moms demand action northam special session
Moms Demanding Action line up during a rally at the State Capitol in Richmond, Va., Tuesday, July 9, 2019. Governor Northam called a special session of the General Assembly to consider gun legislation in light of the Virginia Beach Shootings. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
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The Washington Post followed a bus load of Shannon’s red-shirted troops as they made their way to Richmond this week for Governor Coonman’s special session on gun control. The paper also captured their shock and disappointment as the entire political stunt crashed to the earth in a ball of flames just 90 minutes after it started.

A mere 90 minutes into what was supposed to be a monster session on curbing gun violence, political backroom deals proved it was all theater.

The Republican majority had been planning the adjournment stunt for at least a week, as their Democratic counterparts were preparing their arguments, as the mothers arranged for babysitters and collected donations for the bus to Richmond.

The Republican legislators knew they were going to shut it down before even considering any of it.

“It was heartbreaking. It was infuriating,” Galindez said. “How dare they. How dare they not do their jobs and at least dialogue.”

The moms were heartbroken, quiet and dumbstruck as the bus pulled out of Richmond.

It was another one of those times when they felt invisible.

They began to seethe. And rage.

Before they were even halfway back to Virginia Beach, they were in battle mode again.

– Petula Dvorak in The moms went to Richmond to demand action on gun violence. Instead, they were ignored.

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  1. Donations for the bus … that’s rich.

    And, when you support restricting and criminalizing a fundamental right, I have zero sympathy for you getting upset when the effort fails.

    • 😆😆😆 It makes my day to see them all mad. By God, had that legislature been all leftists, and the legislation pro gun, you’d bet they’d be cheering, releasing balloons and declaring victory. See how bitter these b*itches are.😆😆😆

      • Their names are Karen, Shannon, Alexandria, Diane, Barbra, Kathleen, Nancy. These names are but a few of the ever growing “army” of women who are looking to strip away civil rights.

        They are the faces of tyranny in 2019.

  2. Mom = A female of a species who has borne an offspring. That’s all.

    The word “Mom” in no way infers intelligence, honesty, faithfulness, moral turpitude, courage, common sense, goodness, brilliance, or any other positive character trait.

    They should be at home raising their children instead of protestinng. If they want their children to be safer in school, they should teach them to always treat other children with dignity and respect. Protesting is generally a waste of time. The Vietnam protests started in 1964 and the war went on for 11 more years until Congress got tired of paying for it.

    • The protests didn’t really start till after 1966. Congress didn’t get tired of funding the war till the North Vietnamese invaded with 20 divisions and 500 tanks. The Demorats were happy to betray an ally and sell them into slavery and betray 50,000 dead Americans. The same commies protesting in those days are the “parents” who created Antifa. Screw those protesters, they were gun grabbers then and are the same commies today.

      Molon labe.

      • ” Screw those protesters, they were gun grabbers then and are the same commies today. ”

        Hey… Fuck You!!! I was one of those gun-grabbing commies out on the barricades sucking up tear gas and trying to get us out of a pointless and insane war. What have you done for anyone lately?

        • Fuck you right back, you really think what you did helped end the war? Or did it make it unbearable for the men that fought, two of them were my uncles, one took his own life after he came back. So shove your Leftist BS up where Jane Fonda lives.

        • You are proud of protesting the war and think you actually ACCOMPLISHED something? Hahahahahahahahaahahhaha

  3. They should be reminded of the last time Moms demanded action with images of Prohibition Era corpses.

    • Shire man has it. It is long past time to go on the offensive, instead of cowering and asking what the antis want… this time around. Instead, when they whinge and moan, call them racist bigots, and suggest they need to get a life.
      I’ve spent 40 years now using logic and reason, and they don’t understand it any more than internet trolls do. All I can muster for an anti (or a troll) now is long, sustained laughter while pointing at their clown shoes.
      They have made themselves ridiculous. Why would anyone pay any attention to their adult temper tantrums, other than to make fun of them, or just walk away while shaking one’s head at how infantile supposedly adult humans can be?

      • You won’t convince the activists. You can inform people on the fence. Helping the anti-people look stupid actually helps politically.

        The anti-people’s shenanigans are our best P R. Too bad for them, they’re so addicted to their psychodrame.

    • “They should be reminded of the last time Moms demanded action with images of Prohibition Era corpses.”

