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Is .380 the New 9mm? Ask My BODYGUARD

Smith & Wesson have begun shipping their new BODYGUARD 380 semi-automatic pistol and BODYGUARD 38 revolvers to gun dealers around the country. Both weapons come complete with Insight Technology laser sights. A laser for a double action snub-nosed revolver? That’s a topic for another day. Today we focus like a you-know-what on the BODYGUARD 380′s standard-issue not-so-secret weapon against the chart-topping LCP. Here’s how Smith & Wesson describes their new mini-me semi in today’s press release . . .

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Gun Review: Ruger 10/22 Carbine

What is the world’s most popular firearm? A lot of gun guys will immediately say 1911, AR-15 or perhaps a Remington 870. I suggest that there is one weapon—lets call it “The Little Carbine That Could”–that is the single most popular weapon of all time. The Sturm, Ruger & Company’s 10/22®. This rifle, ladies and gents, is not chambered in some macho cartridge like the .45 ACP. Nor is it designed to take out bad guys like the AR-15 or function as the “keys to the city” like an 870. Nope. The Ruger 10/22, chambered in the Rodney Dangerfield of cartridges (the .22LR) is my nominee for the world’s most popular firearm. Let’s take a look . . .

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Alexis Evidente [Not Shown]: Buy Ruger Guns, Not Stock

I’m not saying that my previous feel for the auto industry gestalt (at The Truth About Cars) led to some excellent investments like, say, shorting GM stock. But if I had assembled a small coterie of automotive-minded investors, I reckon we would have done extremely well. Perhaps even well enough for me to tell my overlords to put it where the sun didn’t shine, and start up a new website. That’s the theory. In practice, I’m hoping that The Truth About Guns will one day earn that same level of interest from the finance folks. Rest assured, TTAG will highlight the biz side of the biz—despite the arms industry’s reticence to give [supposedly] damning data to their enemies. So . . . Alexis Evidente of gurufocus.com reckons Ruger stock is not for you. True?

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Ruger CEO Calls for Trade War

“I’m calling for a tit-for-tat policy. If the number one and number two handguns in America [Austria's Glock and Croatia's XD] are from European countries that totally prohibit U.S.-made handguns, then we should reciprocate. We will have a perfect mirror. We’ll follow whatever they do. If their regulations loosen, ours will loosen. If theirs become more strict, ours will become equally strict. We’ll do the same as they do. Tit-for-tat.” Ruger CEO Mike Fifer said to Cameron Hopkins, writer of the NRA blog Industry Insider.  “When Hopkins tries to ease Fifer out of the hole he’s dug, the Ruger suit digs deeper . . .

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