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Perhaps 2017 is the year of the precision bolt gun as nearly every manufacturer seems to be bringing one to market. Or in the case of an established manufacturer like CADEX Defence, they’re expanding their already serious selection of rifles. In this instance, the new rifle in the catalog is the CDX-R7.

The CDX-R7 is available in a long action called the Shepherd or a short action called the Sheepdog and is designed to feed off AICS magazines. The R7 action is Remington 700 pattern so it will be happy to fit in your Manners, McMillan, or chassis of choice. It features a pinned Pictatinny rail available in 0, 20, and 30 MOA flavors.

Also of interest is the four lug bolt that contributes to a very fast 50 degree throw. The floor model had been completely degreased so working the bolt was fairly stiff, but it seemed to be on par with other high quality actions from the likes of Stiller et al. Retail price on the action is $1400 for the Sheepdog and $1500 for the Shepherd.

The stock that the CDX-R7 rides in is called The Nuke, and it includes an embedded aluminum mini chassis that runs from the recoil lug back through the butt stock. It has an attractive feel in my hands, similar to my feelings on most traditionally stocked precision rifles. The aluminum mini chassis no doubt adds strength to the equation. This is a winning combination that other manufacturers are bringing to market. Retail on the Nuke is $700, right in line with their competitors in the market.

Should you want to get all these parts put together you’re looking at $4400 for the short action version (.260 REM, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 x 47, .308 WIN). Available barrel lengths are twenty four and twenty six inches with the exception of the .308 which is offered in a twenty and twenty four inch with a the twenty six inch version considered a special order.

The long action will set you back $4500 and comes in 300 WIN Mag, 300 Norma Mag, and 338 Lapua Mag. US based buyers should contact Shawn Bevins who handles US Commercial Sales for Canadian based CADEX and was kind enough to give me the pitch. I’ve asked for a rifle to review and Shawn says one is headed my way. Stay tuned.

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  1. So what do you get for $4,400 here that you don’t get from a Ruger Precision Rifle for almost $3,000 less as far as performance and functionality go?

    • 50 degree bolt throw vs. 70 degree for the RPR
      Stiffer trued action – smoother too (assuming equal lube)
      Better barrel
      A stock, not a chassis
      6.5 x 47 chambering in the short action
      Rem 700 parts compatibility
      30 MOA or 0 MOA rail options
      Better trigger
      The ability to do long action

      It’s probably not worth the money to 90% of shooters, but there you go. Off the top of my head, that’s what you get extra.

    • You get a custom high end gun not a $300 ruger american in a $900 chassis.

      Try put together something similar with other custom actions, match barrel, and stock/chassis of equal quality for the same price as a rpr.

      • It’s called a Savage 10 BA Stealth… Great Savage action, MDT Stock/Chassis, good trigger, many calibers, customizable…

  2. It’s called a Savage 10 BA Stealth… Great Savage action, MDT Stock/Chassis, good trigger, many calibers, customizable…

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