florida ar-15 homeowner kills intruders
Jason mask (Bigstock)
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We’ve been told by all of the most intelligent people who are steeped in firearms and personal defense knowledge that NO ONE NEEDS AN AR-15 TO DEFEND THEIR HOME.

If you can’t trust a couple of distinguished US Senators for personal defense advice, who can you trust, right?

We know one central Florida man who would beg to differ with those distinguished elected officials. A robbery attempt this week resulted in a shootout between a Summerfield homeowner and four (NO ONE NEEDS MORE THAN TEN ROUNDS) would-be home invaders, one of whom was wearing a Jason mask when the police found his dead body in the man’s dining room.

The robbery really didn’t go quite the way the four envisioned it.

Marion County sheriff’s officials say a homeowner armed with an AR-15 shot and killed two intruders and was injured himself during a home invasion robbery in Summerfield Wednesday night.

Two other robbery suspects — Robert John Hamilton, 19, of Ocala, and Seth Adam Rodriguez, 22, of Belleview — were detained near the scene, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

summerville robbery suspects marion county sheriff
Keith Jackson, Jr. (top left) and Nigel Doyle (top right) are no longer breathing. Robert Hamilton (bottom left) and Seth Rodriguez are currently residing in the graybar hotel. (Courtesy Marion County Sheriff’s office)

Since two of the four were killed by the homeowner, a murder charge comes into play for their accomplices.

Rodriguez was arrested on charges of murder and home invasion robbery with a firearm. Hamilton faces home invasion robbery with a firearm. Both men were being held in the Marion County Jail without bond.

It’s not clear why Hamilton wasn’t charged with murder as well.

The 61-year-old homeowner was wounded in the exchange of gunfire, but will survive.

The homeowner told Detective Travis O’Cull that, about an hour before the shooting, a male who he barely remembers from a past Craigslist transaction, knocked on the front door, according to sheriff’s officials.

The homeowner said he did not open the door but saw the male peering through a back sliding-glass door. He said he asked the male what he was doing and was told he needed help with his vehicle.

The homeowner said he told the individual he was disabled and couldn’t help him. That person then left and homeowner went to sleep.

The homeowner told the detective he was awakened by a loud noise and grabbed his AR-15, which was near his bed. He saw a masked person inside the home, he said, and he and the intruders exchanged gunfire. He said he shot at the man in the mask and at a second person coming toward him.

The homeowner said it was Jackson who shot him.

But remember, AR-15 rifles are weapons of war and have no place in a civil society. They’re useless for hunting and have no earthly purpose for self defense. And no one has ever been in a personal defense situation and required anywhere close to 10 rounds of ammunition. Got it?

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    • How about ground up and fed to the hogs instead?? Then we can have tasty bacon thanks to them….

      • As much as I *love* bacon just as much as any other red-blooded toxic-masculine American male, I’m not sure I could enjoy it if was made of ground-up Leftists…

      • “How about ground up and fed to the hogs instead?? Then we can have tasty bacon thanks to them….”

        Well, there is that old adage, “Your are what you eat.”

      • Wouldn’t that be considered cruelty to the pigs? They’d have to lick each others ass’s to get that vile taste out of their mouths.

          • “lol and from most politicians and leftists they may also get severe indigestion”

            To revert to my favorite tool for imprisoned punishment…

            Any one convicted of a legal infraction with the potential punishment being five years or more, they are put on a registry of organ and body part donors (why waste such a grand inventory?) for the duration of their incarceration. Not only would punishment be a measure of deterrence, but instead of feeding entirely off the public trough, the jailbirds would actually be performing a civic good. Imagine how short the waiting lists for transplants would shrink. (And yes, I borrowed this idea from a book)

      • Don’t grind them up. Noooo.

        The homeowner should put them in a pit with a dozen hogs. Let these perps fight the hogs for their lives – with nothing but their bare hands. The outcome will be predictable. People who have not seen hogs in action really have no idea what I’m talking about. People who have been around hogs know that this won’t be pretty – or neat.

        Film the results and show it as an example of what the law-abiding will do to criminals. Criminals will beg to be arrested by the police.

