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Jake filled me in on the details months ago during a range trip, but since the cat is now out of the bag I guess it’s fair game now. Jake Zweig, best known for his stint on Top Shot (where he walked out, claiming the competition was rigged), has landed himself a new TV show on Discovery Channel. The premise is that he and his group of buddies will blindfold each other and drop them into extreme survival situations where they will need to reach civilization in 100 hours — all while the rest of the team watches and critiques the adventure. There’s apparently a firearms tie-in as well . . .

According to Jake, the show was intended to feature tons of survival gear as well as jaunts through unforgiving territory — including firearms. And apparently firearms will feature in the show’s survival portions as well. It should be interesting to see a Discovery program where guns are actually being used as intended rather than being hacked up and mangled in a shop because it’s never been done befo’. In short, this has a lot of potential for being a really good show featuring guns. It’s set to premiere Sunday, December 8th at 10 PM.

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    • Zweig is, and always has been, a weak sister, a whiner, a liar, and an affirmative action project exemplifying the Peter Principle. I don’t know a single man that served with him that has a decent opinion of him. In other words, he’s probably perfect for the Discovery Channel. Expect gun control nonsense from him at some point. “Because raciss!”

      • Characters such as yourself are exactly the type that the rest of us need to distance ourselves from. We need a faction of literate people so we can split off from the stereotypical gun owners.

      • Thats funny I still talk to those guys all the time …. and they have not burned me on the cross yet!!!! Glad to see the Hater Nation is firing it back up!!!!

    • Agree quitters should not be given second chances.

      If you’re to big a pussy to survive a reality game show you cant last a day realistically in the jungle

  1. and this is different from Dual Survival, Man v Wild, because…

    So, with the buddies commenting on the survival tactics, is this going to end up as “Mystery Science Theater 3000” as applied to survival shows?

  2. Maybe Jake is a great guy, but from what I’ve seen of him on tv and the little I’ve read online, he seems to be a big douche canoe. I don’t want to watch anything with him in it.

  3. … this has a lot of potential for being a really good show featuring guns. …

    We shall see. I admit I watch a lot of DC stuff/reality shows and overall they tend to marginalize firearms more often than not.

  4. I’ll watch if the execution is true to the premise. Any drama-boy antics and I’ll be gone a d avoiding advertisers and sponsors…just my 2 cents.

    Had enuff of Nat Geo making anyone following simple emergency prep guidance (like you’d get at FEMA CERT or the old BSA manual) look like a retarded hick crackpot.

  5. It’s set to premiere Sunday, December 8th at 10 PM.

    Oh, darn it. That’s the day I set aside to rearrange my sock drawer.

  6. ” In short, this has a lot of potential for being a really good show featuring guns.”

    In Short, this has a lot of potential for being a short-lived, train-wreck featuring guns.


  7. Oh goodie, another survival show knockoff. I think there’ll be more “survival” action on “[Not] Finding Bigfoot” than on this waste of bandwidth.

  8. Jake is an ass. Couldn’t hang on Top Shots, couldn’t hang in Special Forces, and is a jerk on this show. He wants everyone to fail. Stop being Jakeass and learn to be a team player.

  9. Late arrival here, and apparently in the minority, because I am loving this show. And yeah, Jake’s a talker but so what? He gives props to the others and admits when he’s been humbled. All of them are pretty kickass though and know more than most of us could ever hope to. Neat show – keeping my interest and look forward to new shows. Cool drop spots, fun jabbing but obvious mutual respect, and I can pretend I’m actually learning stuff I could use. All of these guys are refreshing to watch because even though they have to be feeling miserable, they’re more focused on doing than complaining. Far too rare these days.

  10. Are any of you people navy seals? No okay. He might be an asshole but he still served. Show a little respect. He went through BUDS none of you could pass that.

  11. You have to be kidding “jf158″…so being a Seal is a pass for being a jerk or a quitter? Im not saying Jake is, I dont know Jake. I know dont like how he acted on Top shot, but that doesnt mean I know him, and neither do most of the other people slinging insults here. Lots of us served. I served in the Corps, doesnt mean I deserve respect if I dont rate by my actions. The Show has promise and is a good premise from what Ive seen, and as for Jake, my ego isn’t so big I make judgement calls on people I dont know based on one action I didn’t like.


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