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This just happened at approximately 3:50pm Eastern time, Sunday, September 4, 2016. I was sitting in the parking lot of the local grocery store this afternoon — the Food Lion in Berryville, Virginia — waiting for my wife to come out. The windows were down, and our dog was on my lap when I heard a popping sound. I turned around in my seat and saw a few people running away from the store, ducking behind cars, and looking back over their shoulders. There didn’t seem to be too much of a commotion, so I brushed it off thinking maybe it was a car backfiring.

Within a minute, my wife walked out of the store with her cart, telling me that there was something going on – one guy had another guy pinned to the ground. Nothing seemed amiss so I got out of the car and cautiously walked up to the store.

All of the smartphone warriors had their cameras going as I entered the front of the store, walked to the other side, and stood in the doorway about 15 feet from the two guys, one of whom was being pinned to the ground by another guy.

Many of you will say this was unwise, but adrenaline was flowing and I really did feel safe as I approached. I wouldn’t have purposely put myself in harm’s way.

What exactly happened was unclear because everyone there was in hysterics, but what I did gather is that the pinned guy did indeed have a gun and had fired a shot – not at anyone or anything in particular.

About two minutes later, the cops arrived. The first officer ran up from the right with and AR in his hands. Another officer showed up from behind us, Glock with a rail light in his hand. The officers subdued the guy and the samaritan hopped up off of him and backed up.

As I prepared to head back to my car, I saw one of the officers holding a small semi-auto pistol with a black frame and a stainless slide, now unloaded with the mag out and the slide locked back. I couldn’t get a detailed view of the gun, but it looked like a .380 pocket pistol.

With half a dozen cop cars and twice as many officers now on the scene, I went back to the car and we headed home.

Now that I’m at home, safe and sound, I think of all the people who feel like it will never happen in their town. Berryville is a small town outside of Winchester, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley just a few miles from the West Virginia state line. Most folks wouldn’t have ever imagined something like this happening at their local grocery store.

Truth be told, I didn’t think it would happen either, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t prepared. I had a S&W 638 revolver in my front pocket when we went out to the flea market that day. I wasn’t expecting trouble there or at the grocery store, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

To sum the situation up: it won’t happen here … until it does.

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  1. “There didn’t seem to be too much of a commotion, so I brushed it off thinking maybe it was a car backfiring.”

    Definitely one of the stupidest things someone who writes for a gun blog could ever say.

    “Nothing seemed amiss so I got out of the car and cautiously walked up to the store.”

    The next stupidest thing someone who writes for a gun blog could say.

    Come on, folks. I make my living training people not to get dead by doing stupid things . . . like brushing off the sound of gunfire and then walking over to the scene of whatever is going on. Please . . . do not do what this sheep did. If you cannot tell the sound of gunfire by now . . . what exactly would you be doing carrying a gun around and thinking you could actually make a difference in an armed confrontation?

    • I’m sure he readily identified that sound as gunfire, but his brain told him that it can’t happen where he was, so he rationalized it out of his head.

    • Mikial, I agree with you to a point, but let’s not be too hard on the OP. It’s pretty clear that this was his first “situation,” and most people don’t do very well their first time around.

      Next time, if there is a next time, he’ll do better. The first time I was shot at, I had no idea what was going on. But I learned fast. That’s the way people learn — through their mistakes.

      • Ambushed by a perp across the street–10 shots in about 2 secs–bullet holes in convertible top on the car, stopped the slugs–perp was not found that night, but was burglarizing a house up the street a week later when the home owner came home & the perp shot himself drawing his weapon–poetic justice–ballistics matched evidence recovered from my scene–poor shooting and trigger discipline but an early end to this shitbag’s career before he did someone in–you NEVER know where or when

      • First time I was shot at, I was in the wrong neighborhood.
        Second time, I was fishing private property.
        Third time, I was the wrong skin color but in a “good” area.

        1st and 3rd, the shooter had lousy aim. 2nd, the shooter had great aim and was trying to miss. IDK what I’m trying to say.

        But, hey! Did you know that a mountain bike tire on hardpack clay sounds startlingly like a rattlesnake?

        • 🙂 All great stories.

          And as someone who has encountered more than a few rattlesnakes . . . it’s actually amazing how many things sound like a rattlesnake after you’ve run into a few of them.

          Also very glad you didn’t get hit. I watched a former Royal Marine literally get his nose shot off on the Samara overpass on Highway 1 in Iraq in 2004 while doing PSD work. Not a pretty sight, but to his credit he emptied his AK magazine in the shooter’s general direction before applying pressure to his wound.

