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I was wrong. I predicted riots after a jury pronounced George Zimmerman “not guilty” of  murdering Florida teen Trayvon Martin. Despite outrage from the Al Sharptons of this world—progressives determined to portray the verdict as an indictment of “white society” in general and the legal system in particular—trial-related violence was both isolated and sporadic. There wasn’t even much in the way of affirmative shopping (a.k.a., looting). Fueled by an administration ideologically addicted to promoting racial strife, the punditocracy continues to bleat on. Fortunately, the end is in sight (a Google news search places the Rolling Stone cover boy Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at the top of the pile). Except for George Zimmerman, whose trials will never end.

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    • We didn’t. He changed his mind about wanting to be president. Instead, he fancies being president-for-life.

      • Where does that come from. Freely elected and clearly going in Jan 2017.

        Zimmerman will live with this for the rest of his life – he did kill somebody (justified or not). The jury made the right decision based upon the claw.

        Stand your ground is fine in your home or car, but when you follow somebody, they don`t take too kindly to that and confront you, then you get in a fight with someone fitter than you are, then I don`t think having a gun was a great idea. If there was no gun both of them would have been alive today.

  1. I can’t wait to hear what Colion Noir will have to rant about with the state of things – he’s awesome!

  2. Only a network as politically beyond the pale as MSNBC would consider a racist fruitcake such as Dyson as a panelist.

    He’s on record that it is literally impossible for black people to be racist. And nobody on set jumps up screaming when he says that – or “more white kids have to die”?

    It’s like stumbling some sort of racist stereotype channel. MSNBC could not BE more out of touch with America, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Or with Dr. Martin Luther King, for that matter. Hoover wouldn’t have to have had him assassinated.

    He would have dropped dead of shame and embarrassment.

  3. As much as I dislike the amount of power and control the Police have in our post 9/11 world I think that had something to do with it. This is not the 90’s and I don’t think they’d get too far with Rodney King style rioting…

    • I think you’re right – thry took notes during the Occupy _____ protests. However…

      I’d LOVE to know who rounded up all thise people to arrive at the same time.
      And where they got those really neat commercially printed signs.

      Just a coincidence. Yeah right. I’m just glad it didn’t work so well for them.

  4. this is an opportunity for the libs to attack the ” stand your ground ” and “shall issue ” laws. even th all sports jocks are talking about how you can start a fight and then shoot the other person if you lose , and that” needs to e changed” . as far as that is from what really happened, there aer a lot of people emotionally invested in that narrative. We are going to take a beating in the press again, still, too. .

    • Not only is that ‘sports jocks’ interpretation of the law completely incorrect, but nobody seems to understand that the Stand Your Ground law was NOT part of this case!!!! They didn’t use it. It has no part in this. WTF. Why is everyone saying it’s the problem? It didn’t even come up.

      • Because it’s the new liberal “stalking horse” since the race war didn’t pan out. Facts have no applicability to the MSM. We watched the newsdroid insult Korea the other day without missing a beat.

        • they did use the law that said if you “feared for your life” you could shot. The sport jocks are correct, you can start a fight – Zimmerman did by following/stalking Martin, then when losing whip out your gun and shot. In the old days both would have got a bit of old fashioned blood and bruises then gone home. No real harm done.

  5. Interesting to note that the folks in the town of Sanford and the surrounding towns are not the ones causing trouble. ……..and the Martin family although hurting continue to ask for peace.

  6. Dyson: “Let’s make an analogy to terrorism. Remember how you felt on 9/11? That’s how we feel about race.”

    First, who is “YOU?” 9/11 was an attack against this country, not a specific group.

    Second, who are”WE?” By that do you mean blacks? The Zimmerman acquittal by a jury of his peers was an act of terrorism? “WE” are the only ones with feelings about this shooting? (fortunately, feelings are not part of the law).

    That doesn’t even make sense. Say it fast enough (Dyson was either coked up or worried about being cut off by the producer) and all one will hear is “terrorism” and “race.”

    It appears to me that pundits (from all side) simply fling dung and see what sticks.

  7. The only reason we even know of Zimmerman is because of racism. The only reason this went to trial is because of racism. The only reason this continues to be talked about is racism. That racism stems from the black community against all non-blacks, claiming “the whole system is racist”. What they really mean by the word “racist” is “does not favor blacks”, which is inherently racist in itself. What would have prevented this situation? A lack of racism? If Zimmerman didn’t have a gun? If they were the same race? No, the solution is economic and cultural, if there weren’t a reason for Martin to be a “thug”. If the culture didn’t create that as a goal or economic situation make it so appealing we wouldn’t have as many problems as we do and we definitely wouldn’t have the “gun violence” problem. But those are lofty goals no one wants to work towards, work being one of the issues.

