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ATF Director Steven Dettelbach (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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From the CCRKBA . . .

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is today calling on Congress to block funding for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the Fiscal Year 2024 budget until Democrats and federal bureaucrats publicly recognize Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, and stop their attacks on legal gun ownership.

CCRKBA issued its call to eliminate funding as the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Accountability is preparing for a hearing Thursday on “ATF’s Assault on the Second Amendment: When is Enough Enough?” The hearing is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. in the House Rayburn Office Building.

“We’ve seen attacks on Second Amendment rights under previous Democrat presidents,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “but the Biden administration has pulled out all the stops. Joe Biden has publicly declared his desire to ban modern semiautomatic rifles and 9mm pistols, the most popular firearms in the nation. Millions of honest citizens own semiautomatic rifles for all kinds of uses, including home defense, competition, predator control, recreational shooting and hunting, and they have never harmed anyone. Likewise, millions of men and women own and use 9mm pistols for personal and home protection, training, target shooting, competition, business protection, and other legitimate uses.

ATF headquarters washington, DC

“But under Joe Biden,” he continued, “the ATF has been weaponized against law-abiding citizens, and his budget proposal includes $1.9 billion for the agency to expand operations and increase regulation of the firearms industry.

“Clearly,” Gottlieb said, “Biden and the Democrats have decided that American gun owners are their enemy. They are scrambling to restrict the Second Amendment rights of tens of millions of citizens whose only offense is that they want to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. Last week, the president signed an executive order to create even more restrictions. Where does this stop?

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

“The only way to derail this obsession,” he stated, “is for House and Senate Republicans to send a message to the White House and Capitol Hill Democrats by refusing to fund the agency Biden wants to unleash on law-abiding Americans. This war on the Second Amendment must stop now.”

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    • I’m thinking get rid of Dims,Commies & RINOS if we’re talking wishful thinking🙄

    • Failure after failure in courts and elsewhere to Define Gun Control according
      to its HIstory of rot is what has provided standing for Gun Control and continues to provide standing for Gun Control…

      Until Gun Control is Defined in high and low places and justifiably viewed like its sidekicks racism, genocide, etc. expect the same old tit for tat clown show to continue.

    • If the GOP wasn’t choke full of verifiable idiots it wouldn’t be wishful thinking. It would be a real possibility.

      But the GOP leadership is trash, the majority of the elected representatives are trash and from McConnel to GOP Joe on the street, less than 1% have a fuckin’ clue what’s actually going on. And the GOP likes it that way. Loves it, IMHO. They LOVE screwing their own base. Just look at people like Hannity who get rich peddling obvious bullshit to their listeners who slept through civics class.

      Let me explain to you how spectacularly stupid the GOP is. They’ll hire a 20 or 30-something political operative who, straight out of college, went to work for the DNC and then realized the DNC is evil and switched parties. Oh, shit, intel from behind the lines, right? No, they won’t listen to those people at all.

      They literally do not care to take someone who knows the opposition playbook and find out what they know. At all. They NEVER do this. Yet they get those operatives at the state and national level all the time. Debrief a spy you turned? No, that’s silly, amirite?

      The GOP is consistently 2-3 election cycles behind the DNC for several decades at this point and the GOP never fuckin’ learns from this.

      Either the GOP is the Right wing of the predatory bird known as “government”, it’s full to the brim of people who are <80IQ or both.

      Regardless, it deserves to burn just as much as the DNC does. The difference is that the GOP can be rebuilt because it's average supporter isn't in a cult.

      • Most “20 or 30-something” can’t find the restroom. One of Trumps (and GOP’s) biggest failing is putting “wet behind the ears” in charge of things. As Kushner.

        • Wow, the propaganda is strong here.

          OK, let’s play that little game since you guys can’t let it go.

          Well, they could hire Boomers.

          You know, what they’ve been doing for 40 years, because that’s been a smashing success.

          FedCoin starts in July. LOL.

  1. Or, this may sound crazy, Congress could just repeal the various gun control acts that the BATF uses in its war on gun owners.

    • “Congress could just repeal the various gun control acts that the BATF uses in its war on gun owners.”

      Congress can pass a repeal all day long, until you have the trifecta of both lower houses and the White House, you don’t have shit… 🙁

      • That applies equally to zeroing out the ATF budget, so if you’re discussing solutions that won’t be passed, you might as well discuss the *right* solutions that won’t be passed.

        • Actually, it doesn’t.

          If the GOP members in the House refuse to vote on any budget bill that includes funding for the ATF, at the end of the current budget year, they are no longer funded. The House, by itself, can defund anything they want, by simply refusing to vote for any funding bill.

          They don’t get money automatically, and we somehow have to stop it. The get nothing for the next budget year unless all of Congress authorizes it, and the President signs it into law.