    • Also, Mikail, although Dan posted this, I’m not sure he wrote it. The OP lives in VA. Dan lives in Austin.

      Dan — is this post misattributed?

    • Well, Dan, I guess this just underscores the old saying that “no good turn goes unpunished”. This is what you get for writing honestly about an everyday life occurrence. You could have livened things up a bit along the lines of “Walking toward the downed shooter, my heart was in my throat but I had one hand on my S&W 638 revolver. I wasn’t expecting trouble but I was sure as hell prepared to respond if it appeared . . .”.

    • He’s not a gun blogger. This blog takes reader submitted articles. And I wouldn’t be so harsh. Some people simply have the natural tendency to run towards danger, not away from it. It’s instinctual and for some people, you can’t teach them not to. Some people will always run, some will always press forward.

      • I have to say Dan you are not wrong in going towards the danger I myself have been in the same situation in Delaware when I lived up there, I went to the shots gun drawn and disabled the prep hogtied him and held him at gun point until the new Castle County sheriff deputies and 5 state troopers arrived, I ended up getting a citizen of the year award and a 1000.00 dollar gift card that same per wad wanted for 2 counts of armed robbery and 2 counts of attempted murder, I ran at the prep gun drawn and took him down while everyone else was running away scared

    • The stupidest thing an instructor or aspiring instructor can say. Constructive criticism is great. Insulting someone just because they shared an experience is nonproductive… especially since you offer no credentials to back up your claim. Tone down the testosterone, Hoss.

    • Well the More holy crowd weighs in. You ever been I one of these situations? I have, so first I would say is think before you type. You come off like a jackass

    • Very scary. I was actually working at the time of the commotion, and you never really realize what’s happening until it already happened. All I remember is standing there, scanning and bagging a customers groceries when one of the other employees comes running in saying, “Someone call 911, they’re fighting!” At first I thought it was a regular fight, someone said something to the other to piss them off and they didn’t take it lightly. But boy was I wrong. I had began to walk to over to the sliding doors where everybody was standing and watching, and I remember seeing a man on top of another man on the ground and I still didn’t think anything of it. Then one of our managers who was on the phone with the police at the time, came through the first set of sliding doors ordering everybody to get inside that there was a man with a gun in the parking lot and I swear my heart stopped. At sixteen years old, I’m now ready to expect the unexpected. Even at a grocery store.

      • The “shooter” was attacked for running his mouth. The gun went off when he was hit and fell to the ground. Yes his hand was already on the gun, after being pushed. But he was not pointing the gun when it went off.

      • Marines are among our finest citizens but even in this scenario – you would NOT go. His wife said they had him pinned to the ground……..thus no need for a marine or anyone else to get in the way! But I understand your meaning and thank GOD we do have marines!

    • Mikial, I’m just wondering if you would speak like this to someone in person? It’s too bad that we feel free to insult people because we are safe behind our electronics. Wouldn’t it be more civil and possibly hold more sway if you contributed without calling someone stupid? It sounds like you have some expertise in the matter and I for one am much more inclined to listen to that expertise if it is delivered with some diplomacy.

    • This is phony. COPS DO NOT use AR’s and to deliberately walk up where shots were fired says this guy is a LIAR. NO ONE who really knows guns and tactical handgun and rifle would do this. SORRY – this is a phony story!

  2. I’m not that surprised. As someone who used to live in Strasburg I was seeing the influx into Winchester and Front Royal of criminal aliens and whiskey tango Marylanders 10 years ago. Lots of your cell phone warriors too. I miss home but I’ll be staying where I’m at. Which I would mention will likely have the same thing one day as this. You wouldnt think it but it can and will likely happen. Glad nobody was hurt, especially your wife.

    • My grandparents lived in Front Royal until a couple years ago when they made the stereotypical old people pilgrimage to Florida. I always thought it had potential to be an adorable little mountain town but it did have a lot of dregs living there.

  3. It’s interesting that you mentioned this. The other night. about 10 or so, I was walking from my car toward the grocery store. The parking lanes there was especially wide and, moreover, there weren’t all that many cars parked around me. Although I was walking in the middle of the parking lane, the black guy coming the other direction suddenly began heading for me . . . until he saw me staring directly at him. We had one of those you-know-I-know-you-know fleeting moments in which he started searching for something other than me to stare at and promptly changed direction. Since nothing more happened, he could have just been aimlessly ambling in my specific direction across a 30 ft wide parking lot. He could have intended to to ask for spare change but, on seeing a hard stare, thought better of it. Or . . . he could have been trying for a setup until he noticed that he’d made his move too early and that I was not at all oblivious to his approach. It looks like grocery store parking lots, along with Walmart parking lots, are now hunting grounds for thugs.

