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The Yankee Marshall has looked at the Springfield Armory/Rock River Armory controversy — triggered by the gunmakers’ carve-out from an Illinois gun dealer licensing law — and come to the conclusion that their apologies are disingenuous (to say the least).

More than that, YM makes an awesome joke about the success of his video relative to porn. YouTube gun stuff is rated as adult content these days, so go for it YM! Or not.

The gunblogosphere is largely united its view of SA and RRA’s mea cuplas. Reports we’ve gotten indicate both companies’ sales have been affected and that likely won’t improve if and when the bill passes the House and . . . sits there. Waiting for a Democratic governor to sign it into law.

One way or another, as the Brits say, this will end in tears.

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  1. I have no issues with these two companies going down the tube, the only Springfield gun I had any interest in was an M1 Socom, but have always felt they cost more than they should.

    I didn’t even know RRA was a thing until this whole kerfuffle (it is a good word, and bears repeating.) Hard to miss a mid range AR manufacturer in these days of plenty.

    Sucks for the employees, but I think management has taken too long to mitigate the damage, and RRA at least has doubled down. They made their beds, and now must sleep in them. No skin off my nose.

    • As already stated, the damage can NOT be mitigated. The only chance of defeating this bill was with the senate, which passed it by one vote, and only because SA and RRA did not oppose it. The Illinois house will certainly and easily pass this. And then they can just sit on it until there’s a Dem governor if they think Rauner will veto it.

      • Except that’s not how the legislative process works. If the bill is not enacted in this legislative session, they will need to start over from the Senate.

    • I used “kerfuffle” in a meeting on Friday and felt really good about it.

  2. AK 47/74 operators union, IV8888, Military Arms Channel, the Gun Collective and MANY more of the most influential YouTube Channles have come out vigorously against the traitorous actions of SA and RRA. Again, I say, SA and RRA must be boycotted into bankruptcy if for no other reason than to serve as a cautionary tale for other future would be sell outs.

    • This is not a game. What about Springfield’s employees? What about Rock Rivers. Yank-on-me marshall, Military Arms “I will do a review for $20,000” Channel, IV etc, are just fanning the flames for clicks. This Industry loves to cannibalize their own.

      And the worst of them is TTAG.

      • This is not a game? I agree. My rights are more important than the lives of the people who are trying to infringe upon them. You’re talking to a guy who’s not only willing to fight and die for my rights, I’m willing to kill for them too. You’re damn right it’s not a game.

      • The firearm industry is large enough, that the employees of SA and RRA will have little trouble finding a job elsewhere in the country.

        For those that refuse to move, because they don’t feel like uprooting their family & leaving friends/stuff?
        Sorry, but not sorry.

        And if they are forced to go on on the dole, because they can’t find another job to support their commute/lifestyle?
        Not sorry, at all.

        I’d wager that a good many employees of those two shipwrecks aren’t waiting for them to break up & sink. I know I’d have started making plans to jump ship as soon as it was known for fact that my employers are…. what they are. And only a total idiot could stay and be surprised by suddenly not having a job one day.

        So stop whining about the poor workers, it makes you sound like a communist.

        • You have an excellent point there, if I were in HR in the other gun companies, I would take a close look at a resume from a current Springfield-RI employee and maybe even offer to pay re-location expenses to come work for us…

          That’s also a nice dirty trick the the other gun companies can pull on them. Let SA-RI know their employees are being actively poached from them…


      • S&W was sold and Bill Ruger died. The only similarities those companies have today, to the companies they once were are the names. And has been suggested, the ONLY thing that should save SA and RRA from bankruptcy is the complete sale and divestment from current ownership, with NO TIES TO THE FUTURE BUYERS. outside of that, they must be crushed and out of business, so the next time a firearms company decides to bargain away my rights, they’ll think twice. You can count on your left hand the number of gun control laws that were ever repealed after being signed into law. The only way to prevent these infringements is to make those that would collaborate, scared to death.

