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Disclaimer courtesy the Connecticut State Police Department's Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

There appears to be some confusion as to what a Connecticut resident can and can not buy under the provisions of the Constitution State’s various firearms-related permits. Specifically, the Permit to Carry Pistol and Revolvers, Eligibility Certificate [“which will require completion of a specified course of instruction (not yet specified) prior to application:], Long Gun Eligibility Certificate and/or Ammunition Certificate. To clear-up the Constitution State confusion, the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection published a guideline, with the above caveat, as follows . . .

CT Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers: (1) Purchase any type of handgun or revolver, (2) rifles and shotguns without a 14 day wait period, (3) ammunition and (4) magazines limited to a ten round capacity.

CT Eligibility Certificate: Does not permit carry, but allows purchase of (1) pistols and revolvers, (2)rifles and shotguns without a 14 day waiting period, (3) ammunition and (4) magazines limited to a ten round capacity.

Long Gun Eligibility Permit: Purchase of (1) any type of rifles and shotguns without a 14 day waiting period, (2) ammunition and (3) magazines limited to a 10 round capacity.

Ammunition Certificate: Purchase (1) ammunition and (2) magazines limited to a ten round capacity.

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  1. Shows how brainless this ten round repeat they keep saying is. Liberal fascist are morons who dont know reality of self defense.

    • No, they do not believe in self defense at all despite the following:

      Connecticut: Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state. Art. I, § 15 (enacted 1818, art. I, § 17). The original 1818 text came from the Mississippi Constitution of 1817.

      Which brings us to another point, when progressive anti-gun types do not like something, they purposely ignore history or the ANY constitution.

      • I’m actually quite happy that the license plate holder on my new car pretty much covers up the state motto.

      • Didn’t EVERY state have to ratify the Constitution before it was allowed to be part of the United States? A state Constitution does not override the US Constitution. These permit requirements are illegal.

    • $35 fee per certificate, each certificate only allows “1 ammunition”.

      $1750 in fees + cost of ammo for a single 50 round box.

      Regardless of their intention *sure, they probably mean box, but didn’t write it), they left themselves wide open for an unconstitutional argument.

      • I’m guessing this is just enumeration of points of the law, like:

        Ammunition Certificate: Purchase
        a) ammunition and
        b) magazines limited to a ten round capacity.

        • Ah that makes more sense, just reading it wrong. Thought they were intending 1 box of ammo and 2 magazines at a time.

          Though I really wouldn’t put that by them, either.

  2. The formerly free men of the former Constitution State need to grab their traitorous elected officials by whatever is handy and “convince” them of their errors. It will take will power but surely there are enough true men in CT to overcome the eunuchs who have destroyed their rights. Aren’t there? Beuller? Beuller?

      • Don’t need the T shirt but I made a contribution at your request. It wasn’t much as I’m retired now but it will help some. You’re welcome.

        • Thank you very much. Every little bit helps.

          Understand that the law suite is being funded by passing around the cookie jar and many fund raising picnics and events around the state. Some out of state pro-2a grass roots groups have also contributed.

          Whatever you can do, it is much appreciated.

    • What’s is this donation thing about. The Mister and I have been busy getting out of Maryland. We missed the cause.

  3. so, from what I read on the website…….and military personnel may purchase “banned” weapons and magazines in CT. interesting. amazing they forgot to curtail that one.

    • Only in the performance of their duty. After they retire, they will be able to register weapons they are allowed to take with them. CT has a few military bases including the Naval base in Groton/New London.

    • There is also a GIANT carve out for law enforcement and some state employees not limited to the DMV…

      Protected classes, indeed.

  4. WTF is with # 9?
    “9. Q: If I registered my assault weapon under the 1994 Act, will I have
    to re-register it under the new Act?
    A: If you registered the weapon in 1994, and you still possess your 1994
    Certificate of Registration, you will not have to re-register under the new act.

    How does the state know that the 1994 cert isnt a fraud, or forgery? I guess the states kept the listing from the 1994 AWB law in their data base…wonder if they updated it from 2004-2013?

  5. So why couldn’t you register practically every magazine for every gun you can think of? Hundreds of hundreds for each gun?

    The are not numbered and if they call your bluff you can say that you sold them out of state.

    Do you think that they would bat an eye if they registered 100 AR-15 mags? If I were about to be faced with a ban…I would probably own that many.

    • Nothing stops you. That is why the law is joke. Many who do 3-gun competition or just like ARs have 100 mags no problem. The way it is being done, the Burden of Proof is on the state once you state what you have they have to figure out that you do not. Given all the pistols I have, I probably have 100 pistol mags. It is all a waste of time and money for gun owners and the state because there is no viable way to enforce it.

      We have already seen some criminals who have been arrested for various crimes, none have been charged with ANY of the new gun control laws. It is not worth the states time.

  6. I have no idea what they are talking about. The Eligibility Certificate has always existed. You need to take the NRA Basic Pistol Course and it must include a practical where you must actually load mags, insert mag and shoot. At the completion of the course, you are given a certificate which you must hand in to your local PD to get your Eligibility Certificate.