    • I work at a grocery store, and we have more purse snatching than anything else going on. And most of that happens inside the store vs the parking lot. We have a larger than normal problem with heroin addicts using the restrooms as a place to shoot up.

    • Recently, I was braced in the middle of the day in a parking lot of a strip mall in my town, which is about as safe a town as anyone would like.

      The guy was scoping for “donations” so he could buy gas. Or so he said. I told him that I couldn’t help him. That was the end of the discussion. Yes, my hand was on my concealed gun the entire time, and I kept him at a reasonable distance.

      Over the years, I’ve had more trouble with white thugs than black ones, and this guy was white. I’m never lulled into a false sense of security by a bad white guy, or panicked into bad judgment by a good black guy.

      Until I know better, I treat every stranger the same — like a potential mugger.

      • Most crime is intra-racial. Most victims of black criminals are also black. I have been mugged once, burgled twice. I know who the burglars were – both white, as was my mugger.

    • Or maybe the black guy’s car was on the far side of the lot, he saw you giving him hard looks, and decided to stay away. I don’t know. Just pointing out that most black guys aren’t thugs.

      • Sorry, I don’t think I provided enough information. If his car was on my side of the parking lot, I’m not sure why then he’d choose to use a path blocked by an open door and an adult woman instead of myriad other lanes he could have used to cross over. He deliberately chose that path. Plus my wife was on the driver’s side so if the car next to us was his, the driver’s door was on the other side of the car to the left. No one was in that car. Plus as he squeezed past the door, he leaned so he could look into the interior of my car.

        Sorry but I think if you had witnessed the way he did these things, you would have seen the intent behind them. His behavior was so outside of what I see with people just walking to their cars or normally moving around the parking lot looking for their car. That’s what drew my attention on him fully, not his skin color. Probably 1/2 the people shopping there share the same skin color, but he’s the only that ever twigged something in me that made me think danger approaching.

    • Garrison,

      Friendly suggestion:
      It sounds like you devoted your sole attention to the person who was approaching you. If you ever encounter such an event again, the instant that you decided that approaching person could be an attacker, make sure you glance as fast as possible to your left, right, and rear for any potential accomplices.

      I say “glance as fast as possible” because you want to keep your eyes on the known potential threat as much as possible of course.

  4. Yeah,
    We had a walmart bandit who carried jumper cables around the parking lot asking the unsuspecting to help him start his car befor robbing them at gunpoint.
    It seems like the local police finally got him.

  5. I always have my head on a swivel-especially in busy parking lots.
    Walmart is the worst. But I get not recognizing gunfire. Hang out around July 4th. in my hood and you’ll see…and I was in a foodmart last month as a shoplifter was apprehended-guns drawn. I DO NOT live in a wonderful area…

      • Walmart has a no gun carrying policy. That is one of the reasons for this stuff. I would say while they may have a “No guns allowed” that does not affect my “being able” to carry one. I always do carry one in Walmart

        • Where you do you get the no guns in Wallyworld thing? I’ve NEVER seen a no guns sign at Walmart. And lots of ’em sell ammo and guns.

        • Walmart has a no gun carrying policy for employees, but they are not posted no guns 06 or 07 in Texas and not in Tennessee either. Patrons may carry or not depending on state law.

        • I have to call bluff on that sir I have and stI’ll to this day have open carried in Walmart after Walmart in Delaware and Virginia until I got my Virginia carry now concealed, I have also made a few friends in the ammo aisle of the Delaware Walmart where we all were open carried in and out of the store even talking to the managers with a big glock 21 on my side numbers of times

  6. The interesting part will be checking the newspaper for an actual report of what happened over the next week or so.

    Potentially relevant story: I was in Alexandria VA many years ago trying to get back on the capital beltway to go west. Traffic was stopped on the ramp by a police officer. Since it was a ramp, I had a great view of the (at that time) 4-lane superhighway and saw… nothing. There was nobody on it. That fact by itself was extremely unusual. All traffic and access to the road had been stopped. For people who aren’t familiar with the area: all traffic travelling north-south on the Eastern seaboard passes through there, so stopping the traffic is a significant event.