      • Not that much different. Look at the history of the guns laws. Every single one was passed with Republicans help.

        Republicans and Democrats have screwed us on gun rights. Democrats have never been able to do it without the Republican votes.

  3. I thought we’d gotten past this… No idea why anyone still wants to talk about it. I never heard of this RRA before, and won’t lose any sleep if I never hear about it again.

    The named entities betrayed their customers… What’s new about that? May they join the large piles of businesses and individuals who have gone the same road to extinction. Remember S&W, Zumbo… Even a blue jeans company played that game, and lost.

    I love my XD compact EDC, but would never buy another. Looking at the Walther PPQ now, actually. But the XD will probably last as long as I’ll be able to shoot it…

        • Mama, I’d move north in a heartbeat if there was work for me. As an old fart, the oil patch (or the fracking patch, now) and the sheep camp aren’t for me.

          • Your choice, of course. But have you really looked? Come visit. You are not that far away. Boots on the ground time, if you are serious. 🙂

          • How’s that, Ed? I’ve been buying and shooting guns for more than 30 years. Never had the money (or the time) to handle and shoot everything made, and am not a collector, so lots of gun brands and companies are still unknown to me.

            Not an “operator.” Just a little old lady out west who carries a gun and shoots… very well. 🙂

        • Or he can organize a march of 100,000 armed gun owners to walk into the city of Springfield to the Capitol building to protest. I’m sure they would listen to you.

        • The girlfriend’s father lives in Cody. We looked into it, but the job market keeps us from pursuing. Love to visit, though; maybe retirement one day. Until then, moving to Iowa from Chicago has been a fantastic move towards firearm freedom. Last year, passed civilian ownership of suppressors; this year, SBR/SBS, stand your ground, and more. I’m enjoying my time here.

          • Unfortunately, most folks who move here have to bring/create their own “jobs.” But it can be done. 🙂 Any step toward freedom is a good one, however. Congratulations. 🙂

        • I’ve got 6 more years to work.. I’ll see you in Torrington for antelope season.

      • Maybe, maybe not. 🙂 I’ve carried the XD for nearly 8 years. First was a .45, but I couldn’t shoot it well with one hand. Hell, I couldn’t control it with one hand, so I bought the XD 9mm. That I can shoot very well with both hands or either hand alone. So that’s what I carry.

        My girlfriend has a newer Walther PPQ, and I can shoot that just as well. It’s more expensive, and the trigger is a little fussy, but it’s a fine gun. But, as long as the XD does the job, I’ll probably keep on carrying it. 🙂 Much as I’d love to have the Walther as well.

    • “The named entities betrayed their customers… and individuals who have gone the same road to extinction…”

      Okay, that’s why we’re still talking about it. It isn’t going to happen magically. Plenty of people don’t read TTAG on a daily basis- the more the story spreads, the more people know about it.

      • Ok, Hannibal. Whatever floats your boat. 🙂 I think a lot of other things are happening that will influence the market more eventually, but I guess every little bit helps somehow. I’m much more in the mood to discover anything that would prevent “government sales” of anything, since they use money stolen from us for all of it. Doesn’t matter a whole lot to me who they buy from in that light. 🙂 So that’s where I’m coming from. It is the theft and coercion of the STATE that must die for anything good to happen.

  4. IF Rauner vetoes it. At best he’s a RINO. At worst he’s just some rich guy playing at being governor. Thanks Yankee Marshall! Other YouTube “stars” have taken a way too neutral stance(like a certain 45 old man)…

  5. Crisis management is a little slow today, or perhaps they’re too busy trying to steer YT comments…

  6. This is old news. Keep stirring the pot like the SJWs that went after Memories Puzza.

    Check out the YM’s BILL Ruger video where he defends Ruger for pushing magazine limits. Hypocrisy in action.

    As I said yesterday, Springfield didn’t cause the law to happen, they were responding to changes in the political climate as any company in any industry would do.

