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If a GLOCK fails in the forest did it really happen? James Yeager may not be ready to tackle ballistic existentialism but he has a word or two for GLOCK fanboys who noticed that the gun guru is GLOCKless. Mr. Yeager argues that any semi-automatic striker-fired handgun with a trigger and a magazine release y nada mas is a GLOCK. Even if it isn’t a GLOCK. Does that mean that owners who put an external safety on their GLOCK are instantly GLOCKless? Beats me. Anyway, accepting Mr. Yeager’s semantic dance, do you carry a GLOCK?

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  1. I own a few and sometimes carry one but not often.

    The advent of quality IWB holsters that really do fit a gun very, very well and are reasonably priced makes it easy to conceal some of the full sized pistols I have so guns in the size range of my G30, 17, 27, etc are relegated to range toys or occasionally to backup pistols.

    I just prefer an SA/DA.

      • DA/SA.. LOL.

        Actually I’ve been thinking about slapping a can on my G30 so that it becomes something I have to manually rack every time I want to fire again. That should keep the libbies happy right?

  2. I guess he’s trying to turn GLOCK into a general “de facto” term like “Band Aid”

    Actually, linguistically, it makes a lot of sense. I can’t think of a word for “a hammerless, striker fired pistol with no switches or anything.” so to avoid that lengthy description, he used a very popular gun that is known for that particular style. There is precedent for doing things like this in language, so I say it sounds like a good idea. It would only be better if he made up a new word totally to avoid confusion. But that would be harder to catch on and less obvious.

    Anyway I do carry a GLOCK… an actual GLOCK, a GLOCK 19. It’s the only hand gun I own.

    • I agree. That is what the guy is doing. Making Glock a generic name. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

      I don’t carry a GLOCK. But I do own a 27 with both a .40 and 9mm barrel and mags. The only way I would carry one would be open which be illegal in the Gunshine state. Maybe Israeli style. Safety or decocker equipped pistols only.

      • I live in Florida to and I believe open carry is just about to be legalized here from what I’ve been reading. Just too little idea of glimmer of hope LOL.

      • “I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

        Neither did Kleenex, Xerox or, to a lesser extent, Windex.

        The value of a brand name is hard to put a dollar figure on, but definitely worth something. I’d be surprised if Glock doesn’t fight any effort to commoditize their brand name.

        • Indeed. Glock has a well-earned reputation for being VERY aggressive in protecting their brand. Hell, they completely stamped out illegally trademarked Airsoft pistols, and even Glock replicas that didn’t actually have the logo. Today, a We-Tech Glock 18 (only produced for a little while, despite its popularity) can fetch a few hundred dollars, more than double what they initially retailed for.

          And the closest thing that is currently manufactured is the KWA ATP. Similar ergonomics (it’s marketed as a training pistol), but aesthetically pretty distinct.

    • “I guess he’s trying to turn GLOCK into a general ‘de facto’ term like ‘Band Aid'”

      … and like Kleenex (facial tissue), Xerox (photocopy), Q-Tip (cotton swab), Dremel (rotary) tool, Jacuzzi (spa tub), and …

  3. Isn’t this the guy that made a terroristic threat and they took his concealed weapons permit away or something like that? Or am I mistaken? Anyways I have been breaking in a Glock 42 and 43 because as I age I tend to carry smaller guns. For Comfort reasons. Butt I carry a Kimber micro stainless 380 ACP single action only cocked and locked. And if I remember correctly this guy hates 1911’s.

    • “Isn’t this the guy that made a terroristic threat and they took his concealed weapons permit away or something like that? Or am I mistaken?”

      Google is your friend but to save you the trouble. NO. He did not make a terroristic threat. Yes. His permit was revoked because the sheeple wet their panties over pro second amendment comments made by a patriot. Yes. You are mistaken.

      OMT, the Glock 43 requires no break in. No Glocks do.

        • Walkman you’re obviously a little hyperactive this morning or this afternoon depending on your time zone LOL. But what he said was it he would be the first to pick up arms against the government if they tried to come and take his firearms. I had to even go back and read watch it. Now yes that is a patriotic statement but it also can be construed as a threat which is why he ended up in court for over a year because of it period and paying a ton of money to lawyers and court fees and fines. I’m right there with you as being a patriot but we need to make sure we peacefully represent the gun culture and not misrepresent us as a bunch of gun nuts. That’s all I’m getting at. I think we can all agree on this.

