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In the video below, SilencerCo touts its new integrally-suppressed Maxim 9 pistol as an everyday carry handgun. While I’m not sure whether or not the bad guy shot by the Maxim-equipped cop had a weapon in his hands before his rapid perforation, or why the Maxim guy needed to kick over a chair before ringing steel, I can certainly see the benefits of not losing my hearing during — and after — a defensive gun use. Not to mention practicing with a quieter firearm.

All things being equal . . .

I’d switch. You?

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  1. Trade? No, but I would buy one as well if the price is right. The underslung expansion chamber is certainly innovative.

    • This.
      The collection must ever and always grow. I’ve mulled over the idea of carrying a suppressor as an accessory to an EDC, realising that having several seconds to attach it would be unlikely… This integral suppressor idea does have merit.

      • + This too.

        Would not get rid of what I got, but buy new, maybe.

        Does it have a metal frame and hammer? Does it come in 40 S&W? [shut-up 🙂 ]

        Also, SilencerCo. needs to work on their video, for a second I thought they were depicting all one person as the “Maxim-izer” that was obviously not so.

        And yes, if you were slinging a Maxim, you have to (also) kick over chairs. If we’re going to do this live-but-silent then let’s make some noise up in here.

        • And, OH HELL YEAH “Schieß auf die Fenster” as soon as the shemagh queens cleared any unfavorable backdrop.

          Like the NYC ‘hunters’ that go “upstate” to “hunt” [a/k/a: buy a $1,300 rifle and $2,600 worth of clothes and $3,000 worth of gear to try to play a few hands of “IF IT’S BROWN IT’S DOWN, wait, why is there ‘cow’ painted on the side of it” while catching the flu in a light rain, but then offering you their rifle, at the tag station, in exchange for a deer you shot on your 1 tag per season limit (FU stupid conservationists, that would rather you do unlimited bumper-kills on the inbred horde of ‘protected’ deer)].

          I would go for the Black-ish BLOC bag limit.

        • Maybe it’s just me, but I think I’m detecting subtle hints that something might be bothering you, Joe. I’m not sure why, but I get the feeling it may be related to deer hunting?

        • Sorry, sometimes I vent. It’s cathartic for me, and will remain so until they block me here, or until they kill me.

    • He means trade what you’re carrying. Instead of carrying your current EDC, carry an integrally-suppressed handgun instead. Swap what’s on your hip.

      As me for me, yes, I’d CCW a Maxim 9 for sure.

    • not

      t r a d e

      away any guns, per se. However, if you could, somehow, parlay your firearms for bars of pure plutonium, you could obviously hold the rest of the world at bay for several decades. F U KJU !!!



  2. I have a Maxim 9 and tried several of their belt hosters snd the were terrible. I have concluded that its just too big to carry

    • I also have a Maxim 9 and the OWB holster. It is acceptable as a holster and would be easy to carry. The only issue is I plan on mounting an RMR and none of the holsters can accommodate the Maxim with an RMR attached. This is a big oversight as it wouldn’t require much more of a cut out to accommodate the RMR or regular configuration.

  3. I’d certainly want to test it out beforehand, and would probably trade the magazine capacity for .45 ACP in a single stack.

    That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point we end up with bolt on addons for already made pistols by some of the higher end producers.

    If we get reform on this (both at a state and federal level) I really want to make a few to play around with. I think that removing the tax stamp requirements and ominous legalities around making this sort of thing will be a huge boon to innovation.

    • I’ve been saying that same thing since the HPA was just rumor. Can you imagine if the maxim was scaled down to 380 with a single stack mag? 380 only has like 70% gas volume of 9mm and is nearly always subsonic. A maxim 380 intended for carry could be nearly the size of s glock 19

  4. If they deregulate silencers that is the first thing I am buying. I expect integrally silenced weapons to become the de facto standard within a decade of silencer deregulation.

    • I expect phased plasma rifles in the 40 watt range to be the de facto standard before we get silencer deregulation.

      • I want the rifle that Ripley pieced together in Aliens when she went back for the little girl as my EDC….
        HPA? Keep dreaming… we couldn’t even get Obamacare overturned and everything else is being done by Executive Order…
        Everyone needs to stop whining and just buy a suppressor/silencer if you want one. I have about 16 now and always looking for something innovative, quieter and tougher.
        Shot the full size Maxim a lot… it’s about as quiet as my Sig 226 Navy with an AAC Tirant-9 but awfully bulky in the one holster I tried…

      • I want the rifle that Ripley pieced together in Aliens when she went back for the little girl as my EDC….
        HPA? Keep dreaming… we couldn’t even get Obamacare overturned and everything else is being done by Executive Order…
        Everyone needs to stop whining and just buy a suppressor/silencer if you want one. I have about 16 now and always looking for something innovative, quieter and tougher.
        Shot the full size Maxim a lot… it’s about as quiet as my Sig 226 Navy with an AAC Tirant-9 but awfully bulky in the one holster I tried…

    • “I expect integrally silenced weapons to become the de facto standard within a decade of silencer deregulation.”

