Vedder Holsters Daily Digest: SkyNet is Learning, a Keyboard Commando on the Run and Correcting the Voxen

AI Is Getting Really Good At Detecting Handguns – “In the end, the researchers say their system successfully activated an alarm in 27 of the 30 scenes they tested, correctly detecting a gun in less than two-tenths of a second each time. Overall, the optimized model achieved 84% accuracy, with zero false negatives (meaning the […]

Reader: Delta Airlines Zip-Tied My Baggage, Too!

Following our earlier post on zip-tied luggage at airports, a reader who prefers to remain anonymous writes: I just got back from a trip to a skeet competition in San Antonio and we dealt with the new TSA gun transport “rules”. Here is how lax and sad the situation is. Traveling from Jacksonville to San […]

3 Best Handguns for People Who Don’t Like Guns

There are people who support gun rights who really dislike guns but want to defend themselves. To the point where they tool-up and [perhaps] get their concealed carry permit (void where prohibited by law or where freedom rings). True story. Given the owners’ limitations, here are my three recommendations for reluctant gun owners . . . 1. TASER Pulse  Some […]

Early Caseless Ammo: The Rocket Ball

New York inventor Walter Hunt created many items we’re familiar with and still use today. Mr. Hunt patented the lockstitch sewing machine, fountain pen and safety pin. He also attempted to improve ammunition technology in the mid-19th century. His design, known as the Rocket Ball, proved to be far less successful than his other inventions. Patented […]

Question of the Day: Appendix Carry?

If I had to guess, I reckon the youth who pulled a gun from his waistband lacked a proper holster. He certainly lacked trigger discipline. Or muzzle control. Given that big old artery in his leg, he’s lucky he didn’t bleed out. (Always have a tourniquet nearby!) Be that as it most probably is, the […]

Gun Review: Dan Wesson Valkyrie 9mm 1911

After my review of the Dan Wesson Bruin, an upsized 10mm longslide 1911, I was certainly interested in seeing what else Dan Wesson had in their lineup. What I got was the same level of quality, but the opposite end of the size spectrum. The Valkyrie is a slim 9mm built to carry discreetly wile still […]