    • Maybe they didn’t cause the law to happen, but they sure helped it along. I gotta believe this would have never seen the light of day if not for their support.

      • Because Springfield is such a powerful voice in Illinois politics. /sarc.

        When I see XD pistols take over the Illinois law enforcement market I might change my mind. Currently, the ISP uses — wait for it — Glock. The CPD has a policy of “BYG” and Springfield is on the list but do you know what the most common pistol is — wait for it — Glock. They had the same policyfor BUG back when I was a kid. The most common pistol was a 1911 usually carried on the strong side.

    • This is a valid point, but I still personally wish that they’d taken a firmer stance on things, and this will inform my future non-purchases of Springfield products. I wasn’t really in the market for an RRA AR anyway, so… meh.

      One interesting thought experiment is what would happen if they’d kept throwing money at their lobbyist to keep opposing the bill that no longer directly affected them and whether, at that point, how much political capital they’d have to affect it.

      Maybe they thought “OK, let’s sit down and shut up and build up the warchest for the next time these idiots do something extreme”.

      My biggest problem with this betrayal isn’t so much 2A as it is crony-capitalism in its finest form, “Let’s introduce artificial barriers to entry so that we don’t get any more competitors popping up” is evil.

      • But Springfield isn’t the driver for crony capitalism. The big box retailers are.

    • tdiinva, you’re correct when you say Springfield Armory “were responding to changes in the political climate as any company in any industry would do.” And now conumers are going to put Newton’s Third Law inro effect, an equal and very opposite reaction than Springfield ans RRA wanted.

      I personally am all for this as a consumer that has both company’s products and enjoys them very much.

  7. Well I really can’t stand the Yankee Marshal at all. But hey, I don’t support crony-capitalists either. It wasn’t acceptable for Bill Ruger to work with Clinton admin on the AWB, it wasn’t acceptable for S&W to work with the Clinton’s making cut outs for their own business then, and it’s sure as hell not acceptable for Springfield and Rock River to do it now.

    I’m fully down with ANY gun company that makes any deal with stateist trash. Full stop. I don’t care if it’s ammo. I don’t care if it’s guns. I don’t even care if it’s just some random branded accessory. From this day forward I will never touch another ANYTHING that came from Springfield or RRA. And, you know, in the 15 years I’ve been dropping most of my spare money into my gun hobby not a single dime has ever gone to either Ruger or S&W. And I will fully continue this practice even if these traitors completely reversed courses today. And I even say that as a fan of Springfield. Even so we are just done.

    • That’s what we need, fewer gun companguns guns ies! But I bet you are down with Glock buying off politicians so they can sell more guns to cops.

    • The Yankee Marshal is absolutely correct about Springfield and Rock River Arms—but I guarantee you he hasn’t always voted with our Second Amendment rights in mind.

      How do I know this? Well, let’s see—he has a podcast called “Shooting Left of Center with Yankee”. If you watch enough of his videos you will see him proudly proclaim he is a Lefty. He lives in Washington state, which is one of the few states in which the Democrats control all branches of state government. I am certain he has voted for Democrats numerous times in the past—and one of his recent rants was decrying the NRA for not stopping WA from enacting more gun restrictions. Well, if every gun owner in WA voted with their gun rights in mind instead of supporting crunchy liberal social causes, these sorts of bills wouldn’t even hit the floor of the Legislature.

      You are not guaranteed your Second Amendment rights will not be infringed if you vote solidly Republican, but you are guaranteed the Democrats will try to if they have power.

      • The YM talks a lot of common sense about self defense but beyond that he is generally FOS. Go watch his defense of Bill Ruger video, which I actually agree with. I think the reason he defends Ruger is because he buys Ruger revolvers so it’s ok to cut deals with anyi-gun politicians. He isn’t a Springfield guy so he trashes them.

      • Politically, there are more issues in the country than just guns. If a gun owner finds himself to be on the other side of all of them from the GOP except the 2nd Amendment, of course he’s not going to vote for them.

