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Figures. Shortly after Chris commissioned Alamo Precision Rifles to build him the gorgeous tack-driver of a custom bolt gun he reviewed here, they go and release a brand new, Gen2 version of the APR action. Updates and improvements manage to be minor, yet dramatic at the same time. Savage pre-fit barrel compatibility, wire EDM raceways, and…well…here’s Alamo Precision’s press release with all of the details direct from the horse’s mouth:


For Immediate Release – Hurst, TX – Alamo Precision Rifles, Leader in affordable high-quality custom precision rifles announces the release of their APR G2 action. Integrating several features previously reserved for high end custom actions, the APR Gen II is an affordable feature rich solution for any custom rifle build.

The APR G2 is released shortly after the successful release of the original APR action as a result of further collaboration between Alamo Precision Rifles and Thompson Leh.

When asked why they are launching another version so soon after the flagship model was introduced, Robert Waggoner, owner Alamo Precision Rifles said the following: “Because the shooting community spoke, and we listened. The original APR action came about as an attempt to create a higher quality, yet cost effective alternative to a trued factory action. It was really intended to fill a specific niche in our hunting build lineup, which it does very well. However, we immediately began getting requests for a version geared more towards the long range/tactical and DIY market. We were completely on board with the idea, as this category represents a large part of our core business. We combined a list of features and changes that would make it excel in this role and worked closely with Thompson Leh to get them implemented. We are excited with the results and very pleased that we were able to keep the costs down to a level that makes this version every bit the value that the original APR action represents.”


  • Remington 700 Footprint
  • Controlled Round Feed
  • Mechanical Ejector
  • One Piece bolt
  • Double Pinned .250 Recoil Lug
  • 8×40 Scope Base Holes
  • Tool-less Fire Control Removal
  • Accepts any Remington 700 Style Trigger
  • Side Bolt-Stop Release
  • Oversize Bolt Knob
  • Spiral Fluted Bolt


  • 1 1/16 x 20 TPI Threads (Now accepts Savage Style Pre-fit Bbls)
  • Wire EDM Raceways for more uniform tolerances and smoother Cycling
  • Pinned 20 MOA Rail for more secure scope mounting
  • Smaller Ejection Port Cut-Out for a More Rigid Action Body
  • .062 Firing Pin to accommodate SRP brass
  • Full DLC Coating for More Corrosion Protection and Smoother Operation.

Available in standard and magnum short action, and standard and magnum long action configurations.

MSRP: $825.00 (currently on pre-order sale pricing of $749 until January 15, 2019)

For more information please visit www.aprifles.com

About Alamo Precision Rifles

Alamo Precision Rifles is a custom rifle builder located in Hurst TX. All APR custom builds are made to the spec of our clients and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  APR uses state of the art equipment and are committed to creating the highest quality custom rifles available. If you aren’t completely satisfied with any purchase you make from Alamo Precision Rifles, contact us and we’ll do our best to make sure that you are.

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  1. I’m glad it accepts prefits, that should be standard on everything these days. Still going to go with an integral scope mount and recoil lug though and spend the extra $. Not worth going to cheap on a custom rifle IMO. Especially since one day all we’ll be “allowed” to buy is bolt action rifles and revolvers.

  2. It will never come to that. They want us to think that this is an impossibly fragmented country. That’s just a part of their bought and paid for narrative. It’s not anywhere near as divided as they want us to believe. The USA is a very BIG country and can be portrayed any way the money wants it portrayed by the talking heads in the little box, but, bottom line, when we are threatened we put aside our differences, come together pretty well and best of all, we have a good and nasty track record of what we do to our actual enemies when we finally catch up to them. Right now, watch carefully as they try out their “A” game in France and fail. So, Independently, find and work the actual numbers, everything is available, open source, it just takes some diggin’. They’re losing and they know it. What we’re seeing now is the last spasm of a dying political movement. It’s not gonna’ come pretty, it’s not gonna’ be cheap. I don’t expect or really care to be around for the last of it…but I fully intend to be here when they realize it’s time to pour the water on the fire and call in the dogs. And day’s that’s a commin’ and it’s commin’ soon. -30-

  3. I’m curious to see if they last. This is an already crowded marketplace, with over a dozen companies making custom actions that are, to some extent or other, Rem700 compatible.

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