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According to, something’s been afoot in The Circle City. “Investigators now say another woman was sexually assaulted during a recent home invasion, adding to the growing list of victims during the crimes. Thursday, police and prosecutors will announce new charges against the ten people arrested for the neighborhood crime spree.” Good thing they caught them, no? Despite the fact that the local 5-0 nabbed one group of malefactors, some local residents have decided they don’t want to be at the mercy of their successors . . .

But already, more women are taking action to protect themselves and their families.

Becky Bartone never thought she’d be shooting at targets, practicing her aim against a potential intruder. But firing a weapon was born out of fear. On the news, she’s seen the violence – men and women not only robbed, but victimized.

“It’s actually terrifying. It seems like every day there’s another one or two home invasions,” Bartone said.

So Becky, not really a “gun person,” decided to get armed and get trained for one simple reason.

This in Indianapolis, home of civilian disarmament advocate, demanding mom and mainstream media darling Shannon Watts. But Ms. Bartone and lots of other Indy moms don’t seem to be on board with the whole gun owners = the Taliban thing.

She’s just one of dozens of Indianapolis women now taking action not only to buy a gun, but become trained on how to use it to stop a criminal. She has her conceal/carry license and her certificate from an NRA basic pistol course.

“I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing and that I took all the safety precautions that there are to take,” Bartone said.

What mom wouldn’t want to give herself every option when it comes to protecting herself and her rugrats?

We’d love to ask Shannon what she’d do if it had been her Hoosier neighborhood that was victimized. Unfortunately, she’s not interested in that national conversation about guns the president was so in favor of. Instead, she studiously bans anyone who has the huevos to challenge her hoplophobic orthodoxy on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Does she really think it’s better for women to be sexually assaulted in their own homes than to avail themselves of their right to armed self defense? Since she won’t answer, we’re left to wonder…What Would Shannon Watts Do?

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  1. There are always women buying guns at the LGS and gun shows in the Hoosier city. And I have always seen women at the shooting range whenever I go there myself.

    Go Colts.

  2. Shannon doesn’t care about other women being raped as long as her whitebread gated community is her personal enclave. Yes, she is a prettier Colorado Sen Hudak. In other words, she tells potential rape victims, just sit back and enjoy the ride.
    Keep it classy Shannon

    • Of COURSE shes from Zionsville!! I knew that was a face only an emotionally unavailable doctor/lawyer could love. I hate Indy suburbs.

    • My inlaws live in a gated community and there were robberies and daytime home invasions. So they tooled up and so did we. That gate don’t mean shit.

        • “Chicago rabble-rouser”

          I heard that he was a “community organizer.” That doesn’t mean anything. If there’s a community, it’s already organized!

  3. MDA Fact ™:

    Shannon Watts-Diggler _adverb_ _verb_ in her neighborhood with Dirk Diggler while carrying a _noun_ and three _noun_ while yelling “those _adjective_ _noun_ intimidated my _noun_!” Diggler was not available for _noun_.

  4. lol Indy is one of the most armed states. At one point (not sure if it the same today, don’t know the source date) Indiana was more armed then Florida. I would not want to be a criminal in most of the suburban areas outside of Indianapolis, especially towards the country side(aka corn fields aka squares). Believe me I’m still shocked that this “I should really be seeing her in porn movies” is in Indiana.

      • We have the technology. Liberals used it heavily against Sarah Palin and that was a few years back. It is possible to make a pron photo or film where the “star” is a spitting image of or montage of the person of your desire (or your desire to defame).

        But then I’m pretty sure THAT would be called misogynist and fit the definition pretty closely. And besides, it might be a challenge to find a non-liberal, pro-gun porn star who looks like Ms. Watts, but money talks. Just sayin’.

  5. My experience when I managed a gun counter is that most woman looking for a home defense firearm want one that will drop the perp in one shot. They ain’t messing around when they decide to take responsibility for themselves and their children. 12 gauge, .357 mag and 45’s seemed to be their prefrence. Recoil be damned.

    • “Recoil at the sight of a rapist? Sure. But with reduced muzzle flash. Let Hornady HD provide both!”