        But when it comes to the gun industry, one should expect them to be pro 2nd.

  8. Yes, I was a loyal SA customer for the past 60 years or so but no longer. I will not buy another product presently produced by these two companies

    • The current Springfield Armory has only been around a little over 40 years. They licensed the name, but it is not the same company from Springfield, Ma.

  9. I don’t live in Ill. & sure happy that I don’t. But seems like those folks have a long history of being anti-gun. That premise is kinda lame if you think in terms of reality. What citizens face daily; does not lend itself to being “anti-gun”. Wasn’t there a city that came out “anti-gun” and then after screwing the entire populace with run away crime; had to pull a 180 and allow citizens to arm themselves against the imported population of criminals that relocated to where it was advertised as “no gun”? Wasn’t that in Illinois !? The state of anti-gun nuts.

      • Hmmm… if Chicago is outnumbered by the surrounding people, why don’t those people do something about Chicago? Maybe the people of Chicago outnumber the rest of the population in Illinois? I don’t know… but there is some reason Chicago continues to be the cesspool of society, right along with much of New Jersey, California, and a few others. Why is that, do you suppose?

        • Chicago population 2.72 million
          Cook County population 5.25 million
          Illinois population 12.86 million

          Not all of the Democrats are from Chicago. There are other large urban centers in Illinois that rival Chi-town in corruption and leftist thinking. Combine them, and you have a blue state. The Democrats control the legislature, and Chicago controls the Democrats.

          But we do have a Republican governor, who at this point is our only hope.

          • Hope of what, Curtis? Looks very much like beating an extremely DEAD horse. 🙂 But, each to his/her own. I like my horses alive and frisky. 🙂

        • Because that’s the way the government is set up; to unreasonably represent large urban areas as the majority of the state. Same as the coasts and nobody (except… Chicago!) Voting for Hillary, but it still being reasonably close in electoral votes.

          Doesn’t mean much, you are being distracted by the symptom.

          I make the same mistake, and I live in Chicago (for 13 more months, anyway) because it is easy to do.

        • I think the Rs have held the House for one 2-year term once in modern times. I think there are 45 House districts and 30 Senate districts that contain some part of Cook County (Chicago). It only takes 60 to control the house. It takes 30 to control the Senate. There are enough Ds outside of Cook to make up the difference needed. The larger downstate cities (Peoria, Decatur, Springfield, and East St. Louis) have more than enough Ds to put them over the top. Plus there are districts that have always voted D even though the voters might vote R as a whole for Governor, POTUS, or Senator. It isn’t uncommon for every county to vote net R except for 1 to 3 of the 102 in a statewide or federal election and still have the D win. I was born there (downstate), grew up there, left for 30 years, returned for 15 years, and then left for good. Many are leaving and they’ll likely lose another federal rep after the 2020 census. Many want to leave but are tied there for one reason or another.

        • If you take Chicago’s population(Cook county) and the five “collar” counties, Lake, DuPage, McHenry, Kane and Will counties …they have nearly nine millions folks in a state with a total of 12.5 million so you can say that those of us who live downstate are vastly outnumbered coupled with the fact that the Illinois constitution gives the speaker of the house (Michael Madigan a democrat) tremendous power over state government ….much more so than any other state government in the entire US….only accountable to 66,000 voters in his district in Chi”raq” , Madigan has more influence than even the governor….Madigan is also the last remnant of the once powerful Daley machine and coupled with his fellow democrat Senator Cullerton, they pretty much rule the whole state with vast majorities of democrats in both the house and senate……for those folks not familiar with Illinois,,,,the gun culture in downstate Illinois is alive and well and flourishing just as well as Texas or Tennessee.

