Senator Chris Murphy Wants ‘No Screening’ for Immigrants, More for Gun Owners

Senator Murphy, a truly special snowflake.

The latest gem from America’s hysterical left comes from Connecticut’s junior senator and gun control made man, Chris Murphy. In response to the Trumpian kerfuffle of the day, Murphy opened his pie hole on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to announce that he opposes any screening of immigrants seeking entry to the United States. At the same time, though, he’s a big supporter of more checks for Americans seeking to avail themselves of their Second Amendment rights.

But wait, it gets better. According to Breitbart, the tone-deaf legislator proclaimed,

So, I would go towards a sort of European bent in looking at screening. And then maybe let’s just make sure that if folks get to this country, and we suspect them of having connections to terrorism, that they shouldn’t be able to get an assault weapon. That’s a huge liability in our law today.

Because as we all know, relying on gun control (or any laws, for that matter) to prevent Islamist-inspired attacks has worked out so well for our friends across the Atlantic. Never mind our experience here.

So the Murphy prescription for dealing with terrorist wannabes: somehow prevent them from getting their hands on a so-called “assault weapons” once they’re here. And how does he suggest we do that? To a radical civilian disarmament advocate like Senator Murphy, it’s obvious. By disarming all Americans, of course!

And the left is still baffled by the election of Donald Trump.


  1. avatar The Gray Poseur says:

    I will have no problem with the amount of winning that appears imminent over the next 4 years, and hopefully 8 years. Liberal tears makes it so easy to recognize winning. The more Liberal tears the better.

    1. avatar MamaLiberty says:

      I’m wondering if you mean whining, not winning… I love to hear the controllers whining. Not so fond of seeing them winning…

      1. avatar The Gray Poseur says:

        “We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with the winning,” Trump said Wednesday. “Believe me, I agree, you’ll never get bored with winning. We never get bored. We are going to turn this country around. We are going to start winning big on trade. Militarily, we’re going to build up our military. We’re going to have such a strong military that nobody, nobody is going to mess with us. We’re not going to have to use it.”

        1. avatar HP says:

          Less than two weeks in and it looks like he might not have been kidding around when he said this.

        2. avatar TexTed says:

          I’ve been enjoying the smorgasbord of winning on other fronts, but it’d be nice to do some 2A winning at some point. Hopefully tonight’s SCOTUS pick will show good signs that way.

        3. avatar The Gray Poseur says:

          I agree. I suspect 2A action is about number 50 on the list of 1000’s of alligators in the swamp. Draining this sucker is going to take a while.

    2. avatar Henry Bowman says:

      So he brings in hostile aliens who vote away our rights for welfare, while he is disarming us.

      What is a traitor again?

  2. avatar CarlosT says:

    This is the kind of thing that will lose Democrats election for years to come. Not in major metropolitan area, of course. They’ll continue to do fine in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and DC, but outside of those areas, there’s nothing for them. To most people, it just sounds insane that you would allow someone to enter the country from a war-torn region without knowing anything about them.

    People may not be completely on our side about gun rights, but proposing tightening down on the rights of Americans while throwing open the doors to foreigners isn’t going to be a winning strategy electorally. The way the Democrats are going, they could face some big loses in 2018, even if Trump isn’t a particularly popular President.

    1. avatar the ruester says:

      If their smug self satisfaction and spittle drenched hysterics are any indication, we’ll end up with a 70 seat majority.

    2. avatar Big E says:

      I think you might be right. I have an extremely low opinion of progressives and even I am shocked that THIS is the hill they are dying on. Well, actually EVERY hill anymore, but claiming it’s un-American not to let any and all Muslims in to our nation is bizarre even for them.

      I read someplace that if the election were held today with the exact same voters Trump would win the popular vote. Not positive that is the case, but I think it would be much closer. Democrats are their own worst enemies. It’s delicious.

