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Did anyone receive gun stuff for Christmas this year?


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  1. I got the gun stuff and guns in October.

    Christmas was a 10 year fishing license, with 10 year trout and Lake Erie stamps, 3 Bass Pro Formula bait cast reels for some rods I already have, and an assortment of gift cards from the inlaws. Some of those may be used for gun stuff.

  2. An ar15 is like Legos. It doesn’t have to look gun shaped until you open and assemble.

    One year my old man got me a shotgun for Christmas. He took it out of the factory box and then very carefully, I’m sure my mother helped, wrapped it so it looked just like a gift wrapped shotgun. Complete with a bow at the muzzle. And then it was placed under the tree several days before the 25th and I had to wait until Christmas morning to open it. Try enticing a 9 yo with that package. I was on pins and needles.

    I never got a Red Ryder. I went straight from cap guns to real guns.

  3. Late christmas….got notified Midway is shipping 1000 round order of IMI 9mm 124+p this week, and got another notice that 2000 round order of F9bple will leave Federal this week for delivery this week, was backordered FOREVER
    Alas, still no primers. Yet.
    Hope Santa was good to all, weather naughty or nice.

    • My USPS, UPS and FedX guys give me death glares as they hand over the clip board for me to sign for another heavy 1,000 rounds box. One of them gives me a smile with a knowing nod as he does so… 🙂

  4. Sighted in my thermal scope for a 300BLK AR build on Christmas afternoon, where my brother has steel set up. Was stupid cold with a crosswind, but still got it zero’d at 100 and figured out my holds up to 250. Discovered I need to slightly reduce the buffer weight; the rifle cycles but doesn’t quite push the bolt back enough to hold open on the last shot.

      • Noveske 16″ barrel, 300BLK, cold-hammer forged, chrome-lined, pre-drilled for a pinned gas block
        Pinned .750″ gas block with front sight post (doesn’t interfere with thermal, surprisingly)
        American Tactical Hybrid U.Receiver, polymer with aluminum inserts
        Polymer ejection port cover
        FMK L.Receiver, polymer
        Davidson Defense Skeletonized Aluminum Pistol Grip
        CMC drop-in trigger
        A*B Arms drop-in handguard, polymer with aluminum headshields
        Drop-in handguard compatible barrel nut with threaded delta ring
        Spike’s Tactical Enhanced Endplate and Castle Nut
        Armaspec 1-piece Stealth Recoil Spring, H2 buffer weight
        Rogers Super-Stoc collapsible/adjustible carbine stock
        Slogan Outdoors Ultraflex Firearm Sling
        BCG and other upper/lower parts are more-or-less stock from various brands

        Used polymer as much as I could get away with to save weight. Bathroom scales at 5.8 lbs unloaded and sans optic. Thermal adds almost 3 lbs. With a full 30 round mag loaded, it totals 10 lbs even.

  5. Someone throwed some turkey bones in the dumpster and if I can figure out how to get the caps off these liquor bottles theres enough dribbles in them I can probably score a whole pint.

  6. Around here there never has been and never will be an AR shaped box. ARs begin with stripped receivers or they don’t begin at all. An ordered AP M5 stripped receiver arrived at my FFL Friday and came home with me.

    • “Around here there never has been and never will be an AR shaped box.”

      I have one, from the PSA blemish upper that arrived last month…

      • All my ARs are receiver-builds with PSA componentry. PSA isn’t top shelf, but it does the job.

        Oh, and per your earlier recommendation, I got some upgrades for my 30-yr-old classic Surefire 6P. Cree bulb, upgraded tail button switch, etc. I’m thinking I may have to bring that trusty ‘ol flashlight back into service as my duty light while on security rounds. Will replace the Olight.

        • The basic chassis is indestructible.

          Be aware the massive inrush current from a LiPo can fry a poor quality tailswitch. The stock one is as bulletproof as it gets…

  7. I didn’t get anything really but I got treated to something I’d never seen before so close up and only a mile away from my house. 40 yards away from me were two beautiful Bald Eagles on the ground feeding on some carcass.
    I was armed with my cell phone camera and managed to get a poor image but that was my present, seeing those magnificent birds.