        • sounds like a good plan….. can we start doing it with corrupt politicians as well that are not following the constitution and its limits on their power? 😀
          BTW i have been pig hunting before. There was a group of us one with a rifle (usually me) and the guys all had big knives (bayonets were commonly used) and we would pile in the back of a ute. we would drive right into the middle of a big mob of pigs and the guys would pile out and set to work sticking as many pigs as they could. I was there in case one of them got in trouble to shoot the pig.

    • When the Liberals, Leftists, 95% Democrats, Rinos & celebrities give up their armed bodyguards, gated communities, high security walls & high tech alarms & safe rooms then people may consider giving up weapons. As long as illegal criminal aliens, criminals & other riffraff rob, attack & kill law abiding citizens I don’t care if it is an AR15, grenade, bowie knifes, machete, bats, pipes or bazooka as long as people can defend themselves,their families , friends & neighbors from harm

      • If’n they was such good boys why were they found dead in a house they were not invited into? Sorry but that line there would have me telling the family to just get on with their lives, learning from their sons mistakes and not doing things that are in any way harming others or you may face the same fate. I also would tend to be rather harsher on repeat offenders. 10,000 acres of desert surrounded by high voltage fence would be their last home to live or die by their own wits. No food drops, clothing drops or anything else, just drop them in there with the clothes on their back and nothing else. This of course would be repeat offenders of things where there was an actual crime which means there MUST also be a Victim.

    • It would save on burial costs and might also subsidize feeding costs of local aquariums. As for the politicians i just hope the sharks would not get indigestion eating those

    • Nah, the solution is to make home invasion robbery against the law. Once people realize it’s a crime that’ll put a stop to this kind of behavior, right?

  1. And watch as this gets classified as a mass shooting by demanding mommies
    (Side note: lol matching haircuts. If you finna do hood rat thangs with yo friends, might as well get the look down as well)

    • I have ZERO doubt that this goes on the List of mass shootings.
      Since the mainstream media doesn’t report on situations like this, everytime someone sees the “mass shooting” statistics it conjures images of school shootings and workplace vendettas, which are only a small percentage.

    • Per the definition used by Antis, he was one casualty short of a mass shooter (they count the defender since he was injured).

  2. Nice looking boys there. Look like investment bankers to me. Especially the one with face tattoos.

  3. Wait… …If two of them were killed how do we have photos of all four?
    Is it possible that these fine gentlemen already had mugshots on file?

    • Unpossible. I’m sure they were all just working on saving up tuition money so they could continue their studies to become either neurosurgeons or selfless social workers.

    • High school year book photos? Maybe even the valedictorian. Couldn’t be prior mug shots.

  4. The fact that a 61 year old man was able to fend off 4 men a third of his age speaks volumes about the practicality and applicability of the AR-15 and standard capacity magazines.

    Yes high-profile mass shooters tend to prefer the AR-15, but the rifle has far more chances of being used for good than evil. Banning the AR-15 (and other semi-automatic rifles) places the public at far more risk than it prevents.

    Lets hope the homeowner used a suppressor, or he would have certainly caused himself grave bodily harm (neurosensory hearing loss) in addition to his gunshot wounds. There’s no reason to needlessly accept more bodily harm if there is a reasonable way of preventing it (via suppressor use).

    • Well said! Do we know if he needed more than 10 rounds to protect his Life?
      Of course Libs would argue with the “protect his Life” part of that because they believe criminals are actually noble and wouldn’t hurt their “clients” if we just go with the flow.
      The white man forced these Lads into this Life.

      • …and we need to stop fighting back and Let these poor victims take what they deserve as reparations for our having oppressed them.

      • Turns out that the lefties don’t care how many rounds you need to protect your life – they don’t want you to protect your life at all. They want you to beg for them to protect you and, if you won’t kneel and beg, they want you to lose your life. They know the criminals will hurt you, they want them to – they view violent criminals as unpaid party workers.

      • The anti’s would have wanted the homeowner to take a “critical pause” in the middle of defending himself.