        • After careful review he actually said he’d fired the first shot so that is actually a threat and the judge found it to be a threat and find him and revoked his concealed carry license for a certain amount of time I haven’t read through the entire police report yet but I’ll get back to you.

        • Correction that he would be the one to fire the first shot was his actual statement sorry for the mess up before period

        • Here is all I will agree to. We are fortunate that the founders were “gun nuts”. And without “gun nuts” today, our future generations will have no one to be thankful for. The second amendment is in place (brace yourself) to shoot tyrants. I think reminding people of that fact every now and then is the most peaceful act we can engage.
          Or maybe you don’t like the first amendment either?

        • Look man I did five and a half years in the United States Army 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg. Don’t tell me about patriotism okay. You just make yourself look like an ass. I am a gunsmith now and have been since the mid eighties before joining the military and now that I’m out and have been for quite some time I’m right back at it I specialize in custom AR 15’s and belt-fed Weapons Systems. I don’t know how old you are but my guess is in your twenties I was building guns in 1985. All I’m saying is don’t think I’m a liberal Progressive type by no means am I. Not to mention my family has fought in every war this country has had since the war with Great Britain.

        • Thank you for your service abroad. When an eventual tyrant orders the military to disarm the citizens of the United States. Which direction will your guns be pointing?

        • I took an oath to defend the Constitution against any threat foreign or domestic and I take that very seriously not like our previous president. I know what it’s like to be hurt in combat and to have my brothers died right next to me. I will defend the Constitution and its entirety no questions asked. So if any Administration tries to take away the rights of the people I would be forced to join arms with the National Guard and defend my State against tyranny.

        • And that is exactly what Yeager was saying. The first part of his quote, before “I’ll be glad to fire the first shot”, that all the haters conveniently omit was “there will be a civil war”.

      • Now I know you’re full of crap call firearms require a break in. Especially ones you carry as a self defense handgun. Any trainer will tell you 500 rounds needs to be put through the weapon before you carry it and Bet Your Life on it. You need to make sure the weapon is going to function because all mechanical things break and usually if it does it within the first five hundred rounds you just send it back to Glock and they send you a repaired weapon but you need to make sure that the weapon is going to function including the magazines and including the self defense ammunition you were going to be using in it.

        • You just gave the definition of quality control test. The definition of break in is that it tends to fail as a new weapon but runs more reliably after 500 rounds.
          You said if it fails in the first 500 rounds then it is broken. Maybe so. But that means broken, not broken in.
          I bought a Glock 19 and the next day a Beretta Nano for my wife. The Nano failed every range trip. The Glock? Never. Everyone said the Nanno needed a break in period. Most people say 100 rounds. The Nano never self corrected. It finally had a catastrophic falure after 1000 rounds. It was repaired and then ran as well as the Glock fron that day forward. We sold it and replace it with the Glock 43. NOT ONE SINGLE ISSUE WITH THE NEW GLOCK. Kiss my ass about the myth of the break in.

        • That’s exactly why you break one in is to test fire the gun repeatedly so that if something breaks it breaks while you’re at the range and not when you need it. Did any of y’all read what just happened with one of the editors on this website. He was test firing a Glock 20sf to see if say certain brand of ammunition would penetrate 3A body armor and the Glock 20sf exploded in his hand. Mechanical things do break you just want to make sure that the gun is reliable Before You Bet Your Life on it. Unless you just don’t care whether you live or die that’s up to you.

        • I think every aspect of all new guns gets better after several hundred rounds. Triggers get smoother. The bits on the slide that rub wear just a bit for smoother operation. Springs loosen up just a titch helping eliminate failure to feeds and failure to ejects. Unless a gun has a custom trigger job stoning the parts that rub on each other straight from the shop, I don’t see how a trigger doesn’t smooth out with use. I’ve had new guns that never once had a failure of any kind. I’ve had guns that had FTF and FTE’s within the first 300 rounds and never again after (granted, some of that may have been eliminating ammo my gun was picky about). I’ve never had a gun that didn’t get smoother within the first 500 shots. Which is what I would call breaking them in.

        • My Glock 19 now has a 4.9 trigger due to wear and some polishing. Saying it feels smoother after break in is different from saying it has to be broken in to be reliable.