    At first (having grown up in the area) I thought: great. Another Presidential motorcade or something. That proved to be false. After about 10 minutes, a strange convoy rolled past at a moderate speed. It was a truck with a large sphere on it driving in the center of the road flanked front and rear by four police cars with their light bars active.

    The big sphere on the truck said “Bomb Squad.” After it passed, the officer moved his car and let people get back on the road. Many floored it and easily passed the bomb squad truck. Since I have a different sensibility, I hung waaay back and took my sweet time getting home that day.

    I searched the newspapers for the next week trying to figure out what I had just seen. Never saw a story on it. Hope you can find out what happened in Berryville. Stay safe.

    • I do not what kind of event would make the news where I live–you either see it first hand or hear about it in conversations–what happens in NWRC pretty much stays in NWRC–like my one neighbor said, ‘we actually had to call the law once’

  7. Armed robbery 2 hours after I left the bank. One person injured. A teller was hit with a small length of pipe over the head. Robber had pipe and pistol. He was identified and attested soon after. This was his 3rd armed robbery in a week and had injured an innocent each time to prove his point of violence. I ALWAYS carry. Western Massachusetts.

  8. Logan,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

    It is educational to hear how one of us “mere mortals” handles such events.

    I am happy you and your wife are ok.


  9. “All of the smartphone warriors had their cameras going as I entered the front of the store, [being a smug, just-as-lame, looky-loo as they are. I proceeded to get in the way, putting myself and others in danger, just so I could demonstrate how much of a man of action I am, as if my sitting in the car with the purse-dog while my wife shops didn’t sufficiently demonstrate that. Then I raced home to write about it in my diary, er, I mean submit it to my fav gun blog.]

    Good F’ing grief!

  10. A couple months ago, in my Walmart’s parking lot, while sitting in his SUV a customer shot himself in the leg (with a Glock). It was about 1830 on a Saturday, and the lot was pretty busy. I was backed into my normal spot one row over during my lunch break, and even though it sounded kinda odd, I knew *exactly* what I heard; yet nobody else paid any attention until the cops & ambulance pulled up.

    Store policy allows us to keep a pistol in our vehicles, and mine was in hand as soon as my ears registered the shot. Yet I didn’t leave my car, and sat there observing the scene. Nobody was running, screaming, or otherwise making a scene. Nor was I going to approach the situation if somebody had been. The cops got there soon enough, and there’s simply no reason to interject myself into someone’s negligent discharge (or domestic dispute, etc)…. unless I saw somebody actively shooting at others.

    It turned out that the customer had been in the store earlier, looking for Glock trigger parts. After learning we don’t carry anything like that, for some reason he decided to do a little parking lot gunsmithing…. and put a round through his upper thigh, the door, and into the pavement outside.

    • “…there’s simply no reason to interject myself into someone’s negligent discharge (or domestic dispute, etc)…. unless I saw somebody actively shooting at others.”

      This, x10. I carry to protect myself and my family. If, durring the course of protecting myself I also protect someone else, that’s fine. But it’s not my job, any more than it is the police’s job, to protect anyone else.

  11. Don’t be so hard on yourself for not recognizing gun fire. Comming from a distance (inside the store?) and echoing off objects and construe sound. I’ve had plenty of experience with firearms and sometimes it still takes me a second to tell the difference between gunfire and fireworks in the distance.

  12. If my wife was in the store I would “march to the sound of the guns” but other than that I call 9-11 and either hold my position or bug out. I am not sure you could legally justify using deadly force if you intervene without the “imminent threat of death or grevious bodily harm.” But I agree with sentiment that it can happen anywhere ,o matter how unlikely.

  13. you have to prepared and keep alert,as there really is no 100% safe place today,there,s enough trouble out there without looking for it.i do carry but feel safer when my doberman is with me.he has a sixth sense.i say a doberman a day keeps much trouble away.i say live and let live.unless someone coming towards me has other ideas.and no i don,t look for trouble,i look for peace.

  14. My wife and I were at a Wal-Mart in Webster, she was putting the munchkin in the car and I was putting the cart away when I noticed a guy (yes he was black but didn’t matter, his behavior was the key) walking up the tiny row between the parked cars, not in the lane you drive in but the middle of the cars. He was looking around and then spotted my car’s open door and my wife and turned to come out that spot. He chose basically to walk around the open door of a parked car, so he had to squeeze past the door and the parked car next to it. My wife had noticed him approaching and was watching him too. (She and I have worked on situational awareness and she’s keenly aware that women are often mugged while putting kids in the car) So as he comes around the door, she’s glaring at him, obviously knowing he’s there and he suddenly looked up and noticed me just across the lane, watching him. I was wondering if I needed to draw. I didn’t have my hand on my pistol (concealed) but my wife says he saw something in my face and he took off running. We try to avoid that Wal-mart now and go to the one in Pearland which is much nicer and cleaner but further away.