        • They’ll blame the homeowner for being unskilled with a weapon of war, to wit; “shouldn’t have taken more than 4 rounds, well within the capacity of ‘safe, 10 bullet (sic) clips’ (sic).

    • The old adage proves correct God created man and Sam Colt made them equal
      Semper Fidelis
      The Gunny

    • “Yes high-profile mass shooters tend to prefer the AR-15,…”

      It’s the other way around. Most of mass shootings was committed with hand guns. But only cases that help the propaganda machine to push the narrative are made high-profile.
      Gun grabbing leftists like Chris Murphy know that and simply lie. They know which arms are most useful for defense against tyrannical government. Those are the arms on which they concentrate their efforts first.

      Scoped precision rifles (hunting and sporting) will be next if leftists ever manage to get “assault weapons” ban on the books. Suddenly the news will be full of mass murdering sniper stories and calls for “commonsense measures” to ban these high powered, magnum chambered, scoped, military grade sniper rifles to stop this new “public health crisis”. Suddenly they will remember that ARs shoot puny intermediate cartridges and compare them side by side to 30-06 and 300 win mag. Studies investigating diferrence in wounding capabilities will be conducted and widely publicized, including gruesome pictures. ‘How is it possible that these are still legal?’ they will scream.

  5. Highly trained weekend urban warfare training for sure. Plenty of available center mass, too.

  6. Shame on that AR-15. Why did it need to gun down those poor boys, who were just looking for tuition money so that they could get into law school make something of their lives.

    • Law school would have just advanced their criminality… it’s good that endeavour was nipped in the bud. They might even have moved on into politics!

  7. Gropin’ Joe Biden is confused….? Why didn’t the home owner just take his old double barrel shotgun and fire off two blasts in the air…? That should take care of it… right? Even leaves room for some naked swimming in front of the secret service detail

    (too much?)

    • Sadly that guy, with such amazing home defense advice, believes he is qualified to be commander in chief.

    • Not enough. Far from too much, you should’ve worked in the Scotch bottles he always keeps in his pocket somehow too. At least when he isn’t naked. I’d imagine in that case, sans pockets, he’d need his booze in his hand where it’s handy. That’d still leave him his other hand and nose for groping co-workers and sniffing their hair. Nothing creepy about that old minion of evil, is there?

    • How do those 4 get cash? One is basically unemployable, facial tattoos, Jailhouse art.
      The one with knife cuts all over his face? Were do they live? Who do they live with?
      Imagine the risk pulling that group over for a busted taillight?
      You would need the SWAT Team. And this 61-year-old, on his own, just awakened from sleep, cleaned their clocks, good on ya Buddy!! My Glock 11 round G43X on the bedside table seems a little inadequate somehow. But the noise of breaking in would wake me up, light sleeper. And the first head coming up the stairs? 147g decoration.

      • Got to be careful with those Glocks on the bedside table…

        “A Michigan man mistook his wife for an intruder breaking into their home in the middle of the night. He then shot and killed her with a gun he keeps at his bedside.

        The couple’s 4-year-old child called 911 and told the operator that his 30-year-old mother, who was shot in the chest, was not breathing, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office told ABC News affiliate WXYZ.”

  8. AR 15’s are like the gals in Playboy centerfold. You don’t NEED it, but you WANT it!

    • No disrespect intended, but I disagree. The AR-15 platform isnt some sort of range toy, it’s a serious tool. In other words, it’s not a want; it’s a need.
      It’s much easier to justify banning something if it is merely a desire. Conversely, if we frame it as a necessity, the justification for a ban becomes much more difficult to establish. Politics is a language game and we need to use the correct language if we intend to win it.

      • I only hope that when I get my suppressed short barreled AR for home defense it is here in NY swimming in a pool of tears of failed gun control policies upended by common sense. Failing that New Hampshire and much of the south is cool too.

        • Oh, they’ve done three stupid things…

          — With control of the NYS assembly, they’ve shown what they’ll do when they get control.

