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Thanks to Christian and the rabbi’s last minute instrux, I now know enough to know how much I don’t know about running a rifle in combat mode. I’ll be doing just that during a SIG SAUER supervised simulated active shooter scenario (e.g., reload = target, rotate, eject, elbow, index, push, pull, target). I reckon that the Gods are smiling on me; Avis rented me a Crown Vic for the trek to Epping, NH. I’ll be blogging the latest thinking on active shooter suppression from Epping over the next couple of days with Dan and the TTAG boyz holding down the proverbial fort. Watch this space.

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  1. Do you guys have to pay for this stuff yourselves or are all the reviews of guns and gear and training covered by your “handlers?” Do you even have handlers?

    Bottom line: I envy your “job.”

  2. Fitting that the founder of The Truth About Cars gets a Panther for a rental. I’m not sure what your personal view is on them, but Sajeev, Jack Baruth, and a bunch of the other current TTAC writers have a massive collective hardon for those cars. Nice ride, and enjoy the course!

  3. About the Crown Vic: which one of you is riding in the back?

    Enjoy SSA and make sure to count your fingers and toes before you leave to go home!


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