      1. avatar TexTed says:

        Hard to say, of course. He’d definitely pick up a lot of voters in the rust belt, his meeting with the union heads really surprised them and probably would lead to better turnout. But, the other side seems much more motivated too.

  3. avatar Swilson says:


    It is easier to get a Glock than a book. There are way too many guns sold without background checks. There are ghost guns all over the country. It is too easy for ANYBODY to get a gun. But we shouldn’t screen any “refugees”?

    Retard alert.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      One look at that vacuous smile and vacant eyes told me everything I needed to know: lights are on, but no one is home.

  4. avatar Curtis says:

    He’s an idiot plain and simple. SMH.

    1. avatar CTstooge says:

      He’s tone deaf because he’s got a job for life in CT. Even as the state circles the drain.

      1. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

        Ah, CT too? I hadn’t been following that. You mean fiscally?

        1. avatar Matt says:

          Meanwhile they are doing their damnedest to proclaim CT a sanctuary state to put a couple of superfluous nails in our financial coffin.

    2. avatar Ollie says:

      Europe is no model for immigration laws. Europe will be under strict Sharia Law within a decade or two because the muslims there are outbreeding the natives by 4 to 1. Better go now if you want to see all the great works of art, their destruction looms.

  5. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    And here we see the typical modus operandi of politicians who love Big Government: create a problem and then promote a solution that suppresses your political enemies.

    Letting unvetted “immigrants” come into the country and attack us is not a bug, it’s a feature!

  6. avatar Merm says:

    With the availability of information on the internet, people like him are still pushing “Assault weapons” or misusing the term “Assault Rifle”.

    Until a person can speak intelligently on the subject that he is trying to legislate, his ideas hold no credibility.

    And even if he could get everything he wanted passed, as soon as the next event happened with a lever or bolt gun, that’ll be the next dreaded “assault weapon” and they’ll come for that one. #Statistsgottastate

  7. avatar Ing says:

    This guy looks like a wax figure. Thinks like one, too. The stupidity on display from the left is mind-boggling.

  8. avatar TexTed says:

    When it looked like Hillary was going to win, there was a LOT of talk on this board about the Second American Civil War, including from some of our resident “internet tough guys” who were declaring they were ready to start it.

    Interesting article that I just read from the editor of RealClearPolitics lays out the case why it’s already underway, because the Left is actually out there committing violent acts already. It wasn’t our side that started it.

  9. avatar Jon in CO says:


  10. avatar Swilson says:

    This despot that so eagerly denies rights to his countrymen is no kith and kin to us. Tightening the screws on freemen while giving carte blanch to outsiders who have no concept of freedom is step one. Why not use the foreigners to his advantage to continue his oppression of Americans?

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:


      “Why not use the foreigners to his advantage to continue his oppression of Americans?”

      I heard an interesting notion:
      It is impossible for Fedzilla to amass an army (such as “Homeland Security” agents) of natural born citizens to attack us because even those agents would draw the line at some point. What sort of army (of “agents”, not the military) would Fedzilla be capable of creating in sufficient number? An army of foreigners who Fedzilla naturalized. Foreigners would not view us as their kinfolk, their countrymen, and would be much less reluctant to attack us.

      Thus the implications of your question could be surprisingly accurate.

      1. avatar Swilson says:

        Yessir, that was the hint!

  11. avatar TexTed says:

    This disconnect between the left and the right seems irreconcilable. Remember a few months ago when it looked inevitable that Hillary was going to win, we had a lot of talk about a Second Civil War (including some of our resident “internet tough guys” claiming that they were ready to fire the first shot to get it started).

    Well, it looks like it’s already underway. A fascinating editorial by the editor of RealClearPolitics lays out the case why we’re already fighting the Second Civil War, and it wasn’t our side that started it. We’re not the ones rioting, looting, illegally occupying state capitols, and vowing to undermine and resist the legally-elected US Government.

    Check it out:

    It’s surprisingly clear-headed thinking and lays out what the stakes are and who the real enemy is pretty clearly.

