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The Chive is an excellent resource for pictures of well-endowed scantily-clad young women. 22 Plinkster is an excellent resource for trick shots. Why not combine the two, in that “hey you got peanut butter in my chocolate” kinda way? Uh, sure. But if you’re like me . . .

All this blowing sh*t up with a gun and Tannerite (a.k.a., binary reactive powder) is getting a bit old. To the point where adding an attractive women still doesn’t flick my Bic. I mean, sure, slow-motion destruction still has its appeal (Shiva would approve). But ka-BOOM is so done.

If you agree — and I’m not saying you do — what would do you like to watch on YouTube gun-wise? TTAG is slowly ramping-up its video production. Things like shooting fish in a barrel or, more likely, comparing the muzzle rise of various polymer pistols. Enquiring minds want to know! 

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  1. If I ever get tired of explosions, it might be the day before they put me in the ground.

    I maintain that there is not a problem that a human being can face that cannot be solved with the proper application of c4.

    • I guess I’m fortunate enough to be jaded. I don’t care about watching someone else blow up binaries with a hottie in tow – though I have yet to tire of doing it myself every so often.

  2. I have no interest in watching any videos, but especially not this. And no, a half naked woman does nothing for me either. LOL

    Stick to more serious reporting and analysis of things that really matter. “Blowing things up” doesn’t fit in that category for me… but I can skip those. Just would be sad to see that kind of stuff dominate here.

    • That’s fine. Would it be better if it was half-naked ripped men blowing stuff up?

      • No thanks, Pwrserge. I’m 70 years old, and saw all the naked bodies of both sexes I could stomach in 30 years of nursing. 🙂

        And I can go up to the range a mile away and blow up any shit I want, all by myself or in company with the young-uns who hang out there sometimes. LOL I prefer participation to any sort of passive thing… as long as I can put one foot in front of another. After that, nothing much matters anyway.

    • Serious question: How old are you? Because it seems this internet commenting thing is new to you. IRL, when you make a 3-5 word statement, it can be a “burn” cause you can see your buddy’s face. On the net, you don’t get that instant feedback, so you have to be a little more detailed in your non sequiturs to provoke a response.

    • “You know not all of us use the /sarc thingy, right?”

      In print, sarcasm doesn’t work well unless it’s over the top.
      BigFingdeal’s post is an excellent demonstration.

      • That’s OK, Bill. I’ve been called much worse things over the years. LOL I was a nursing supervisor for a long time.. Of course, nobody said those things out loud. 🙂

      • How does one abbreviate “I Don’t Give A Shit Whether You Get My Sarcasm”?


        • The Gray Poseur asks: “How does one abbreviate “I Don’t Give A Shit Whether You Get My Sarcasm”?


          I think most would just say, “Fu@k you.”

    • +1 Agreed, stick with serious reporting and useful info. The “useless-net” is chocked full of that other stuff.

  3. To someone new or undecided on gun ownership, the intended target needs to be appealing:
    Paper? Boring.
    Steel? Higher maintenance, more land required.
    Animals? Blood, guts.
    Tannerite? Seriously? Show me someone who doesn’t like blowing things up and I’ll show you a man or woman who could use more sunlight exposure.

    • I used to get a kick out of building sand castles and then playing the part of heavy artillery from fifty yards. But one of these days I really should remember to video and then share my newer version: sand castles with a Tannerite container in one of the towers. It’s like Russian roulette; you never know which shot will be the final one!

  4. I’d like to see shooting into common items and structures the people associate, correctly or not, with cover. Will a quality 9mm round penetrate a steel dumpster? How about when you see shoot outs in movies where people are hiding behind sofas, no way can that stop anything. A cover vs concealment video series would be useful in my opinion.

    • Try searching Google/Youtube for “Box’o’Truth”. I do recall they did some tests of handgun/rifle/shotgun penetration versus a number of relatively common barriers encountered in urban/suburban contexts, like sheetrock framed walls, and others.

      Not sure if I recall them ever doing handgun vs. dumpster though.