          • If you like your downstate Illinois, you can keep it, I’m sure. 🙂 You might not even like it here in Wyoming. Freedom is relative, naturally. You might not know what to do with all your free time if you weren’t being “pulled over” and hassled by “cops” all the time. 🙂

            But heck, come visit and see for yourself. 🙂

        • The power of the Urban centers are proof that we have a major hole in the government. Until that is fixed, most assuredly by constitutional convention, only the Urban centers will actually have representation in government. The rest of us are “loot Pinata’s” that exist for the sole purpose of providing tax revenue and sustenance to them.

    • “But seems like those folks have a long history of being anti-gun. That premise is kinda lame if you think in terms of reality.”

      Along with how many other companies that work hard to maintain a public image—support for 2nd amendment in this case—and then practice “realpolitik” by donating substantial money to opposing politicians because it’s just what businesses do? Only this time they got caught and found to their obvious dismay that their customers are turning on them.

  10. I still can’t bring myself to watch this moron again. The guy is usually only wrong when his lips are moving. Out of all the more than decent youtubers out there, why the hell does TTAG have to use this comic book t-shit fettish havin clown?

    • Gee Ed. Do you have to clean your monitor after each of your spit flying rants? Nobody is making you watch it.

      • I see that you once again chimed in to add nothing to the conversation….AND you’re still going full retard with that name spelling. Good for you, buckaroo!

  11. To be clear,
    I will never buy anything from Springfield or Rock River.
    Hope you idiots are listening.

  12. The real story isn’t the manufacturers actions but the fact of the matter is the traded votes with Boch and NRA’s Lobbyist for suppressors. That’s the story not manufacturers or big boxes. The question really should be how many other votes got traded??

      • Demo man would have said something about the NRA and Vandermunde (or whatever the name is).

    • Hallelujah! The real story crawls out from the ashes.

      Il- NRA Lobbyist Todd Vandermyde and John Boch both abused their positions and betrayed the 2A community.
      Vandermyde had the votes, but held one back for suppressors, of which he has a personal business interest.


      • Neither of what Truth or Illinois suggested happened. There was not vote trading taking place. Go ask the guys at the American Suppressor Assn.

        • Lol! I’m sure they don’t know what Mr Vandermyde has been up to.

          This is common knowledge in Springfield.
          It is also common knowledge that any bill Mr Vandermyde pushes will fail, so he places blame elsewhere, and uses Mr Boch to yell “Fire” and create a diversion.

          We need better representation in Springfield.

      • There you go demo boy…I knew you’d show up. Suppressors NEVER has a chance in Illinois.

    • I doubt this is the reason that Boch is,out to get Springfield but I think it is something personal like they refused to comp him or his organization. He does not strike me as having much integrity. In a way he is your typical Illinois politico.

  13. John Boch should organize a massive gun owner march to the Capitol instead of a Springfield/RRA boycottfest.

  14. lol This dude is a doof. Never cared for his channel. Springfield messed up and apologized. I’m still going to buy their products. They make excellent firearms. I accept their apology.

  15. The biggest threat to our Second Amendment rights doesn’t come from gun control groups and anyi-gun politicians. It comes from us. I assure you that Michael Bloomberg is watching and learming from the destruction of Springfield by the gun community itself. He will be concocting ways to paint other gun companies into a corner so the so-called gun community puts them out of business. When the number of manufacturers falls to a critical level then States like California and New York will lay down the law — Sell to us or sell to the public but you can’t do both. I know which side they will choose and it won’t be us.

    • I don’t think abandoning the US commercial market in favor of sales to a single state government is a smart business decision. Given that gun companies make a very slim per-unit profit on government sales and that commercial sales are also far more numerous, I think the NYPD will run out of suppliers awfully fast.

      • Like all fanatics you overetimate your influence. DPH above things Springfield is a major factor in Illinois politics. Most major firearm manufactures value governmentioned business over the private buyer for certain firearms. Remember when NJ sent a questionaire on their support for “gun safety” to all bidders for a contract and they all filled it out? You are whistling in the dark about this.

