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Hornady had the, um, distinction of introducing the first mainstream firearm-related zombie product in the form of Zombie-Max ammunition. If you were looking for one, that event provided a clear delineation of the before-and-after shark-jumping inflection point for the whole zombie craze. Evidently, though, when there’s a first, a second can’t be far behind. Or so it seems. Our southern hemisphere friends at Taurus just couldn’t seem to leave well enough alone…

They took a look at their extremely popular, if marginally useful, Judge revolver and figured, “Hey, I know…let’s zombify the damned thing!” Or the Portuguese equivalent thereof. And so was born the Taurus Zombie Responder. The dedicated undead watchers at are raising the alarm with all the gory details in living color:

 [h/t Ryan Finn]

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  1. Let’s hope this zombie-oriented product trend passes quickly. Don’t the libs love to say that gun owners are out of touch with reality? I can certainly see them latching on to this.

  2. If only werewolves would come back in style. Hornady could put silver bullets in their zinc brass. Hornady TAPAW, tactical and police and werewolf. The name even has “paw” in it for you pun enthusiasts.

  3. It looks like something a 12 year old made in arts in crafts class. Notice the cheesy led that just lights up a tiny portion of the grip, it looks sad. that being said my secret desire would be a zombified kel tec shotgun with bio signs and a cool color scheme, that would be cool for a whole 5 minutes!

  4. In my day dreamed up contingency plans for fighting post-apocalyptic biker gangs or Russian invasions. THAT was when men were men, because bikers and Russians are smart as you, fast as you, and just as well armed as you. Kids these days just want targets to slowly shamble up towards you, not shooting or taking cover or calling in air support, while they methodically just shoot the zombies in the head in order of appearance.

    Kids these days have gone soft.

      • This is so sickening…zombies are not cute and this little fad is just trifling. Plus coloring a gun green and putting it in that…plastic toy container strips the weapon of any dignity. I don’t like Taurus but I didn’t feel the urge to urinate on one till just now.

    • Or…it’s easier to vilify Zombies, and not humanize them like Russians or Bikers…ala “Iron Eagle II”, “Red Heat”, “Easy Rider”, “Sons Of Anarchy” ect., etc. etc. etc….

      The Zombie market takes all the guilt and the bleeding heart sympathizing with an enemy, and makes it ok to shoot at something humanoid.

      I am also not so sure killing zombies is as easy as you say. Zombies are relentless, over whelming in numbers, can only be killed with head shots, and if you fail, you get eaten.

      That said, lets keep in mind that if “kids these days have gone soft” , its because parents these days have raised them soft. And its not because they let their kids pretend to shoot zombies, its because they hover over the kids 24×7, dress them in skinny jeans, ensure their kids avoid competition, and
      stuff their kids fat mouths with McDonalds every other day.

      The Zombie market is fun, and is another venue for attracting new customers to the shooting scene. Thank you Mr. George A Romero.

  5. Not that I’d want to buy a gun dressed like that, but I think “preparing for the zombie apocalypse” is a lot easier to explain than trying to convince people that “prepping” for some real disaster makes sense. They can take it as a joke. Preparing for a real disaster gets people upset.

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