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Hunters can be understandably picky about their optics. These precision pieces of gear need to be finely tuned to allow for proper zeroing and adjustments to make those tough distance shots, while rugged enough to withstand heavy use in the field.

Vortex has made a name for themselves by producing durable, accurate scopes at a price point where most hunters and sportsmen can actually afford them. Last year Vortex took our Readers Choice Award for their Strike Eagle tactical scope. This year they intro’d their lightweight Razor HD LH for under $1,000. It made a splash with the hunting crowd and impressed our readers enough that they’ve named it the Best New Optic of 2016.

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  1. Don’t forget the warranty. My wife got me a Vortex rangefinder because she knew I would be hard on it. There were cheaper options for what I wanted (100yrd capable), but Vortex got out money because they have a good warranty and a good reputation. Same story when I wanted a budget red dot for my AK. I knew the AK would take a beating and wanted a red dot that would take one, or be fixed if it didn’t. I got the Vortex sparc-2 because they have a reputation for not sucking (relative to the price point) and they have a solid warranty.

  2. I put one of their Viper HST scopes on my new rifle. Comparable to other high-end scopes but at a much lower price.

    • I just bought a new Viper HST for my new rifle as well. Not only have I had great performance from other Vipers, but they offer a great deal for NRA instructors.

  3. Sure wish that scope was 30mm. I doubt i will ever by a 1 inch scope again. 30mm is such a vast improvemnt imo

  4. Meh. Many (most?) hunters aren’t all that finicky about their optics. I’ve seen no shortage of low-end glass on hunting rifles, some of which were the problems with sloppy group size that hunters were blaming on their rifles, but in fact were the fault of cheap scopes with their guts rattled loose.

    Some hunters will buy high-end glassware for their hunting rifles, but I don’t see high-end glass mounted on $500 rifles.

    The people who tend to be truly finicky about their optics are the benchrest, long-range and sniper/tactical folks.

  5. I got a Viper Vortex PST 6-24 FFP a few months ago, use it on a Rem700 Police.
    Group sizes where halved immediatly. (Previously had a cheap Barska scope with crappy rings mounted.

    Spending a grand on a piecec of optic is a lot of money and can buy you two different weapons, the only reason I didn’t flinch when paying for the Vortex was because of the stellar reputation they have developed.

    I can compete with the €3000 Kahles/SB optic shooters now and I know this scope will outlive a few weapons (thanks to the warranty).

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