  16. Yeah, distory SA and RRA will solve all our 2nd Amendment problems in the US? Lets review our National gun history…? Ruger, Colt, and S&W have had serous anti-gun political issues dated back to 1968 when William B. Ruger authored 68 NFA Act. Ruger didn’t manufacture AR15s or any other type of modern military style firearms until after William B. Ruger pasted away. Many firearm and political critics claimed William B. Ruger tailored 1968 NFA Act to benefit Ruger Firearm Corp and limit his competitor manufactures.

    Colt falling under Clinton Administration’s pressure threatening not to renew Colt’s Department of Defense (DoD) contracts if Colt continue to release AR15 to the general public, which gave birth to a dozen aftermarket AR15 companies to fill the AR15 vacuum in the US firearm market. RRA was one of those aftermarket companies.

    In 2000 the Clinton administration reached an agreement with Smith & Wesson, to end federal and state lawsuits, in exchange for marketing and design changes by the company. The agreement was announced by Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers and Housing Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo, whose departments helped in the negotiations.

    Some of the items Smith & Wesson agreed to were; to sell guns with locks, to build the locks in the weapons within two years, implement smart gun technology, and take ballistic fingerprints of its guns. Clinton called the deal a “major victory for America’s families.”

    I remember when people were all up in arms about Ruger’s sale-out late 60s, Colt’s sale-out early 90s, and especially S&W’s sale-out early 2000s. Colt and S&W fought with private lobbyist and National Organized Lobbying Groups, but in the end was not able to withstand the powers go government as a final result. During that time period everyone said Colt and S&W should have gone down in flames making their last stand.

    The NRA and other gun rights groups heavily criticized the settlement calling Smith & Wesson’s actions “a sell-out”, with the NRA calling the agreement “”tantamount to back door blackmail”. Smith & Wesson’s ownership changed in 2001 and the agreement fell apart after George W. Bush came to office and supported lawsuit protection for gun manufactures. However, Smith & Wesson continues to sell guns with internal locks.

    Similar issue to RRA and SA donating 100,000s over the years to National Lobbying Groups and forming their own State level Lobbying Group in 2009. For the last decade RRA and SA have won by small margin of 1 vote against Illinois State Government anti-gun bills.

    The manufacturing grandfather clause exempting RRA and SA was originally determined by Illinois state government in early 2016, when SA and RRA won by another small margin of 1 vote in 2016. 2017 SA and RRA continue to donate large sums of money to National Pro-Gun Lobbying Groups and IFMA. The NRA did not expose or dispute the manufacturing grandfather clause exempting RRA and SA in 2016 as well.

    Fact is, NRA graded A and endorsed politicians turned-coat and voted to pass SB-1657 this year 2017. Should we burn the NRA for not controlling the uncontrollable Illinois State Government…? TTAG often used the example of IFMA donating money to the opposition which is common in the lobbying industry as if IFMA was buying SB 1657 exemption clause simply to add fuel to the SA and RRA fire of destruction. SA, RRA, NRA, and GOA has failed continuing defeat of anti-gun Illinois politicians after decade of fighting for Illinois citizens Constitutional Rights.

    How many Manufactures, National Lobbying Groups, and Local State Lobbying Groups in the US should we add to our Customer Burn List whenever they fail against socialist liberal progressive and RINO politicians…?

    What makes this situation more worst is the new real nasty anti-Constitutional Illinois State Bills on the horizon…!

    SB-1985 would ban the use of traditional lead ammunition while hunting in State parks or protected natural areas.

    SB 1291 “Lethal Order of Protection” whereby the firearms of Illinois residents could be confiscated if a family member or “law officer” files a petition stating the gun owner poses an immediate and present danger of causing personal injury to himself, herself, or another by having a firearm in his or her custody or control.

    Glock, Sig Sauer, Steyr, HK, CZ, Kalashnikov USA, Saiga, Molot, Stoeger, Benelli, Beretta, and etc foreign firearm companies manufacturing and selling firearms in the US, but their headquarters located in Anti-Gun Socialist or Communist countries. But everyone targets RRA and SA for boycott, perfectly fine doing business with socialist and communist based corporations profiting governments that banned private gun ownership early 20th century.