      If not the standard, at the least all the major gun companies will have one in their lineup.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Glock isn’t testing a prototype right now. After all, it’s kinda tough to make ugly uglier.

      I also wouldn’t be surprised if the revolver companies have a modernized Nagant in the works:

  5. No. My lifestyle, neighborhood, city and state are safe enough for the mouse gun I carry.

    My suppressor is for home defense. I don’t want to lose my hearing, because some jack hole invades my castle.

  6. As with any concealed carry option, one has to dress around the firearm of choice. On the other hand, we have test fired the Maxim 9 (like it!), waiting on the tax stamp and plan to use it as an in-home defense option. The sound attenuation was equal to or better than my expectation.

  7. I suppose that would matter if it is a good gun or not. Considering the first version of something new and innovative is usually terrible, I probably wouldn’t. After a few years on the market when all the bugs have been ironed out and a few other companies have had some innovations, then I probably would.

  8. When one with sufficiently attractive characteristics appears on the market I will likely buy it and give it a good try. Integral suppression is very attractive, and I’d make feature trade-offs over non-suppressed pistols. I don’t actually know yet what desirable things I’d be willing to do without in exchange for quieter firing, but that’s a question I’ll answer when/if it comes up.

    Edit: safety, reliability. and accuracy are not negotiable, duh.

  9. I’m a desk jockey at a sleepy small business, so while I’ve concealed carried everything from a keltec P-3AT to a HK USP Expert, my EDC is a pocket 9. With that in mind I’d never make an integrally suppressed pistol my EDC… I just don’t think it’d be possible to make a pocket carry integrally suppressed handgun in .380 or higher that’d be quiet enough to be worth the weight/size penalty.

    Would I change my ‘handling large amounts of cash’ carry gun for something integrally suppressed… Absolutely. I’d probably use it for IDPA as well.

    • Agreed. It’s too bulky for me to want to carry it. If it were smaller, I would gladly trade almost any of my pistols for one.

      If they made a .380 version I bet they could shrink it a bit. Hell, I’ll take it a step further: I’d buy it in .25 ACP if it meant considerable cuts to the size.

      Generally though, I think it’s a beautiful idea and I’m glad they did it.

  10. A main consideration for me in EDC is total length of pistol so it isn’t being pushed up when I sit down by the seat. Due to this reason my answer is no due to the overall length being too long.

        • Only if your skin is sensitive (of if you’re female).

          You can wear ONLY a shoulder holster in certain situations. Those situations don’t always gel with the general public (in-public)

          Otherwise, it’s a great skinny-dipping-carry option.

  11. No. Now if someone figures out how to suppress, even slightly, and keep the suppressor contents inside the slide I’m all for that.

    • “… if someone figures out how to suppress, even slightly, and keep the suppressor contents inside the slide I’m all for that.”

      I fully expect to see that if we get them off the NFA it will kick-off an American revolution in firearm design.

      Everybody and his brother will be prototyping ideas and some of those will make it into production.

      It’ the American way, and an example of American exceptionalism the Leftists claim we don’t have…

  12. Nothing against ’em, but I’ll stick with what I’ve got. Hard to mount a light on a Maxim9 unless I’m mistaken, and it’s huge. On my little frame, it’s hard enough to have my current EDC, much less something larger.

  13. Agree it appears too bulky. If the SAFE act or HUSH gets passed, we’ll probably see a LOT of innovation in integral silencer products. That would be awesome because someone would find a good balance between quieter and slimmer/ better carrying.

    I mean, if you really want a quiet EDC, you could get one with a small silencer that uses wipes. It’s not like you’d be replacing them all the time, would you?

    Assuming, of course, that the BATF would no longer be regulating wipes and you wouldn’t have to fill out forms to buy wipes…

  14. Too many unkowns for me. I’ve never held one, much less tried to holster one under a shirt or seen how the gun points and shoots for me.

    Would I, in general, be open to trading some carry comfort for a gun built larger to integrally suppress? Maybe! I’d definitely be open to adding an EDC for sweater weather. A large hoodie or button down plaid jacket goes a long ways to hiding a pistol much larger than my current EDC.

  15. No. I want my carry gun to be loud and intimidating, among other things.

    However, my bedside gun is another story. I would certainly buy an integrally suppressed handgun for that purpose. Because the report of a bedside gun would be contained by walls, floor and ceiling, inside shots are far too loud.

    • I agree. In a DGU in a public place, there are actually a few advantages to a loud gun. It’s likely to attract attention, and if the bad guy has accomplices, the unmistakable sound of gunfire has a really good chance of sending the cockroaches scattering. Having a quieter gun for EDC doesn’t bring enough advantages to offset the bulk and weight of carrying the thing.

      At home, though, I don’t want to be deafened, and the sound of gunfire inside my house probably isn’t going to be loud enough to alert the neighbors anyway.

