An Afternoon with the Q Erector

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If you listen to my Tuesday Evening Podcast (and why wouldn’t you?), you’d know that I spent the weekend before SHOT on the range with the new silencers and rifles…

New From S&W Performance Center: 2017 New Products Lineup

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From a shorty .500 S&W Magnum to ported slide and barrel upgrades for your M&P pistol to a 6.5 Creedmoor M&P10 rifle, Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center has a bunch…

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Matt F

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Simple, concealable and comfortable. When it comes to your EDC gear, what else really matters? She what Matt’s carrying at Everyday Carry . . .

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Sig Sauer Introduces SRD22X Rimfire Silencer

Upon our arrival in Vegas for SHOT Show 2017, Sig Sauer was nice enough to host various members of the TTAG crew for the day at the Clark County shooting complex….

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Obscure Object of Desire: AA-12 Atchisson Assault Shotgun

In a comment under my recent article about the USAS-12 automatic shotgun, a reader mentioned the Atchisson Assault Shotgun. He wanted to know if TTAG could fill him in on…

Hands-On with SIG SAUER’s New TANGO6 5-30×56 Scope

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While their rifle line might not have expanded very much this year, SIG SAUER’s Electro-Optics is growing. Adding onto the line of TANGO6 “tactical” scopes, SIG is adding a 5-30×56…

Tanya Brooks managed to surprise a home invader. He took off. Ms. Brooks gave chase. By her own account, she stood in the middle of the street and shot at the fleeing bad guy — in his car. He drove towards her. She shot again.

No. Just no. If you manage to disincentivize a home invader or potential assailant (or assailants) with a firearm and the bad guy takes off, leave him be. Then call the police. Note: if Ms. Brook lived in a gun rights averse state like New Jersey, she’d have been in a world of legal trouble. And lose her gun rights forever.

Self-Defense Tip: The Only Gunfight You’re Guaranteed to Win is the One You Don’t Have

Tanya Brooks managed to surprise a home invader. He took off. Ms. Brooks gave chase. By her own account, she stood in the middle of the street and shot at the fleeing…

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SIG SAUER: VTAC M400 and 716 G2 Rifles Shipping Soon

There isn’t a whole lot new in the world of SIG SAUER rifles. There are some new variations of existing optics coming out, but in terms of actual rifles the only…

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Quote of the Day: Focusing on the Real Problem

“There’s no evidence of a public health issue associated with hearing loss from gunfire. There is evidence of a public health crisis from gun violence, and we think that’s where legislative…

New From Springfield Armory: Five New Pistols for SHOT Show

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Even after the elaborate launch of their first entry into the AR market (read Jeremy’s review of the SAINT here) Springfield Armory isn’t letting any grass grow under their feet…

Pineapple Suppressor: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

If you like this kind of video, I recommend, my go-to source for weird, wild and wonderful YouTube gun vids. In this case, someone figured out that anything relatively large…

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New From Legacy Sports International: Howa Chassis Rifle

Legacy Sports International’s Howa brand has announced its new HCR Chassis Rifle. It’s available in various barrel length and profile options chambered in .223, .243, 6.5 Creedmoor, or .308, and…