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After giving them a real-world try, we’ve become big fans of XS Big Dot Tritium sights (check out our report here). Now the Texas-based company’s announcing an addition to their lineup, the new F8 night sight system. Rather than the Big Dot’s lollipop dot-on-post system, the F8’s use a figure eight arrangement with a photoluminescent orange dot designed to be effective in virtually any lighting condition. Here’s their press release . . .

XS® Sights Introduces New F8™ Night Sights 

Fort Worth, TX (September 6, 2017) – XS Sights is pleased to introduce the F8 Night Sights – its newest high-visibility personal defense sights for fast target acquisition in all light conditions. Featuring a figure-eight, inline sight picture for an easy two-point alignment, the F8 sights are designed to instantly increase front sight focus thanks to the large (0.160” wide) high-contrast front sight with a photoluminescent orange colored ring surrounding the tritium. This proprietary, durable XS Orange paint is formulated with a focus on yellow, one of the most visible colors in low light, making it easier to see in rapidly changing light conditions.


Another significant advantage of the F8 Night Sights is the ability of the XS Orange ring to absorb ambient light.  This allows it to glow in low light levels, aiding shooters in finding the front sight before the tritium becomes visible.  The F8 sight is also easily visible in daylight.


The wide notch rear sight is designed to increase the visibility of the front sight by allowing more light around the sides of the front sight. This expanded sight gap helps shooters find the front sight faster when drawing from a holster and shooting on the move. The tritium vial on the rear sight enables quick and easy alignment with the front sight in various light conditions while the chamfered notch eliminates the bottom edges of the sight, drawing focus to the top edges of the sight for proper alignment. The overhung rear sight reduces glare in bright daylight for greater sight definition, and its angled ledge aids in one-handed slide manipulations in emergency situations.


“Night sights don’t just need to glow in the dark, they need to be visible at all times,” said Zack Kinsley, marketing manager for XS Sights. “Gun fights don’t happen in perfect light or complete darkness. They happen in-between these two broad spectrums, and our F8 Night Sights are optimized for fast and accurate target acquisition in varying light conditions.  In a defensive shooting situation, this can make all the difference for law enforcement and civilians alike.”


The F8 Night Sights are backed by a 10-year, ‘no questions asked’ warranty.  After 10 years, XS will replace the sight at a discounted price.


XS F8 Night Sights will be available for order for the following pistol models at NASGW in October.  More pistol models will come in the months ahead.


Glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 30, 34, 40, 41, 42, 43

Sig Sauer –  9mm and .40 S&W in P226, P229, P320 and other original P series pistols

S&W M&P Full Size, Compact and S&W M&P Shield

Springfield XD, XDS, XDM, and XDE



MSRP: $184.99


For more information, visit


About XS Sights

XS Sights is known for making the fastest sights in any light. For more than 20 years, the XS team has created some of the most innovative sights on the market today for pistols, rifles and shotguns.  Whether used for personal defense or hunting, these sights are designed and built to be the absolute best for their specific purpose.

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      • That’s good and bad. I’d like more options for my CZs, but that’d require more CZ popularity to create that demand. I like owning quality guns that aren’t Honda Civic level mainstream.

        • Uh, hate to break your gun hipster bubble, but the P-07 is pretty mainstream in the second most gun friendly in the world (hint: It’s the one they’re made in).

        • Uh, hate to respond in the same smart ass tone that you’re so fond of. But while CZ’s popularity is high worldwide, they’re a lesser known gun here in the U.S…. you know, where I live. They’re so far behind Glock, Springfield, S&W, and Ruger here in the U.S. that most people I know who don’t or rarely shoot haven’t heard of them and most people I know who shoot casually haven’t even fired one.

          But don’t let facts get in the way of knowing more than everyone else and being derogatory while you’re at it bud. You do you boo.

        • All nastiness aside, it’s not just CZ for me. I have a Daewoo rifle, a Daewoo pistol, a G3 clone (with a gorgeous surplus wood stock and foregrip), a Dan Wesson revolver and more. CZ is probably the most mainstream pistol I own. Yet despite their popularity worldwide, CZ doesn’t make a pistol in even the top 20 best sellers here in the US (thanks Google for backing me up).

          Once a person looks around at the world of guns outside the view of Glocks and AR-15s (fine guns btw), they can find a whole world of quality guns they never even heard of. It has nothing to do with being a hipster. Variety is the spice of life. The same black plastic gun that everyone has is just… boring.

        • Czech Republic has only 10 millions of citizens. Even if every eligible adult owned a CZ it still wouldn’t make much difference.
          What CZ-USA reps need to do is start pushing their handguns and carbines to police departments. Offer buy backs and exchange for newer models like Glock. (Blow and hookers can’t hurt either.)
          Once you can see a CZ on every cop they will fast gain popularity. Aftermarket will follow.

  1. While I would be willing to drop that much into a gun if it made it better, I’d have to try it first.

    Then again, not available for anything CZ, I’m out of luck for my EDC, full size, and competition pistols.

  2. I just bought a Big Dot set for my Shield so they missed me on this one, but I’d like to try these out at some point. Looks like a combination of Trijicon HD and Heinie Straight Eight.

    As for the CZ guys, the XS website says they’re working up something for the P-07.

  3. The ameriglo pro idot sights are the same design and I love the way they shoot, so its great to have another option.

  4. Obvious copy of the Ameriglo iDot Pro. Work great and have them on all of my “serious” pistols for a couple of years. . Ameriglo that is. Great company.

  5. I’m a fan of XS. And they are right in my backyard in Fort Worth, Texas. I’m all for supporting the my folks.

    And XS has great customer service. I’ve had two sights, on two different guns, get damaged due to the absuse my firearms undergo. And XS replaced both FOC and without question.

    Good people at XS.

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