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Yes, it's a Taurus Curve: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Oh, my. It’s a Taurus Curve. Who here remembers when Taurus first launched their Curve concealed carry pistol? I know I do. The Curve was promoted for use by female shooters because the company said it would be easier to conceal with our natural…curves. Anyway, this Curve belongs to a guy – Arthur – who apparently uses it for his daily carry gun.

I’m currently lost in a sea of Curve nostalgia. Let’s go back in time and remember our reactions to the Curve when it was new. Thoughts? Reactions? Opinions? Have at it.


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  1. Huh. Didn’t think someone would actually carry one but if you want your carry piece to be a conversation starter…

    not sure I want to have that conversation though

  2. Taurus had an interesting idea and the balls to produce it. It was kind of cool, I guess. The curve likely made it more comfortable. Having the option for a built in light and laser was ahead of its time.

    But the sights suck. I don’t want to only shoot with my laser. I want to take all my pistols to the range and be able to shoot tight groups with them. The Curve doesn’t seem to lend itself to that.

    • I agree. The innovation is superior. Still, not worth purchasing. Cool idea though. And has since been discontinued for good reasons.

    • what’s to love (or like)? Perhaps a gun that some people might actually carry. The best gun, if needed for defense, is the one you have on you. This isn’t precision shooting, this is center of mass with a laser or point shooting. Deep conceal or practical conceal for people that might not otherwise pack heat. Would I carry it? Likely not, but I have been looking at smaller guns that are more easily concealed. I can’t carry every day due to my job in mental health and that I often have to go to schools and places that guns are not allowed. As a result I don’t tend to carry when off work as much as I am not conditioned. My main carry, when off work and around town, is a Px4 Compact in .40. Compact in name but still a good, hefty piece when loaded with 12 rds. I can carry it and conceal it well, but I’d be more inclined to carry all the time (when off work) if I had something less bulky and with less mass.

      • There are plenty of .380s that are much better and just as easy to carry as the curve. It’s not a chore to carry or conceal a Kel-Tec P3AT or a Ruger LCP. The eponymous curve doesn’t make that much difference.

      • I carry a newest gen Berreta pico for just that reason. It’s tiny and I literally take it everywhere everyday and I’m very comfortable/confident doing so. Also it doesn’t shoot half bad either but that’s beside the point.

        • That’s what I look for in a tool I may defend my life with: something that doesn’t shoot half bad. :-/

          Most people carry tiny guns with the unspoken assumption that they will never need to use them. That may be statistically sound, but this isn’t about the odds – it is about the stakes.

          Oh, but what am I saying… most gun owners don’t train with competent instructors or truly practice either. They just “go shooting” and think that prepares them to fight for their life.

        • GDMF. A 70 something women puts a bad guy down with one shot from a .22. A 90 something man puts a bad guy down with one shot from a .22. An 80 something man who had never fired his gun put the bad guy down with one shot.

          Story after story of real world self defense. How much tacticool training do YOU need to equal the senior citizens that have been reported about on this site?

      • Amen!

        The pistol that I would prefer to gave in a gun fight might be a Glock 17, 9mm with 33 round clip or even a Desert Eagle in .50 AE, but both remain in my gun safe. If I have to get a gun out of my safe for self defense, it wil, be my HK-91 or even my Barett .50 depending on range. I recently switched from my S&W CS-45 back to a S&W 3913 because it is lighter and thinner. It isnt the best pistol to have in a gun fight, but it is a pistol that Im more likely to have if I need it.

    • The bullets?? 🙂

      Seriously – I do not understand the mindset of someone who really considers this a suitable carry gun. It is great for concealment and if your only concern is hiding a gun then, well, ok… but there must be a balance if you expect to be able to actually fight with your carry gun.

  3. Much respect for this man. He likes his gun,he trusts his gun and is not afraid to show it to a internet full of gun snobs and keyboard commandos. I applaud you sir and wish you the best.

    • My dad bought one. Considering my bad luck with Taurus pistols I was utterly disappointed (out of love lol!) in him. Because of who he is, he kept bugging me to try it our next time at the range. I finally gave in just to get him off my back. Being a lefty, I remember going from “That will be awful to shoot lefty” to “Eh, not bad”. Not much to work with for sights, but grip, trigger and recoil felt nice. With how Taurus firearms have sucked overall in my very humble experience, the Curve was actually iiight.

      • Yeah, but with that curve in it, can you carry it IWB on your left side? That would seem to entirely defeat the purpose of the curve.

  4. I carry a curve in the summer with a kel-tec 32 bug, in winter the curve backs up my xds 45. feel pretty safe with the curve very reliable and can conceal any where.

    • Yes. Jams all the time. Very inconsistent and unreliable. That should shut down every comment about why not to carry one. Strangely overlooked though.

    • Bold is good. However, any established company, or one that would like to be established, needs to thoroughly test their product before putting it on the market.

      I once bought a new Oldsmobile Cutlass Diesel. I really liked the car when it ran. There were a couple of days each winter when I couldn’t start it. And I only got about 100K miles out of it, even with two engines! I can’t believe GM didn’t know these engines were unreliable before they started making them. I have not bought any more GM products, so far.

