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TTAG Reader: What I Carry and Why – Brian F’s GLOCK 22


I currently work for a small private company in the Richmond, Virginia area that provides private law enforcement and security and specializes in high-crime, low-income apartments. As part of my daily assignments it’s not uncommon to make arrests from simple crimes such as trespassing or open containers to more serious crimes like possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute. Most times we are on-sight before police arrive and are more likely to accidently walk into criminal activity than have a heads up from dispatch. We use the term ‘protective service Agent’ for what I do which provides a more professional and versatile definition than just plain security . . .

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How to Handle a Store That Makes Itself a ‘Gun-Free’ Zone


Reader Blake Hiatt writes:

I have been in the market to purchase a pendant that matches some earrings I purchased for my wife. My regular jeweler had not been able to give me a hand, so, I decided to try another jewelry store. As luck would have it, a brand new “Jared” opened not far from where my wife and I live. I noticed, as I was entering the store, a “no guns allowed” sign” My first instinct was to turn away, but, in the end, I went in . . .

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TTAG Reader: What I Carry and Why – Steve S’s Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro G2


My family was not anti-gun when growing up but we never had them. When I made the decision to become a  gun owner I started by learning as much about guns as I could from friends, articles on the internet, and my local gun shops. Once you get past the bias and marketing,  the most common advice was to purchase the gun that works for you and the job you want it to perform. That’s what led me to purchase a  Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro G2 in 9mm for pocket carry with a Galco Pocket Protector holster . . .

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Quote of the Day: Gun Owners Don’t Make Active Shooter Situations Worse


“For the pacifistic anti-gun dumb asses on the internet who always crop up in the aftermath of any violent event, bitching about imaginary crossfires, or how fighting back would just make things worse. Just shut up already. You’re children, with a child’s grasp of the subject. When people are being mass butchered, barring tossing hand grenades at the bad guy, it is pretty damned hard to make it worse.” – Larry Correia in My Thoughts on Paris [at monsterhunternation.com]

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BREAKING: Active Shooter in Colorado Springs, Police Officers Reported Injured

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 2.35.20 PM

“At least three officers were injured in a shooting incident Friday near the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Commander Kirk Wilson with the Colorado Springs Police Department told reporters. Wilson said that police were still in the process of trying to eliminate the threat.” That CNN report, as well as others indicate that the shooting took place near a Planned Parenthood facility, but not are clear as to whether or not that was the target of the shooter. A nearby mall has been locked down. More as the situation becomes clearer.


An Open Letter to Gun Rights Supporters Across Europe

Reader Martin Z. forwarded the following letter from LEX, the Czech equivalent of the NRA:

Dear colleagues,

Since I write to you from Czech Republic, allow me to introduce our country first. In our republic, ownership and carrying of firearms is truly right, guaranteed by law for any adult, legally competent and law-abiding person. Firearms license is shall-issue (anyone who fulfills requirements of the law has legal right to get it). Permit to own B – category firearm is shall-issue, as well as permit for concealed carry. We own handguns, we use them for sport shooting and carry them for personal protection. We own semiautomatic rifles of military patterns, we shoot them in various sport competitions, and we practice with them for the case that our beloved country would need its citizens to be prepared for its defense. Our hunting tradition reaches well over a millenium into our history, and our sport shooters rarely return from Olympic Games without any medals . . .

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New From Tactical Walls: The Tactical Lamp

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.44.05 PM

If you’re smart and staying away from today’s shopping-oriented craziness, good on you. That doesn’t, however, relieve you of your seasonal responsibility to divine and procure just the right presents for everyone on your shopping list. Just in time to hoover up some of your gift budget, Tactical Walls, maker of all manner of hide-in-plain-sight gear, is out with something for the gun owner who has everything (except children) — the non-locking Tactical Lamp. Here’s their press release . . .

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TTAG Reader: What I Carry and Why – Tyler H’s Custom Ruger LCP


I’ve been into guns for as long as I can remember, and why not? The history. The beauty. The mechanical innovation, customization. The fun and most importantly, the protection. I needed a gun to accompany me on my travels as a truck driver, that meant it had three basic requirements to go alongside me: 1) it has to be compact, 2) it has to be lightweight, and 3) it has to be reliable . . .

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TTAG Reader: What I Carry and Why – Victor H’s S&W BODYGUARD .380


I carry the first and only gun I’ve ever owned: a Smith & Wesson BODYGUARD .380, with three crucial mods/enhancements:

1.  Galloway Precision’s short stroke trigger kit — because even a noob like me could tell that the BODYGUARD’s factory trigger sucked.

2.  A Garrison grip extension on EVERY magazine I own — these let me grip with my pinky finger as well as my middle and ring fingers, which boosts accuracy without compromising weight, portability or concealment . . .

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