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Trejo, c Nick Leghorn

This handgun was manufactured in Mexico, exploiting a loophole in Mexican law regarding the manufacture of certain types of rimfire handguns, before being imported into the United States. Kind of a switch from that whole Fast and Furious thing. For full credit, name (1) the manufacturer, (2) the type of handgun, and (3) what loophole they were exploiting.

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  1. Goodness, what’s with all the crude stampings. I have no idea but doesn’t look like a recent (~10 years?) manufacture…?

  2. 1. Armas Trejo SA
    2. Modelo 1
    3. Select fire hand gun in .22lr, centerfire pistols and rifles were regulated to be semi-auto only.

  3. It is a Trejo .22 pistol, but not a “machine pistol”. A full automatic version was available, but the examples that came in through commercial channels were semi-auto only.

    A number of selective fire versions were illegally imported. Some were equipped with silencers, but I’m not sure if those were original to the pistols.

  4. Correction. The pistol in the photograph is the selective fire version with the selector switch on the right side, and should be stamped ‘Tipo Rafaga’ on the left side. This one also appears to have a barrel adapter for a suppressor. Looks like a fun gun to me!

  5. It shoots frijoles earning it the name “fart gun.” Germans already had the burp gun. It was an attempt to speed up the service at Taco Bell. You just aim it at a tortilla, pull the trigger and aye carumba, a bean burrito. Taco Bell hoped they would sell burritos so fast they could claim to be the worlds largest producer of natural gas.

  6. Paul53 , thanks for Shooting Frijoles —I am sure Diane Finestein will seek to ban it . Best laugh I ‘ve had all week . Stock up on ammo beans before homeland security requisitions 1.6 billion of them . Can’t wait for you to publish ballistic tables , one for recoil activated slides and especially one for gas .

  7. Armas Trejo SA
    There were no Mexican laws against full-auto in small calibers when first manufactured

  8. A full auto pocket pistol? Do you start out aiming at the bad guy’s feet to hit center mass along about round four? Do Mexican roofing supply companies surreptitiously leave them laying around when business is slow?

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