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When Mark Kresser gave us the rundown on his plans to revamp Taurus’s customer service, quality and product line last month, he told us they’d definitely be expanding their business through acquisitions and he wasn’t lyin’. Looks like Taurus is going old school and getting into a little cowboy action action with the purchase of Heritage Manufacturing, maker of Rough Rider single action pistols. We get the idea that this is only the first dip into the big Brazilian wallet, so look for more additions to Taurus’s lineup to come. Press release after the jump . . .

May, 2012 (Miami, FL) – Taurus®, the world’s foremost manufacturer of firearms announces the acquisition of Heritage Manufacturing, Inc. of Opa Locka, Florida, an American company proudly producing an American legend, the Western Single Action Revolver. Terms of the transaction are undisclosed.

Heritage Manufacturing was founded in 1992 by Jay Bernkrant and his wife, Maria Diaz, and their firearms were quickly recognized for outstanding workmanship, accuracy, quality and value. Featuring the acclaimed Rough Rider 22LR and 22 Magnum combo revolver, Heritage brings affordability to any outdoorsman who enjoys plinking, hunting, and family fun. Heritage’s competitive price points mirror the Taurus position of value leader in the marketplace.

Jay Bernkrant, President/Owner of Heritage Manufacturing is quick to note that, “Heritage and Taurus have always had a long, family-like relationship. We share the same family-based values and deep-rooted desire to bring the best products to the most people.” The Heritage name and brand will continue to be marketed as a standalone while receiving the full support of the Taurus management efforts and distribution channels.

“This acquisition is a great compliment to our Taurus and Rossi products; a perfect fit with our growth strategy to acquire and partner with companies that share our core competency of affordably priced firearms for all shooters. Taurus is continuing to accelerate in the shooting sports and Heritage products will keep our customers hunting, plinking and cowboy-action shooting. Heritage Manufacturing, Inc. is a well-respected American company with traits of tradition that our nation is built upon and we look forward to increasing the brand awareness to the consumer,” states Mark Kresser, President and CEO of Taurus USA.


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  1. Glad that revolvers are still considered marketable enough for Taurus to do this. The only Taurus I own was .357 revolver purchased over 30 years ago and it was a used gun then. It shoots fine. I’ve wondered about all the semi-autos that they make now-a-days and if they are comparable to the quality of say Ruger and S&W products in the same price range?

    • “Glad that revolvers are still considered marketable enough for Taurus to do this.”

      Still? Snubbies are their bread and butter.

      Anyway, this news is interesting. They put out some single action cowboy guns 5 years ago, (give or take), and they weren’t a success.

    • I’ve had the 4″ Taurus M66 357 about 30 years, too, I’ve used it heavily, and it’s still as tight and accurate as when I got it (also used – but extremely little. it came with half a box of ammo that was bought with it when new).

  2. If they are wanting to improve their image of a high quality gunmaker….they are not helping their cause by purchasing Rough Rider.

    There are many crossman bb guns in the airsoft isle made to a higher level of quality than the Rough Rider pistols.

  3. A Rough Rider is no Single Six (and the finish is far short of amazing), but I love mine. Sure, it’s just a toy, but for $99-$199, it’s still a steal.

  4. Now the Rough Rider can eat firing pins too!

    Seriously, though. If Taurus wants to improve their image, maybe they should try making guns that don’t break all the time? RADICAL I KNOW

  5. I’m glad to here that Taurus plans to revamp Taurus’s customer service, quality and product line. They are the most innovative firearms company on the planet but their quality control (or lack there of) has been a serious issue for some time. I want one of their new pistol caliber carbines!

  6. If TAURUS wants to increase their MARKET SHEAR quickly, they need to get the MODEL 590 TRACKER on the market ASAP. I know for myself and countless others who are ready to BUY it. THANK YOU; Lafe Sturdevant

  7. i have a rough rider i had to shoot it 30 times to get my ccp it worked good i hit all 30 shots it got a little hot but not bad i like it

  8. You get what you pay for and should expect what you get. If my heritage costs $125 and affords me that back in entertainment, it’s worth the price. It will never be a saa, single six, etc, but rather IS what it is-an inexpensive pc made for fun, not collectibility. Lighten up a little naysayers and enjoy the article for what it is. Afterall- you can’t get much for $125 and this little gun will afford you more than most trips out to eat at a good restaurant. Shoot it til it breaks and hang it on the wall of the man cave and quit being so gun nutty that you cant enjoy the product for what it was designed for- to allow everyone a shot. We should all encourage that!


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