        • Michael there’s no one that’s going to agree with you as far as carrying a brand new Glock or any other manufacturer and not breaking the firearm in to make sure that everything fits correctly in the weapon and you don’t have malfunctions when you are carrying it to save your life I feel like I’m talking to a hollow log.

        • Again, get a dictionary, look up “break in” and “qualify”. You keep telling me that all guns need to be broken in to prove their quality. No. Something must be broken in to operate better (not Glocks). And something must be tested to prove quality.
          I’m not suggesting people buy a Glocks and never shoot it. I’m declaring that any gun manufactured and sold as a defensive weapon should serve that purpose out of the box, and if it doesn’t, you bought a fucked up gun and that company should suffer the consequences of the free market.

        • You don’t break in a gun to prove the reliability. You break in a gun so that the parts can seat as they wear and polish off the surfaces from Manufacturing. Today’s guns are not manufactured by one gunsmith that’s old school today’s Firearms are mass-produced on assembly lines they have tool marks on them they have rough fitting parts not so much to cause complete failure but can impair loading an extraction until the surfaces call Bearing services have been shot 500 times and have a chance to wear into each other the gun is not reliable until this happens end of story tired of arguing with you over this you’re wrong.

        • Well Glock figured out how to manufacture mass produced guns that work as advertised out of the box. The onus is on you to prove that a break in period is needed. Not on me to prove that they don’t.
          30 years of reputation is on my side. Keep in mind, I am not a Glock fanboy. I never stated Glock’s are the best defensive handguns. I just know that of the two Glocks I own, they have not improved through use because the baseline was needs no improvement. How does a gun that hasn’t had a problem, get better at not having a problem?
          You would think that in 30 years there would be more reviews of Glocks that need 500 rounds to break in…if that were true… or even relevant to any discussion on Glocks. Sorry Dave. Despite your “credentials”, thanks for volunteering that information, the data doesn’t back up your opinion. Nor does my empirical evidence.
          Happy shooting.

        • First off you’re wrong again are local PD uses Glock and 2 years ago we ordered 1400 pistols Glock 22 and 40 caliber Smith & Wesson. Gunshot great until you put a Light and Laser on them then it stiffened up the frame so much that they wouldn’t cycle and eject the spent cartridge. And it wasn’t just a couple of guns that did it it was literally over a hundred guns. Glock took them all back and replace them with Glock 21 third gen instead of the 4th gen 22. Blackhawk was good enough to exchange out all the holsters and magazine pouches that as well. Glock tries to sweep these things under the carpet but if you’re in the business you know of a lot of their failures one of which is they don’t do as much R&D as they should so come out with a pistol and dump it on the market 4 civilians to find the flaws and then go back and have them fix or recall this happened on all the 4th gen models and some of the single stack models such as the Glock 36 with magazine issues sitting with a Glock 43 and I believe the 42. It’s what I said before all mechanical things fail there’s no perfect anything damn sure not a Glock.

        • I heard about the early Gen4 issues. Don’t think it had anything to do with mounting a light on them. But again, the guns were replaced, not “broken in”.
          Try to stay on topic.
          And , are you using hands free voice activation? Because your punctuation is horrible or non existent. Hard to read and makes you seem illiterate.

        • I Now understand the term Glock Fanboy you are ridiculous man. They release the Gen 4 with their updated grip frame and they went from a soft polymer to a more rigid polymer to strengthen the frame of the gun so that they could make it smaller and lighter and remove polymer to do this. The design was defective from the get-go and they just dumped it on the public and our Police Department if you have any problems believing me research at Saint Pete Police Department has to return 1400 Glocc firearms because they fail and yes it was because of the light I was at the range where the police officers trained I’m a gunsmith at a store that deals directly with local law enforcement and once again you are wrong I talked with the boys over at Glock in Atlanta all the time I’m a Glock armorer and have been for over 15 years this is ridiculous conversation that is going nowhere and it obviously showing how old you are and the experience that you have had which is absolutely none. Get over yourself man you’re just a child obviously. It’s like talking to a Hillary Clinton fan. Another f****** blow hard that doesn’t know s*** about anything.

