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National Gun Victims Action Council Anti-Gun Agit Prop (courtesy

The National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC) posted the above image and link on its Facebook page. When gun bloggers highlighted the anti-gunners’ lack of decorum, jefe Elliot Fineman’s defended it: “We’re not worried about keeping things ‘Classy’ or even being politically correct. You gun-nuts are doing a fine job pleading your own case. Keep it up guys. We appreciate letting the public know exactly HOW mis-informed many people are and your paranoid rhetoric only helps others raise their awareness.” Needless to say, the NGVAC eventually pulled the post and the resulting non-apologia (screen captured by But it stands here as a testimony to the level of discourse provided by the civilian disarmament industrial complex. And another example of poor trigger discipline.

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  1. Its better to be hated because you stood for something than it is to be loved because you bent over and took it like a collaborator.

  2. Gee and here I thought the truth about guns was the truth about guns…
    Maybe they missed that memo!

  3. Just popped over to their site. There is a lot of forceful rhetoric about how they are done asking and want to compel things. The type of rhetoric that, on a gun-rights sight would be met with quite a bit of feigned outrage.

    • Guns are bad…unless you use them to force conservatives and libertarians to do things the “correct” way…then they’re good.

    • Yeah, but also the type of thing that would be co-opted by pro-RKBA types almost instantly.

    • “nrA-HOLE” hahaha
      Well, the “ng-Vac Sucks” hahaha
      … and the ad-hominem continues.

    • Indeed….

      The Lawyers Rule:

      [1] If the Law is against you, argue the facts.
      [2] If the facts are against you, argue the Law.
      [3] If the Law and the facts are against you, call the other side names.

      The Official Rules: A Compendium of Truths and Laws for Living

      • Amazing how the anti-2nd amendment crowd cannot open their mouth without inserting a lie somewhere.

      • National Gun Guileless Victims Action Acceptance Council

        There, fixed it for them.

        “Your risk of being a victim is increasing!”*

        * with just one easy donation of $50 (example), you too can help NGVAC and become a victim! Blame strangers and inanimate objects for your problems! Disguise your feelings of helplessness by lashing out! Remember, naive good intentions are all it takes to be a good person.

    • “Your risk of being a victim is increasing!”
      When I saw this, I was really concerned…then I remembered that violent crime has been on a steep decline in the US for over two decades now.

  4. More than a little irony in being called “mis-informed” by a group whos entire base believes machineguns are flying off Walmart shelves without background checks to twelve year olds.

  5. Can we assume the NGVAC will be partnering with women’s groups for the “Lay Back and Try to Enjoy It” rape survivors symposium? Stop by the peeing on command session to learn how to fend off would be rapists, Colorado democrat style. Free whistles at the door!

  6. So let me get this straight – WE, the POTG – are the ones who are misinformed? Pardon the schit out of me then.

    Quick poll – has anyone here been a victim of a gun?

  7. I don’t understand exactly how an angry mob that is by definition unarmed intends to forcibly remove weapons from those who are armed. Oh, I have an idea, they could create a separate class of folks (let’s call them, Homeland Security) for whom being armed is ok, and have them do it. Except what happens when this new class begins to have ideas of their own?

    • You just need to make a new class of people to defend you from DHS. But eventually you end up swallowing cats and dogs with that philosophy. It’s easier to not swallow the fly.

  8. I’ve been a victim of a gun… about 15 of them. You buy one and you think that’s enough until they stare you lovingly in the eyes and beg you to take them home. Then you’re the victim of being brainwashed by them until your’re raising a healthy sized family of 15 or more. Then its your wallet that’s the victim… so many hungry chambers… you simply cant afford to feed them all.
    At least I have a decent support group. Thanks, TTAG.

  9. Actually they’re completely politically correct. It’s funny to see people who pretend to be brave, standing up to The Man, when The Man doesn’t even know they exist, and while their little cheerleaders are all cooing about how gutsy they are.

    Their assumptions are also pretty brain-dead too. The NRA is the villain because some psychopaths committed mass murder? The people these anti-gun extremists hate the most are those who are effective.

  10. And these are the same kind of folks bleating for a “reasoned debate”. I never took debate in high school but common sense would seem to preclude name calling when looking for a reasoned debate.

  11. Occutard Vegan Anarko-Nazi’s with Daddy issues. Not that I am shrinking or calling names or anything.

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