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Dan is the managing editor of The Truth About Guns.

Zero to Eight Guns In Eight Months [Contest Entry]


By Mark M.

I became a gun nut in August of 2015 when a string of armed burglaries started in an adjoining development. I went from zero to eight guns in less than eight months At the time, I had neither owned nor ever shot a handgun. So I made it to our closest Cabela’s and was sold into purchasing a S&W M&P 9mm. During September I decided my wife needed a gun too, so she picked out a Beretta PX-4 Storm Compact 9mm. (She was a novice as well, actually crying a little after firing a gun for the first time.) Around the same time, I became acquainted with a new neighbor who, you guessed it, was a full time private gun dealer . . .

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It’s (Always) Hammer Time [Contest Entry]


By Jeremy S. (not ours):

I know, striker-fired is the future (like gender-less bathrooms and free college), and hammer-fired guns like my personal favorite, the Beretta 92, are relics of an ancient past. It is just a matter of time until all of those antiquated guns with those pesky external hammers take their place alongside pagers and Palm Pilots in the dustbin of history, right? I sure hope not, let me explain why . . .

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TTAG Daily Digest 4.25.16


Another Chicago Record: 1,000 Gunshot Victims In Shortest Time In Decades – “At 1,000 victims, this year’s shooting toll exceeds last year’s total at this point — about 600 victims — by more than 66 percent. At this point in 2014, 483 people had been shot.” Dumping Gary McCarthy didn’t help. They say a fish rots from the head down. While Mogadishu on Lake Michigan may not be at the statistical top of the murder heap, headlines like this one don’t do much to dispel the impression that Chiraq is officially out of control. Speaking of things that stink to high Heaven . . .
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Concealed Carry – Because You Can’t Control When Crazy Will Happen [Contest Entry]


By Mitch from DFW

My wife and I both grew up in Canada. As such, we always had a strange curiosity with America’s embrace of firearms. Canadians are inculcated by our school system from an early age that America is full of “gun nuts” and you’ll just get shot walking in broad daylight for no apparent reason. I was always skeptical of said shibboleth, as I viewed the Second Amendment as a check on an overreaching government. When we moved to the US fourteen years ago, we first settled in Detroit. We saw firsthand that owning a firearm isn’t such a bad idea. That being said, as we were on visas at the time, we couldn’t own handguns. It was something we’d think about down the road . . .

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Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Roc H. Child


We’re guessing RHC doesn’t carry all of what you see above at once. What some of our readers seem to miss is the fact that a lot of these pocket dumps show a collection of gear the contributors cycle through their daily loadout. You can only pack so many pistols, knives and Field Notes books at a time (unless some of it goes in a satchel, backpack or murse). Then again, maybe RHC’s a big guy who firmly believes two is one and one is none. Either way, check out the details of his Everyday Carry gear below . . .

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