  17. I considered purchasing a Saint, but have not done so, since SA and RRA got their butts in a ringer! Living in AZ, which is s blessing, with true 2A rights intact, I will stick to manufacturers who truly and honestly support the 2A, not to those who talk from both sides of their mouths! I own no Ruger products, even with them being made 60 miles from me, and I have one S&W pistol, which I won in a contest!
    So, farewell SA and RRA, hope bankruptcy court gets the money to pay your suppliers.
    Someone should but the two names in court, and put them to rest, forever!

  18. IFMA has donated tens of thousands of $ to anti gun Democrats, it’s not just this law, they’ve been sleeping with the enemy for years. I’ll buy their stuff in around 20 years or so.

  19. I am a former resident of Illinois and having escaped permanently just last year, I still know a lot of what is going on there.

    About SAI and RRA. They formed the Illinois Firearm Manufacturers Association.The Reese brothers, owners of SA and Chuck Larson, owner of RRA were the only officers and members of the association besides the lobbyist Keller. They directly helped p[ass the Bill through the Senate sub-committee aided by a single Aye! vote which was cast by a Republican who thought the coast was clear.
    But the IFMA (you know, the same two Reese brothers and Larson) had been funding rabidly anti-gun Senate President Cullerton for years. They had contributed (according to the 2012 through 21014) IRS 990 returns, TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to Cullerton himself and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to the other, just as rabidly insane Illinois anti-gun Democrats.
    Those of you who think “there’s a Republican Governor, he’ll veto it” are forgeting, this is Illinois. The truth is, Governor Rauner and Rahm Emmanuel the Mayor of Chicago (and former Obama Chief of Staff and known to subscribers to Second City Cop blog as “tiny dancer” or the “nine and half digit midget) are good friends. Besides taking fly fishing vacations to Montana together, Rauner as a venture capitalist helped get Emmanuel a job as an investment banker and helped to becoming an 18 million dollar millionaire.

    If Todd Vandermyde, the NRA lobbyist for Illinois can’t get this stopped in the House, there is a very good chance it will be signed into law.

    Hoping RRA and SA will move to another State is like inviting the rats to move over to another ship where they can cause more damage.

  20. Finally, the Yankee Marshall made an intelligent video with sound arguments! Well done, sir, keep up the good work! No, really, all joking aside, I do own Springfield Armory products, but I will never invest in any more in the future. It’s a shame, as I was eventually going to send my 1911 for some upgrades, but from this point on I refuse to put any more money in their pockets. These two companies went the way of Smith & Wesson and Bill Ruger in the 1990s and the People of the Gun will neither forgive, nor forget. Forget you Springfield Armory, forget you Rock River Arms. I’ll happily invest my money elsewhere.

  21. I agree with the marshal on Springfield and RRA, but his example of not accepting the argument of ‘working from within the system’ from a Nazi, is, I think, misplaced.

    Oskar Schindler was not a saint by any means, and more morally complicated than Spielberg’s movie made him out to be, but it would be hard to argue that he would have done more good standing up to the Nazis than he did as a party member sabotaging the death machine from within.

  22. The corporate sector are “on your side” only when there’s a profit to be made.

  23. Springfield hasn’t made a new Rifle in years, M1A Socom is about 50 years old, living off its former glory with over priced Junk, no big loss
    Rock River Arms is an over priced gun, No loss their either!
    Both the Useless Companies made it so they have no competition from dealers; direct sales, no middle men, supposed faster service on their junk.
    Bye Bye have a nice chapter 13 sell your asset’s, ASSH****s

  24. Springfield ARSENAL unofficially referred to as the arsenal of democracy has a long and storied patriotic history.
    Springfield ARMORY can s@#k it!!!!!

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