      I only looked at this site because I was considering a Curve as a possible gun for my wife, in case she doesn’t like her new Remington R51 (2nd model). I was sorry to find the Curve is no longer made.

      BTW, I fired the R51 one session before showing it to my wife. It worked fine. Although the first shot I tried failed. The firing pin put a big hole in the flat surface of the primer, but it didn’t detonate! That is not the only problem I had with that box of LaserSpec ammo (with another gun); I had to go through the whole box of 100 and throw out all the ones that wouldn’t fit in my cartridge check gauge!

  5. At least this is a more realistic carry set up.
    It doesn’t have to be 8 pounds of crap with 40 rounds, 3 blades, a notebook, a bug, another bug, an ax….

    • This dude was the opposite of “flexin’ for the ‘gram”.

      I guarantee you most people who carry a pistol carry a .380 in their pocket, or a single stack 9mm. Lots of Shields and P938s out there.

      Spare magazine? Not most people.

      The number of people who are carrying Legion P226s and Wilson Combat 1911s are pretty small.

      • agreed. i know 40-60 real carry every day types. (not internet friends. actual people.) maybe three or four of them carry something bigger than a single stack 9 on a regular basis. all of them resort to smaller guns from time to time.

        • I’m not sure I know 40 to 60 people period much less that many who carry.
          I know a few gun guys but only one that actually carries consistently,he’s usually carrying a small double stack and usually something with a Springfield logo on it.

      • Spare magazine? The one in my pistol IS the spare!
        My primary, all I have ever needed so far, is to be somewhere nobody is shooting!

  6. I don’t recall the Curve being marketed specifically towards women, although I have seen purple ones. I remember ads with Andrew Cashner (a bearded baseball pitcher). Everyone has curves around their belt line. It was a reasonable idea to have a gun that more tightly conforms to your body and doesn’t need the extra thickness of a holster. There were numerous bad implementations, such as the “sights” being a partial inverted T painted on the back of the slide, and a couple dim LEDs without reflectors for aiming.

  7. Like always…I admire Taurus for taking a new or odd idea and making a gun.

    They incorporated the idea of a clip and making the gun hug the body for concealment.

    I dont remember any reference specifically to women. May not have noticed.

    I do not approve of clips for carry. Just Mexican carry where the gun can fall down your pants leg. Unprotected trigger is folly…..even with a revolver.

    Hopefully the new Bainbridge,GA plant will have good quality products.

    • I have a Curve. Had a few dollars left over while at a gun store sale a couple of years ago and bought it on impulse. It does have a “holster” that snaps over the muzzle and trigger guard with a cord attached, which loops over my belt, so when drawn from the pocket or when clipped to the belt the holster pulls free. The gun actually shoots pretty well. As it’s designed for up close and personal use I believe it to be functional in that regard. When dropped in a cargo pants pocket it conforms nicely to the shape of the thigh. If nothing else it’s a good boat/tacklebox gun. Anyway, if this is what the guy in the article is comfortable carrying then everybody should just leave him be. At least he’s got a gun.

  8. Along with the $10 Amazon tactical pen says my life is worth about $100. The curve was a good idea, compact easily concealable unfortunately the execution was lacking. To each his own, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. Enjoy your rounded hi-point.

    • Tactical pens, and pocket knives are shitty self defense tools. Yes with training you might know how to use it but it is the rare individual that trains enough to even start to become proficient with it. Once more, a tactical pen or pocket knife is easily defeated by an assailant with less training with a baseball bat, let alone a gun.

  9. I was *this* close to buying a Curve when I first got my CC. Then I actually held one, and hell no. Wasn’t for me. Plus the sights sucked, though I know most defensive gun uses happen within X number of feet where you don’t really need your sights and yada yada yada. If I was buying a gun for any purpose, I wanted it to be comfortable in my hand, and the Curve wasn’t. Ended up with a Bersa Thunder which I still love (and it’s a blast to shoot), even though I now carry a G19.

    Regarding Taurus in general, seems like they get a lot of hate on the Internet but in my experience they’ve been awesome. The first gun I ever bought was a full sized .40 from them and that thing is still the most reliable and consistent shooter I have no matter what ammo I run through it. I’d sell every gun I own before I sell that baby.

  10. I have a lot of respect for this pocket dump; it’s actually been carried.I’ve notice through the years that my own EDC gear develops wear from just being carried and I’ve notice in a lot of these dumps every thing still looks new.

  11. I’m not a fan of the curve… But if this person likes it and it works for them then great I say. We don’t all habe the same kind of house or the same kind of car do we? We would we all be expected to habe the same kind of gun?

    I bet the worse thing about the curve is catching a bullet from one!

  12. I’d prefer a view (I think they’re super neat), but the curve is probably a lot easier to shoot. Whatever works that you’ll carry everyday is good by me.

  13. Ive had one 3 years. I can carry it hanging off my belt into Barnes and Noble. Great trigger,great flashlight. It’s a bargain . I just wish taurus made a 9mm a bit bigger. BTW the curve was not made to fit a woman’s figure , Tool ! Made to fit right hand ! You must be a liberal that enjoy s fake news.

  14. Without sticking my foot in my mouth, the .380 Sig Saer is clinical precision, maybe a Walther PPK or a Mauser “broom handle” ha!

    In a gun fight, FN FAL or Chicago Typewriter…


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