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One More Time…How Many Households in the US Have Guns?

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Reader RW writes:

In a recent NRA training course the counselor stated that one in two American households probably have a gun, though many don’t admit it. I backed him up on the claim. He was trying to quickly demonstrate some not directly firearms-related points important to instructors and safety officers…the importance of being an ambassador for the community, constantly focusing on demonstrating and teaching safe behavior, and respecting privacy. Several of my fellow classmates looked a bit incredulous on the privacy point . . .

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Bullet Resistant Vests and Handgun Round Stopping Power


By Chris Taylor

There is a surprising amount that people don’t know about body armor. Of course, what one person doesn’t know could fill a warehouse. There’s always more to be understood, particularly when it comes to body armor. Nevertheless, many do not understand the protection available in a bullet resistant (or bullet proof, as they’re frequently known)  vest, and see it as either complete protection against any weapon or an archaic throwback that today’s modern weapons simply decimate. So which one is correct? . . .

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Face It, The Second Amendment No Longer Serves Its Purpose


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A TTAG reader writes:

Without summarizing years worth of blogs and comments, maybe we can all agree that the Second Amendment, as written, no longer serves its purpose. Almost all the disagreement over the meaning of 2A is bound up in interpretation. So long as anyone can form an opinion, and so long as courts will act as a super-legislature (or defender of the public, depending), and as long as government officials believe they have an obligaiton to “fill-in-the-blanks” regarding common sense gun ownership, the fights over the current Amendment will continue . . .

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NBA Player, Trying to Assault Girlfriend, Shot and Killed After Breaking Into Wrong Apartment

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Let’s say you’re a NBA player. While you weren’t drafted out of college and you’re way down on the league salary scale, you’ve finally made the big show and you’re pulling in nice bank by any reasonable standard. And now that you’ve made the big time, you have to keep up appearances by fathering at least one child with someone to whom you’re not married…let alone living. Now it’s your daughter’s first birthday and you decide to fly into Dallas for the event. But her mother pisses you off somehow and you decide to straighten her out, making an un-announced visit to her new apartment. Unfortunately (for you) you’ve never been there before . . .

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Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Memorial Day Edition


“I have never been able to think of the day as one of mourning; I have never quite been able to feel that half-masted flags were appropriate on Decoration Day. I have rather felt that the flag should be at the peak, because those whose dying we commemorate rejoiced in seeing it where their valor placed it. We honor them in a joyous, thankful, triumphant commemoration of what they did.” – Benjamin Harrison



Training Tip: Practice for All the Situations You Can Think Of. And Some You Can’t


A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes:

It’s early morning in Dallas. I’ve just begun to continue my rounds at one of the posts where I work security. I can feel my upper gum burning from the Odens ice snus I popped to stay alert and awake. I sip my water to stave off the burn when I catch headlights out of the corner of my eye. Nothing unusual, it’s a fairly busy street even at this hour. As I walk to the large iron gate to continue my rounds I stop and look at my watch to mark the time, 0545 on the money. The first shot rings out, loud and far too close for comfort. My head snaps up, I yell my favorite word (MOTHER#%+&ER) and I begin to move to the side fast. The vehicle I had seen a split second ago . . .

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8 Shot, 2 Dead in Houston ‘Active Shooter’ Incident

“The Houston Police Department is investigating after an officer-involved shootout Sunday morning left two dead and several others injured, including multiple innocent bystanders, in the west side of town. … ‘It was huge, huge gunshots. About 30 of them all at once,’ witness Andy McConn said.” Media reports are less than clear. Two LEOs and three civilians were taken to a local hospital. Two others are reported dead. Two suspects are apparently at large. “Police also said the shooters managed to strike a police helicopter five times. ‘The suspects had high powered weapons that they were using — AR-15s that they were using. They were actually able to shoot at a helicopter,’ (HPD Chief Martha) Montalvo said.”


Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 5.27.16: A Trump Challenge, a Clinton Thank-You, and Super Soaker Drive-Bys


S.C. is the place to talk guns – A challenge to The Donald: “But I wonder if Trump would come to Charleston, stand in front of Mother Emanuel Church and explain to everyone why he supports keeping the “Charleston loophole” – and opposes pretty much every common-sense measure that has been proposed to keep guns out of the hands of the likes of Dylann Roof? Will this guy who says he always “tells it like it is” … the guy who like the school yard bully (that he is) loudly proclaims he’s such a tough guy with guts, etc., come explain his NRA endorsement to the families of the Emanuel Nine?” . . .

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