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Concealed carry wear seems to be de rigeur, not to mention all the rage these days, even drawing ink from the creaky old Gray Lady herself. So it must be true, right? Whatever, according to, an environmentally conscious fashion site (no really), “weapon-concealing garments for the fashion-conscious gun owner are having a ‘moment,'” which appears to mean that the mainstream media has actually noticed they exist. Even better, ecouterre accompanies its poll question as to whether concealed carry wear is haute or not with the above Grand Theft Autoesque illustration of a pair of menacing wise guys. Because who else would need to pack heat? No matter. The poll results, as of this writing, are a resounding 142 to 28 on the haute side. Who knew gun owners were so stylish? I mean, other than the Times. You may wanna contribute your opinion, too. You know, in the interest of science.

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  1. Concealed carry wear pfft..
    I’ve been wearing it for years. Used to be called ‘clothes for old fat white guys’. Good to know I was actually ahead of my time for once in my life.

    Yer welcome to join me on my perpetual fishin’ trip. And hey, suspenders are makin’ a comeback. If you are like me, you look like a refugee from ‘The Red Green Show’.

    And damn proud of it too.

    • Red Green, a fashion icon and one of my heros. My personal wardrobe resembles that VERY much. Although I might be a little light on the duct tape accessories.

  2. You have alot of younger people getting into firearms (thanks alot call of duty). Plus military style gear has been popular the last couple of years. This just seems to be a natural progression.

  3. Garynyer is right about this trend coming from the younger members of the 2A community. Gun culture 2.0 is centered around younger guys in their mid 20’s to early 30’s. This is when guys develop their own particular taste in clothing and when most people individuate from earlier life models and agents of socialization (parents, childhood friends, etc.). Also with more and more women getting into CCW, we see more options other than purse carry and more mannish carry options. More business are more open to carrying firearms, so more people want attire that fits in a work setting. I openly welcome chic carry.

  4. Being a fashion icon myself, I tend to think of cargo pants and long, baggy T-shirts as concealment couture.

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