    I will never understand their logic, though. If a black individual rightfully loses in court the system is racist. No matter what race the other side was it’s the white man’s fault for his racism. To compensate for that “white injustice” the go-to is looting and destroying their own neighborhoods. Their message is clear, the black community can’t be wrong and “thugging” should be absolutely legal and found without fault. Seems they’re trapped in a spiral of their own negative culture and want the rest of the world to justify it as they do because they feel they can’t change or escape it.

  8. So long as we continue to let them choose the words they use in discussions, things won’t progress. So long as they keep saying African-American, instead of black, or just American, they will continue to bitch about racism. They are the ones making it about race, no one else.

    Quit calling whites racist when you continue to declare yourself “African-American” and them “white”. Quit calling others racist when you use pejorative terms (such as N) towards each other, and “crackers” towards whites. Quit considering yourselves the righteous group and nothing you do can be seen as racist, when you’re just as racially motivated as the next man.

    Either race matters or it doesn’t. Either we’re all American or we’re not. Quit playing both sides of the fence to further your ill-perceived views. Quit ignoring the fact that every single race, religion and ethnicity, at one point or another, was a slave, servant, or downtrodden group to another group. Don’t blame someone today for what their ancestors may or may not have done hundreds of years ago.

  9. You should read the vile, factually deficient rubbish that Salon has been pumping out about this case.

  10. CNN interviewed Trayvon’s girlfriend two nights ago. The Left wishes she was as composed and lovable on the witness stand as she was with our gun hater interviewer. She made claims in that interview that she told Trayvon to run away. She also made statements that she told Trayvon that Zimmerman was a gay rapist. (Which apparently was the trigger for Trayvon to jump Zimmerman)… Also she mentioned about Trayvon’s intentions weren’t to kill Zimmerman, but to whup him good (“whoop a%%”). Our dear interviewer was quick to ask if Trayvon would do that from a defensive point. She basically admitted that Trayvon was the aggressor and not the other way around. (Apparently a live audience member’s jaw dropped when she said that, and it was caught on camera in the background.)

    The attack wasn’t over race… it was more likely due to homophobia. Trayvon didn’t want his little brother at home to be molested by a gay “creepy a%% cracker.” Race wasn’t in the equation in the attack… Our main stream media, and black rights leaders WANTED it about race, and pushed for it to be, even now.

    • Do you have a link to this interview? I did a quick search at just now and did not see it.

      • What I find of it (the LIVE interview, 2013 July 15) on CNN is edited into clips, and such So I had to go to YouTube.

        Here is the bit about calling Zimmerman a rapist:

        The CNN part here, does have the white woman drop her jaw about the “whoop-a%%” part, which Piers quickly steers that into a “defensive” maneuver… How can it be unless you manage to turn the tables? If you’re stuck on the ground it’s pretty hard to dish that out.

        And here is the complete segment.

        • Mike asked: “What is wrong with wanting to hit back at someone following you.”

          Following you (for the sake of argument I’ll agree that’s what GZ was doing at the time of the confrontation) is not a predicate for Aggravated Assault. That’s what’s wrong with it. It’s “who threw the first punch?” EVEN IF GZ was following Martin at the time of the confrontation, EVEN IF he verbally confronted Martin, Martin would still not have been legally in the right to hit GZ. If Martin had lived, what we’d have is an unprovoked (in terms of violence) attack followed by Aggravated Assault, if not worse, depending on the level of GZ’s final injuries.

        • “Hit back” implies that one has been physically struck. A pre-emptive (or sucker) punch is in no way “hitting back”. It’s battery

          Use of physical force isn’t justified unless it is, at the very least, reasonably threatened…..walking behind someone, even asking them what they are up to, or something similar doesn’t constitute a threat.

  11. Blacks have a special victim class status, victims of slavery by the white man. Whenever there is a perception of blacks “civil rights” being infringed, media and race baiters are apoplectic to condemn the white man (well mixed race in this case). Remember Imus? Actor who played Kramer? I don’t like what George Zimmerman did (follow and confront), what Imus or Michael Richards did, all DUMB, I don’t approve, but the outrage and hyperbole is so idiotic. It is a form of reverse racism, revenge and hate towards whites. It is like a sport…. and it means nothing when the media and the race baiters don’t show the same outrage over a black boy in Chicago being murdered for not joining a gang, or Murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom …. not a peep in the news.

    Why is it if you are black you should never be profiled? It is not wrong if they really are up to no good.

    • In all fairness, there have been a number of really bad things to happen to black people since the end of slavery. And, there are many people still alive who remember those things from being there first-hand.

