery or a stickup. If you have a cash business, they expect you to have change for the transactions.

      Immigrant owned business? Many do not trust banks, or won’t make drops every day. That and the guys that do some under the table(I can get it for you wholesale!) deals. Selling low end cars, motorcycles fix up, turn and burn work?

      All of this is just putting a target on your back. Add to that, illegal sales, someone has a plan to take from you.

  6. Look like Ruger boxes but an extended Glock mag in the front box? I take it that this is the PD show n tell media picture.

    Looks like the Delta baggage folks have been there, only this time they put the zip ties on the INside of the box

  7. Let’s be happy they exposed themselves committing crime. Now, the law enforcement authorities know who they are. Even in as corrupt a city as Chicago (did they ever find out who was responsible for the seized drugs that went missing from wherever the Chicago Police Department kept them as evidence around 2006 or so?) it will now be impossible for corrupt police officials to ignore these thugs when something goes wrong. Hopefully, they watch them and get whoever they buy from / sell to as well.


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