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You can cycle the slide without the grip safety depressed. The trigger doesn’t reset when you do so. Springfield has a fix figured out. Repaired guns are supposed to start shipping back out in about 10 days.

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  1. just received notice via email that …

    Dear Springfield Customer,
    We are pleased to announce that our testing was successful and is complete.
    We will receive our first shipment of upgrade parts early next week and will begin shipping upgraded XD-S™ pistols back to our customers the week of October 21 on a first-received/first-upgraded basis.
    Once your pistol has been upgraded and is shipped back to you, an e-mail confirmation with tracking information will be sent to you at the e-mail address you provided.
    For additional update information please click the link below to view the FAQ for the XD-S™ recall. If this document doesn’t address your question, please call 800-680-6866 or send your question to [email protected]

    • And they’re sending an 8 round mag back with every one they fix. Not saying that excuses the big Charlie Fox, but at least I’ll get an extra mag out of it. Still sticking to my post-safety recalled Shield for now.

    • If they sell a faulty product and then fix it, how is it an “upgrade” and not a “fix”?

    • It is a shame fore sight is not as good as hind sight! My dealings with Springfield Armory have been anything but profitable. I wish I would have purchased a Glock or Kimper. Springfield Armory has had my handgun longer than I. There engineering leaves a lot to be desired. This flaw should have never happened. Springfields costumer service is not worth a darn. I have sent three e mails with no response. Two phone calls have been a joke. I now wish I had never purchased this hand gun.

  2. Wow, that’s bad. What a shame. I really liked the XDs when I shot it, and it was on my list for future acquisition.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of Springfield Armory. I put them right up there with Taurus, Kel-tec, Bryco Arms/Jennings, Hi-point, etc. My partner bought an XDm .40 for his wife and it was junk. The barrel didnt even lock-up tight when the slide was in battery.

    • The market place would dispute this. Every Springfield I own has performed flawlessly. It’s too bad that the screwed up with the XD/s

      • Well sorry, just speaking from personal experience… but, if a firearm manufacturer would let a flaw like this slip out the door then their overall quality control is in question. I’m glad you guys have had good experiences with their firearms but from what I’ve seen I wont be giving them my business anytime soon.

        • And some people who have an anomalous experience with a good product will claim the product is a POS. I know someone who claims Hondas are overrated because his didn’t meet his expectation.

    • My XDm .40 has never failed to do what it’s supposed to when it’s supposed to. I’ve heard people say they don’t like the XDm as a personal preference, but virtually never hear of actual problems.

    • Ditto. My first handgun was an XD9, and it has run without fail for all the years I’ve had it. No rattles, no shakes, no jams.

    • XDm 3.8 compact has been my EDC since I got it this past May.

      ~2000 rounds through it so far without a hitch. One misfire, I suspect hard primer. Never had an FTE/FTF/Jam issue.

        • I agree, he is a pretentious dbag, I like the gun chats that Gun Websites puts on, but I could do without “I know everything about everything” attitude of Yankee.

    • I would say more of a drama queen but you could be right. But hey he has a lot of Youtube followers so he must be qualified to declare the XDs unsafe at any speed.

      • I watched the live chats he was involved in from January to July. He’s a giant douche. He is always right, which actually doesn’t bother me at all, I’m the same way. But he was always talking over people, interrupting them nonstop yelling about he’s right. And then when someone tried to get in a word for something, he’d jump down their fvcking throat about interrupting him. He’s just an A-hole.

  4. I wouldn’t get too far out ahead of your skis on Beretta QC. You can thank the trident for putting “bent shell carrier” into our lexicon and other quirks I dealt with on a 391 I USED to own (frozen mag cap, impossibly over engineered gas bleed system). #shivers

  5. Someone Please Answer TOM and FRANK’S Question…

    DOES THIS PISTOL NOW AUTO-BUMP-FIRE….?………………..!!!!!!!!!!

    (please, if you have one – test it now! SAFELY, of course)

  6. No it doesn’t. Mine was running fine but I sent it in for the fix anyway. It was received 9/3 along with the first shipments that arrived at Springfield. I expect it to be among the first group shipped back once they start.

    • Same here; I never had a single problem with mine but I sent it in just because, hey, better safe than sorry. One guy — one guy had this problem, and Springfield took steps to identify and correct the problem as they were supposed to do. Buckle up for this, elitists: you know who else has had design flaws before? EVERYBODY, so you can cram the smugness because there’s no such thing as a perfect design. No. Such. Thing. I don’t care what pistol you swear by; I assure you there’s someone else out there who wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

      So I’m very happy your whatever hasn’t given you any trouble, but if you want to rub my nose in it because it was Springfield’s turn to roll up snake eyes, then I’d suggest you really show your love for the obviously superior pistol of your choice and use it to go screw yourself.

      • Well alrighty then. I think you may have overreacted a bit, but your eloquence and flow left me mightily impressed just the same.

        • If this was the first time I had to put up with the “Neener neener, ya shoulda got a [whatever]!” crap from fanboys, then yeah; I’d say maybe I was overreacting a little.

          Since this is about the twentieth time I’ve heard it so far, I’m starting to worry that the dictionary won’t be able to cover exactly what I think about the smug jackasses who kick fellow people of the gun while they’re down.

          I dunno, maybe it can; is “fantastitarded” a real word?