    I see them frequently from my large kitchen window soaring high and five block away, but seeing them so close was a real treat.

    I’m at the age where I don’t need anything. I’ve been self-indulgent my entire life and have nice things. I’ve traveled all over Europe Twice, across our great country many times, flew a helicopter from the west coast to the east coast but the Eagles were a great present.

    • K, watched about 2 mins of vid.
      and “fit the narrative” or whatever, I dont know what that means so I quit watching.
      On the plains of the serengeti.
      Two Zebras kick the shit out of each other and a lion sits nearby watching.
      Raceism is for speed racers,,,?,, and dont wear a possum outfit on a bicycle.

    • Some shots(smiles) will be remembered, some wont.
      So far the best time I’ve had was chopping down a tree with my grandson watching. I can remember grandpa backing his wagon into the pond so we had a place to fish and shoot snakes.

  8. I guess that’s better then having your two front teeth knocked out or your trailer house burnt down.,,,,,
    Dec.-25- 2022

    • Accuracy is there and manufactured by a longtime reputable company but it’s ugly and expensive. You know what they about opinions….

  9. Power was restored and after two days I was thankful for that! No gun stuff for Christmas but received some practical warm outdoor clothes. All is good.

  10. For the gun stuff I got …

    Sig Sauer MCX-SPEAR LT in 7.62

    H&K VP 9

    Red dots for the above

    various firearms accessories/parts

  11. I have orders for 3 Henry rifles. Can’t find what I want in stock anywhere.

    Wife got a her second ever firearm. Daughter got a new one. They also have a scheduled CCW class.

    Granddaughter has been Christmas all year, all she does is say please gampaw.

  12. I didn’t think I was going to get anything firearms related. The closest was a set of polarized Costa’s. Then Randy stopped by this morning. He was carrying a rifle bag. His deceased father’s Winchester 94 30-30 was in it. This no run of the mill 94. Manufactured 1958, custom checkered high grade walnut furniture. This is the coolest part. It a vintage Redfield 2X EER scope mounted mounted in front of the receiver. 7/8″ tube. It rides in Redfield steel rings on top of a Redfield M294 one piece steel base. I’ve been after this outfit for decades. If anyone knows anything about the optics setup on this carbine, please let me know. I can’t find anything. I can tell you this. It is a nice package.

    • Update, I sent a pic of my new Winchester to Possum. Within minutes he had replied to the optics package I inquired about. With his own pics. I looked off and own for years. I think he is a sleeper agent for a nefarious organization. He’s just waiting for the signal.

      • Gadsden,

        Yep, them marsupials are devious. Don’t trust ’em. (possum, I kid, of course.)

        My only comment on your optics is that recently, every time I’ve replaced or upgraded an older optic? The newer coatings, particularly, seem to work better for me (perhaps my ancient, fading eyes). To me, as good as the glass may be on older optics, the coatings on the new ones beat them all hollow.

        • Lamp, I agree. I have a scout built on a Winchester Stainless model 70. It has a Leupold Scout scope on it. It is superior to this Redfield. Still, the cool factor on this is off the charts. Burris used to build a nice scout scope. Don’t know if it’s still in the catalog.

  13. Chris, nice. I’m guessing 7mm. A great caliber. I do remember years ago seeing 7.62 NATO Spanish Mausers with diopter sights in Shotgun News. Mid-90s. Should have bought two.

  14. What an idiot question.
    Uhh let’s see, I got a 40 fleet F16, 8 B2 bombers and 140 20megaton nuclear short range missles. The inventory just hasn’t came in on the Drone’ s as of yet. All in all It would be my guess I could match The Commander in Chiefs Army tit for tat until I(we) went underground.
    Now is there anything else you Elf Bee Eyes want to know I’ll be glad to tell you.

  15. Heading over to my FFL this afternoon to P/U my Christmas gift.

    A freshly imported classic (1988) W. German production P226. Around 95% condition, w/ period correct Nill wood grips.


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