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There’s an XS Lever Rail sitting atop my Marlin Dark 336 1895 rifle chambered in .30-30. It’s the perfect sighting system for that gun, with a great set of irons and an ideal platform for mounting optics.

Good news: Henry owners can rejoice now that XS is expanding their Lever Rail line to include Big Boy carbines. Here’s XS’s press release . . .

XS Sights is pleased to introduce new Lever Rails for Henry Big Boy carbines chambered in .357 Magnum (HN-6001R-N) and .44 Magnum (HN-6002R-N).

The XS Sights Lever Rails are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and hard coat anodized to provide a lightweight mounting system that is tough enough for a lifetime of service. The rail bolts on to round barrel models of the Henry Big Boy – no gunsmithing required – for a quick, do-it-yourself upgrade. Machined to Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny specifications, the XS Lever Rail extends from the rear of the receiver to the front sight dovetail cut to allow mounting of any optic – red dot, scout scope, or low-powered variable optic (LPVO) – giving you the most versatile mounting platform available.

The XS Sights Lever Rails for the Henry Big Boy carbines are designed for carbines with steel receivers and round barrels. Due to differences in barrel contour, the rails and sights are caliber specific.

The XS Lever Rail will not fit carbines with brass receivers, and it will not fit carbines with octagonal barrels.

Retail Price: $72.00

For more information, visit

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  1. Hmm…dunno if I can swing a new Henry. Maybe I can swing a used Rossi for my growing lever lust. Already got scopes. It would be simple to get it drilled & tapped for a rail like this. Anyone have
    Rossi experience???

    • I’ve got a Rossi 92, made in Brazil, in .357/.38SP Smooth action and a great shooter. Rings a 12″ gong at 100 yds with iron sites. One of my favorites.

    • I paid $275 for a Winchester 30-30 (model 94) from a random dude behind a convenience store in a parking lot. When he handed me the gun to examine, the stock fell off. Also, the gun had been sandpapered. They removed the bluing in random spots to make it look rustic. And then they sprayed the whole gun in clear coat paint. Obvious wall hanger. It was made in 1971. Opening the receiver it looked like it had never been cleaned, ever.

      After I restored it, it’s one of my best looking guns. Even blued the sintered metal receiver. Bore was in great condition too.

      So you don’t always have to buy a new one. You can get a beater and fix it up.

      I bought a marlin 336 a few years back for around $290. Stock was cracked and glued 8 times by bubba. Check your pawn shops for the occasional deal that you know about that they don’t.

    • I love my Rossi lever actions in .357. But I don’t think a rail system like this would work on them.

  2. XS Sights. Excellent products. Used them for years. I still need a set of ghost ring sights for an 18″ Marlin Texan I bought a couple of years ago. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Good luck on finding a Henry Side Gate Carbine in .357 right now. I have been trying to locate a H012GMRCC for a few months now. The one I did find was over MSRP and they wouldn’t negotiate.

  4. Bound to be lever action enthusiasts in this thread.

    Inherited new unfired (no box) 1990 vintage Win 94AE in 44mag and in .30-30. Would either have any particular “collectible” value (compared to current production).

    • neiowa, I hunt occasionally hunt on a friend’s land in SC. He is a serious Winchester and Colt collector. Guys like him won’t even look at a Winchester unless it’s a pre-64. Yours sound like shooters. Especially if they have the cross bolt safety. However, the 16″ Trappers bring a small premium. Enjoy them. I would.

      • absolute.
        with the big hoop lever my16″ 94ae is a wrangler, same vintage u.s. repeating arms.
        stabilizes 180 abd 240gr, ya get some wobble on the 300’s, slow twist rate.
        the last of the mirokus solved that.
        there is a nice cross bolt eliminator and the skinner aperture is a drop on.

        • tsbhoa.p.jr, that’s interesting. I always preferred a straight grip lever gun with a standard loop. Too each his own. Though, I prefer Marlins (the solid top receiver, and side ejection) makes it easier to mount ghost ring sights, but straight grip Marlins are more difficult to find. Aren’t firearms interesting? Especially the ones you shoot.

    • BTW, nice pair of carbines. Your posts have led me to believe that you may be in FL. If you would like to turn them into cash, let me know. Trades are always interesting.

      • NE Iowa would be in …… Iowa.

        Passed along to my sons as a ballistic legacy of their grandpa. Along w/his piles of ammo.

  5. I’ve been interested in a .357 levergun for a while, and looked to see if XS had a compatible sight a few months back, but was disappointed. This is good news, and may have made my decision for me.

    Once Henry gets some more Big Boys these on the shelves, anyway.

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