    • That would be fun. You’d have to decide on standard calibers and bullet designs to test everything with, though, which would be hard. 9mm FMJ and hollow point from a handgun, M193 and M855 from an AR, buckshot from a 12 gauge. Would that suffice? Probably not…I’d envision 75% of the comments being complaints about not testing caliber X and/or bullet Y haha.

      • “PFFF you did it wrong. It would have penetrated if you used plated shot!”

        (video showing plated shot test is posted)

        “NO you used the wrong BRAND of shot, so of course it didn’t penetrate.”

      • How about some “Mythbusters” style of vids concerning/proving/disproving firearm legends, movie shootouts, and factual reenactments ?

        Also I would like to see our favorite scribes (now that you all live in the same area; give JWT gas $ to drag his butt over also) video some friendly competitions. Three gun runs, skeet, trap, dueling trees for points with mag changes included. Even watching y’all have a paintball “friendly” would be very entertaining.
        Ohhh, force-on-force house clearing tween y’all…?
        I can give ya lots more. (As the VP of operations at our private range I’ve been put in charge of Fun.) I can turn ya into the “Top Gear” of the gun world.

  5. If the answer to this question is “yes” then said answer better not come from someone in possession of the Y-chromosome. If it does, then said male is getting his guy card promptly yanked.

  6. No, what I’m tired of is videos which have the camera focused on the shooter’s face while he shoots steel as quickly as he can, while missing 25% of his targets.

    Of course, I’m referring to “review” videos a certain reviewer on another site does. A review should give information about the firearm—weight, height, thickness, trigger pull, and accuracy potential. Ideally a pistol should be fired from a Ransom Rest to show the true potential of the firearm, but a rested grouping is a close approximation. Show me a group size with standard range ammo and a common carry ammo.

    Show me how easy the pistol is to field strip. Run several hundred rounds through it and keep track of malfunctions.

    But most importantly, show me how accurate it is. The only way to do that is punching paper. Unless you’re Hickok45. If you can take a Kahr CW380 and ring a gong at 75 feet, you’re excused.

    • I was just about to defend Hickok45…with pretty much the same feat you described.

      • Yes, yards. Typing too fast on a Sunday LOL. That makes the feat even more impressive.

        But TFB’s reviews, except for James’ videos, are uniformly horrible. Why Patrick thinks people want to look at his chubby ginger face as he shoots steel is beyond me. It’s one thing to set the camera behind the shooter so we can watch the steel—but he’s not even using poppers, so he’s just shooting non-reactive gongs. THAT’S BASICALLY LIKE PUNCHING PAPER, except he is so inaccurate you can’t get an idea of what the pistol can do.

        I’m just saying, if you’re going to present yourself as a firearms expert—and be “senior writer”, you should probably be able to shoot better than that. Ping-ping-miss-ping-miss-miss-ping is the order of the day.

  7. “what would do you like to watch on YouTube gun-wise?”

    More Kirstin Joy Weiess, please…

  8. I’d be interested in two kinds of things. Fair warning, I am a nerd who watches Lectures On History on CSPAN 3 for fun, and about 1/4 of my “casual” reading is textbooks or equivalent.

    – Somewhat deeper dives than you get with the YouTube “gun guy” videos, into aspects of guns in used. So, variations on the impulse and trajectory w/ various pistols and loads, backed by some biomechanics. The physiology of aiming. Whatever.

    – Semi-talking head analysis with questions, digging into aspects of arms, the law, and so on, that sucks less than what’s out there. So, production like Milo w/o being just a provocateur, content like Dr. Lott w/o being boring, aspects of the argument w/ o staying on the shallow tribal positioning. Back in the day, a series of panel discussions were on public TV, hosted with a moderator from one of the U’s, covering some of the name-brand social issues in turn. The best of these was: “Hard drugs / hard choices.”

    Everybody got to talk, and while the participants had clear conclusions and preferences, you got to see how they got there … and they all sometimes agreed on some ground facts. (The series blew up when one episode included an agenda-monger polemicist, who just made speeches about how much everyone else sucked.)