    1. avatar tdiinva (now in wisconsin) says:


      This should be a wakeup call to our neo-Confederate readership. The left, i.e., the Democrats, lost an election and have resorted to mostly symbolic violence so far. This is exactly the same thing that happened in 1861. The actual Confederates, as opposed to adherents to Murry Rothbard’s reimagined Confederates, were responsible for the carnage because they could not accept electoral defeat.

      1. avatar Salvatore says:

        The difference being the original confederates believed in real power, gunfire. Modern leftists beleive in wearing pink hats and carrying signs. They are unfortunately dangerious because they vote for things like this fool. But use real force? No, they don’t have the brass. They want only the state to have force capability, certainly not citizens.

        1. avatar Big E says:

          Don’t forget they’re pretty big on violence against Starbucks & Bank of America windows. Which is even more foolish since both those businesses were against Trump!

          Seriously though, I wouldn’t doubt the threat from a small, but militant group of professional socialist agitators. I can believe some fire-bombing, etc will result from their hysterics.

        2. avatar Swilson says:

          I agree that your typical lefty does not have the sand to enforce any of their “laws”. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken seriously. Some of them wouldn’t mind doing the dirty work and there are plenty of ideologically neutral people who are amoral enough to sell their services to the left. For an ideology that lip syncs Kumbaya so much, the Left always conveniently ignores the fact that EVERYTHING a government legislates is through the threat and application of violence. Most of these useful idiots don’t understand that; and the ones that do are more than willing to send the poor, black, and brown people to do their dirty work, all with the hollow promise of “equality” which is pronounced dependence.

          It is really just a modern tweek of the old Civil War expression of a “rich man’s war, but a poor man’s fight.”

        3. avatar uncommon_sense says:


          “… there are plenty of ideologically neutral people who are amoral enough to sell their services to the left.”

          Absolutely, and their job titles include DEA agent, ATF agent, FBI agent, police patrolman, deputy, S.W.A.T., bailiff, Attorney’s General, and judge.

          “… the Left always conveniently ignores the fact that EVERYTHING a government legislates is through the threat and application of violence. Most of these useful idiots don’t understand that …”

          Oh, I disagree wholeheartedly. I believe most of the Left are counting on government to enforce all of their dictates through threat of application of violence. And those previously mentioned job titles are all to eager to “follow orders” without any regard to what is actually right and decent.

        4. avatar Swilson says:

          Uncommon Sense,

          I would agree with you. I was speaking more so that they never address the use of force issue in their dialogue. They definitely know what they are doing.

        5. avatar strych9 says:

          You greatly underestimate the Left.

          Most of them have no interest in doing the dirty work themselves, but get a few cocktails in them when they think they’re in friendly company and they’ll tell you that “dirty work” is what minions are for.

          These people don’t have any opposition to violence on a mass scale. In fact they rather enjoy the idea of it. Machine guns and mass graves are the M.O. of the Left and have been for a century. I don’t say this lightly: American Lefties are totally down with mass murder of their political opposition. They hate the rest of us and they kneel at the alter of Mao, Che, Stalin, Castro and the like for a reason, because they agree not only with the objective but they see those guys as people who got shit done.

          We may casually dismiss the hipster in a Che T-Shirt, but we should never dismiss the ruthless ideology and searing hatred behind that symbol. RATM didn’t have the wrong message for the American Left, they just had bad timing.

  12. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Like a lot of people, he does not seem to understand that NICS is only negative info. If he refuses any review of an “immigrant” history, just let ’em all in, they will arrive with absolutely spotless records according to NICS, even if there is a nationwide “shoot on sight” order where he came from, as the most prolific terrorist in history. There will be no preventing his purchase of a hundred assault weapons with ISIS money, as well as big trucks for backup capability. Like a lot (most) of liberals, he just does not make any sense.

