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(sponsored post) Last year’s Texas Firearms Festival was a hit. More than 90 percent of our 2500 ticket holders told us they’d return to Best of the West Shooting Sports (just outside of Austin) for 2016. If each TFF vet brings one new ballistic BFF, this year’s Texas Firearms Festival (October 14 – 16) will be a sell-out. Here are three reason you should click here and buy your tickets to the 2016 Texas Firearm Festival . . .

1. The Texas Firearms Festival makes you a smarter gun buyer

Ever bought a gun you never shot? (Talk about a shot in the dark.) Ever bought a gun you regret buying — because you hadn’t shot it or didn’t know there was something better on the market?

The more you know what firearms are out there, the more trigger time you get behind a wide range of gun, the more time you spend talking to the people who build them, the better choices you make when it comes time to buy a new gun.

Experience gleaned from shooting dozens of the latest and greatest pistols, rifles, and shotguns from dozens of top manufacturers at the Texas Firearms Festival — an experience you can’t get anywhere else at any price — makes you an informed consumer. It gives you the practical, hands-on knowledge you need to buy the right gun.

2. The Texas Firearms Festival is the best value firearms experience money can buy

Midway USA sells Winchester white box 9mm ammo for $13.29 a box. For less than the price of six boxes of ammo ($79), you can spend an entire Saturday or Sunday shooting over a hundred guns at the Texas Firearms Festival. A two-day ticket costs less than nine boxes of standard issue range ammo ($119). Festival ammo is free! 

We can’t tell you the exact discounts available on the hundreds of box-fresh guns for sale at the Texas Firearms Festival. They’re significant. In many cases, the money you save by buying a gun at the Texas Firearms Festival will cover the cost of your ticket. And then some. 

3. You need to go full-auto!

Full Auto Friday is the Texas Firearms Festival’s VIP-only experience, available to any VIP ticket holder. It includes close-in parking, catered lunch (with TTAG staff), free shuttle service around the range, a full hour of VIP-only range time on Saturday and/or Sunday, FastPass access to the front of every line on those days and Full Auto Friday.

Many of our best manufacturers — including SIG SAUER and FN — are providing serious trigger time behind their latest and greatest machine guns and pistols. (You buy separate tickets for mags of heavily discounted Sinterfire lead-free frangible ammo.) MP5? But of course! Click here to buy your VIP tickets, which include Full Auto Friday!


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