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John Farnham had thoughts about stupid people doing stupid things in stupid places. Case in point . . .

From the Associated Press

At least one person was killed and 17 people were injured when gunfire erupted late Saturday following a fight at a party in Cleveland, Ohio, attended by multiple motorcycle clubs, police said.

A 48-year-old man was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds when Cleveland police officers responded to an address in a neighborhood on the city’s east side at about 11:30 p.m. Police said many other victims left the scene in private vehicles and began to arrive at various hospitals.

Police said they learned there had been a party there party attended by “multiple motorcycle clubs.” A fight broke out and some people were ejected from the party, but they returned firing shots at other people, some of whom fired back.

A total of 18 people, including male and female victims, were shot and treated at various hospitals, authorities said. Injuries range from minor to serious, though police didn’t immediately provide details about the victims or the extent of their injuries.

Police said the case has “multiple shooters” and remains under investigation.

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  1. I doubt anything will come of this. When you’re around people with questionable morals and upbringings this is kind of expected. Then again, I stay out of fights. Nothing good comes from it in a modern world.

    Its not the fight. Its what happens after the fight you need to worry about…

    • “questionable morals and upbringings”
      Be careful the nonjudgmental crowd will be very angry with you.

    • “When you’re around people with questionable morals and upbringings this is kind of expected. Then again, I stay out of fights. Nothing good comes from it in a modern world.”


      Sometimes, the fight comes for you, whether you like it or not, in places you wouldn’t expect.

      Are you suggesting people should just “give them what they want”, in the hope they won’t hurt you?

      Women should just urinate and vomit on their rapist, or should they fight back with every tool available?

      You can live in a fantasy delusion if you want, fighting in the “modern world” is every bit as relevant as it was in the “old world”.

      I will fight evil if it comes for me…

    • Questionable morals?? Really?? First off I question your own morals, and second who are you to judge ones personal morals? Get over yourself.

      I am around countless bike groups all the time, and to tag them all as you have is totally ridiculous! You have not clue what some of these clubs do, and just how far the go to help others! You, who ever you are really need to shut up until you know every club and every clubs value! You made yourself look pretty stupid

      • That generally is the case in a majority Caucasian country like the United States. For example, you wouldn’t find a Philipino chick to look exotic if you were a Philipino male. My point is…I’d bang both of them.

  2. With Hells Angels, Outlaws, Pagans and Iron Horsemen all claiming territory in Ohio along with a dozen or so smaller local/regional gangs I’m surprised a lot more of this does not happen, especially in Cleveland… Maybe someone is making a power move within one of the Nationals and is bolstering his resume… Nothing looks better on an Outlaws sheet than “killed a Hells Angel” OR vice versa…

    • I know, right? Grown men acting like some sort of mutant cross between a 5-year-old and a cave man. Perhaps, they’re less mature than that, who knows. Hey, guys, let’s go shoot people that wear a different color and cross that arbitrary line on a map. That’s logical af, yo. Oh yeah, let’s ride bikes with the best technology that the year 1906 had to offer. And do ALL the meth…

        • @ Jospeh another slave commenting. I guarantee you these men don’t ask permission before they do something including carrying guns.

        • Hillbilly you got that right! These “no-hit all” expects on biker clubs are quite uneducated, they have no clue but want to pretend they do!

      • “And do ALL the meth…”

        Be Careful the drug legalization crowd doesn’t want to talk about drug use causing violence. They only say the drug (illegal) business causes violence.

      • Talk about stereotyping, tons of good people on bikes. You wish you had enough in you to kick start an old bike!

        • Chris in VA says:
          Hey, guys, let’s go shoot people that wear a different color and cross that arbitrary line on a map.

          Kind of like being in the Army, huh…. And I like my old “1906 technology motorcycle” It’s way more comfortable than todays “lay on the gas tank to ride” rice rockets, it’s worth thousands more than a shitty little “disposable” motorcycle and in my world people respect the classics (motorcycles AND cars) so IF you ride, which I doubt, and your choice is some Japanese knockoff that’s cool, at least you ride…..