        • Again, not what “break in” means. We are debating the need to break in a gun. Your failure of comprehension is creating a barrier that we won’t break through until you stop being obtuse.
          We can’t agree or disagree on any topic unless we first agree to the definition of the same term.
          My understanding of required break in is that a certain amount of rounds need to be fired for the gun to start to perform reliably.
          You keep arguing that a certain amount of rounds need to be fired to prove the gun isn’t a lemon. Both are true but only one is called a “break in”. The other is called an evaluation.

        • Once again here we go. Every single firearm in the entire world needs to be broke in where the gun has to have its bearing services Warren in by firing the weapon I have seen many of Glock Smith & Wesson M&P series pistols Springfield Armory XDS that are not reliable a hundred percent until they have had around 500 Browns put through them. All firearms are this way because they are manufactured by human hands and they have a plus or minus tolerance level that they need to be in usually plus or minus 100000 ths. If you think that you don’t have to break in your Glock you’re wrong all firearms need to be broke in where the barrel slide and grip frame we’re in together on their bearing surfaces so that the action becomes smoother and less likely to jam or fail to cycle. I’ve been in the gun industry now for going on 37 years and you are the first person ever to question Breakin with me and I’ve been all over the world with my military career and shooting sports events and I’ve never heard anyone tell me what you’ve been trying to explain to me. Call it break-in call it running the gun in call it what you want but you have to fire the gun and where it’s bearing surfaces in so that it is smooth. No one out there will tell you that a gun that has 500 rounds put through it is not smoother than the gun that is brand new off the shelf. And if you want to carry a brand-new non fired pistol as your personal defensive weapon more power to you bro because eventually it will go down on you. Murphy’s Law brother. You’re trying to avoid having your weapon go down in a critical situation which may be life or death I hope that you learn a little something from this and fire your guns before carrying them. And it’s not just Glock man it’s every firearm made. I’m not just picking on your favorite Gun Company I’m telling you like it is and this is how it is. If you call Glock and ask one of their sales reps on Breaking of the gun they will tell you the first thing you need to do when bringing your son home from the gun shop is to clean it and read lubricated to remove Manufacturing Birds and metal filings that are left behind. The oil that they put on the gun to come from the factory is assembly oil very thin and only used to make sure the doesn’t rust from Storage before the gun is sold. Then clock tells you to break in the firearm by shooting Factory only loaded ammo at least 200 rounds before carrying the weapon as a personal defensive weapon. If anybody out there doesn’t believe what I’m telling you call Smyrna Georgia ask to speak with a gun tech and ask them the procedure when purchasing a new gun what you have to do to make sure the gun functions correctly. They’ll tell you to clean it and shoot at least 200 to 250 rounds Hardball Factory purchased ammo and at least a couple magazines of the self defense ammo that you are choosing to shoot in the weapon to make sure there’s no problems with functionality and so the gun can use that term again break-in correctly.

        • Michael okay brother just got off with the gunsmith at Glock and summer to Georgia by the name of Dan kuczynski and His email is [email protected] in case you can’t get him on the phone. He told me you are absolutely wrong and what you are saying blocks like all other Firearms have to be broken in. He told me 500 rounds of Hardball Factory ammo needs to be shot through the pistol and at least 50 rounds of hollow-point self-defense ammunition as well to make sure the weapon functions correctly and that it breaks in by smoothing out the bearing surfaces that I have said before and make sure the weapon is reliable he said he can’t even imagine someone buying a new Glock and not test firing it and breaking it in before carrying it as a self-defense pistol he said he found that Ludacris and very dangerous. You have all his contact information now so call Glock talk to the gunsmith and listen for once from people who know what they’re talking about. I blame this on your youth you are young and you still think you know everything. Obviously you don’t.

        • Michael made a mistake on his email address man it’s not., it’s blocked. Us so the complete email is [email protected] this is his correct email sorry about the mistake he should be able to confirm what I’ve been telling you this entire disagreement we’ve been having I’m only trying to make sure you don’t die on the side of the road somewhere because of your lack of knowledge just trying to help brother.

        • Glocks work out of the box. Many other firearms do as well. I’m not a fanboy.
          If on the day I bought my gun, I had to shoot an attacker, it would have done it’s job. The Glockenspiel rep was correct. Function testing any new gun is prudent. But, most will do just fine without the break in. Fact.

        • I googled “Saint Pete Police Department has to return 1400 Glock firearms because they fail”.
          Guess what I found out?
          Not a fucking thing. Doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I’m not here to argue that. I’m here to say Glocks, and many other handguns do not require break in to function properly.
          You are the one muddying the water here with irrelevant, true or not, anecdotal evidence.