      I think you’re on to something.

  6. Have you seen her testosterone lacking, wimpy, typical coward liberal husband? She probably sits at home hoping a man comes in and serves her up right. That coward husband would probably help tie her up and then volunteer to bend himself over.

    Btw: why does she always look like she is xanaxed out in every pic?

    • I worked with two women at my local department of labor in a blue state. I was a contractor, they were there for their career so they were obviously liberals. One of them eventually found out I owned a firearm and the next day I was terminated from that position. Coincidence? Yeah, that’s what I said.

      Anyway, the point of me bringing this up is that they were both prescribed Xanax and would whisper to each other and giggle about whether they had “popped one” recently or not. It was disturbing and they were constantly shirking their duties at work. Sometimes their eyes were just glassed over completely.

      That’s the real story behind these liberal women: They’re Stepford wives. We are over medicating people in this country and it is women and children first.

    • POTG could probably get her on a harassment beef right now anyway. Especially after the Texas fiasco { Our free speech trumps your free speech. Lets call the cops – those families are so scary}.

  7. WWSWD?

    She would rather just close her eyes and wait for it to be over, and if she were killed afterward, she would die honestly believing in her delusions of nobility in being a victim. That’s it.

    • That’s the common thread with all of the anti’s. They believe in the moral superiority of victimhood, have played the victim their entire lives (like the new “gun bullies” meme they are propagating) and firmly believe that if anyone can or will protect them it is the government. As for what shannon would do, she would call 911 (if there was time, it takes more time to dial 911 than it does to ready a firearm) be victimized in the perp’s manner of choosing, and the police would show up after whatever deed was done to take a report and maybe find the guy some day. That’s assuming she isn’t a hypocrite and keeps a Glock 17 with a 33 round magazine in her nightstand, which is possible too.

    • Nope – she’d pull out her illegal .357 and blast the perp. And then make her husband take the fall. The loudest whiners usually have something to hide.

    • How’d you do that? It even rejected my thumb-down. Before I could get to the “back” button, I think I threw up a little in my mouth.

  8. So. We live in Broad Ripple. Ground zero for the rash of home invasions in Indy. In addition, we just welcomed our first child on Oct. 1. My wife is home alone. After the crap that’s been going on the past two months, my wife is home carrying, and I lock our porch door every morning. (Didn’t know it had a lock before.)

    The wife is shopping for a Khar PM9 now. She complains that the G29 on her hip is too heavy coupled with the kid. Apparently her Lady Smith .357, G17 and G34 doesn’t do it for her.

    Go Colts.

    • We live in broad ripple, too. I have cc’d and home carried since 03/2010. I am absolutely giddy about how “gunned-up” Indy is. Don’t let this silly Twat make anyone think she speaks for the masses.

  9. I was very fortunate to spend part of my life living in Indiana and I fondly remember much firearm love shared with my Hoosier friends and neighbors.

    Lifetime residents of Muncie could never understand why I thought that little town was so great. Being an east-coast-blue-state-native, I always told them they just didn’t know how good they had it.

    Go Colts.

  10. “What mom wouldn’t want to give herself every option when it comes to protecting herself and her rugrats?”

    Mrs. Watts? I would certainly hope that’s not the case, but everything she says seems to indicate she fits that bill. A shame really.

  11. Does she really think it’s better for women to be sexually assaulted in their own homes than to avail themselves of their right to armed self defense?

    No, but Bloomberg and the Joyce Foundation pay better than raped moms.

  12. Can we get an Indiegogo / Kickstarter fundraiser set up to get a billboard asking Shannon Watts questions in a very open and public manner?

    Depending on size and location, expect to pay from $75 to $200 per month for rural sites, and from to $900 to $2,500 per month for city and interstate signs. If you’re renting more than one billboard, negotiate a discount. The billboards on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood run $10,000 per month, whereas the monthly tab for the billboard in Jonesboro, Arkansas, is $525 entering town and $375 on your way back out.