    This has always allowed you to purchase but not carry and you can only go from the gun store, to your house and that is about it unless you are taking it for repair. There as no provisions for taking it to the range. The Eligibility Certificate was always your first step before you can submit to the state for your State Permit. Your state permit allows you to carry. You can open carry or not your choice but risk getting arrested for open carry because some PD will arrest you if there is complaint even if you did nothing wrong. Some like Torrington PD have actually trained officers about the law and the Hartford Capital PD are actually very good about it.

    So, when passing they new laws, the legislature figured out they are screwed because YOU NEVER needed a long gun permit. Now they require a long permit and stuck with people who have unregistered long guns. What is happening, is that most people are simply going through the trouble to get a pistol permit. Others who don’t want a pistol permit more likely than not, hunt, so they will already have a Hunters Education Course and so, they just need to pay for a Long Gun Permit.

    The Ammo permit is simply bogus, it stops nobody! Everyone will simply go to PA, VT, NH or ME and purchase ammo just like everyone does today to get Fireworks and cheap booze (CT having the highest booze tax in the northeast).

    At the end of the day, the gang bangers and thugs will continue as they have always. All this does is create unnecessary fees and cost to the state.

    • Worst part of the new law is being missed by many, you can only carry (1) downloaded extra mag. So one in the pistol and one extra and you can no longer carry ARs open and they must be unloaded unless in your house or at a range.

  7. “Constitution State”

    God help us if that list of government allotted privileges is found to be consistent with the 2nd amendment. Nothing that anyone would consider a right could ever be treated so badly. Then again, the people that pass and promote these laws do not believe the 2A is, or ever was, an individual right, so i expect nothing less from them.

    • People of Connecticut, repeat after me: “…shall not be infringed…shall not be infringed…shall not be infringed…shall not be infringed…” until it really sinks in and sticks.

      • define “shall not be infringed” for me in legal terms?

        SCOTUS has said and we have seen over the years, that they can in fact “infringe” The only unanswered question that remains and will soon be decided, is how much. Where is the line that SCOTUS will choose between outright ban and outright free for all.

        We may not like the ultimate answer. Right now it is state to state and if you do not like that state’s law, you can just get up and move like RF has done. After SCOTUS rules, it will be a board brush and there will be no place to move if we do not like the outcome.

        Ultimately, there is one and only one answer, gun owners MUST be politically active and just like unions and other DNC groups, pound the pavement, work the phone banks, hand out flyers and help elect pro-gun politicians. Long term, it is far easier than waiting for SCOTUS to save the day.

        The time to be politically silent has long since past.

  8. I cant wait for those voting permits. Take a class on civics for 8 hours and pay a $35 dollar fee that allows you to vote in one election. New permits cost $25 dollars each to renew and let your voice be heard!

    • But this would stop the Obama supporters from taking bus loads of people that would have never voted to the polls and registering them to vote right around election time. Hello Mr illiterate guy, fill in the circles that say Democrat and if you do a good job we will give you a cookie…

  9. No offense Pascal and others stuck behind the lines but I am happy I got out two and a half years ago and wont ever look back. Ill try to contribute when I can to CCDL though because I believe its still a national fight even at state levels.

    • Thanks for whatever you are able to do.

      We can rollover, or put up a good fight. You are correct in that this a national fight. Many feel comfortable and complacent in gun free states, but if you read these pages on a daily basis, the enemy is always at the gate. Colorado did not get where it is over night. Even Texas has a lot of out of state CA and NY liberals enough so that taking your eye off the ball for a few elections could make a red state purple.

      Thanks for whatever support you are able to give.

  10. Some thoughts about CT –

    This is one of, if not the wealthiest state in the nation. It is arguably Wall Street’s bedroom (he keeps his mistress in the City). Super-wealthy northeast states seem to be solidly anti-gun, and, well, totally rich. Electorally, they lean way Democrat. I’ll submit that’s because all the gallery, restaurant, and boutique owners who sell overpriced crap to the uber rich people are Democrats, as are all six of the guys who actually work in manufacturing anymore. I have no stats to back me up about the Yankee Democrats, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

    What are the laws regarding private security contractors in CT? Are the rich protected? Are the cops in Greenwich, CT essentially private security (I’ve been there, I know what that town is like, or what it was like in the mid 90s)?

    Contrast with Vermont, a classically liberal (small l) state with liberal (small l) gun laws.

    Just doing my part to foment class warfare.

  11. It’s simple, impeach the current state legislation then elect NON-carrier people (NOT politicians). Then have them clean up and fix the giant mess the state government is. In fact everyone should do that, even for the fed… That way it will be back to “For the people; By the people” Not for the rich guy’s by the rich guys and ignore the slaves.

    Man, these ad’s are really eating up my bandwidth… I probably doesn’t help having the government watch dog poking it’s nose in all the time. I bet they are using the ad company without them knowing. That would make sense… For it act’s like when I was in service and I was trying to use a government computer on base… Always bogged down…

  12. So, let me get this straight, you need a permit to buy, a permit to carry, a permit to by ammunition and I hear in the works a permit to buy long rifles in 2014. I don’t see how this resolves the already 8-10 million guns in circulation and stock pile of ammo. And, I can go to PA, NH and VT, even Maine to purchase ammunition, or have Uncle Bob in Texas or Colorado (etc.) bring up my stockpile of ammo on his next summer trip to CT.

    Few more years, you will need to bring your medical records…..


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