      Yep. A few years back, Dyspeptic Gunsmith laid out how the ‘Mad Mommies’ were using the alcohol prohibition playbook from the 1920s, right down to the organization, the protests, the outrage, the whole ball-of-wax. And got ETOH outlawed at the federal level for 13 years. Yet, folks drank as much, if not more than before.

      One difference between then and now – They have no intention of screwing it up…

      • They had no intentions of screwing it all up in the 1920s either. But the best intentions of brainless fools always go bad, because fools can’t help but screw up. It’s the curse of going through life bass-ackwards.
        One cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, so all they can do is attempt to get the gullible to believe silk is made out of pig cartilage. Pretty pitiful aren’t they?

  4. Upper Middle class, empty nesters looking for relevancy. Add in a touch of stupid and a heaping of self-righteous certainty and a “liberal” education.
    The husbands help finance this behavior just to get them out of the house.
    This is the end result.

  5. “How dare they. How dare they not do their jobs and at least dialogue.” We can’t “dialogue” when all you want is your own “monologue”.

    • I hate that word “dialogue” It’s like “communicate” We need to “communicate”. Just say TALK, would ya, huh?

      • Yeah, I’ve had my fill of that “we need to talk” shit. Been on the receiving end of it too many times. There is no “we” in “we need to talk”. It’s all about hearing a stern lecture followed up with an ultimatum. No participation needed or wanted. It’s an aggressive and confrontational way to start a non-conversation.

  6. Standing in line, waiting to get through the metal detectors of the General Assembly building, chants of “Shame on you” rolling down from the Red Shirts.

    Held my head high, shoulders back, smile on my face, and concealed carry without remorse.

    If I am shameful as a law abiding citizen, who prefers not to deny other law abiding citizens any of their rights, then so be it. Banning anything is simply un-American as it is contrary to Freedom. Each of the proposals were malum prohibitum law restricting or abridging a Civil Right.

    I had a speech lined up, alas, no committee sessions, so no speech. Curious if these same moms would go for a law limiting prayer to an arbitrary number of minutes per day because that “should be enough for anyone”, or that you could only assemble one time per month…

  7. Hasn’t anybody noticed? They’re wearing UNIFORMS (American version) like a bunch of brown shirted Nazis from the nineteen thirties. Gee, I wonder how they salute each other. Heil Bloomberg! maybe???

  8. Demanding Commie Mommy’s are heartbroken because the Constitution won out over tyranny in the state of Virginia,they can go cry with their sponsor B-Loon-Berg.

  9. By the way, folks, read the linked article.

    Purple prose at it’s worst … and a paragon of journalistic balance and impartiality it isn’t.

    • I read the linked article and it sounds like it was written, reviewed or approved by Bloomberg. As Mark Twain said that if you didn’t read the newspaper you would be uninformed but if you read it, you would be misinformed.

    • I would read the article, except that they demand that I turn off my ad blocker . That’s not happening, so I guess I’ll save myself the trouble of reading this particular propaganda piece.

      • NoScript and AdBlock within the browser kills practically all the embedded Javascript junk I don’t want to see or hear on certain webpages. It can be a pain in the ass to set permissions but it’s worth it to avoid the distracting media you don’t want.

  10. My question is, where was that bus from that they said they were getting “donations” for? Why did they need a bus? Every rally I have been to, people would drive or take public transit, then gather at the location of the event. Were these women from out of state? Sounds like some a good thing to investigate.

    • That’s all just misinformation (neutral tense). One could just as easily say; “lies” (negative tense) or “spin” (positive tense… putting lipstick on the pig). This is ‘art’ of ‘journalism’.
      In truth, Bloomberg has been not only paying for all the transportation, but also for food, lodging, and 50-150 bucks cash besides, just to get some useless eaters to attend these so-called ‘rallies’. This has been going on for at least since he formed the now defunct MAIG. And most likely from long before that.
      The only way the antis can get protesters now is to hire them. If they don’t, all they get is like in front of the NRA meeting a few weeks back. The leaders on salary show up (because they are required to), and about six of the really die hard braindead.

    • I’ve always wondered how people could show up to protest when normal responsible people were out doing honest work.
      Now I know. A lot of the so-called SJW’s are paid protestors. What a joke they are.
      I’ve actually seen Craigslist advertisements for them to do paid temp work for the Prog non-profits.