          — With the pursuit of national PR, the NYS shenanigans get a wider audiance; with Proconsul Cuomo-the-Younger, DeBoBo, and the rest vying for national relevance, what they do here, other people realize they’ll do there, given the chance.

          — Without adult supervision in state, they’ve gone ahead and tweaked national authoritah. Courts decide on policy and prerogative; even if they agree with you on policy, erode their autoritah and they’ll slap you down anyway. NYC laws reaching outside Gotham, while the 9th circuit keeps playing national court, on the heels of a presidential election that amounted to: “We’ll take the reactive, orange, reality-TV star over being further ruled from NY, CA, and Martha’s Vinyard.’

          Interesting times.

    • Damn son…. I think your logic is misguided…
      The AR15 is something you NEED, not something you WANT….
      If that is your reasoning for owning the rifle, you don’t NEED IT!!!! JS

  9. An African “Nigel” is amusing. I’m sure he had strong, but well reasoned opinions on the Magna Carta and Brexit.

    • Yeah but he’s disabled and wounded and still took out two including the one who shot him. He deserves quite a few free beers.

      • Yeah, and we don’t know that the hero who shot him did not save the lives of the *other* two. Without being wounded, he might have got ’em all.

  10. No one needs an AR-15. No one.

    AR stands for Automatic Rifle, as in machine gun, and no home owner needs full auto to scare off a few errant young adults. Automatic Rifles should be illegal everywhere. Automatic Rifles do not give the targeted people time to run away from a crazed gun owner.

    No one should have to face automatic fire inside a home, with probably no easy escape route. People with Automatic Rifles already announce they are just itching to kill a bunch of people, or kill one person really dead. A bolt action rifle should be enough to send the message that the homeowner is defending against attack, giving misguided people a chance to decide to stop what they are doing; no need to kill more than one person in a group. Look at all the times in movies just one wounding, or one kill, stops a mob flat out. That stuff is taken from real life, and you can find all sorts of examples on the internet. It is barbaric that a person should be killed for making a mistake (attacking an armed person).

    No body needs an Automatic Rifle.

    • Wow, I didn’t realize my AR-7 was an “Automatic Rifle”! Those eight rounds of .22 are really going to do some damage!

      • The .22 is the assassin’s bullet! Control your murderous impulses you nasty .22 owner!

        • “The .22 is the assassin’s bullet! Control your murderous impulses you nasty .22 owner!”

          Welcome, fellow traveler. “No one can stop the midnight riiiddeeeeerr.”

      • “Wow, I didn’t realize my AR-7 was an “Automatic Rifle”! Those eight rounds of .22 are really going to do some damage!”

        Exactly. How many times do you see rabbits and squirrels attacking in a group large enough that you need full auto, seven rounds, just to claim a hit? Animals have rights, too.

      • Agree. It was so wrong-headed and easily debunked that I actually googled the “Sam I Am” post history and although it’s a little schizophrenic, usually whoever’s posting under the name is better than this at making wedge comments.

        • “…usually whoever’s posting under the name is better than this at making wedge comments.”

          Already admitted it’s not my best day; not tanked up enough.

        • “Already admitted it’s not my best day; not tanked up enough.”

          It’s Sunday, get to it and make us *proud*… 😉

      • “Critique: A little too blatant to be an effective troll.”

        Parody. Ran out of JW Black about two hours ago. Not really on top of my game.

    • So homeowners with ARs are really like the guy from the Saw movies laying an elaborate trap for innocent armed criminals by having a home with stuff to steal and people to kill inside. Taking advantage of innocent criminals’ bloodlust is pretty horrible. It’s like how they have those buildings full of children they use to lure innocent pedos. Very inhumane stuff.

      • “So homeowners with ARs are really like the guy from the Saw movies laying an elaborate trap for innocent armed criminals by having a home with stuff to steal and people to kill inside. ”

        Yeah, yeah. You got it. Now you see the light. Welcome over to the far side.

    • AR is a designation of the original manufacturer, Armalite. Which also made shotguns, and handguns.
      The AR prefix is on their shotguns and handguns too. It is a designation code for the company and the first 2 letters in it’s name.
      It does not mean Assault Rifle, or Automatic Rifle as some Dumbass Liberals keep pointing out.

