2016 TTAG Reader’s Choice Best New Shotgun: Remington V3 Field Sport

Remington has been a household name for shotguns for well over a century, their Remington 870 being one of the best pump action shotguns ever produced. More recently Remington has been refining their semi-automatic shotgun offerings and seems to have struck gold with the V3 line. Dan reviewed the V3 Field Sport here judging the gun to be worthy of a five star rating. You, our readers, seem to agree, naming it Best New Shotgun of 2016. Congrats to Big Green.


  1. avatar RidgeRunner says:

    If it shot 3 1/2″ I’d have me one.

    Dude: “Why in the hell do you shoot those ass-kicking 3 1/2s?”
    Me: “Because they don’t make 4s.”

    1. The V3 is basically the three-inch version of the VersaMax, perhaps the 3.5″ gun you’ve been looking for.


  2. avatar Joseph Quixote says:

    More and more it is looking like Remington and Colt are getting their act together. I for one am glad to see it. I wonder if the keyboard commandos who constantly thrash these companies will actually look at the products objectively. Most of them who trash the companies here at TTAG I would bet have never even owned either one of them. These whiners just repeat what they read from some guys opinion posting on the internet. Look neither one of these companies is spotless but they are also not the devil incarnate. Every company that has been around for awhile has made some ugly mistakes. Ever heard of the Edsel or the PInto? Let the products speak for themselves and use the gun that works for you. The internet opinion room often reminds me of high school. One “popular” guy or gal states an opinion that everyone else suddenly decides is a fact.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      “Ever heard of the Edsel or the PInto?”

      The original release of the R51 and the Walker Fire Control stand on their own as Remington abominations.

  3. avatar FelixD says:

    So, where are all the readers that agreed with Leghorn?

  4. avatar Robert D. says:

    So, it looks like Ridgerunner hasn’t looked a guns in a while… The Versa Max (3 years on the market) is the platform the V3 was based upon. Shorten the action and chamber down to 3″ and there ya go.
    The Versa Max is nice, and big. Long bolt travel. Not always great with low brass, although better than a few others that claim to “shoot anything”.
    My 19 year old just became a duck killer, he had been a duck hunter for awhile.
    I was just thinking about getting him a V3…

  5. avatar Wood says:

    Eh. I’d be awfully hard pressed to give up my Belgian A5s.

  6. avatar Jeff says:

    I don’t do Remington centerfire autoloaders. Just don’t. Been there.

    1. avatar SouthernPhantom says:

      740/742/7400/750 Jam-O-Matic?

  7. avatar Shanbo says:

    I agree with the browning A5 comment …… The reason browning out preforms a remington is the back bore is at .740…… Remington back bore is .729 the more back bore you got with a standard full choke at .705 the more restriction you have. A5 is hard to beat unless you have a remington model 11 made by John Browning.

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