        • It is now. I agree with your rant. Any company can produce a lemon. The telling part about the company is how they deal with it after. Springfield appears to be stepping up.

          Remember the clusterfvck that was Caracal?

  7. A slam fire may be “possible”, but not likely. I know, just my opinion. Slide velocity (going into battery) is nothing like striker velocity when fired. If firing pin floats at all, it’s velocity is same as slide, not likely to pop the cap, but clearly a manufacturer concern. Besides, you can’t squeeze triger without gripsafety depressed anyhow, so I don’t see this mechanical fly in the ointment to be all that earth shaking. So if you radically limp-wrist it to the point of nearly dropping it, you get a malfunction on round 2, then TapRack& Aim. I sent mine in for the upgrade, and look forward to firing it again soon, XDs45 is a sweet piece.

    • I’ve tried like crazy to (safely) make mine malfunction. It won’t. Mine will go in for the upgrade but that baby’s going right back on my hip when it comes back. Sweet piece.

      • Exactly. Floating pin has little mass or momentum from slow velocity slide as it runs home. Pin bounces off primer. See any dimples in those? Like on AK/AR rounds? No? Primers are tough. The maker is cautious, of course, lawyers being… sharks. Stock design is fine. If careless one could rack #1 into battery w/o cocking striker spring. Don’t be careless.


      Pretty obvious that it’s a real problem.

      This guy tested it out on one live round. He tried it once and the firing pin hit the primer with enough force to leave a dent.

      I have no doubt that if you are unlucky the gun will go off. If you are very unlucky then it can go full auto. Just depends on the speed and force of the slide and the ammunition you are using.

    • He’s got some good videos out there but I can rarely stand to watch him. His capacity for self-deprecation is endless and after awhile I found it annoying and ultimately not funny.

      • He is very annoying and contradicts himself a lot on Gun Websites’ live chats. He claimed to carry a 357 sig because the round has good penetration capabilities, but then within the same breath says he carries USM4 ammo because it frangible and doesn’t penetrate.

        He seems like a typical, know it all, self righteous liberal, just one that happens to likes guns.

  8. On a side note, why do they put a safety feature designed for the 1911 for a modern polymer gun anyhow, other than lawyers and being able to sell it in Massachusetts or California?

    Perhaps if Springfield, along with Ruger and Smith and Wesson, stop having lawyers design there guns, these issues would not be issues.

    • The reason is that it doesn’t interfere with the deployment or intentional operation of the pistol but still provides an extra layer of safety over a Glock or Shield (if carried unlocked). The grip safety on an XD is all about safety, not liability.

      • It’s ironic then that the safety is actually the one thing that made the gun one of the most unsafe guns you can buy in recent history.

  9. Last week at the gun range, the person in the stall next to me. had a brand new XDS45. Both magazines failed to feed when he released the slide. Then the slide had to be forced close when the magazine was released. He never got to fire one round from his new pistol.
    To me it seemed like a solid well made gun. I don’t know what the problem was but I really felt bad for the owner.

    • You want to feel bad for someone . . .2 months ago I bought a Shield, which was then immediately recalled. So, I bought an XDS-9, which my mother fell in love with so I gave it to her and bought another. . . 3 friggin days before both were recalled.

      Now, with $1500 of small guns in the mail I still needed something smaller than a duty pistol for CC and everyone said buy a S&W .380 bodyguard, then you’ll have a pocket gun to go with your compact guns, and so I did, took it to the range and had a failure to fire on every other round. In 60 days I managed to buy a malfunctioning copy of three of the most popular carry pistols on the market. . . luckily the problem with the body guard appears limited to that particular lot of PUU ammo. . . which, since I’d never seen it before should be easy to avoid in the future.

      Still. . . I’m a little weary of all these ‘great guns’ with all their problems. Warning: Flagrant endorsement follows! My 17 year old Colt 1911 with over 10k rounds through it still works just fine please and thank you, and has returned to it’s place on my hip until my ‘little guns’ find their way back to me. Sometimes I wonder why I every bought all those little pistols.

      • “Gloom, despair and agony on me!

        Deep, dark depression and excessive misery!

        If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all!”

        Your small gun buying experience has the makings of a truly epic country western tear jerker.

        • But then the guns will be fixed and it’ll be like a country/western song played backwards: his dog came back, his wife came back, he got his job back…

  10. OK, deep breath: Springfield had a problem with one XDS reported. They recalled the pistols with the problem, and are now fixing them and returning them. Without the gov’t forcing them to do it.

    Wouldn’t you like to see the car manufacturers handle their recalls the same way? Or the maker of that new washing machine that broke down after 2 years of use? Lighten up, people.

  11. I’m not a fan of the XDs, of any type, or size, or caliber.

    I liked them much better when they were the Croatian made S2000 and only cost $250, now they’re still the Croatian made, Springfield (by name only) XD and cost $450 plus.

    At least back when they were the S2000s the price was more on par with the quality.

  12. Don’t like XD’s – hate the grip safety and the pineapple grips. This recall is just another reason not to like them.

  13. I had a Springfield XDs when they first came out and while unloading the gun fired(only damaged a counter thanks to proper GUN safety). The firearm was sent back and I was told it was “human error” but they did not return the brass or bullet. You could see on the primer that the pin hit on an angle??? Needless to say I no longer own that firearm.

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