      • “It does not mean Assault Rifle, or Automatic Rifle…”

        True. I was trying to come up with an even more outrageous meaning of the “AR” than the usual gun grabber would conceive. Just to make it fun.

        • I always thought AR stood for, Another Rifle. It’s not an M14, Grarand, 03-A3, Flintlock or muusket. It’s another rifle and we all need another rifle

          • “I always thought AR stood for, Another Rifle.”

            Well, there ya’ go. Hadn’t looked at it that way before; nice observation.

        • “So what’s the AR designation on my level V body armor mean?”

          Army Reject?

          Sorry, that one was just too easy.

    • Dear Sam, sure hope you forgot to put(sarc ON) in there…. AR does NOT stand for Automatic Rifle but DEMS are too dense to understand that unless you TELL THEM SO. Armalite would be really stressed if they were still here. We should help the homeowner move up to an AR-10… then a “standard mag” would have done the job….. Right?

      • “Dear Sam, sure hope you forgot to put(sarc ON) in there…”

        Generally don’t use a sarc notation. Try to get the reader to stop, wonder if the comment is serious (only when using parody, which is definitely not done all the time), then note the ridicule, and have a chuckle.

    • Are you fkn serious???? Maybe I need to reread your response, because I must’ve missed the sarcasm…

      Nevermind, I’ve edited my comment to reflect the fact that this was a troll comment….
      Damn, stop working my blood pressure up like that lol


        Yeah, that’ll do it; name calling is the highest form of critical thinking.

        Yes, re-read the original commentary. Somethings are just below the surface.

      • He’s obviously not serious. Calm down. Read the stuff he’s writing. I admit gungrabbers are deranged but he’s obviously trying to be funny.

    • Perhaps not exactly the set of responses you were looking for but you got some good ones nonetheless.

      +500XP. Level up. Well done.

      • “Perhaps not exactly the set of responses you were looking for but you got some good ones nonetheless.”


        As the old politician once said…”Any response is a good response.”

        Or was it, “There is no such thing as bad responses”?

          • “Marilyn Monroe level grate standing attention whrng son”

            Wish I understood more what you are saying here.

        • @sam any response is a good response being the troll’s motto, not that you’re really a serious troll. And trolls being attn hores –> Marilyn Monroe in her famous white dress over the street grate with the air blowing it up. Sorry man too old a reference.

          • “Marilyn Monroe in her famous white dress over the street grate with the air blowing it up. Sorry man too old a reference.”

            Most memorable photo.

            About responses, was trying to corrupt the “There is no such thing as bad PR”. Hadn’t thought about the troll angle.

    • Wow, Sam! That there is some crazy, ignorant shit spurting forth from your diarrhea hole. But apparently you are too stupid to know just how stupid you are. Please consider going away to learn the errors in your “expertise” on firearms, and then keep going away, don’t bother coming back. With your startlingly deficient intellect, I suspect your mother has been plotting a retroactive abortion for quite some time…

      • “That there is some crazy, ignorant shit…”

        Well….I typed the comment real slow, so a longhaired redneck should be able to read and understand. (BTW, I remember when longhaired redneck was an oxymoron).

        Some commentary is intentional spoof, ridicule, sarcasm, parody for entertainment. Some folks get it, and some don’t. Some days I can pull it off, and some days (like today) I can’t.

      • Sam has a real knack for getting people with a sub-60 IQ to do two things: Reveal themselves as morons and insult him for being the stupid one.

        For everything else there’s MasterCard.

  11. Repeal the NFA. Disabled homeowners need suppressing fire to deal with gangs of armed murderers invading residences.

  12. Uncle “Pedo” Joe Biden says all you need is a double barrel shotgun…….
    2 shotgun rounds + 4 violent home Invaders = SOL.
    Elderly folks can’t handle most shotguns (recoil)
    M-4 carbine is soft shooting/easy to manipulate/ good firepower=(STANDARD CAPACITY (30) MAGAZINES)

    This is why the M4 is a good home defense rifle. ( Lots of accessories /lights/ sights/ customability for all types of ppl)

  13. Strictly speaking, the homeowner didn’t need an AR15. A Mini-14, a pistol caliber carbine or a shotgun with an extended magazine would have done just as well. He could have gotten by with a handgun although reloading might have become an issue. The bare minimum would be a black powder revolver. A solid hit from a Walker Colt would ruin a bad guy’s entire day. The homeowner couldn’t afford to miss.

