Happy Thanksgiving from TTAG


Even in the midst of economic uncertainty, plague and riots in the streets there’s still plenty to be thankful for. Each in our own way. Big things and small. Whether it’s health and happiness or moist sage cornbread stuffing and plentiful ammo. So whatever it is you’re thankful for, don’t forget to include our Second Amendment freedoms, too. Not that you would.


NBA President Issues Next Steps in “War on Police Brutality”


Pamela Meanes is the president of the National Bar Association and a partner at Thompson Coburn, St. Louis’s largest law firm. In that capacity, she’s issued a call to action after the non-indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The NBA intends to wage a “war on police brutality” by, among other tactics, demanding a DOJ indictment of Wilson, enacting new state laws mandating independent investigations and “diversity training,” a national economic boycott and – here’s the real kicker – staying off of social media. Distinguished barrister and TTAG reader Dirk Diggler is on Meanes’s distribution list and forwarded her email blast. . .

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Colorado Cops Arrest Man for Brandishing a Banana


As a matter of fact, that was a banana in Nathan Rolf Channing’s pants and he was really happy to see two of Mesa County’s finest. While pulling anything out of your clothing and pointing it at two peace officers seems a good way to go if you want more orifices than you woke up with, Nathan Rolf somehow managed to walk away from the encounter un-perforated. “According to an arrest affidavit, Mesa County (CO) deputies Joshua Bunch and Donald Love said they feared for their lives even though they saw that the object was yellow.” As you’d expect, Bunch knows his bananas, but he “wrote in the affidavit that he has seen handguns in many shapes and colors.” It apparently dawned on Channing – just in the nick if time – that pointing the slender curved fruit at a couple of constables was a judgement error. . .

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Quote of the Day: Word to the Wise Edition


“When you’re being told to do something, if you make an action that is threatening to a police officer and you have a weapon on you, the outcome is not going to be good.” – Hamilton (Ohio) Police Sgt. Ed Buns in Parents: How to keep kids with toy guns out of armed showdown with police [at wcpo.com]


New From Sturm Ruger: LCRx With 3″ Barrel


Ruger’s lightweight snubbie, the LCR is known for having one of the sweetest stock triggers in revolverdom. Last year, they added a model with an external hammer – the LCRx – for those who really want to shoot single action. Now they’ve taken the LCRx and gone long, intro’ing a +P version with a 3-inch barrel, adjustable sights and a full-length Hogue grip (MSRP $529). It’s definitely packable, but would make a nice home defense gun, no? Press release after the jump . . .

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BREAKING: Ferguson Mayor Asks, Where Was the National Guard?


Following statements and prayers by local pastors after last night’s burning and looting, James Knowles, mayor of Ferguson, Missouri criticized Governor Jay Nixon’s response (or lack thereof) to the violence. Specifically, he wanted to know where the hell the National Guard was while “protesters” ran amok, torching local businesses and stealing whatever wasn’t nailed down. The mayor also noted that Officer Darren Wilson’s status with the city remains unchanged. He is still on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation. Unspoken was the fact that . . .

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Wilson’s Testimony Details Struggle for His Gun

Wilson injuy

“He grabs my gun, says, ‘you’re too much of a pu**y to shoot me.” The gun goes down into my hip and at that point I thought I was getting shot. I can feel his fingers try to get inside the trigger guard with my finger and I distinctly remember envisioning a bullet going into my leg. I thought that was the next step.” That’s how Ferguson, Missouri Officer Darren Wilson described the struggle inside his police SUV with Michael Brown during his grand jury testimony. You can read the rest of his blow-by-blow of  here. If you watched St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Bob McCullough’s detailed description of the process last night, you know that investigators had to wade through conflicting testimony of every kind from witnesses, some of whom changed their stories, some of whom disappeared into thin air as time went on . . .

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Reader: Anti-Gunners to Blame for Cleveland Boy’s Death


Reader H. writes:

The anti-gun crowd – Bloomberg, Obama, Feinstein, the Brady bunch, Watts and the rest, with the help of the liberal legacy media – should step up to the plate and take ownership of the results of their efforts in demonizing ‘the gun’ to the point where it is becoming culturally unacceptable and downright dangerous to even be associated with a gun – any gun – even toys, in public. That wasn’t always the case; it wasn’t until recent years that ‘guns’ have fallen into such widespread evil repute. By whipping up unwarranted hysteria at the mere sight of any sort a gun . . .

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Ferguson Rioters Met With Massive Police Presence. Looters Not So Much [Photo Gallery After the Jump]


Rioters looting the market from which Michael Brown was filmed stealing cigars on the day he was shot to death.

Police responded in significant numbers and considerable force to protestors reacting to the St. Louis County grand jury “no bill” verdict on the Michael Brown shooting. Video of the scene showed police meeting attacks on St. Louis county police cars with swift action including beanbags and multiple tear gas vollies and arrests. CNN is reporting sounds of gunshots (which may have been those beanbags), sporadic looting and at least one storefront on fire. As of the time of writing, despite the significant law enforcement presence and a forceful response, the violence appears to be escalating with  . . .

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BREAKING: Grand Jury Clears Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson


Confirming almost all expectations, a St. Louis County grand jury has “no true billed” Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting death of Michael Brown. While everyone from Brown’s parents to President Obama has dutifully appealed for calm, the governor, taking no chances, has declared a state of emergency and called up the Guard. St. Louis City, County and local police are tooled up to deal with the inevitable pre-planned shows of rage. The race hustling and organized grievance industries have positioned personnel and provisions, planning demonstrations no matter the grand jury’s decision. Everyone from the KKK to Al Sharpton and his National Action Network will be using the days ahead to further their respective agendas. In short, what could possibly go wrong? As always, watch this space.



BREAKING: Grand Jury Reaches a Verdict in Shooting of Michael Brown


Impatience and pressure for a decision have been building among residents and business owners, as well as police officers, who have been working 12-hour shifts with all leave time canceled since Saturday, said Jeff Roorda, business manager for the City of St. Louis Police Officer’s Association.” Yes, well, now that St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Bob McCullough’s office has let it be known that they’ll be announcing the grand jury’s decision tonight at 8:00 p.m. central, those police officers – along with the National Guard – will likely be putting in a lot of hours. Governor Jay Nixon, flanked by various local officials, is about to make yet another obligatory plea for peace. Many Ferguson businesses have boarded up and are closed up tight. Police and Guardsmen are being deployed all around the city. Hatches have been battened and area traffic has been surprisingly light for a Monday evening. Stay tuned.


We Don’t Live in a ‘Perry Mason’ America Any More


By Edward Jaffe

Perry Mason‘ the TV series was, of course, an idealized drama about the US criminal justice system. I dare say that even in Perry Mason America, many people involved in the criminal justice system never had a defense attorney like the Perry Mason character and perhaps had dishonest prosecutors, witnesses and judges. But that was retail injustice, not wholesale. I want to live in a civil society. That means a society permanently ruled by civilians. Post Perry Mason, the US criminal justice system (in broad terms) has become more rules-based and less context-based. In retrospect, the Rockefeller Drug Laws were a big system reset . . .

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