        • Oh, I don’t know about needing to be “more reliable” from a break in standpoint. I can say my FTE and FTFs all went away after a few hundred rounds. Again, that might be from eliminating ammo that my guns were picky about. Semi autos by nature have a limited range of ammo acceptance. Too little power and you can’t push the spring(s) back enough to load another round. Too much power and you can quickly wear or break the gun. Spending time at the range I think is as much for the shooter’s benefit as the gun’s. Getting familiar with the grip and trigger go a long ways towards reliability. For sure though, my current conceal carry Bersa Thunder CC version had cycling failures within the first 300 rounds and none after. I’d say it’s more reliable post break in.

        • I don’t need to email your “friend” at Glock. Instead, I decided to read my 54 page owners manual for the first time.
          Guess what I found? Not one fucking word on break in requirement. So you can suck a dog dick Dave. Stop lying to people on a website called The Truth About Guns. Some newbie with less skepticism than me might believe your bullshit so shut the fuck up.

        • Okay asshat he’s not my friend at Glock he’s just a guy that I called and talked to on the phone a gunsmith that actually builds blocks in Smyrna Georgia. Go ahead and read your manual you blithering moron have you noticed how no one else is sticking up on your side and most people agree with what I’m trying to tell you I could care less carry a pistol that you have not put 500 rounds through and think that it’s the greatest thing in the world but when you’re laying face down on the side of the road with blood coming out of you and your gun has double feed it or failure to eject I’ll be the one I told you so dumb ass. Call and talk to any Glock representative at Glock in Smyrna Georgia and tell them that you plan on carrying your brand new or old purchased pistol that you haven’t even shot but a couple of times and see what they tell you call anyone in the business leave an email on Guns & Ammo magazine and tell him what you intend to do and how you intend to carry your pistol as a self defense handgun you will be laughed out of the Forum you’re a moron log onto Glock talk or any gun website and post what you intend to do that you intend to not fire at least 500 rounds through your pistol and you plan on carrying it and using it as a self-defense weapon they will tell you do what you want this is a free country but you’re a freaking moron.

        • I’m not here to form alliances. I’m here to learn and to call out bullshit that impedes the ability to learn.
          But I haven’t seen support one way or another. I would venture to say that no one bothers to read your long winded illiterate, for lack of punctuation, rants.
          I wouldn’t care anyway if ten guys sided with you for every one that agreed with me. I’m taking the side of logic. Logic says that if the manufacturer”s literature does not recommend break in, then it isn’t necessary.
          I did consult an expert on the subject and he said about you, and I quote “That guy’s a fucking idiot”. Pretty much sums up my opinion too.

        • All mechanical things need to be broken in from CNC machines to Cars 2 trucks two lawn mowers to get the best results out of the piece of equipment the bearing surfaces must be worn in by running the piece of equipment and making sure that every surface where’s in and creates the smoothest possible level of friction on the surfaces. That goes for everything manufactured in the world has a cycling run in break-in period including mechanically built firearms. I don’t know who this expert you consulted is but really who cares I don’t it’s your life not mine but the bottom line is call Glock call Kimber call Kahr call Smith and Wesson and ask them should I break in my gun do I have to break in my God they will tell you you have to fire five hundred rounds through the weapon cleaning it every time you use it and then you can trust the reliability and the fact that it will operate correctly through the where in process quote break in process a lot of companies call it different things but it all means the same thing. So good day this will be the last time I ever post anything to you bye. Good luck with the rest of your life there buddy hopefully you’ll be in the small percentage that doesn’t ever have to use their firearm to defend themselves God bless good riddance.

      • @ Michael in GA
        Don’t minimize the facts. It wasn’t that sheeple wet their pants. He made a videoed threat and posted it, which he retracted, after he realized his messed up, but it was too late. What a goof!

        In the 1:17 minute long video, he claimed he would “kill people” if President Obama bypassed Congress and used an executive order to ban semi-automatic weapons.

        The Department of Homeland Security and the Tennessee Department of Safety suspended Yeager’s handgun permit stating his comments constitute a “material likelihood of risk of harm to the public”.