      • Chris in VA says:
        Oh yeah, let’s ride bikes with the best technology that the year 1906 had to offer.

        Try starting your hot shit modern tech computerized, fuel injected cars/trucks/motorcycles after a magnetic pulse incident… My old 1906 tech will not only start and run but there are a lot of people out there with the knowledge to keep them running (required for ownership).. I also have a 49 jeep p/u 4×4 with a 350 chevy engine w/carb, a points fired ignition and a generator rather than an alternator that is a manual shift and can be roll started…. Good luck doing that with your Prius….

    • LOL, I doubt this was 1%’ers. More like one of those “urban” bike clubs that ride stretched Hyabusa’s and stunt down the freeway.

    • Actually these were two black biker gangs. Unlikely that either was affiliated with any predominantly white biker gang (Hell’s Angels, Warlocks, Mongols, Pagans, etc).

    • The shootout happened at the “Cleveland Lyfers” clubhouse.

      Black gang

      This was just more black gang bullshit, except this time they happened to ride motorcycles.

    • The outlaw participants in this melee belonged to clubs of a darker variety of biker trash with names like Wheels of Soul, Zulus, & Omens.

      • Yeah, half a dozen biker gangs black AND white in Cleveland? what could possibly go wrong? Must be overtime heaven for cops……

  3. “What’s wrong with society today is there are no more fist fights”. –Sonny Barger, leader of the Oakland Hells Angels 5/2/1996 L.A. Times

  4. What’s this outbreak of peace and love among all the so called “motorcycle clubs” that used to openly hate each others’ guts? Doesn’t anybody remember how these guys all used to harass decent people and generally act like crap?

    Put a bunch of them in one place and yes you’re asking for trouble.

      • Meh, that’s like a UFC fight with a knockout in the first 20 seconds.

        Cool while it lasts but not worth what you paid and you just hope the next one on the card actually has a fight rather than a one-sided beating.

        • It’s not so much Antifa that people should be concerned about. It’s their closely associated Those are the Nazi brownshirts and Communist activists. Antifa are the useful idiots who are set out as bait for the boys with guns.

      • OK, millie. Because you live in your mama’s basement is no reason to claim a decent standard of living. But you really can’t be expected to move out into the bad old world and support yourself, right? You’re only 35.

        • 44 and still living in your mommy’s basement? Damn, that’s just sad. Don’t tell me. Let me guess. It’s a fair bet you’re still a virgin.

      • You musta missed the last 2 decades where tower city was nearly empty, the flats were closed, and all the industry had moved out. Only in the last few years has Cleveland remotely started looking like something other than Detroit. And that was only since the casinos moved in and began pumping revenue back into the downtown area….

    • In 1908 in Cleveland the wingtip shoe was invented as the perfect accessory for the plaid suit. Snake oil salesmen pay homage to this event to this very day.

  5. Tomorrow morning the politicians will start babbling about how this shows we need more laws to “prevent gun violence!”, as if this group is going to obey any of them.

  6. Misdemeanor murder. Seen lots of them. One asswipe kills another. If we got the other it was a two for.

  7. Be almost as much violence tomorrow with all the lib dems pushing and gouging each other to be first in front of the mike, “told ya we need more gun laws”! Morons!

  8. Who wrote the AP article? Fifth graders working the weekend shift?
    What’s this? “…there had been a party there party attended by…”
    Then, there’s “police responded to an address” So, no one called 911? They just respond to random numbers, not callers.
    Does the author know that quotes used, when not actually quoting someone, means that it’s not really true? Were they quoting the police or a witness or no one?
    The best one, “people were ejected from the party”. I’m picturing people being bounced from big springs or ejected by those human cannons from the circus.
    I’m sure that any of you guys here could write a better article than this AP ding dong did.

    • So, no one called 911? They just respond…….

