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This one is sure to be second-guessed. As reports,

The chase was being shown live on local television when police in three unmarked vehicles successfully cornered the fleeing SUV. As local newscasters described the scene, a police officer lept from an unmarked silver pickup truck and fired several rounds through the front windshield of the suspect’s vehicle. The overhead view of the shooting made it impossible to see whether the driver or any passengers in the SUV were armed or threatening the officers. …

The driver of the SUV was a suspect in a bank robbery and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to a report from KPNX, a local NBC affiliate.

Much isn’t known yet. Did the driver draw a gun after he was surrounded? Some other weapon? Was he black? White? Hispanic? Plaid? We’ll no doubt be hearing more about this in the days to come.

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  1. I was thinking those were some ballsy private citizens in the pickup and silver SUV, until I saw they were cops. I’m guessing this not just a random runner from a traffic stop. They were ready for this guy to run.

    I remember we had an ongoing police chase all over Anchorage when I lived there, and in the end it was a pissed-off private citizen in a big pickup that heard on the radio that the perp was headed for his neighborhood and helped the cops block him in. He got some dents for his trouble, but he got it done.

  2. Second guessed? Let’s let the deets come out before we start second guessing, especially considering that we can’t see inside the car.

  3. Nope, not if he’s white. We’ll only hear about it if he’s one of the BLM crowd. No one gives a damn about a dead whiteboy, why should they? I won’t stand up and protest in support of a bank robbing turd, even if we do share a similar melanin concentration.

  4. Any fleeing felon who forces the cops into a high-speed chase is clearly an immediate danger to the public and police under Tennessee vs. Garner. Perhaps state laws defining x number of miles in high-speed flight and or collisions/running off road, etc. could establish a bright line whereupon cops could could cut loose with deadly force.

    • Any fleeing felon who has just robbed a bank can reliably be considered armed and dangerous, whether or not he has fired at police. Any furtive movement within the stopped vehicle would be probable cause for lethal response.

      • Let’s see; robbed bank, high speed pursuit putting public in danger, showing no regard for anyone = getting shot dead–just saved taxpayers a lot of $ by eliminating this public nuisance from society

  5. “…and firing! We do not have control of this.” Translation: If you are a fag like me then you might want to turn off your television to avoid seeing something that may be so disturbing that your mangina hurts for a month.

      • But you can use the word “fuck” and that’s alright.
        Fag describes any man that acts like a sissy. The news anchor and many “men” in this world, are worthy of that description. By the way, I rarely use the word fag to describe a homosexual. Gays call each other that all the time. It is not much of an insult to an actual homo. I reserve the word fag for straight men that need their man card revoked. You’re pushing it.

    • Or perhaps he was warning people at home who have I don’t know small children who might be in the same room, as they don’t want their kids to watch cops drag a bloody corpse out of a car. And just because he said it doesn’t make him a sissy or fag, It was probably a generic warning his station manager told him to say so they don’t get sued or fined by the FCC for putting graphic content on the air without some kind of a warning.

        • Yes live T.V. is real life. And yes they were just bullet holes in a wind screen. But maybe then the cops pull his body out, or another guy pops out and shoots one of the officers. While I don’t mind seeing that, still isn’t something I want my 5 year old to see same as I wouldn’t want him watching a porno. Yeah its part of life but part of life he doesn’t need to be exposed to just yet. The newscaster was just warning anybody who had flipped to that channel in case like I said they had kids in the room. Don’t see how that means we are a nation of pussies. But please feel free to explain it to me.

          • I didn’t invent the phrase “Pussification of the Nation”. And this is a prime example of it and if you don’t see it then you may be guilty of purveying it.
            You are watching TV with your five year old. Why are you watching network TV? If you are watching the news and your five year old is nearby, why? It is your job to parent your child. Not mine and not the news media.
            You and everybody else that has brought up the example of protecting children from live media are guilty of……………..LOOK AT THIS BABY!!!!!!!!

        • “While I don’t mind seeing that, still isn’t something I want my 5 year old to see same as I wouldn’t want him watching a porno.”

          Then control your 5-year-old’s access to adult TV. Insisting that the nation dumb down our news media to protect your special snowflake is just asinine. 20 years from now your 5-year-old will be really close to 25, will you still be insisting that our media lie to you? 50 years from now? Do we all still require your protection? Why don’t you protect your child, I’ll protect mine, and the media tells the truth?

  6. The cops are lucky they didnt get hit with friendly fire. The cop who is shooting from the far left looks like he hit the hood of the suspects vehicle. Easily couldve richoceted into other cop vehicles passenger side windshield

  7. The POG casually walking up to the scene from the right, needs to go back to his desk before he gets hurt.

  8. wait!,, i thought these guys were bank robbers.

    Plus, when shooting at cops, all your bets are off!

    Dirt bags.

  9. An officer has to assume that a bank robber is armed, especially one brazen enough to draw police into hot pursuit and recklessly endanger others.

    Clean shoot? Clean enough.

    • I don’t know these officers specific guidelines, but for Coast Guard LE, we are trained that one of the allowable reasons to use Deadly force is to prevent the escape of or effect the lawful arrest of some who has or is suspected of committing a violent crime. So yeah bank robber who has used a gun and has already attempted to evade capture deadly force is very much authorized. The angle is crap so I can’t tell what the driver is doing but if he even looked like he was going to attempt to do anything other than comply with the officers, then yes clean shoot.

  10. In Texas, the dude can be shot merely for the fact that he is fleeing the scene of an aggravated robbery. Whether he was a “threat” to the officer is immaterial. I don’t know if that is the case in Arizona, which is another reason why I reside in the Lone Star State.

    • Somewhat gray. The standard in AZ is “while committing a forcible felony”. So you can shoot someone who is committing armed robbery, or rape, or arson of a potentially occupied structure, burglary at night, etc.

  11. As a constitutionalist, with lite libertarian leanings…I usually wait to see what the investigation turns up. OK robbery…Though now a days I exercise some skepticism regarding a few police shootings here and their…Never know, Libtards could be talking about a similar incident involving someone open carrying, a SWAT’ED individual, someone with an NRA sticker on the bumper…You just never —now a days….In the land of big government, and Big Police…..

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