Georgia Man Shoots Machete-Wielding Neighbor Who Broke Into His Home

Courtesy Fox 5 Atlanta

“He’s the really nice guy that you see out walking his dog–speaks to everyone, just a friendly guy. Everyone is concerned for him and his for his family as far as the emotional toll this must be taking on them,” said neighbor Brad Castlen.

No matter how justified the circumstances, the aftermath of a defensive gun use can be difficult for someone who is forced to use a firearm to stop an imminent threat. In this case, the shooting seems to be a clear case of self-defense.

The threat that was stopped was posed by a man with a machete who broke into a DeKalb County, Georgia home yesterday morning before dawn. In this case, the attacker was the homeowner’s.

The man with the machete had apparently broken a number of the defender’s windows before forcing his way into the home and confronting him.

“He was yelling and screaming at him with the machete and it was really menacing. My neighbor kept telling him, ‘I’ve gotta gun, I’ve gotta gun, I’ll shoot you.’ Then the man broke in and he [the homeowner] shot him. He was trying to protect his life,” said the neighbor.

Laurie Gentry and her husband knew the intruder with the machete, but told FOX 5 News she has no idea what could have sparked such a violent encounter.

News reports indicate the homeowner won’t be charged with a crime.


  1. avatar Dan W. says:

    Give him a medal and a beer ticket.

    1. avatar Ken a Saw says:

      Bad thing to have happen. Bad thing to have to do. Sometimes it has to be done, then you have to live with the fact that you had to kill someone. God speed. Hopefully the good will prevail. And that’s the name of that tune….

  2. avatar IAmNotTheHulk says:

    He chose, poorly.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      That line always makes me laugh. Kudos to the Indiana Jones reference!

    2. avatar daveinwyo says:

      Yeah. Brought a knife to a gunfight.
      Do feel sorry for the homeowner, though.
      Besides the trauma, the cleaning bill will suck.

      1. avatar WI Patriot says:

        I wonder if his homeowners ins will cover the window damage under comprehensive…???

      2. avatar George from Alaska says:

        He puts one of yours in the hospital, you put one of his in the morgue… it’s the Chicago way….

        Just like a Wop (my mom was Italian so shut up)….. brought a knife to a gunfight…

        What a great movie and what a great turnout to this home invasion…

        1. avatar Rad Man says:

          Who would claim to be that who was not?

        2. avatar Leadslinger says:

          You carry a badge, carry a gun.

  3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    I am having a hard time imagining what motivated the alleged home invader. Lover’s quarrel? Demon possession? Schizophrenia?

    1. avatar Geoff "Guns. Lots of guns." PR says:

      On this one, who knows?

      Drug psychosis is a possibility.

      Kudos to the homeowner who provided the intruder “the help he really needed” in that break from reality…

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        Geoff PR,

        Kudos to the homeowner who provided the intruder “the help he really needed” in that break from reality…

        Oh man, what a terrible thing to say.

        Although I have to admit I did chuckle quite a bit. Reminds me of the quip, “Some people just need killing.”

        1. avatar MLee says:

          Hey someone lost their life here. Can we just have a moment of silence in quiet reflection!
          Times up.

    2. avatar Hank says:

      Some people are just nuts, evil, or both.

    3. avatar strych9 says:

      All it takes is a misplaced pile of leaves for some people to violently assault a sitting US Senator.

      Carlin once said “Think of how stupid the average person you meet is and now consider that half of all people are dumber than that”.

      There are days that I think Carlin may have been being exceedingly generous with that statement.

    4. avatar Buff Cousin Elroy says:


      1. avatar Geoff "Guns. Lots of guns." PR says:

        ‘Tweaker’ was my first guess.

        Be interesting to follow this one and find out what the tox screen discovers…

        1. avatar MLee says:

          That’s my first guess. Those tweakers on meth are just a mess!

    5. avatar Chadwick says:

      TDS is rampant these days.

  4. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    In the home gun beats knife every time with furniture as obstacles, for the rushing man with the blade.

  5. avatar Imayeti says:

    My first thought was “roid rage.”

    1. avatar Jeff Epstein says:

      Hmmm…I’ve got some nasty hemorrhoids myself, but how could it be that bad?

      1. avatar saran says:

        You won the intranets with that.

  6. avatar Enuf says:

    A terrible thing to be forced to do, but the alternative is much worse. The only option is to use the most effective self defense you have at hand. Good news that the homeowner and family were unharmed. Hope they all come out of this trauma alright.

  7. avatar possum says:

    And I suppose the cops made off with the dead guy again. Ever stinking time dinner shows up here come the cops to drag it off, ain’t right I tell ya

    1. avatar Hank says:

      That’s what I’m talkin about. Long pig. Fire up the grill honey we’re eatin good tonight!

      1. avatar jwm says:

        You keep what you kill.

  8. avatar Lance says:

    Not sure if this will be posted on the site but here’s an home invasion occurrence involving an home owner armed with an AR-15 vs four intruders:

    There are times where a AR-15 is definitely needed…

  9. avatar Wood says:

    “The threat that was stopped was posed by a man with a machete who broke into a DeKalb County, Georgia home yesterday morning before dawn. In this case, the attacker was the homeowner’s.“

    …was the homeowner’s ? Furry? Former college roommate? Escaped gimp?

    1. avatar Geoff "Guns. Lots of guns." PR says:

      “Escaped gimp?”

      Well, the ‘Gimp’ wasn’t sleeping, that’s for sure.

      (And I’ve heard you best not wake him up, now, ya hear?)

  10. avatar Ranger Rick says:

    Thank you for the information but, please someone proofread the articles before posting.

    ” In this case, the attacker was the homeowner’s”

    Homeowner’s what…..?

    Please slow the roll and review for content, spelling and grammar. It makes a difference.

    1. avatar Florida Man says:

      It was a Crime Mystery. He gave us all the clues, now we solve the mystery.

    2. avatar Knute(ken) says:

      I second the motion, but predict that TTAG will ignore you the same way Wayne LaTrine ignores the millions of NRA members. TTAG writes for snowflakes now, and they can’t spell any better than they can understand multiple syllables.

    3. avatar No one of consequence says:

      The roll’s already slowed by, what, 1.5 – 2x vs pre-sale? (In terms of articles per day.)

  11. avatar Rick3 says:

    “In this case, the attacker was the homeowner’s.”

    Ummm…what? Maybe its me, but that sentence doesn’t make any sense…

  12. avatar sound awake says:

    i can never seem to get enough of these room temperature challenge stories

  13. avatar Bierce Ambrose says:

    The intruder was the homeowner’s. As in pw0ned.

    I’ll show myself out…

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