    Obviously I have no idea what he saw in my face, and I’m not some big hulking brute, but it was enough for him to decide that he wanted no part of us. I know he was up to no good and wish I’d been able to concentrate more on what he looked like so I could have posted it to our neighborhood watch site. At the time I was so focused on what he was doing that other details just didn’t matter. To this day I can’t tell you what he was wearing, just how he had his hands and the look of surprise on his face.

    • You were paying attention. That’s all it takes, 95 times out of a hundred.

      OTOH… Saturday morning I was in the auto parts store parking lot with my hood open. Somebody behind me said “Que paso?” As I turned, I said “Lo siento, no habla Espanol, Senor” and prepared myself for whatever was going to happen next. I had in mind to seek cover, as there was no clear line of fire (too crowded.)

      I guess he saw a look of some sort…he backed up 2 paces and asked for spare change (in English.)

  15. Not sure I would have acted in the same manner, approaching the store and whatnot, but hey BG went to jail GG’s all went home. No biggie.

    Stay safe out there.

      • Officer, Officer!!! Yes? Someone kidnapped my wife, dog and stole our lifted F 2fidy!!!! Tell me what happened.

        She came out with a cart full of stuff, told me about the shooting, I walked in here to see if I could stick my nose in and get in your way. After I made sure you had everything under control, I strolled back out there and the dog, wife and my truck!!! They had to wait till she loaded the truck with the groucies before they kidnapped her, there wasn’t even a cart left where I was parked.

        OK, so she came out, you came in, watched for a while and someone took everything right? YES!!!!

        Tell ya what, let’s see if they have parking lot cams……Is that your truck? YES, see she is loading everything up!!!

        Wait, she is getting in and driving off 🙁 Sir be careful crossing the streets by yourself on your walk home.

        I didn’t realize my wife had a twin sister 😀

        To the OP, so the dawg just rides around without being restrained? Sure it will love being between a human and deploying airbags, ping pong puppy!!!! Also just guessing you have plenty of spare carry pistols? Even if you did nothing wrong but discharged your firearm, LEO’s would have to take it until the investigation was closed. Wife didn’t see it happen, why take a chance of everything she purchased that needed to be kept cool or cold being trapped behind police tape? Not my circus not my barrel of monkeys, time to go.

        • “Sure it will love being between a human and deploying airbags, ping pong puppy!!!!”

          Sheesh! How often do your airbags deploy? I carried dogs in my cars for 20 years before anybody even dreamed up airbags, and I have had airbags deploy exactly once in my 70 years. If that is the kind of thing you worry about, you may need medication.

          Carry pistol? I have an EXACT duplicate at home, same holster, same spare mag, same laser. Anyone who carries should consider. Also leads you away from $5000 carry pistols.

  16. ” I wouldn’t have purposely put myself in harm’s way.”

    That’s absolutely what you did. Really stupid actually. I mean REALLY stupid.

    • The OP doesn’t cover everything here.

      However, since more shots were not being fired I don’t rate what he did as “stupid”. “Unwise” perhaps, but if he’s capable of rendering aid most grocery stores have what you need in their pharmacy section to [hopefully] keep a GSW victim alive until EMS gets there with a big ass trauma bag. It’s also possible he was thinking that he might be able to intervene, also admirable.

      If that’s what he was thinking, kudos to him. If he just wasn’t thinking and was rubbernecking, that’s a bit silly, but he got away with it so live and learn.

      • Skip, carrying a firearm and having a “set of balls” are two different things. Having a CHL doesn’t make you “Johnny Law” or the “Equalizer”, it makes you an armed citizen. If you want to be “Johnny Law” than be “Johnny Law” with all of the responsibility that goes with it. Involving oneself in an unknown situation where shots have been fired is fraught with danger even for law enforcement on duty not to mention off duty officers.

        If you’re the type with the “balls” to leave his wife ‘to see what’s going on’ and want to get involved in things, than you should ensure that you are well insured and have retained counsul for both the criminal and civil actions that you will eventually encounter. Those liability issues will dramatically overshadow whatever event you decided to involve yourself in, just ask George Zimmerman.

