Labor Day In Newtown: Life Has Returned to Normal


Reader One If By Land 1776 writes:

I was in Newtown, Connecticut this weekend visiting family and joined them in watching the annual Newtown Labor Day parade. My nieces (age 6 and 8) go to school at the “other” Sandy Hook Elementary school (there were two). Their school was not (directly) involved in the terrible events that thrust Newtown into the spotlight, and I thank God daily that my nieces escaped the horror of that tragic day…(I even thank Zeus and Poseidon…just to be sure). Unfortunately . . .

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Quote of the Day: Forbidden Topic Edition


“For whatever reason, we have put guns on this very different level. It’s a sacred thing to many people, which forbids us from having reasonable conversations.” – Former intern to Gabrielle Giffords, Daniel Hernandez, Jr. in What are Americans doing about gun violence? [at]


Dan Baum: Shooting is Good for Kids


The sturm und drang has been flowing freely since Charles Vacca met an untimely end earlier this week after allowing a 9-year-old girl to fire an Uzi with the giggle switch engaged. Reactions have fallen somewhere on the spectrum between ‘you deserve to be dead, you moron‘ to ‘all gun owners should be imprisoned and their children taken away.’ But taking a more measured view of the value of teaching children to shoot is Dan Baum, author of Gun Guys: A Road Trip. He’s out with a piece at today, ‘Letting Kids Shoot Guns is Good for Them,” in which he extolls the virtues and benefits of teaching kids to shoot . . .

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Who’s Interested in Common Sense Gun Control?


Reader Steve Sacco has had some extra time on his hands lately:

While my real work is running in the background and I’m waiting for it to complete, I thought I’d play with Google Trends. Google Trends is a tool which allows you to see search activity over time for certain words and/or phrases. This is the first time I’ve used it. So, let’s ask The Google how much interest there is in “gun control.” According to the antis, this is a burning question being asked by everyone. According to Google, with the exception of a couple of spikes in 2013, I see a distinct downward trend in interest . . .

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BREAKING: Was Michael Brown Accused of 2nd Degree Murder as a Juvenile?


The latest twist in the furious battle of Ferguson is an effort to get Michael Brown’s juvenile criminal records released. According to a report at, “The citizen journalism website GotNews took St. Louis County authorities to court Wednesday to secure the release of the records because it believes they do not need to be kept private since he is no longer alive.” The reason: speculation that Brown’s juvenile history would yield evidence that not only was he allegedly involved with the Crips street gang but “faced a second-degree murder charge” . . .

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What the Hell is Wrong With Nebraska?

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.16.05 PM

Smith & Wesson’s downward adjustment of its earnings outlook piqued the curiosity of the ink-stained wretches at So they put an intern to work combing through the FBI’s NICS reporting and compiled this map showing background checks per 100 people by state in 2014 through July. The results are largely unsurprising. First, throw out Kentucky as their deep purpleness is due to the fact that the state runs monthly checks on all concealed carriers. For some reason. And no one here will be surprised to learn that the states with the lowest NICS checks are . . .

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Quote of the Day: The Second Amendment is an Individual Right Edition


“We need to address issues such as over-criminalization, excessive and disproportionate sentencing, inadequate indigent defense that is inconsistent with the Sixth Amendment, and the militarization of police. We have deep respect for the moral dignity of each and every person and because of this, we’ve worked for decades to support those who defend the full range of individual rights.” – Koch Industries general counsel Mark Holden in Koch Brothers Take On Camo-Wearing Cops [at] [h/t Mike M.]


It’s Time for a Right to Carry Amendment


Reader MarkPA has an idea:

I propose that state groups petition their legislatures to call for an Article V convention to draft a Right-to-Carry Amendment to the US Constitution. To illustrate, I offer a tentative draft text to be debated and refined by the convention: “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be denied for want of need.” . . .

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Gun Tweet of the Day: Death Cult Edition

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.17.58 AM

Egypt has brokered what’s described as a long-term cease fire agreement between Hamas and Israel. It’s basically the same deal the Hamas brain trust rejected a month (or about 1500 dead Palestinians) ago. While predictably declaring victory, Hamas failed to attain any of their stated goals, the primary one being an end to the Israeli and Egyptian blockades. They’d fired over 2000 rockets into Israel during the conflict and all they have to show for it is about the same number of dead Palestinians, hundreds of thousand of tons of rubble, a decimated tunnel infrastructure and incontrovertible evidence that Israeli engineers know what the hell they’re doing. But as the AFP photo above illustrates . . .

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Question of the Day: Hunt Much?

NHF Day logo  72d

September 27 is National Hunting and Fishing Day (press release after the jump). Established in 1972, NH&F day’s not as old as National Doughnut Day or as energizing as National Petroleum Day. But it’s a good excuse to commune with nature, harvest some meat and enjoy a pursuit as old as humanity itself. Sure, A&M may be playing South Carolina on the 27th, but you can always DVR the game and keep the radio off in the car. So what will you do? Dip a line? Down a duck? Bag a buck? When was the last time you took your shooting irons hunting? When you going again? . . .

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Arizona Instructor Killed When Girl Loses Control of Full-Auto Uzi

Shooting instructor Charles Vacca apparently didn’t read the news much. If he had, he might have known about the tragic case of a Massachusetts 8-year-old boy, Christopher Bizilj, who lost control of an Uzi back in 2008 and shot himself in the head. The boy was simply too small to control the little sub gun’s full-auto muzzle climb. Vacca was showing a 9-year-old girl how to shoot the same type of gun in Lake Havasu City, Arizona yesterday. When he told the little girl to pull the trigger, the gun climbed uncontrollably, shooting Vacca in the head. The video above stops just before Vacca is struck. . . .

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