TTAG Daily Digest: A FL/TX Culture Clash, Poor Little Piggies and What the Secret Service Already Knows

After another mass shooting, Parkland activists sought momentum. In Texas, the response has been different. God bless Texas . . . Though those associated with the Parkland movement saw another grim opportunity to seek change and to gather momentum for gun control because of the Sante Fe attack, the shootings came with the reality that […]

In Praise of Stupid Guns – Part 2

Earlier this week, we ran In Praise of Stupid Guns by Patriotic HIT Pharmacist. Here’s part two of that post. THE POLITICAL PROBLEM The pre-positioned legislation mandating “smart guns” in New Jersey reveals the end game for gun control activists. The 2002 New Jersey Childproof Handgun Law requires that once “personalized handguns are available” anywhere in the […]