  14. If someone comes to your door at night acting suspicious and claiming “car trouble” when you challenge them don’t tell them you’re disabled, tell them you’ll go ahead and call the police to come help. Then consider doing so.

    • Honestly the moment we hear that old line I am already getting the rifle/shotgun (whatever I am closer to) and the wife is on the phone with the cops and getting away from the door.

      • ^This^

        Also directions, and that old saw “Got a light.” (or “Got a cigarette.”), which is actually more often code offering an herbal transaction than a robbery attempt.

        I do have a new, surprising source of joy when pan-handlers try their tale of woe on me. “Oh, your life is hard? you wanna play Misery Poker? OK, here’s what I’m holding…”

        A good third of them, and more than half who try the “tale of woe” thing, are oriented, articulate, and acute. The palsey, unfocused gaze, articulation problems, all go away, n they get such a cranky look. The occasional F-U is delivered with perfect diction. Then, they stalk away with energetic, even strides their prior swaying, and dragged foot suddenly vanished. It’s mean to laugh out loud, but my TBI, half-blind eye (detached retina), and the rest take over and scoff at them.

        You’re organized enough to scrape your act together to fake hurt, you’re organized enough to scrape your act together and offer what you can do.

        You do what you can for yourself with what you have. Including a disabled guy in his own home who might really need an intermediate-power carbine with standard capacity mag as an equalizer vs. — hypothetically — 4 guys half his age, twice his size, in good health decide that his life and stuff are theirs.

        Some of us would leave him that option. Given that the people shot were home invaders, not carbine-guy’s neighbors, I’m thinking his judgment and aim are pretty sound.

        • Dear Overlords,

          I would more quickly adapt to the captcha admonishments if the correction-bot (for which I am grateful, comrades) could inform me of my specific transgressions. Mine are errors of ignorance, not opposition. I Love Big Captcha.

  15. Nah, the AR is a want, not a need. He probably could have gotten the job done with a Mini 14.

    Clearly this guy was running drugs or something. There is literally zero other possible reason within the known universe that four (4!!!) people would break into his house like this. Old dude was clearly spending too much time on the wrong side of the tracks otherwise this never would have happened. So, he should be investigated, what he was doing to cause this found, and he should be prosecuted for whatever it is.

    • “Clearly this guy was running drugs or something.”

      That’s the way it’s being portrayed on this end, he was a mid-level dealer.

      And that opens up some interesting questions – They wouldn’t be there if he wasn’t dealing, so does his crime of dealing mean he could be charged for murder, since someone died in the commission of a felony?

      • I have no idea how that would work.

        I was just being over the top with a mishmash of bullshit that’s common in the comment section for stories like this. There’s always someone saying that home invasions don’t happen to honest law abiding folk, which is a total horseshit claim.

        I was just trolling/ridiculing. Not as effectively as Sam, but looking below your comment I did get a nibble.

        The fact that people are saying that about the guy doesn’t surprise me. Heck, maybe it’s true in this case, but not everyone targeted by a group of criminals is being targeted for being a criminal.

        • Honestly, most of the time when you have multiple armed people breaking into an occupied home, there’s something squirrely going on. It’s just stupid for burglars to operate like that. But crooks are often stupid (just not usually THAT stupid). And even if he has drugs in there, I’d much prefer the guys committing an armed home invasion to steal drugs get waxed instead of the drug dealer, all else being equal.

        • In another article one of the thugs had said they planned to rob him of guns and marijuana. I haven’t seen anything saying he was a dealer or even did have any marijuana. However, if he was just a medical or even recreational user and not a dealer it would be interesting to see how the law and people of the gun view this incident.