    Anyway, in that direction. With some production values.

    • Have you ever watched Ian McCollum and Karl Kasarda’s “Forgotten Weapons” and “InRangeTV” content on Youtube and

  9. Reactive targets are more fun. Period. Paper is for sighting in your scope. After that, destroy something. And tannerite is the ultimate reactive target. If it ever gets old, use more tannerite.

    By the way, I loved the first youtube comment:
    “Want your wife to go to the range with you but she isn’t interested? Just get a shooting buddy like this and your wife will go every time.”

    • Well… I planned to shoot a lot of .22 and bought a ton of it. But the novelty wore off fast, and I’ve still got a lot of it I bought for about 2 cents a round. Probably too late to sell it now… I’ll figure out something to do with it eventually. LOL

  10. Funny gun reviews that are still factual!

    There are too many sarcastic non-reviews for the sake of comedy, and too many boring reviews for the sake of being informative.

    It’s possible to make content in the middle ground (RF’s written reviews for example). So take those and put them in video form!

  11. Watching other people blown shit up on Youtube is like watching professional soccer on TV. In either case, you turn the sound down so you can sleep without further disturbance.

  12. Huh? I’m sorry, did you say something? **wipes drool**

    Oh.. yeah… Whatevs with blowing shit up. Does nothing for me, unless I’m the one blowing it up. Kinda like golfing.

    and scantily clad hot chicks never get boring…. or at least not yet for me. Give me a few decades, maybe they will. But I’m a self-admitted alpha male pig, so I can imagine not everyone appreciates that quite like me. And I could care less about that too.

  13. Cleavage like that is where hot empties go to die.

    I took a good friend shooting and warned her about appropriate clothing. She said, “Not my first trip to the range”. She ended up wearing a rather modestly cut tank and still ended up with one down with the girls. Her muzzle and trigger discipline were excellent during this episode.

  14. You’re kidding, aren’t you? You must be pulling our legs, right? A red-blooded American male, even a septuagenarian like me, can NEVER get enough of scantily-attired comely young women doing ANYTHING – and that includes blowing things up. Unless it includes blowing ME up, which is another thing entirely.

  15. Demolition Ranch. Forgotten Weapons. Bloke on the Range. GY6 vids. Mbest11x and that assortment of folk.

    These are the videos I search out when I watch vids.

    Also anything to do with pocket pistols. .25. .32, revolver and semi. British bulldog. You get the picture.

    • I was gonna call out Demolition Ranch but you beat me to it.

      It’s pretty funny, and you might just learn something, too.

  16. I thought it was cool when it came out. That was five years ago… Do not see the appeal unless it is over a hundred lbs.

  17. Depends on what you want, Robert. Personally I’d suggest that you stay away from the click-bait shuck-and-jive and focus on real content—like a comparison test between a Daniel Defense and an IOI AR or, if you want to be more generic, what the difference is between a $500 AR and $2000 AR. There was a time, back before they became low-content shills for their advertisers, when the American car mags did this. I was just at the bookstore, looking through about a dozen almost identical gun magazines. Know what was missing from most? Content. The articles were virtually interchangeable and appeared to be written by advertising copywriters. It was sort of like reading Car and Driver and Road and Track.

  18. This is America. We can have both explosions and serious discussions. And half-nekkid women. Or men. Whatever. Because: freedom.

    I am interested in something Garrison said above. Personally, I’ve noticed a world of difference between my STI Marauder and, say, my baseline Beretta 92 or my Ruger. Quantifying it in some fashion, however, might be an interesting experiment. For example, is it really worth three lesser $700 guns? ($2,000.00)? What about upgrading to the spiffy new Wilson EDC at $4k? Or a high-end Ed Brown or Les Baer or even, heaven forfend, a Nighthawk? What’s the difference there?

    I know my opinion, but you know what people say about that. Data or quantifiable information – and muzzle flip, recoil and time on target can be part of that – might help resolve age-old disputes.