    • the billboard should be the one closest to her subdivision . . . . and right in her view as she and John drive around in their Land Rover as they go to their tennis lessons. . . . I know her neighbors will love this

      • I drive a Volvo (’95 940), have a Mad Men 1950’s haircut, believe that my sport coat/blazer is my “everyday hoodie”, and in high school… took tennis lessons.

        Perceived social class isn’t what we need to bicker about.


    • I like it.

      “Shannon, what’s so wrong with self defense?”
      “Shannon, why don’t you want a woman protecting herself?”

      Bottom left, change the exclamation point to a question mark, and sign it


  13. Grew up in a small farm town on the Illinois-Indiana border. On the wrong side of the border. I didn’t know then, but I know now, that freedom was only a few hundred yards away. God bless, Indiana. Can’t wait to move there.

  14. only 2000 hits on her video on you tube since 3/13?……obamacare has more hits in the last 30 days ….LOL …..give it up girly…time to do a sex tape….now that I’ll watch….LOL

  15. So I guess the earlier question “Too much Shannon Watts?” was rhetorical…

    Seriously, this story would be fine on its own. Dragging Watts into it just because she lives in the same city? There’s a shark and a ramp up ahead, TTAG…

  16. What Would Shannon Watts Do?

    ►Option 1 (83% probability)*
    She would abandon her children to the intruder, jump out of her residence window, and sprint to the neighbor’s house so they could call 911 and wait the 10 minutes for the cops to arrive while the intruder has his way (whatever that may be) and to whatever ends with the remaining residents.

    ►Option 2 (13% probability)*
    She would grab a kitchen knife and hide around the corner waiting for the intruder. When the intruder came close she would try to stab him but instead – gets shot and dies. The intruder would then have his way (whatever that may be) and to whatever ends with the remaining house residents.

    ►Option 3 (3.9% probability)*
    She would try to escape with all her children, however the intruder would catch them and have his way (whatever that may be) and to whatever ends.

    ►Option 4 (0.1% probability)*
    She would try to escape with all her children, however the intruder would catch them. Intruder would take pity on their ignorance and lack of preparedness and let them leave – despite that all the residents saw the intruder’s face and could positively identify him in a lineup.

    *Note: All probabilities listed above are estimated based on the Anonymous gut feeling calculation.

  17. Why, Ms. Watts would call 911 and wait for the police to come to her rescue, while asking her assailants to wait until help arrives, of course.

    • This. If there is anything to discuss here, it should be how to encourage more women to tool up and train up so we can reduce the violent crime rate even further. I’ve been skimming past Shannon Watts comments to see if anyone said this. No wonder the media love her if even her political opponents won’t stop talking about her. Tired of seeing her mug. Tired of reading her rhetoric. I said last night “go ahead and ignore her or mock as the mood takes you,” but I think I’m going back on that after this piece. Enough Watts already.

  18. I’m thinking it’s time to back off the Shannon Watts thing too.

    I mean, look at that picture at the top.

    Clearly, there’s a good possibility that the woman is afflicted with at least Partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. If that’s the case her ability to ever properly understand logical reasoning or proper roles within society could well be impaired and there would then be no hope of ever correcting her behaviors. Ignore and/or marginalize her and she’ll fade from view.

  19. Who cares what she would do? Let her find out for herself since she probably has no plan for self defense cause she doesn’t believe in it.Her logic is” no guns,no fire extinguisher ,no life,health,auto,homeowners,medical insurance ,She believes singing Kumbya will deter assailants,well,let’s see if she is right,maybe she is right.Far be it from us to determine her outcome in a attack against life and limb.

  20. Shannon’s big story was “After Newtown, I had to become an accidental activist.” Rubbish. Then she backs up to make Aurora the story, because her timeline is vulnerable to contradiction. Eventually she’ll be outed and we’ll hear she was pushing for a role many months before Aurora, once she smelled the fragrance (stench, whatever) of Joyce/Bloomberg money, as a PR opportunity, “I’m just the right person for the job!”

    I am delighted that Indiana moms are stepping up to the plate, taking responsibility for their own safety.

  21. “… ten people arrested for the neighborhood crime spree.” When I first read that I thought it was about Detroit. THAT‘s where MDA should have their next rally.


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