    • their is no war on gun owners you can literally tell everyone you know that your going to shoot whoever on a certain date the following month and you really have to shoot someone before they’ll take your gun there is no government department that can even disarm the county its in its the dumbest thing to believe certain gun’s are designed, engineered, and manufactured for the purpose of war and maximum body count in the most efficient way possible….. why would the general public need that ? and if weapons like that ever got banned..your rights are unaffected cause you still have the right to own a gun . does not being able to drive a top fuel dragster to town n back mean that I don’t have the right to own a car… no it doesn’t some people call it common sense , might wanna think about how stupid it would be to dismantle the atf one of my best friends got arrested for manufacturing fully automatic weapons by the atf but if the government is all evil why would they take away the tools that citizens use to kill each other faster than any stupid conspiracy theories can come up with imagine being a 4th grader and having comparable ptsd of a veteran who really seen some shit the quiet ones to accept that as just something grade school kids have to normalize is mind boggling so how many times has your gun saved your life? I got stabbed once and was glad I didn’t have my gun on me ,

      • Josh, that is the LONGEST RUN ON SENTENCE I have ever seen. Would you cafe to use capitalization and punctuation so we can make heads or tails of it?

  2. The atf is just one tentacle of the criminal doj we’re paying for these days……..they’ll be defunded right after we get term limits! Don’t hold your breath!!

  3. That must be some good shit you’re smokin’ if you think THAT will ever happen.

  4. The BATF is unconstitutional and always has been, not only should they be defunded, they should be abolished

  5. “CCRKBA issued its call…”



    Did they send a letter or hallmark card? Is simply saying it on their web site the ‘issued call’?

    How are they ‘issuing’ their call in a significant manner to make sure that ‘call’ is heard by the committee?

  6. Getting “defund” Democrats on record voting for a group of police who have shot pregnant women and burned children alive is an interesting thought……

  7. Didn’t Scalia suggest once that Congress should use the power of the purse to exert more control over the administrative state? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We shall see…

  8. How much more proof do we need the ATF should be abolished? They failed at their first letter, no idea wtf they are doing about their second letter or why it even exists anymore, and the last letter is a down right infringement on constitutional rights.

    But of course, me saying this makes me a target to have my dogs shot, my wife shot, my compound burned to the ground with my family still inside, and terror tactics deployed against me to force compliance.

    Everything they do revolves around entrapment. Everything.

    • When they start setting up speaker towers outside your compound let me know. I will be there to o whatever I can to help you.

    • “How much more proof do we need the ATF should be abolished?”

      You want a proven corrupt FBI in charge instead?

      Bureaucrats don’t lose their jobs. They get re-shuffled. Institutional inertia is a real thing 🙁

  9. Those Rinos do not want to do that. It does not benefit them to apply that type of pressure. I do not think it has ever been done to any government agency in recent history. It will not stop the anti-2nd Amendment push to control us all. It might slow down the ATF for 1 political cycle at best.

  10. A majority of the ATF’s budget should be punitive damages payments to bump stock owners and polymer 80 purchasers…That had their property stolen..

  11. Defund the ATF, repeal all gun laws starting with NFA/GCA, then abolish the ATF!!

    This is how we win.

  12. Start contacting Kevin McCarthy and ask for ALL 3 letter agency budgets to be zero funded.

  13. Zero Out the ATF Budget Until They Recognize Americans’ 2nd Amendment Gun Rights


    Better yet, officially disband the agency and roll their authority back to the people.

      • I suspect that’s going to be made very clear to most of these people on a shorter timeline than most of the country would expect.

        Like many before them the people learning the lesson won’t retain it for very long, at least not on the plane of existence, but hey, you can’t win ’em all.


    • NTexas, you really dont get it do you. “Protected by the Constitution”
      Words on paper have no power whatsoever. Its using those words on paper which gives We The People the power to protect those words.
      Theres no accountability in small or big government. They do whatever they please and all We The People can do is get a lawyer.
      Ruby Ridge, never forget

  15. Cut the budget of the corrupt Dept of “Justice” and FBI by 50%. They clearly have way too many resources. Reports on Tues that the thugs intend to imprison 1000 more from Jan6.

  16. The entire federal tyranny is out of control and needs defunding. I’ve had atf goons show up to my home to harass me.

  17. Funny, I only get feebs with my memes in hand. And I’m trying to explain in bureaucratese what sh!tposting and memes are, and who Augusto Pinochet was.

    These guys have no sense of humor and don’t understand that’s how the internet works. I wonder if they should be introduced to /b/!

  18. The commies are in for a civil war.. for those who have voted for 2nd amendment we stand together we need to unite…We the people vote in laws and regulations.. we need to hold a community council..

  19. This demand is ridiculous considering the fact that violating the 2A is the purpose of the ATF’s existence.

  20. If you want to take your anger out on someone who is taking your second amendment right away then look at the innocent people that have been killed because they’re attacker had the right to bear arms. if you don’t believe in supporting this issue then you figure out how to stop all these killings because you are the ones who are trying to keep this second amendment right, which isn’t solving anything. your right to bear arms is not an issue here. the issue is how to stop innocent people from being killed. our children are being killed. step up, tell us how you think this can be stopped. we don’t hear that from any of you.

    • D. Leef. Seems you have flipped your wig? No “attacker” usually a felon has the right to “bear arms”. Apparently you are a bit behind the times. We have had that law on the books for eons. The way you stop these “killings” is put the perpetrators behind bars and give them the DEATH PENALTY! Do you ever know of an executed convict who came back from the grave to kill someone else?

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