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Bergara is a name that some American shooters may not recognize, but they should. Once known only as a purveyor of black powder rifles and precision barrels, the Spanish manufacturer is now producing their own line of precision rifles as well.

We’ve been very impressed with the quality of their firearms over the last few years and Tyler was especially impressed with their latest, the LRP Elite. He gave the gun a five star rating earlier this year. Our readers have a similar opinion and have named the LRP the Best New Rifle of 2016. Felicitaciones to Bergara.

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  1. Well, I must not be with the “In Crowd” here at TTAG. None of the things I voted for has won yet. Sigh. I guess if everyone had my exquisite taste, we’d all be just average.

    • Bergara is a Remington 700 done to a better grade of quality. If you look at the parts list and look at how much it would take to get the same out of a 700, it’s pretty much a no brainer. You are essentially getting a custom 700 wit out taking it to the smith.

      • As I have not taken one apart, if it is 700 based, I would only ask if they have fixed the (random) fire control group.

        Otherwise it’s just as dangerous as the suicide-machine 700 Remmy, and as such I would touch it with a 10,000 foot pole. Like rackin’ an Erma Excam RX22 in a closed room, except that if it doesn’t go-off when racked, the Erma won’t randomly discharge.


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