  4. Own, but don’t carry. Try as I might, I just don’t shoot the 19 as well as some other compact pistols I carry.

    • I used to think I was a neurologically challenged shooter because there seemed to be general agreement on how universally great the GLOCK was, yet was the gun that I had the least luck in shooting well. While I see the wisdom in the striker fired platform, I would never say All guns should be like that. If I was a Police department and had very limited resources to train I would probably choose a “flavor of GLOCK,” but I would probably never personally carry one.

      I don’t have Yeager’s years of experience or his expertise so I’m not going to dispute his view, but I have MUCH better results with weapons that tend to be DA/SA in operation.

      • IPhone 4 Glock and 5 M&Ps. I like the Glock trigger better than the M&P but the grip angle on the Glock doesn’t fit my hands or very many other people’s hands well. It’s really a love-hate relationship. I own them I shoot them but I don’t carry them. Ikaria Nighthawk custom T3 in stainless steel. Or my M&P Performance Center full size 5 inch barrel ported when I’m at work. But I find the 1911 a very concealable friendly gun especially in hot weather which we have you around here. The double Stacks are a little harder for me to conceal. That’s why there’s so many manufacturers of firearms in this country it’s just like our country freedom to choose what I tell my customers is put your hands on five or six top-of-the-line brand names see which one feels more comfortable in your hand and then I will adjust the back strap depending on the size of their hands so that it’ll fit them correctly. Next shoot the gun see if you can shoot the gun accurately if it’s comfortable if recoil pulse is manageable for you in the size gun you chose. And make sure you buy a gun that you can conceal if that’s your intent of use and the list goes on and on. But no one brand is good for everyone you may like Kruger because they fit your hand good and you could shoot them very well you may like Smith & Wesson you may like block you may like Springfield you may like double action single action you may like single action only you may like Striker Fired email a hammer guns it just goes on and on but whatever fits your hand and you shoot well and you can actually manage The Recoil and functionality of the firearm that’s what you should go with.

  5. I own 9 handguns. None of them polymer frames. All have hammers. 5 are revolvers. My EDC is a GP100. I am taking an interest in the new M&P though.

    • Amen brother I’ve got a 1990 GP100 with 4 inch barrel in stainless steel that I used to carry quite a bit. One hell of a revolver.

    • Amen brother on the GP. 3″ Wiley Clapp here. 6″ for home. I do have one plastic pistol, a P95 but it has a hammer.

  6. The firearm I most often carry is my Ruger LCR in .38 Special. Probably qualifies for that “glock” definition. Shrouded hammer, only button or switch on it is the Cylinder release.

  7. Yeah, Glockity,Glockity,Glock…. However much I like mine for carry I completely understand there are quite a few other quality options for people to tote. Just works best for me.

      • Trigger shoe sounds good. I don’t change triggers and hammers cause I carry all even my 5.7. I carry for defense only. I realley don’t want to go in court with some liberal teling the jury “this guy even has a trigger job done on his weapons! I am 76 and very active. I can’t run away, I can’t fight and etc. judge I can only defend myself with this colt and it makes me equal. Anyway thats my plan.

  8. Dat Fowty! 27 for me thanks. I need a subcompact cuz I don’t have a lot of mass for concealment and am not really comfortable open carrying. They’re not the best at anything. But they’re good at everything and are dead nuts reliable. So that’s good enough for me. And I don’t mind too much if it gets scuffed up a little cuz it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg

    • Did Lone Wolf ever get their model 19 size pistol with a four and a quarter inch barrel out I know they released the full size Glock 17 model but I didn’t know if they had released the compact model yet do you know?

    • +1. My polymer striker fired pistol is a DA only Kahr. It is the only polymer pistol I own. I do not and will not own a Glock, much less carry one.

      • +2 …My daily Kahr CM9 does not feel like a Glock, shoot like a Glock, or even carry like a Glock.

        To be fair, I don’t have a 42/43 single stack Glock… so maybe they feel like a Kahr?

