Ban Axes!


“An officer with Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department came under an unprovoked attack Friday from a man wielding an ax, police said, the second such attack in two weeks that is prompting warnings and new protocols to officers on the job.” So reports  This follow last week’s hacking at two NYPD officers by an Islamic convert with “militant leanings.” The officer in the cruiser wasn’t hurt by the hatchet, but injured a shoulder after chasing the guy down before he ultimately escaped. “Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier issued a warning to officers to increase their vigilance for their safety, amid concern about recent attacks on authorities in New York and Canada, a law enforcement official told CNN.” Isn’t it time we had common sense axe control in our nation’s capital?


Texas International Firearms Festival Sponsor of the Day: Advanced Armament Corp


The first annual Texas International Firearms Festival – November 8 & 9 at Best of the West Shooting Sports – is next weekend! You need to buy a day pass today – your chance to sample (and buy) firearms and gear from over two dozen major gun makers. Click here for the full list. Click here to buy a $59 one-day pass or a $95 weekend pass. Ammo included! Advanced Armament Corp will be there. Be there and you’ll be able to try out some of AAC’s state-of-the-art suppressors and rifles. Guns like their ultra-quiet Model-7, just the thing for quietly bringing down annoying critters like feral hogs. Come and shoot it!


Gun Tweet of the Day: Glocktober 31st Edition

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.06.22 PM

Here’s some creative carving by a gunny who’s ready to let the neighborhood kiddies know he’s open for business tonight. Though we’re guessing any Moms Demand Action types who may live in Mr. Dechert’s neighborhood will probably shuffle their little ghosts and goblins right past his door to the next house. But that’s OK. Those kids probably don’t know any decent Halloween jokes. Besides, we doubt John will be handing out any whole grain gluten free stevia-sweetened free range treats anyway.


Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Under-Pillow Protection Edition


It seems to be stiff upper lip week here at TTAG central command. We’ve had an outbreak of no nonsense gentlemen who’ve been around the block a few times, the kind who refuse to be victimized by criminals who apparently figure, “What’s the old codger gonna do?” The first two examples of bloodied attackers came from the Lone Star state. For our latest tale of a perforated perp, we go east to Vicksburg, Mississippi where 82-year-old Mr. Roosevelt Wilson refused to let an overly insistent Meals on Wheels woman into his home. “‘She tried to get in, but I wouldn’t let her in. ‘I’m so and so. I brought you some meals’, and I said put them down on the porch. She wouldn’t. She left and came back again for something else,’ said Wilson. Just before 10 Wednesday morning the woman wouldn’t take no for an answer” . . .

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Question of the Day: Would You Buy a ‘Suicide Gun’?


Everyone likes a deal, right? And as we detailed earlier this week, new laws enacted in some jurisdictions around the country forbid the destruction of perfectly good firearms that have come into the hands of state and local governments. No matter how they got them. So… “A western Pennsylvania coroner is auctioning off about 100 guns used in suicides and accidental shooting deaths. Coroner Ken Bacha says the Nov. 8 surplus weapons sale is Westmoreland County government’s first since his father was coroner in the 1980s. He says state law requires local governments sell off unclaimed property.” You see where this is going. Assuming the heaters have been thoroughly cleaned of, um, all organic matter, would you buy one?


Jacksonville Prosecutors Feeding Local Market for Stolen Firearms

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.44.07 PM

Yes, buying a firearm from another individual — at a gun show, in a shooting range parking lot, or in the front seat of your car — is legal in most states, no background check or other paperwork is required. Much to the horror of all branches of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. The real story here, though, (click the image above to view the video) is this quote from the TV reporterette: “Their goal at the State Attorney’s office is to get as many of the guns off the streets as possible. So by doing that, as you saw, they purchased guns from this teenager more than once. They’ll do that, and not arrest, until they reach a point where they say, ‘Hey, this is so many guns this is getting dangerous. We just gotta get this guy off the street.'” Huh? . . .

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Stopping Power – One Doctor’s Point of View


By DrF

I’m not sure what would happen if there were no more internet discussions about “stopping power” as applied to handguns. What would we talk about? I am sure that it would be a better world, and there would be lots more available bandwidth. The stopping power of my brakes is easily determined, as is the (absence of) my power to stop eating chips and salsa. But when it comes to handguns, things get a little trickier.

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BREAKING: Alleged Pennsylvania Cop Killer Arrested


“Eric Frein, the suspect in the deadly ambush of a Pennsylvania state trooper, has been taken into custody after a seven-week manhunt, the Pennsylvania State Police announced Thursday night.” Frein has been the object of a manhunt since the ambush shooting death of Pennsylvania State Trooper Byron Dickson and the wounding of another trooper on September 12. “A law enforcement source told Fox News U.S. Marshals arrested Frein after obtaining information that he was hiding in an airport hangar near Buck Hill, the same general area where they had been searching for him. They called him out and he surrendered without incident, the source said. He was armed but no shots were fired…. Frein has been charged with first-degree murder and various other offenses, including two counts of possession of weapons of mass destruction filed after police discovered the pipe bombs.”


ShootingTheBull410’s .22LR 3-Barrel Quest Begins!

.22LR is a fascinating round (well, to me, anyway). It’s used for everything from plinking, to pest control, to personal defense, even Olympic competitions use the little .22LR. I did a review of the North American Arms mini-revolver, and included a lot of ammo testing from that tiny handgun. Like many of us, I have a variety of .22 firearms, and I thought it’d be interesting to see how a few types of ammo would perform from different types of guns. Sometimes a round can be fantastic from a rifle, and terrible from a handgun (or, the other way around.) Accordingly . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Smoothbore Security Edition

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.44.41 AM

As Ralph sagely counseled yesterday, don’t mess with old guys. That’s advice two unidentified female hoods would have benefitted from, but they were too busy boosting a car and attempting a home invasion yesterday to have seen our post. And when ID’ing their target, they chose poorly, selecting the home of a suburban Houston gentleman with some snow on the roof and a 20-gauge loaded with buckshot. “‘They knocked on the door several times. There was no answer and at that time they obviously didn’t think anyone was there and they broke a window and gained entry,’ said Walter Stensland with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office. But they didn’t get very far . . .

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Gear Review: Echo-Sigma Emergency Roll Away for Two (ER2)


By MD Matt

Emergency preparedness is big business. From doomsday preppers to the walking dead, surviving the dark times has become as much about entertainment as practicality. Surging public interest has driven an entire industry of zombie survival, tactical readiness, bug-out bags, and disaster thwarting products. Some are good, some questionable, and many downright ridiculous. Novice preppers looking for a preconfigured emergency solution are faced with a dizzying array of conflicting advertising. Wading through this storm is often frustrating. What do I actually need? Am I buying quality products? Am I spending too much? Would I be better served building my own kit? . . .

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