      • Yeah. These billionaires don’t even make an attempt to hide it. They openly advertise cash payments to get the hopelessly poor (that they’ve created) to lick their boots and do their bidding. It’s pathetically pitiful.

  11. Those postmenopausal empty-heads remind me of a line from an Ogden Nash poem:

    “For when a lady is badly sexed God knows what God is coming next.”

  12. The only thing better than seeing my side run in fear of the dreaded RINO is the Moms crashing to earth.

    Northam knows it’s probably now or never for him on gun control because it is almost a certainty that the Democrats lose seats in the House of Delegates in November. Extrodinary electoral gains are always followed by losses. It is the political equivalent of regression to the mean.

    • Perhaps. Perhaps not. Time will tell to be sure, however, with a slim 1 candidate margin in both the VA House and Senate, nothing is certain.

      MDA is better funded and organized than VCDL, NRA, and GOA combined. I wouldn’t count them out as VA has been trending purple for 2 decades, and voted for Hillary.

      • The current demographic trends favor the Democrats over the long term but they aren’t there yet and trends tend to abruptly change. If the polling in immigration is correct Hispanics will be trending Republican in the next decade just like every other ethnic group has done.

        • ” If the polling in immigration is correct Hispanics will be trending Republican in the next decade just like every other ethnic group has done.”

          Oh, is that ever going to be a rude surprise for them. The problem for us will be navigating the hostile waters until that happens…

          Bring it. 😉

  13. Heartbroken? This is fake news! Everybody knows these red-shirted Hysterical Mothers do not have hearts. The blood dancers have replaced their tickers with tightly packed balls of resentment and hatred.

    • “All that rage might result in a tragedy.”

      Not unknown.

      Where do you think the root of the word ‘hysterical’ came from? 😉

  14. Darn that pesky Bill of Rights giving freedoms to Americans.
    I read the article and kinda cringed. They talked about educating themselves about all the laws. Wondering if they read that buying a gun isn’t as easy as buying cough syrup as they said.
    Did they read that it’s a law that if you buy a gun from a FFL that you go through a background check? Yet they want to try to “beef up” the checks. How exactly?
    All I have to say is, well done Virginia.

    • Bill of Rights doesn’t give anything to anyone. It enumerates pre existing rights that are protected and things that the government must not do.

  15. “Moms Demand Action Members ‘Heartbroken’ as Virginia Dog And Pony Show Comes to a Quick Conclusion”

    I thought they only had “dog and pony” shows in Mexico…

  16. The headline has i wrong, they weren’t ignored… they were told pretty clearly No.

  17. You have the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. However, the government is under no obligation to actually redress those grievances once they hear the petition, particularly if it finds your cause wanting.

    Their petition was obviously heard and it was rejected, meaning that the government actually did do it’s job. They just don’t happen to like the outcome.

    Welcome to the Republic. Have a nice day.

  18. “How dare they not do their jobs and at least dialogue.” Dialogue? The last I heard; screaming and hectoring was NOT dialogue. You want dialogue? Then come back when you are not parroting Shannon and demonstrate that you have a basic grasp of the 2nd Amendment and what gun control is really about.

  19. How come the suburban “Moms” never take their message to Crime Central of their nearest urban center? Because they dare not take the risk.

  20. Regarding these moms, who allegedly “demand action”? I feel for them, but cannot quite reach them.

    • “Regarding these moms, who allegedly “demand action”? I feel for them, but cannot quite reach them.”
      Choose your words cautiously, (demand action, feel, reach) or be swept up by the me2s. “Be Woke!”

  21. MDA volunteers are useful idiots for the left.

    most of their “common sense” gun regulations would have zero impact on gun violence.

    furthermore, MDA apparently are too stupid to understand that the greatest mass murderers in human history are governments, primarily socialist governments that seize control of disarmed populations “for the good of the people”. Stalin and Mao killed off enormous, unfathomable numbers of THEIR OWN PEOPLE. The national SOCIALIST workers party in Germany killed off 6 million Jews and millions of other “undesirables”.

    a madman with a gun can kill a few dozens, but a madman with an army against unarmed subjects can kill hundreds of millions.

  22. Moms Demand Attention >>> Moms Demand Oppression. Just another bunch of Mad Muthas.

  23. I don’t care about a bunch of commie broads that should be home cleaning, cooking and serving there men and children.

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