  19. I’ve never made a comment about any female poster/post subject before and I try not to be a sexist dickhead but frankly I’d watch her shoot beer cans with a 22 pretty much all day. If that makes me a neanderthal or a bad person in general I can live with that.

  20. I try to keep at least 10 pounds of tannerite on hand just to be able to make boom.
    Scantily clad wimmen? I’m a guy, so….

  21. Upon initial passing, sure some of the blow stuff up content is over done, And that would be my first answer and then I clicked the bait video and guess what, enjoyed it. I was asking why the bunny had drop leg holsters and did nothing with the props, but then realized he’s a good shot and she was nice to look at why read anymore into it; sorry but I enjoyed that.

  22. I would like to see explosion videos showing the damage potential of Tannerite. And such videos would be useful … along the lines where Mythbusters would set up human analogs around explosives to demonstrate where things were deadly and where they were survivable.

    Videos on precision long-range shooting would also be useful and interesting.

    Videos showing differences in scopes or ammunition with the same rifle at long ranges would be incredibly useful. For example illustrate the accuracy of the same rifle with the same ammunition using different scopes. Similarly, illustrate the accuracy of the same rifle with the same scope using different ammunition. And for bonus points, illustrate the accuracy of the same scope and ammunition in different rifles.

    Okay, one more: show the spread pattern and incapacitation potential of various shotgun gauges and loads at various distances.

    THE ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE VIDEO: A FEW DIFFERENT SCENARIOS DEFENDING AGAINST TERRORISTS OR SPREE KILLERS IN A MOCK BUILDING. Compare unarmed versus armed defenders … and various configurations of armed defenders such as single compared to multiple armed defenders and different firearm platforms, e.g. sub-compact handguns, full size handguns, semi-auto carbines, and shotguns. (Hint: build upon your first attempt to demonstrate the merits and limitations of armed defenders versus terrorists or spree killers in a building or even outside.)

  23. Cool trick shots. I was kind of sad that the woman in the video didn’t get to fire the gun once though. Would have been cool to see her shoot even if she sucked at it.

  24. Someone above already called out Demolition Ranch, which is usually good fun.

    Also, Smarter Everyday is pretty entertaining. Although it’s not about guns per se, there are some great gun experiments, along with all kinds of other interesting experiments. And yes, occasionally an explosion (but no nekkid chicks. somebody needs to talk to Dusty about his lack of nekkid chicks at Smarter Everday).

  25. Here is a big problem with Tannerite. A border patrol agent on his day off with nothing better to do, shot some Tannerite in southern Arizona, which set a fire (Sawmill Fire) that burned 40,000 acres and cost nearly 6 million dollars to control. I don’t care what people do, as long as they understand how to manage explosives.

    I generally shoot plastic bottles of water, which have never started a fire.

  26. Tired of things going BOOM? Not specifically, though I am tired of seeing the same old things go BOOM. Vids of interesting uses of Tannerite, though, would be great!

    Just some examples from guys I shoot with:

    *driving on a back road, there’s a tree across it — time for the chain saw? only to make a hole just big enough to cram a container of Tannerite in, back off, and BOOM the way through
    *another back road, an erosion ditch across it — who needs shovels? dig a few holes, stuff in the Tannerite….
    *want that dead tree turned into firewood? first, let’s ‘blow’ it down!
    *hornet nest up that tree! throw a line over the branch, slowly haul a container of Tannerite right up against the nest….
    *mole problem? dig out one hill, install Tannerite, place a massive concrete block over it; hit the Tannerite and watch the nearby mole hills ‘erupt’.

  27. im not into guns for entertainment. i DO NOT watch channels that blow shit up. fpsrussia and all them, are to me, idiots and children. hickok45 i can watch all day. everyone in a while is ok, but when its a regular thing, it kinda shows they dont have much to offer.

  28. Gunertainment is gunertainment, but I never enjoyed it which is why when we started GBGuns we aimed for a more professional feel; inspired by MrGunsnGear, Military Arms Channel, and the like. TTAG is more professional than Tabloid Firearms Blog, but more fun than Hurricane Media. I’m sure you can find a flavor to fit the blog style.

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