        • What they planned and what they said can be two different things. What they think they knew and what was real may also be different.

          The point remains: Multiple armed home invaders do, in fact, happen to attack law abiding citizens. Exactly that kind of incident got one of my neighbors a cool chest/back scar (entry and exit wound), a divorce and a bankruptcy when the idiots behind the gun couldn’t read the street addresses correctly.

        • Crooks usually have at best the same intel as the police, which is provided by other crooks, which can be incorrect or obsolete. There have been homes hit in drive-by shooting attacks in my city. It turns out some criminals and known associates did reside there in the past but have not lived there in several years. The current occupiers ended up putting up a sign saying the former residents did not live there any more.

      • If I were a betting man, he was a bit too open or loose with his craigslist transactions. They knew where he lived based on a previous one, so they must have seen something that piqued their interest. Quite possibly invited the initial perp inside during the transaction.

    • Have to disagree. If he had a SAW he may have shot all the attackers, prevented his being wounded and saved time and money spent on hospitalization and court costs. ARs and non-full auto weapons hurt our productivity and lower our GDP as a nation.

      Restore American GDP growth, repeal the NFA.

  16. I would have preferred that the homeowner devote some resources to securing his home from would-be invaders in the first place, rather than risk a four-on-one shootout in his living room. Still, the chalk outlines ended up around the right bodies. Meh, swings and roundabouts.

  17. I have an AR15. I’m old. In point of fact several young dindu’s banged on my door several years ago on a dark & stormy night( no joke!). I yelled” I’m calling the Po-leece”! And did. It spured me into becoming a gunowner…and here we ARE😏

    • This reminds me of something that happened to me. I’m not particularly proud of my actions but I think it is a decent anecdote of the intimidation power the AR holds, fairly or not.

      When I lived in a bad neighborhood my buddy and I often were out on the porch during the dog days of summer. Our neighbor was a drug dealer and not a very stealthy one. He’d often have cars lined up in front of our house buying his product. He, and other dealers around us, got away with this with zero harassment since they were protected by a local gang. As such he intimidated a lot of people because of the power and backing he had.

      One day for no particular reason he decided to start talking shit to my roommate and I. We just kind of sat there and grinned at him because, what else are we going to do about him running his mouth? But then he steps up on our front step in the yard, about 15 yards out from us, flashes the pistol in his waistband and says “You white boys gonna get what you deserve!”.

      I stand up, hook my foot under the pistol grip on the AR next to my chair, kick it up to my hands in a move that, try as I might, I have never been able to replicate. The rifle comes up level to my shoulder like fucking magic and pointed straight at this guy’s face. Looking down the sight at his nose I pretty well yell at him “What the fuck did you just say to me [insert racial epithet here]!?!” loud enough that most of the nearby neighbors who are outside hear me.

      Dude, shits his pants, screams “SORRY BRO!” and scurries back to his house. Never again does he even look at us sideways, never mind run his mouth. After that we were the “crazy white boys” on that street. An older Black gentleman who always OCed a .44 mag became a frequent guest of ours, sitting on the porch playing cards or just drinking beer. For the next 18 months I consistently hear stories about my ability to make a rifle magically “appear” in my hands and that I’m a total nut for saying what I said. The superstitious old lady across the street even asked me which Gods I prayed to in order to get the power to make firearms appear from thin air.

      Suffice to say, no one ever screwed with us again. That’s when I realized the wisdom in the statement “peace through superior firepower”.

      Again, not particularly proud of my use of racially charged language there but I think it illustrates the power of such a rifle backed by someone perceived as crazy/serious enough to use it. And, of course if he had gone for his little Cobra…

    • That’s a beautiful story of the beginnings of your love affair with the AR 😉

  18. Not for hunting? I think the deer I got a couple weeks ago, would differ. Then again it was eating the young defenseless corn on my friends farm… does that count as a home invasion too?

  19. How many shots does it take for a sleeping, disabled person to secure their life from 4 home invaders?

    Varous legislators seem to need to know.