  13. avatar Paul B says:

    It’s almost as if the Democrats WANT the GOP to run the tables in ’18 and ’20. They’ve turned the asshatery up to 12 in recent days.

  14. avatar Soylent Green says:

    I think the screening procedure for immigrants is that they need to live in Murphy’s house for 3 months.

    If you want immigrants so bad YOU take’em in and let’em live with YOUR family.

    1. avatar TexTed says:

      That’s pretty much exactly what Canada is saying and doing. Anyone turned away by America is welcome up there.

      1. avatar Soylent Green says:

        Canada the gov’t maybe; I bet none of those “immigrants” are housed in any of Canada’s politician’s homes.

        There is a huge difference between saying “they should be allow into the country” and “they should be allowed into the country to live in my house, with my family”.

  15. avatar TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

    Clearly, reality called Senator Murphy and filed for divorce due to irreconciliable differences.

  16. avatar Norincojay says:

    So these people think foreigners rights are more important than the rights of American citizens. That’s not very patriotic.

    1. avatar ACP_arms says:

      Their is nothing MORE American then to let people with a unknown history enter the USA you xenophobic and Islamophobic bigot!


  17. avatar TStew says:

    It blows my mind that people like this get elected to city councils, much less to the U.S. Senate.

    To paraphrase General Kenobi, “…this is not the cognitive dissonance you’re looking for. Move along. Move along…”

  18. avatar passthebrass says:

    That picture needs a photoshopped bag of cocaine in between Murphy’s fingers.

  19. avatar Perrin A. says:

    This guys rhetoric will get people killed.

  20. avatar RockThisTown says:

    “So, I would go towards a sort of European bent in looking at screening.”
    So, I have a better idea. Just go towards Europe & don’t stop until you get there.

    “And then maybe let’s just make sure that if folks get to this country, and we suspect them of having connections to terrorism . . .”
    A better idea is that if we suspect them of having connections to terrorism, we stop them from getting to this country in the first place, like Trump is doing. As my 8yo daughter says, ‘ya ding dong!’
    I suspect most Americans are against importing more terrorists.

    ” . . . that they shouldn’t be able to get an assault weapon. That’s a huge liability in our law today.”
    Then what’s to stop them from getting an assault car? An assault truck? An assault pressure cooker? An assault knife?
    How about we limit firearm purchases to CITIZENS, ya double ding dong!

  21. avatar Dyspeptic Skeptic says:

    The Dems should appoint him head of the DNC!

    1. avatar TexTed says:

      They’ve already got enough candidates, from first Muslim congressman Keith Ellison (and his past ties to the Nation of Islam) to Sally Boynton Brown, a white woman who told all whites that they have to shut up, and that the Democrats need to “shut other white people down” because whites “just don’t get it; I’m a white woman and I don’t get it.”

      Watch the video, it’s really rather astonishing. Listen to the cheers. This, apparently, is the “lesson” the Democratic party learned from the rout of 2016.

  22. avatar YAR0892 says:

    Of course, I mean, the Ohio State jihadi used an evil AR-15 assault rifle, right? Oh wait. No- he used a Honda and a kitchen knife. Weapon availability is immaterial. Anything- ANYTHING- to a properly motivated person, can be used as a weapon. Lethal/dangerous is a given, otherwise it wouldn’t be considered a weapon. Taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens is removing their ability to use the most effective and readily available weapon for self defense. Restricting their ability to have that weapon when it’s needed most- in the surprise/unexpected incident- is in essence, forcing them to fight for their life while handcuffed.

  23. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Lets not forget 9/11. Maybe we should ban box cutters too right? Just saying. All these guys forget to mention it, and it’s not like there was a firearm involved there at all. An Air Marshall with a Glock and a few mags may have made a hell of a difference in the preservation of life.

    In terms of this guy, I thought background checks saved lives? Maybe I’m wrong there, maybe he is too? Why risk potentially importing evil people, and even if we did why should we give up our self defense rights against such people and get trounced like those Europeans he is using as a yardstick do? Lets cherry pick aspects of their culture we like to draw comparisons to (even then use ones that aren’t exactly apples to apples) and claim their world is great compared to ours.

