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On this evening’s podcast, I talk about the cold hard reality of hitting up companies for bullets (thanks Nosler and Barnes), the allure of a switch-barrel rifle, and expecting the unexpected from our comments section. I also touch on the perceived lack of innovation in the gun industry. Give it a listen and let me know what you want to hear about next week.

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  1. “The goddamn Delta Point Pro is just too fuckin’ big for a slide.”

    Classy. Real classy, Tyler.

    Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    Clean up your act, quit acting like a caricature of the uncivilized redneck gun owner. Record something your mother could listen to. Think about the fact that some people might want to listen while their children are in the room.

  2. A Tyler you weren’t kidding about the comments. I’m just guessing that you have to be 18 years old to buy a long gun. you have to be 21 years old to buy handgun in the United States right? So if you’re listening to this you probably are an adult right? It doesn’t do a sixteen-year-old any good to listen to something about things he cannot purchase unless your parents purchased them for you. Curtis in Illinois I’m sure he kisses a lot of things with that mouth like women LOL. Quit busting his balls Curtis it’s an adult conversation if your kids are around listen to it at a later date is a simple is that it’s not like they don’t hear that kind of language at school anyways I went to Catholic Elementary and high school private and heard For Worse language than what Tyler was saying. Unless you homeschool them and that speaks volumes about you personally lol just kidding. Hey Tyler I just built a 458 Socom and I’m experimenting with those ttsx bullets 300 grain and they seem to work pretty well.

  3. Even with the heavy 300 grain load the polymer tip and boat tell rear end of the bullet seem to really let it get out there without too much drag. And even at a hundred and fifty yards will take a 200 pound pig and damn you’re flipping on his side. Very impressed with it but I agree they’re quite expensive. Especially doing 458 Socom even reloading I’m paying over $2 per bullet including brass primers powder and projectile. It’s a good thing Ten rounds fit in a 30 round magazine I probably couldn’t afford it if it held 30 LOL.

  4. You should hit up Dawson Precision for your M&P co-witnessing issue. They make several different heights for “tall” M&P sights including standard suppressor height, CORE height (taller than standard suppressor sights), and then one that is a bit higher than that I believe. You’d have to get a new front sight to match the new rear, but one of those two taller than standard suppressor height options might solve your problem.


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