Gun Heroes of the Day: Mark Sievering and Ken Meyers

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It seems America’s government-run education system provides almost weekly examples of pants-wetting idiocy wherever firearms are concerned. Whether it’s students being suspended for infractions such as biting their food into the shape of a pistol, or pointing a pencil at another kid and saying, “bang”, institutionalized hoplophobia runs amok in our public schools. Which is why it’s so sadly surprising when a school system – in this case, in Broken Bow, Nebraska – tacks the other way . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s the Best Way to Demystify Guns?

As usual, Billy Johnson has his finger on the pulse of Gun Nation. Nothing gets gun owners’ hackles up quite like open carry. Just read the comments under any TTAG post that touches on the subject, sit back and watch the fur fly. But whether you think open carry is needlessly inflammatory or a right rightly exercised, there’s little doubt that demystifying firearms can only redound to the benefit of The People of the Gun. The fewer non-gun types who freak out at the mere sight of a holstered hog leg, the better it is for gun rights in general. Billy suggests taking a noob to the range. Some of you believe that, yes, open carrying regularly will desensitize the overly sensitive. What’s the best way to demystify guns for a gun-ignorant public?


UPDATE: Multiple Shooters in Ottawa, Parliament Shootings

According to, the shootings in and around the Canadian parliament in Ottawa were carried out by at least two shooters. “At least two gunmen traumatized the heart of the Canadian government on Wednesday, with one shooting a soldier guarding the National War Memorial and then entering the adjacent Parliament building, where multiple rounds were fired. Shooting also was reported at a nearby shopping mall . . .

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BREAKING: Soldier Guarding Canada’s National War Memorial Shot


“A soldier (not pictured above) has been shot at Ottawa’s War Memorial in Canada, near the parliament, after a gunman opened fire. The soldier was being treated by paramedics and police rushed on the scene. Witnesses told CBC News that the suspected shooter was carrying rifle.” The report from has no information as to the soldier’s condition. Another attack on two Canadian soldiers yesterday – that one vehicular – killed one and injured the other. That incident is now being called a terrorist attack by a radical Islamic convert. Canada is part of the coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. There’s no information yet whether the two crimes are related in any way. More as details emerge.

UPDATE: reports that the gunman continued shooting inside Canada’s Parliament building – “Witnesses reported seeing a gunman firing at the Ottawa War Memorial and then running toward the government buildings, where more shots were heard. A soldier has been wounded in the attack, Canadian media report. The incident came hours after Canada raised its terror threat level from low to medium. A soldier was killed in a hit-and-run earlier in the week. Two Canadian MPs later said the gunman was killed, but that has yet to be confirmed.”


Quote of the Day: World’s Smallest Violin Edition


“[T]he thought that we could not translate that [Newton school shooting] horror into reasonable… I mean, really reasonable… gun safety measures that were supported by the vast majority of the American people is for me something that I take personally as a failure and something that I think we as a society should take as a failure, a glaring failure, that I hope will ultimately be rectified.” – Attorney General Eric Holder in Outgoing AG regrets gun control failures [at]


New From StealthGear USA: AIWB Appendix Carry Holster

VP9 3

Yawn. Another Kydex hybrid holster, right? Only this one isn’t really the same all the others. If you read our review of the StealthGear USA’s ONYX IWB holster, you know that StealthGear uses a breathable backing that makes toting a shootin’ iron all day – especially in warmer climes – much more comfy. Now StealthGear has added to their Ventcore-backed product line with an appendix carry option. Retail price: $79. Press release after the jump . . .

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Texas International Firearms Festival Sponsor of the Day: TrackingPoint


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The first annual Texas International Firearms Festival – November 8 & 9 at Best of the West Shooting Sports – is just weeks away! You need to buy your day pass today – it’s your chance to sample (and buy) firearms from over two dozen major gun makers. Click here for the full list. Click here to buy a $59 one-day pass or a $95 weekend pass. Ammo included! Not only will TrackingPoint be there, but they’re the Festival’s primary sponsor! Be at there and you’ll get to see what it feels like to reach out with an electronically enhanced semi-auto rifle and touch a target 1000 yards away. Come and shoot it!


Waterhole Sniping: Bagging South African Warthogs


By Tom in Oregon

A knock at the door of the well-appointed room at the hunting concession was the pre-dawn wake up call. I’m already up though, anticipating another incredible day. Time for coffee and breakfast first. The day broke clear and cold. So cold that there was a layer of ice on a dog’s water dish. One of the native staff brought a chunk of ice to show everyone. She was grinning from ear to ear at the wonder of frozen water. Apparently it doesn’t happen very often in the Limpopo River Valley. Even in June. Winter in South Africa . . .

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Gun Owners, Paul Barrett is Embarrassed For By You


It’s come to this: GLOCK chronicler and occasional firearms-related commentator Paul Barrett was compelled to put pen to paper over the weekend to express his discomfort with America’s “gun subculture.” That’s right, Mr. and Mrs. Gunowner, the Bloomberg Businessweek assistant managing editor is downright embarrassed by what he sees these days when he looks out over the American scene. At least where firearms are concerned. In a piece, Barret writes, “The weekend’s headlines confirmed my growing sense that the American fascination with guns has reached a crucial inflection point. We are, to put it politely, making ourselves look ridiculous, and sometimes much worse.” . . .

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Quote of the Day: And This is What Finally Dislodged Holder, Too Edition


“Based on the serial number from the police report obtained by Judicial Watch and documents obtained during our Fast and Furious investigation, we can confirm that the assault rifle recovered in the vehicle on July 30, 2013 was purchased by Sean Christopher Steward. Steward pled guilty to firearms trafficking charges resulting from his involvement with Operation Fast and Furious.” – Sen. Charles Grassley and Rep. Darrel Issa in Eric Holder’s Top Deputy Resigns Amid Revelation Fast and Furious Guns Used in Phoenix Crime [at]