        My very first handgun was a Glock 23 (in glorious .40 Squat & Wet Yer Pants… back in the days of 1994, when some people stiLLLL believed the plastic gun could sneak past metal detectors & board airplanes, that the 9mm Parabuger was a mouse round responsible for FBI agents’ being embarrassed to hardcore Scarfaces all over Miami, and the new fangled Goldilocks 10mm-on-a-diet with its “98+% one-shot-stopping-power” was poised to make semiautos dethrone the .357 Magnum and maybe even Dirty Harry’s .44… the future looked so bright for this miniature dynamo– “is the Glock 23 the ultimate compact concealed pistol?”… this was even before the 26/27 became the next yawn ” is the Glock 27 the superultimate subcompact concealed pistol??!” revolution…). It took a boatland of cash and a zillion frustrating range sessions before I could make a whole mag decently group at distance without a flyer or two… I still have a box of El Dorado Starfires somewhere. 2-3 years moved up in size to a SIG P226, and down to the pusssy 9mm Lugerbellum… I thought I was losing my mind, but I was just shooting all my bullets throught the same cloverleaf hole….

        Haven’t owned a Glock since. In fairness to that Austrian uberpistol, though, it did “save my life” (or, the other guy’s life?) once in Fort Lauderdale. The 90s were quite a bit more randomly violent than nowadays. I carried 13 plus an extra mag with the Glock… nowadays, I live in a way “worse” neighborhood, and I feel fine with the Kahr’s 6 and an extra mag.

        In conclusion: the Glock might’ve cleaned up the streets, but the Kahr makes ’em quake deep within and behave themselves. Or, something.

        Be safe.

    • Meh, it was only a matter of time. Like calling in line skates “rollerblades”. Quite often when something revolutionary loses enough market share to copy cats, the style gets called the original brand. AR-15 is another great gun example.

  9. I get his point….

    I carry a Glock 21 EDC. I shoot it well and I haven’t found any small framed gun I shoot better. Heavy? A little but I don’t notice it anymore.

    • Agreed. I just don’t get the “I can’t conceal this” statement about larger pistols unless the person saying it is a petite woman. I’m not huge and I can conceal a full sized pistol just fine and do so in multiple ways.

      • I have a few I’ve tried to conceal and just can’t get it done; the FNX-Tactical, the 92fs, and the S&W 29. When I say “conceal” I mean shorts and a T-shirt.

  10. I carried a Springfield brand GLOCK for a while. I switched to a non-GLOCK Sig Sauer. After experiencing the SRT I don’t really see a return to striker fired mushiness in my future.

  11. I do sometimes carry a Glock 19 OWB in a Blackhawk retention paddle holster. I only carry OWB as I’ve become a full figured guy :o) since retirement. My EDC is a Springfield XD Mod2 .45 but on occasion a Sig P938.

    I don’t understand the Glock snubs though. The G19 is what I use to requalify every year as a retired LEO and it never fails me. I guess it’s like Ford or Chevy.

  12. Meh. The more I read about Glocks and their fans the more I’m glad I have a Sig. And really… aren’t well all tired of people going on and on about their gear over getting good training? :/

    • Colts, Smiths, Rugers and Chiappas all have significant design differences. Most every other DA pistol is a Smith clone. Blackhawks are Colt SAAs. IMO, if it’s plastic, has no manual safety and has a striker that sets itself on half-cock when it cycles it’s either a Glock or a Glock clone (aka non-Glock Glock). But if you want to call a Taurus a Smith & Wesson, I don’t have a problem with that either.

  13. After a few recent incidents with burglars and so on, my EDC went from G26 to G23 in a hurry. I carry a cheap Taurus PT-111 Millenium G2 for backup in a pocket holster. No failures with the Taurus, two with the G23, three with the G26, probably ammo-related, all double-feeds. I carry the Glock or the Taurus in the house now even though I have two new ARs kept ready at all times.

    My point? Carry whatever is reliable and hits what you are aiming at. 24/7, 365 days a year, everywhere you go. Don’t let a lifetime of mostly peace and quiet lull you into defenselessness: imagine yourself and your family getting caught by violent criminals without you having any means of defense. Crime really does happen, more often than is commonly realized.

  14. If every black, striker-fired plastic pistol is a Glock, is every white, bald-headed douchebag a Yeager?

    I have friends who call every black pistol a Glock, but they’re gun muggles and can be forgiven for their government-imposed ignorance. What’s Yeager’s excuse?

  15. I have an XD9 with a grip safety, does that count as a Glock? Anyway, I carry a revolver, it’s just more suitable for my carry needs.

  16. Glock 26. Ghost trigger connector. Advantage Tactical sights. Leather OWB or leather/kydex IWB as wardrobe allows.

    There are other guns I can shoot more accurately, but there no guns that I can draw and shoot as quickly and dependably.