  17. I was there at the time but I didn’t really see what happened, was there stabbing, anyone getting shot, or was there blood? Bc a friend of mine came back running to the car screaming how much blood there was and someone being stabbed

  18. To the OP; why would you go into an unknown situation where even the remote possibility of gunfire was present? If you’re an off duty LEO ok. Otherwise….

    My CHL class, and the other classes I’ve had, say GTFO if you’re not actively being attacked.
    The ole best gunfight is the one you don’t get into adage.

    Or curiosity killed the cat….

  19. OP has some courage and admits that yes, things do happen. Well done, OP. 🙂 Remember, history is full of awful things everyone knew were just not going to happen.

  20. To all of you opinionated and ‘experienced’ gun guys, out there, with such disparaging attitudes about this writer, I acquaint you with the harsh reality that only survival teaches anyone, firearms aficionado or not, and that unless you have lived in a dodgy neighbourhood for some time, and have heard the sickening ‘crack-thump’ sound before, it might be wise not to criticise. Then again, if you’ve experienced this, you probably wouldn’t. The man’s point was well taken. Things like this do happen everywhere, and aren’t limited to ‘somebody else’.

  21. Thanks for the article, this kind of situation makes me think about what I would have done in a similar situation. Which is really what training is all about, playing the what-if game. What if you heard a gunshot and there were people running out and you get out of your car, walk-in as 3 guys with masks and shotguns are running out? That’s an oh-shit moment… What if there was a guy standing at the register pointing a gun and demanding money? Are you going to say freeze, drop your weapon and then shoot him? Being aware of your surroundings is all part of training, which is why it’s usually better to leave it to the LEO’s (law enforcement officer) to handle that kind of situation. What if the LEO rushed in to the store and the first thing he see’s is you pointing a gun and someone on the floor?

  22. “…I heard a popping sound. I turned around in my seat and saw a few people running away from the store, ducking behind cars, and looking back over their shoulders. There didn’t seem to be too much of a commotion, so I brushed it off thinking maybe it was a car backfiring.

    Within a minute, my wife walked out of the store with her cart, telling me that there was something going on – one guy had another guy pinned to the ground. Nothing seemed amiss so I got out of the car and cautiously walked up to the store.”

    Logan, I’m not doubting your story, but this description makes no sense to me. Specifically, 1) you witness a popping noise, people running, ducking behind cars, looking over shoulders, and yet you say “There didn’t seem to be too much of a commotion.” 2) Shortly thereafter your wife walks out with her cart, and that tells you something is going on? Why? 3) Then, out of the blue, we learn “one guy had another guy pinned to the ground.” Did they just materialize within your sight out of nowhere? 4) Finally, after all that, you say “Nothing seemed amiss….”

    I’m utterly baffled. I just wish you could rewrite that section more clearly and coherently.

    • Time for some clarification:

      One shot was fired. After the initial noise and the people shuffling around the cars near where the noise came from, nothing more was going on from my vantage point. (We were parked in the lower left part of the lot; incident happened in the upper right part of the lot.) When my wife came out of the store through the doors on the opposite side of the store from where the incident happened, she saw one man being held to the ground by another man. Her seeing the guys on the ground was the first bit of verified info I had about what was going on. I couldn’t see any of it from where I was at in the parking lot.

      When I got up to where the doors and the incident was within my line of sight (still about 30 yards away), nothing seemed amiss because people were still casually going into and out of the store while this was going on. If you hadn’t seen the initial altercation or heard the noise, you would assume it was just two guys fighting. The only thing that would indicate that something had happened were the two guys on the ground – no movement and no noise from either guy. Once I got into the doors on the opposite side of the store (the ones my wife had exited), that’s when I saw people standing in the breezeway with cell phones filming what was happening at the other door.

      Even as the guy was still being pinned to the ground by the bystander and even as cop cars pulled up and officers got out, people were still driving and walking around in the parking lot and entering the store from the other set of doors. None of the officers told anyone to get away, stay back, don’t enter the store, etc.

      The only other thing I will address here is the person who said their friend saw someone get stabbed and that there was blood everywhere. This is completely false. No one got stabbed and no one got shot. The only blood that was to be seen was on the left knee of the guy who got tackled. He scraped it up on the ground when he hit the pavement in his shorts.

  23. Effectively a “belly gun”. In other news, 25 injured in an “explosion” in Chelsea Manhattan. Pictures indicate [to me] a bomb was placed in a dumpster. Stay safe out there folks!


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