First Impressions: Ruger LC380

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  The Ruger LC380 for this review was provide by The Kentucky Gun Co. Have you ever owned something that seems really cool, that gradually starts to lose its appeal due…

Sheetrock Penetration Testing, Take 1

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There are a lot of strong opinions out there when it comes to home defense firearms. Nick’s Self Defense Tip; Don’t Use a Rifle caused some of the best discussion…

Gun Review: Ruger LC9 and Versacarry Holster

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Note:  Those of you familiar with my writing will detect immediately that the following review isn’t my own work. Instead, this guest review is written by Tony, a law enforcement…

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Gun Review: Ruger LCR .357 Revolver

A wise old man once told me that real pistols only came in one configuration: blued steel and walnut grips. The very same man bandied about phrases like “nickel plated…

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Gun Review: Ruger SP101 3″

I’m scripting a ’50’s style instructional video for shooters who’ve never fired/owned a gun. Think Handguns for Dummies without the copyright infringement. I’m trying to choose one gun to unite…

Ruger SR40 Returns with Galloway Precision Trigger

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To cure the Ruger SR40’s abominable trigger, TTAG’s gun doctor prescribed some surgery from Ruger specialists Galloway Precision. I’ll be giving his bag o’ tricks a full review in a…

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The Gun Doctor Dishes the Dirt on the Ruger SR40. Literally.

Quick recap: Ruger sent us an SR40. In my review, I revealed that the gun was sexy, reliable and comfortable, but the trigger felt completely different from the previously reviewed…

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Gun Doctor Dishes the Dirt on Ruger SR9c vs. SR40 Triggers

When I told Ruger that the SR40’s trigger felt nothing like the go pedal on the Ruger SR9c, and nowhere near as good, the company said the triggers were identical….

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TTAG Gun Doctor Examines the Ruger SR9-Series Pistols

TTAG’s Gun Doctor writes: The SR-Series design is sound. The handgun has good clearances and ergonomics. I’ve seen the SR9 run a 400-round competition in 95+ degree weather in the…

Gun Review: Ruger SR40

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When Porsche unveiled the Boxster, the mid-engined sports car was an automotive revelation. Unfortunately, the Boxster’s 2.7-liter powerplant was pathetic. Porsche had good solid marketing reasons for creating a gutless…

The Ruger SR40 is an extremely accurate gun. The .40-caliber pistol’s recoil is, as advertised, as soft as a nine. We fed it 400 rounds without a problem. The trigger, however, is diabolical. It’s squidgy, gritty and unpredictable. And that’s odd. Because the SR40 trigger I sampled down at D&L felt exactly the same as the SR9c‘s, a gun we lauded for its 1911-style go-pedal. Ruger assures us that the SR40’s trigger uses all the same bits as the SR9c and the new, improved SR9. So I’m sending the SR40 back, and holding off on the full review awaiting a replacement. I want to see if the trigger trouble is a one-off production problem or the nature of the beast. In the interests of transparency, I’m keeping TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia in the loop. Watch this space. Meanwhile, make the jump for a trigger demo and comparo with the Springfield XD-M.


TTAG Sending SR40 Back to Ruger

The Ruger SR40 is an extremely accurate gun. The .40-caliber pistol’s recoil is, as advertised, as soft as a nine. We fed it 400 rounds without a problem. The trigger, however,…

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UPDATE: Remington UMC vs. Ruger SR9c – Are We There Yet?

I’ve just returned from the American Firearms School, where I fed our test and evaluation Ruger SR9c something other than 115-grain Remington UMC bullets. In specific, I shot ten rounds-plus from…