  16. Not at the moment no, but I would be amiable to doing so when they can be deregulated and there are more options for them.

  17. It’s way too big for concealed carry. I know that most of my supersonic ammo will contribute to hearing loss, but at least I can carry my Glock 19 (really a modified 23), Smith BG .380, or Smith 340 PD wherever I go. I’d certainly buy one for HD – to go with a 12 gauge. If my WI land deal goes through, I should be able to buy suppressors in the future because communist CA will never allow cool gun stuff.

  18. Not really. Hearing protection is important, but more important is effectiveness. I’d hate to be limited to subsonic ammunition, but more, I’d want the criminal to be scared and try to run away. That’s probably less likely if he’s being shot at with a suppressed handgun. Psychological stops aren’t the goal, but in reality they probably are far more common than physiological stops.

  19. There’s about a $1k difference in price between my edc gun and a Maxim 9, so I’d definitely trade even if I had to carry the hulking Maxim 9. I wouldn’t buy one to carry though.

  20. Why shoot the snake? Why shoot the guy? Man, SilencerCo has some cool designs, but their marketing is kind of crappy.

  21. I’m thinking of getting one as a nightstand gun. It’s a bit large for EDC, though, like trying to conceal two G17s taped together.

  22. When they have integrally silenced pistols that have a three plus year track record of being every bit as reliable as my Glock 19 or my Shield, then I will consider adding one to my EDC rotation.

  23. Not at the moment and not the first generation of a new product. I’ll wait for suppressor to be removed from the NFA and first the next few iterations to hit the street while allowing others to be my beta testing group.

    Once the price has come down and there aren’t so many ridiculous regulations (it’s not like I can tuck and NFA item into a glovebox when I have to run into the Post Office) I’ll consider one.

  24. Only if it’s the same size or less and I don’t need to bother with the NFA.

    Hell, if integrally suppressed carry pieces become big, I’d even consider a 45 so I don’t need slow 9mm to use it.

  25. How long would the suppressor be effective, given a normal number of rounds fired in regular practice? Seems I’ve heard that all suppressors have a limited life span. It doesn’t look as if the suppressor on this gun can be easily removed and replaced either. Given the serious high cost of this thing, that would be a major deal breaker for me. I could probably carry it, but I see no real reason yet to contemplate doing so.

    And no, I wouldn’t trade my EDC for it. Period.

  26. Have a rare earth magnet implanted in your flank, instant on body carry, even bulky supressor pistols.

    Go back later for the Robo-Cop “in quadriceps” holster and quick auto attach belt fed ammo system in your wrist.

  27. Seems like a good open carry candidate. Concealed would be trickier, but could be possible with the right holster/position.

    Using as a home defense, nightstand gun might be a more typical purpose.

  28. No…I like the fact that my boom sticks go BOOM gets the appropriate attention. Suppressed rifles on the other hand come in REAL handy for that long quiet shot.

  29. Nope. I don’t own a Maxim, but have held and fired one. The thing is gigantic. It makes my full size 9 mm look small.

    It also has a really crappy trigger. It felt like the trigger on a toy gun. Gritty and uneven.

    But its worst offense was when it pinched a chunk of skin off my support hand thumb. I normally rest my thumb very near the slide. This isn’t a problem if the slide is one continuous smooth piece. However, on the Maxim, only half the slide moves (the rear half). The front part of what would normally be the slide is actually fixed and is part of the suppressor. There is a severe pinching hazard between the fixed suppressor and the movable part of the slide. Hurt like hell.

    So, no, I don’t want one.

    But it’s a good concept. Perhaps someone else will come up with a better design?

  30. An integrally suppressed LCP probably wouldn’t fit in my pocket anymore… but I’d buy one anyway, if such a thing existed.

  31. If it came with a rotating cylinder, maybe. But then that’s like asking if you’d sell the family cow for a bag of magic beans.

  32. I would hope that nobody who hates on the Hi-Point for being bulky and ugly is among the YES crowd. That level of cognitive dissonance could be dangerous. 😀

  33. All else being equal, the silenced gun is always superior.

    But all else is never equal.

    The silenced gun is going to be larger, heavier, and more expensive.
    So then the question becomes HOW MUCH larger, heavier and more expensive.

    How these qualities compare with unsilenced firearms determines whether its worth it for an individual.

    And we haven’t touched on accuracy, reliability, and durability which may or may not be as good or better than a similar unsilenced handgun.


  34. Nope, not as a carry anyways. For home use, maybe. However id imagine it would be low-hanging fruit for a prosecutor to claim that you are some sort of criminally-motivated assassin and that any “reasonable” law-abiding citizen claiming self-defense would want a loud gun to attract the attention of police and scare away other potential bad guys. I doubt the “but mah hearin'” arguement would hold much weight in court.

  35. Sorry if comment is posted more than once, think have a glitch here. No I would not trade, moot point for an every day carry.

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