Tikka T3x TAC A1, Compact Tactical, and Arctic Rifles at SHOT Show 2017

As I understand it, Tikka is the more affordable line from Finnish manufacturer SAKO (both ultimately owned by Beretta Holding S.p.A., along with a whole lot more), but is still definitely a precisely-manufactured, supremely accurate bolt gun. New for 2017 is Tikka’s T3x TAC A1, a chassis gun that appears to be geared very much towards the demands of the U.S. market. In the video above, Miikka Tamminen, Product Manager, walks us through its features then shows us the T3x Compact Tactical and T3x Arctic (Canadian Ranger Rifle) as well.

The T3x TAC A1 is available in .308 Win, .260 Rem, and 6.5 Creedmoor. Its chassis provides an extremely solid, left-side-folding stock that’s highly adjustable (yet the folding unit accepts an AR buffer tube should the owner want to swap stocks), an AR pistol grip, and AR-10 forend compatibility. It uses 10-round steel box magazines and comes with two of those, plus they mail a third upon warranty registration. The trigger is adjustable, the muzzle is threaded, and QD sockets plus sling clip points abound.

Under the muzzle brake are standard 5/8×24 threads. Overall, I think this rifle really nails one of the current hot segments in the U.S. rifle market and, if they get the word out, I expect it will sell very well. MSRP is $1,899.

The Canadian Ranger Rifle, or T3x Arctic, replaced the Lee Enfields carried by the Canadian Rangers. It’s a handy little gun that’s basically a scout rifle but for the non-scout scope rail location. It does have iron sights, though, and the rear has a pretty trick rotating aperture for dialing in pre-set range adjustment. For all-weather durability, it’s a stainless steel gun with a laminate stock.

Once again I couldn’t help but snap a couple photos of the Sako 85 Carbonlight. Its carbon fiber stock is a work of art, and it gets even better when you touch it. While you’d expect it to be hard and feel like plastic, its “soft-touch” surface feels somewhat like there’s a layer of clear silicone on it. So cool. It also makes for a short-action hunting rifle available in five calibers that weighs just five pounds.


  1. avatar Anon in CT says:

    “pretty trick”

    Someone is channeling their inner Jerry Miculek.

  2. avatar Accur81 says:

    My buddy’s Tikka .300 WSM can shoot 8 rounds into 3″ at 300 yards. It’s the variant that has a 24″ stainless sporter barrel with a plastic stock. The load was a 180 grain Federal polymer tip (I forget which one).

    Anyways, I was impressed.

    Tikka and Sako are nice guns. I really like the stainless laminate Sako 85’s.

  3. avatar Alex Waits says:

    This company knows how to make guns that are affordable, and worth buying.

  4. Am I crazy or this a bolt action AR style setup?

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Both? (But mostly crazy)

  5. avatar RCC says:

    Tikka was bought by Sako in about 1981

    Some competition shooters I know still use older tikka. Only used a friends T3 but very nice.

  6. avatar Billy says:

    This is the Q killer. $1k to put towards a better scope.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Well, it’s like 80% heavier and doesn’t have a short throw bolt, among some other things (e.g. easily swappable barrels). Not that it doesn’t appear to be a completely awesome rifle, but they’re not straight substitutes. You could say Ruger RPR and use the $$$ difference between that and the T3x here for ammo or optics or whatever, too. Lots of reasons people don’t always choose the less expensive option…

  7. avatar Lou says:

    Tikkas which I have fired shoot like laser guns – super accurate.

  8. avatar Bobinmi says:

    I am no expert but, I think that they are missing the boat with the arctic. The scout rifle is experiencing a renaissance of sorts but for the price anyone in the know would gladly take the Steyr. If they drop it to around a grand it would fit nicely between the clunky Roger and the Steyr

  9. avatar steve W says:

    What is MSRP on the Arctic?

    1. avatar Allen Richardson says:

      I don’t know the MSRP, but Cabela’s has it for $2799 Canadian.

  10. avatar Charles A says:

    Does anybody know what bipod is featured in the above picture? Thanks

    1. avatar Paul S. says:

      Looks like an Atlas bipod. Pricey but worth it.

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