New York’s Big Gun Smuggling Haul Not the Victory They Claim


Reader H. writes:

From “What you see here are illegal guns that will be never be used to rob or murder innocent New Yorkers.” Uh…no.  What we see here are legal guns unlawfully purchased to fulfill demand created by New York ‘progressive’ statist statutes, and particularly NYC laws which create the scarcity vacuum that entices and encourages bad actors to import otherwise legal guns for profit. And if not Florida, they’d come from somewhere else, the only variable being the cost of purchase and  importation (or theft from lawful owners or government inventory) and the price for which they are sold on the street.


Update: Guns & Ammo Backs Down, Won’t Sue Guns Save Life Over Taurus Curve Post


Yesterday John Boch, president of Illinois gun rights org Guns Save Life received a threat of legal action over his strongly-worded post that took a dim view of Taurus’s latest product, the Curve .380 ACP pistol (as well as G&A’s alleged pimping of the new gun). Today the Intermedia mother ship called John and assumed a much more conciliatory tone than the initial foot-stamping by online editor Dusty Gibson. Here’s John’s latest post, reprinted here with permission . . .

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Gura Asks Court to Hold District in Contempt in Palmer v. DC Decision


In the ongoing legal battle to force the District of Columbia City Council to respect the Second Amendment rights of district residents, attorney Alan Gura has filed a request Tuesday that the city government be held in contempt. US District Judge Frederick Scullin is “weighing a request to hold the District in contempt of court for enacting new gun laws that are so restrictive as to be out of compliance with his order to allow for concealed carry in the city.” Gura argued that “despite passing new laws that allow for concealed carry, the District has not lived up to its court-ordered obligation because the plaintiffs he is representing are still unable to obtain gun-carry permits under the city’s strict regulations.” Which was, of course, the point . . .

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Incendiary Image(s) of the Day: Innocent Targets Edition


“It is the feeling of safety, and maybe a little bit the feeling of power. That is what a lot of Americans say they get from gun-owning, which is ironic because if they looked at the statistics they ought to get a feeling of fear. Protecting your family is a fine notion, but a lot of the time it is in fact the family of gun-owners who get shot.” No, that’s not the lefty Guardian’s editorial page. Instead, it’s the intro to a piece about tendentious images of everyday people with targets superimposed over them intended to drive home the point that, yes Virginia, guns really are bad . . .

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Why the Michael Brown Protestors Have Already Won


Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has taken action to prepare for the announcement of a potential ‘no true bill’ decision in the case of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson by declaring a state of emergency and calling up the National Guard. On the other side of the fence, “social justice” types and the race baiting community have announced their list of preferred protest targets via [h/t]. The list is, to say the least, curious . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s the Best Place You’ve Ever Shot?

Thankfully, most ranges are more accessible than the one in SilencerCo’s latest video. Otherwise even fewer gun owners would take their heaters out for a stroll than currently do. That said, the Arizona desert redoubt featured in the video looks like all kinds of fun. And it certainly appears that a good time was had by all. We all have our favorite places to shoot. Some because they’re close, some because they’re cheap, some because they have all the amenities. What’s the best place you’ve ever sent lead down range?


How Much Would You Pay for Jose Canseco’s 1911…And His Finger?

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.24.57 AM

A couple of weeks back, Jose Canseco, the former chemically enhanced Bash Brother famous for allowing a noggin-assisted home run while playing left field, managed to wound himself while cleaning a handgun in his Las Vegas home. As you can imagine, he’s trying to rid himself of any memory of that painful event. Toward that end, he’s announced that he’s selling the the Remington 1911 with lovely custom grips that de-digitized him. Oh, and he’s also selling the finger . . .

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New from Taurus: Curve .380 ACP Pistol


Back in June we noted Taurus’ patent filing for a body-contoured handgun. Taurus had begun flirting with a curve in their View ultra-small snubbie with its contoured grip designed to hug the body, contributing to its ultra-concealability. Now the reason for that patent filing has been revealed in the announcement of the new Taurus Curve .380 ACP pistol (MSRP $390) featuring a built-in belt clip along with frame-mounted LED headlights and laser. Taurus’s promo info after the jump . . .

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Quote of the Day: For the Children Edition


“When you hand a child a firearm, you are forcing them to make a life and death decision that they are incapable of, and never should be responsible for.” – Heeding God’s Call executive director Bryan Miller in 10-year-old competitive shooter draws national attention in gun control debate [at]