CADEX Defence CDX-R7 – 2017 SHOT Show

Perhaps 2017 is the year of the precision bolt gun as nearly every manufacturer seems to be bringing one to market. Or in the case of an established manufacturer like CADEX Defence, they’re expanding their already serious selection of rifles. In this instance, the new rifle in the catalog is the CDX-R7. The CDX-R7 is […]

NRA is Anti-Immigrant, Like Trump (Says ‘The Trace’)

Since they began publication, Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitators at The Trace have disguised themselves as a source of unbiased information on gun laws and “gun violence.” The hidden agenda has served them well, allowing them entry to Google News listings (unlike TTAG). Yes, well, as Little Richard sang, the girl can’t help it. LaPierre set down the […]

Live Chat with Q’s Team on Instagram Live

Kevin Brittingham’s newest venture, Q, has garnered quite a bit of interest in the firearms industry as they’ve introduced a series of new products for 2017 including silencers, a revised Honey Badger, and the flyweight bolt action rifle pictured above. Preorders for that rifle, The Fix, start tomorrow. As part of that effort, the team […]

Under Armour Dumps Hunters, Reaps the Whirlwind

We reported in August how Under Armour dumped a couple of hunters, and in return, hunters dumped Under Armour. Today, ZeroHedge reports that Under Armour’s stock value has sunk to its lowest level in three years. Sales have slowed dramatically – to their lowest since 2005. This caused them to miss their quarterly earnings estimates by […]