  24. avatar DaveL says:

    So, I would go towards a sort of European bent in looking at screening.

    So was it Bataclan that sold you on the virtues of European immigrant screening? Or maybe Nice?

    1. avatar Big E says:

      Don’t forget- Berlin, London, Spain, Istanbul, Brussels……hmmm it’s almost as if there is a pattern. I wish it wasn’t so complicated to decipher.

      1. avatar Swilson says:

        Whoops, beat me to it!

    2. avatar Swilson says:

      Or Berlin? Or Cologne? Or London? Or Brussels?

  25. avatar neiowa says:

    What right to do we have to ask/screen Mooohamad when he brings his family AK in with him? Killing the infidel IS part of his religion/cult.

  26. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    It’s a mystery of neuroscience how someone can be so stupefyingly stupid as to conceive of such a ludicrous idea, yet still retain the mental faculties required to express it.

    1. avatar The Gray Poseur says:

      It’s called toeing the Progessive line. He probably knows better, but Progressivism is his Master.

      1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

        Fair enough, but there’s still the matter of the receiving end. How can constituents be so stupid that they can believe in this crap, but still be able to process language? It should be an exercise substantially similar to reading the “Communist Manifesto” to a garden slug.

  27. avatar Joe R. says:

    Look at the map sh_thead. You come from a piss ant small state that’s solid POS blue. I know you’re used to dictating to the rest of us and can’t understand why we push back so hard but you don’t represent America. STFU.


    1. avatar PDW says:

      “If America is yours to give away, it’s mine to take away from you.”

      I like the sound of that….. ?

  28. avatar GS650G says:

    Legal residents of the US are not to be trusted while unknown refugees get a paas.
    Move them all to his neighborhood.

    1. avatar DaveL says:

      As I’ve said before, if he wants to make sure that potential terrorists are kept well away from guns, I have a very simple proposal: I will keep all the guns at my house, and he can keep all the suspected terrorists at his.

  29. avatar MouseGun says:

    The picture above is freaking me out. He looks like a humanoid reptile in a rubber human mask who’s still trying to get the hang of displaying emotion.

    1. avatar PDW says:

      Senator Murphy looks EXACTLY like the ventriloquist dummy from the Twilight Zone episode called “The Dummy”. The actor Cliff Robertson was a ventriloquist who’s dummy Willy, was actually alive. The last scene shows that Willy is now the human master and Cliff Robertson has himself become the new dummy…this version has an uncanny resemblance to Murphy.

      I would have simply posted the picture but I can’t figure out how to do it on a touchscreen. Anyway the resemblance is startling.

        1. avatar PDW says:

          Thanks Timmy!

  30. avatar B says:

    I wondered what happened to Trololo. Big fan of his music. Sad he brought his Russian politics with him. #Dixiechicked

  31. avatar AlanInFL says:

    Still the dumbass he is.

  32. avatar Davis Thompson says:

    I know one person who’s grateful for Murphy. Joe Biden. Because next to that idiot, Biden looks sage indeed.

  33. avatar Davis Thompson says:

    It’s brilliant. Drop screening so we let in a bunch of terrorists. Then point out all the terrorists as a reason to pass gun control. I withdraw my earlier comment. Murphy is actually an evil genius.

  34. avatar tjlarson2k says:

    This is what full retard looks like. Don’t go full retard.

  35. avatar Anne Onimous says:

    Again the lefts proves that the main objective is to disarm the law abiding gun owner… the rest is theatre….for the sheeple…. look at that Stepford Wife expression on his mug….Connecticut needs a Trump moment to save it from its demise…1.5 Billion dollar deficit, state pensions way underfunded, property values tanking, mass exodus to tax friendly states… because of the big “D” after the ruling party and the emasculated opposition party

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