      If it was the Angels clubhouse there was probably a “surveilance” team on site already

    • The Address was 30 minutes long and delivered with everything but sobriety and decorum. It was no Gettysburg…

  9. The clubhouse belongs to the Cleveland Lyfers apparently a black MC , by looking at their FB . They appear to be a two, patch club .

    • What’s a 2 patch club? If they’re black wouldn’t it be a Tupac club? I don’t get all the retardation surrounding the MC “culture.” I even hate bikers in general, “watch out for motorcycles” then they drive like azzholes as if they owned the road.

      • AND you’re a racist too? As a motorcycle enthusiast I am assuming you are talking about JUST the assholes that zip in and out of traffic and act like they own the road… Know what pisses me off? The assholes in cages that pull out, make lane changes, turn right from the left lane all without even so much as checking for oncoming traffic, looking in a mirror or using a signal. I’ve been riding motorcycles for 60 years and I’ve pretty much seen every kind of asshole in a cage that you can imagine and the worst by far is the asshole with the attitude who “hates ALL bikers” based on the actions of a few immature shitheads showing off for other immature shitheads… I’ve seen more of your kind than I could possibly remember with the exception of two different occaisions when I was nearly killed, one by an ignorant, negligent dumbass who “but officer I didn’t SEE the motorcycle” and one by a stupid, redneck hater much like ALL the other haters of things that frighten them who thought it would be funny to show his buddy how a 650 pound motorcycle handled when it ran into a 3 foot deep ditch at 60 miles per hour… I survived, he spent five years in prison and left the state when he got out…. The Patch thing? 1%ers wear a three piece “patch” most clubs use a one piece but I guess If you are a “club” with multiple chapters in different cities you could wear a bottom rocker with a city on it but that is usually frowned upon by the 1% groups… I have an idea, why don’t you take your stupid little shit show on the road and try out your ignorant “Tupac” joke on that black motorcycle club in Cleveland?.. Let us know how that works out, okay?

  10. Gangsters with or without motorcycles kill each other all the time. Jeff Cooper, founder of Gunsite, was correct. Just give them guns and plenty of ammo and they will solve their own problems.

      • No, Chicago doesn’t have enough guns. Not nearly. If every head of household were armed, the violence would dwindle, and quickly. I’m certainly not restricting arms to head of household – but that’s a starting point. When the thugs know that every house has at least one gun behind the door, they’re not nearly so anxious to start a scene. It would be good to give every high school graduate his own pistol at graduation. Male, female, black, white, Mexican, it doesn’t matter. An armed society is a polite society.

        • “An armed society is a polite society.” I know unarmed societies far more polite than ours: Japan, South Korea, Iceland, and Luxembourg come to mind.

        • Addressed to second Paul:

          I had to laugh when you mentioned Iceland and Japan. Traveled to Iceland a few years ago. You realize that they are the most homogeneous, ethnocentric (racist) group of white people in the world. Visited a child stationed in Japan two years ago…Japan is essentially a homogeneous monoculture (ethnocentric as hell) that does not welcome other ethnicities.

          My spouse (US born child of legal immigrants) did not feel welcome the entire time we were in either country. Our private joke is that “polite” in those countries is a euphemism for “spend lots of money and get the hell out”.

        • to Old Guy in Montana
          You beat me to it on Japan and Iceland. I read about their societies decades ago. They have not changed. A college classmate of mine who served in the Air Force got sent to Iceland. When he arrived they found out he was black. He soon got orders to another assignment. He told me that during WW2 when American soldiers were sent everywhere. Some blacks were assigned to Iceland. Like many american soldiers of all races they had sex with the local women. And children were produced.

          My friend told me that after the war the mix race kids were left out in the freezing weather by the local icelanders. That was how they got rid of people that would contaminate their society.

  11. We need to Ban Motorcycles so people cant have deadly events like this. Motorcycle guy makes gun guy look bad and motorcycles kill and make alot of noise too. Do we really need them, I mean they arent as important as having a gun are they? Besides, wearing all that black leather is just a prelude for homosexuality.


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