  17. Glock brand Glock
    Secret squirrel DIY Glock
    A Two big MPlocks and a small MPlock
    The rest all have those old-fashioned hammery thingees

  18. yet steyr made the first striker fired pistol, ever. and glock was not the first to offer a polymer framed striker fired gun either. they just have great marketing.

  19. I would never disgrace my polymer frame, striker fired guns by calling them a glock. To each their own, don’t like ’em.

  20. Most often carried is a Springfield Armory EMP4 in 9mm.
    Then a Sig 1911, the 4 inch, FDE round butt version. Occasionally my FNP45, gotta love 15 rds of 45 ACP. Waiting on a holster for my Wiley Clapp GP100. For deep concealment, a TCP 380.

  21. He is just trying to justify his new interest in CZ striker fired trigger safetied guns when he’s been so adamant about glocks. Part of the mental disease people harbor with brand names. It’s quite prolific in the gun community. People will defend anything if they so deeply ingrained it in the psyche. It’s just a tool people!

  22. I carry a P320C but I’ll probably end up getting a CZ P10C once it’s no longer in the early, “paid testing” phase.

    I appreciate Glocks for what they are but I think I feel like they’re like the old Ford model T–they’ve refused to innovate and their competition has refined their designs and moved forward.

  23. I need to find someone with a safety pin to lead me to a safe space after these comments. Joking of course.

    I hate Glocks, own a couple but never carry them. Just can’t get comfortable with them. I think they are an excellent firearm and an excellent choice for most people. KISS. I know many nationally recognized instructors recommend them. My wife carries one daily.

    46 years with the 1911. Frankly I think the Ed Brown’s are the best. My EDC is an Ed Brown Kobra.

    I’m not trolling or hijacking the thread, I just hate Glocks.

    • Your not alone Jack. My edc is an Ed Brown executive carry. Trust it with my life!

  24. I couldn’t get through his incoherent rambling and had to stop the video before it ended as it was annoying to listen to this guy speak. No, not all guns should have the same controls as a Glock, which is all he’s really trying to say. I like that my Springfield pistols have a grip safety.

  25. Glock? Hate them, ergonomically incorrect, which explains police firing 18 rounds at 15 feet and missing every time.

    People always yak about how reliable they are – so is my ax.

  26. Using the term like we use the term Kleenex for a tissue, even if it’s not from J&J.
    Just as we say AR15 when only Colt makes an AR15, everyone else is an M15 or M&P15, etc.

  27. lhstr, I thought you wear what you want, I carry Ruger pro, glock 19, 22, 26 Cz, etc. What ever I am in the mood for? Oh and I can shoot all and tear apart all. Also I have been shooting defense classes for over 30 yrs. It is up to one self on what he or she carries, duh. and yes carry after a bunch have gone down the barrel! Just saying. Its all easy!

  28. I don’t give James Yeager clicks.
    I carry a striker fired pistol. Usually a XD9 or a PPQ, others are in the rotation including Glocks.

  29. No . I carry a 1911 or a shrouded hammer S&W 49 95% of the time. And occasionally some old S&W DA/SA pistol (S&W 539, 559 or 645). Only plastic gun I own is a FN Five-seven I bought for the recoil shy wife.

  30. I just bought my first (actual) Glock about a month ago for carry. It’s a 42/380. Got a Vedder kydex holster for it. Very compact package. I enjoy it.

    • My g42 is very nice to shoot I just ordered 2 Vickers Tactical extensions for plate so you can put your pinky on the gun. I can’t get over the lack of recoil. It shoots like a 22 long rifle that polymer frame just absorbs that little 380 cartridge recoil like nobody’s business. I got the one with the Flat Dark Earth grip frame it’s pretty cool.

      • It really is nice to shoot. Money well spent. I also got the frame in my all-time favorite color: OD green. I might have the slide cerakoted to match, but we’ll see…

        And one more general comment for anyone who cares to read it: I think calling any gun not made by Glock, a “Glock” is a really stupid idea and I hope it doesn’t catch on.

        • I follow Yeager pretty closely and I don’t think his intent is to replace the brand names of other similar guns. He is explaining that when he strongly suggest you only carry a Glock for self defense, any pistol that meets the specifications of the Glock19 is perfectly suitable for conceal carry.


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