    • Someone earlier in the conversation mentioned letting them choose the words in the discussion…. don’t feed those particular sets of trolls by including or using the term “Reverse Racism” because it just continues to feed the us-vs-them mentality. There is no “Reverse Racism”. It is Racist to apply negative emotions to someone based solely on the color of their skin. Blacks can be racist against whites, whites against blacks, any color against any color that is different is Racist.

  12. It continues the distraction from the IRS, Affordable Healthcare Debacle and Benghazi. Beyond that…they could care less about race or Trayvon.

    • lol Beghazi, at least most Republicans have dropped that puffed up non-story. 4 Americans died, that is sad but in dangerous parts of the world people die. 4000 dd in Iraq, with no impeachment or criminal investigations, yet you want to do it for this?

      • Sad part is ALL survivors had to sign a NDA before being released. Short of someone legally releasing them from it, we will never know what they know.

  13. Did anyone watch the clip on this page? At the risk of agreeing with this waste of oxygen on more important facts than the date, I have to say his comment about white kids dying is pretty accurate. What he said was America won’t pay attention to the large number of black and brown kids dying (he didn’t specify Trayvon, so I’m guessing he’s referring to the gang violence as well) until large numbers of white kids start dying the same way. He didn’t say “more white kids should die”, or even imply that he wants more white kids to die. It’s a valid point. Middle America doesn’t care too much about the violence in the projects, as long as it doesn’t reach the ‘burbs. Look at the drug epidemic. When drugs are confined to the projects and trailer parks (proof it’s not about race, it’s about socioeconomic class), politicians don’t bother to act. When they show up at a suburban high school, it becomes a crisis.

    Other than that, pretty much everything he said was typical of the senseless windbaggery that is the hallmark of all the 24-hour news channels.

  14. Never forget that the people on those shows are being paid to tick off talking points, while filling time to the next commercial break.

    For George Zimmerman, he may have been acquitted, but that means nothing. The process is the punishment.

  15. Racism is roughly equivalent to beating the skeleton of the dead horse. I have heard it enough, enough lies, that I just don’t care anymore. I have pretty much decided that I have the back of every law abiding citizen. If you engage in deviant behavior, you are totally on your own.

  16. So as an attorney, I was a non-partisan volunteer in New Orleans after Katrina to help as an election monitor (obviously, things were phucked up, population displaced, etc. and our job was to help people figure out right voting location, deal with lack of ID or provisional ballots, etc). As part of this effort, there was a breakfast meeting at the Westin put on by the Urban League. I had heard alot about Prof. Michael Eric Dyson, and was pleased that I was sitting next to him at the breakfast. That is, until he ignored the fork clearly in its expected place on his left and began to eat not only the sausage links but the waffles with his hands that I lost my appetite and respect for him. Clearly, he is still a neanderthal . . . . .

    • While the hand/sausage etiquette is a little grey, the waffles are off the charts. These are, the least of my problems with Dyson, however. He is another dirty, filthy, race hustler.

  17. Who would it serve the most to maintain racism in America? Who has the most to profit out of it?

  18. As an American man, here’s what really annoys me about this whole GZ-TM liberal media fiasco:

    1. The taxpayer money that was wasted even bringing this case to trial – Remember that the police and presumably the DA didn’t think that criminal charges were appropriate until the political pressure mounted. How many millions wasted? Too many.

    As a black man here’s what REALLY annoys me about the whole GZ-TM liberal media propaganda fiasco:

    The black folk being portrayed in the media are NOT being intellectual (or emotionally) honest with this one. If you’re black American you know the following:

    1. If you are worried about about your children being shot, you ARE NOT worried about them being shot by a white person, you ARE worried about them being shot by the “thug” down the street with absentee parents and moral values. If you are worried about them being shot by a supposed rouge “racist,” you’re an idiot. Black kids shot by 30+ year old white men is a statistically insignificant modal category.

    2. If you see “thuggish” looking black people in your neighborhood with whom you are not familiar, and there has been a spate of criminal activity in your neighborhood, you too are prone to call the police on them several times, and (lacking an effective response from the police) possibly confront them yourself. My father did this (while armed with a gun), and I have done this (unarmed), because IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO in order to protect your neighborhood from “thugs.” That’s what people do in a civil society.

    Any black person who has lived in a black neighborhood in America knows these two things. So why is George Zimmerman any different from my father, or me, or thousands of other black men in America who will try and be MEN in their communities and protect them from being preyed upon by the more ignorant elements of our society? Answer is: he’s not. So let’s cut the BS!

    This whole thing is a bunch of media hype designed to make us forget that our government is rapidly in the process of enslaving us ALL , black and white. Having descended from slaves, let me reassure you of what you already know – we don’t want any part of that!

    ‘Nuff said.

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