  20. Barely ‘adults’, they already have mug shots, of course. Because why wouldn’t they? Entitled, illiterate, waste-of-life, oxygen thieves. Kudos to the homeowner for batting .500 with these ‘tards.

  21. That’s one of the reasons I LOVE Living in Florida. We have stories Every week about Homeowners, Business Owners, Women being attacked or even people fighting back with Guns, Knives, Bats or Fists or whatever & Killing Scumbags & Eliminating Vermin & in 90% or More of the cases it’s Case Closed. People Defend Themselves – Useless, Criminal Pieces of Dogshit DIE & No Marches or Protests happen just Happy Citizens going about their business after Taking Out The TRASH!

    • This story is only covered on conservative and local news media, it needs to be on national news. The moderate and left leaning voters need to understand an AR15, with standard size mag and features, can be used for self defense.

      • I like the trend toward smaller carbines, SBR’s, and PDW’s for home defense, especially if they can be equipped with subsonic rounds and suppressors … but you take what you can get.
        Something is better than nothing at all. No one should be dictating what you use or how many rounds are sufficient to defend your life.

        • I consider my suppressed .300 blk with 9″ barrel to be near perfect. Repeal the NFA, and then everybody should have one.

    • “A Michigan man mistook his wife for an intruder breaking into their home in the middle of the night. He then shot and killed her with a gun he keeps at his bedside.

      The couple’s 4-year-old child called 911 and told the operator that his 30-year-old mother, who was shot in the chest, was not breathing, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office told ABC News affiliate WXYZ.”

  22. I have a MR556 with a EOTec for fast acquisition of a target. But its a pain to put it next to the bed and then lock it up every time I leave the house. I also would hate to wake up and find my AR rifle pointed at me! I live located near Taco Trailer parks and there have been 5 attempts to enter my home in 5 years. On 5/28 of this year they almost had me. I know I did not go to bed before 4:30 am so they must have come right after I was in a deep sleep. The sliding door pin must have popped out. Anyways On that morning I saw the blinds were messed up. Went over to it and found it open maybe 5″. I am thinking could I have left this door open, NO WAY. Anyway when the beat the first latch and were in the process of getting the pin out they knocked the door off track and it was jammed. It has to be raised evenly to get it back on track and of course they could not reach it. Things have changed in this home. I’m over 60 and not wrestling with anyone. Where I live I think they own a few deputies. People have abandon homes in this area. One lady said she repaired the house twice at a cost of 30k, they will even tear out the wiring. No body can use copper anymore. It you don’t bolt it down it disappears. Just the damage from attempts is bad. One of my doors the jam is shattered. Locks destroyed. I think the neighbor boy who by accident saw my safe has let them know there are allot of nice things here.

    • “I live located near Taco Trailer parks and there have been 5 attempts to enter my home in 5 years. On 5/28 of this year they almost had me. I know I did not go to bed before 4:30 am so they must have come right after I was in a deep sleep. The sliding door pin must have popped out. Anyways On that morning I saw the blinds were messed up. Went over to it and found it open maybe 5″. I am thinking could I have left this door open, NO WAY. Anyway when the beat the first latch and were in the process of getting the pin out they knocked the door off track and it was jammed.”

      will, you need to get an alarm. They could have slit your throat if they had managed to break in. Here, do some shopping:


  23. And once again the cops make off with the carcass, this time it was Two. I swear I’m going to quit shooting people if all that happens is I’m feeding the “Pigs” for free, its a waste of bullots.

    • Possum
      You’re gonna get food poisoning eating that kind of spoilt meat road kill.

  24. Hey I really want a belt fed get them all with a full Burst could really come in handy during gun confiscation

  25. They are NOT automatic rifles – semi – automatic! Know the difference to combat the stupidity of dumbocrats and gun grabbers alike!

    • nope, 2 of them will vote democrat from jail, and 2 of them might vote democrat from beyond the grave.

      “my grandmother voted Republican all her life. she only started voting democrat after she died” – joke about democrat voter fraud.

    • “It won’t be long before the Dems support reparations for the four “intruders.””

      Uninvited visitors, not intruders.

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