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Seized guns courtesy
OK, so this is an arsenal… From Prince George, BC: RCMP officers (and others) seized a large quantity of guns and ammunition from a home after CBSA officers noticed a pair of suspicious packages coming to that address from Germany. The packages were inspected and were found to contain the lower receiver for a Colt-M16A1 and a trigger assembly and selector switch for the M16A1. At the residence, police located more than 31,000 rounds of ammunition, three handguns (two of which were loaded), seven rifles, a fully automatic M16, a fully automatic AK47, two morning stars (spiked metal balls on a chain and stick), two shotguns, five 100-round capacity drum magazines, 50 assault rifle magazines, and four bulletproof vests. . .

If you’re in the vicinity of STH 186 near Vesper, Wisconsin this evening, you may want to be on the lookout for an AR-15 on the lam. It seems a Wood County Deputy was replacing the rifle in his vehicle and mislaid it at about 3:00 p.m., leaving the cased rifle on his trunk lid and driving off. The cruiser traveled northbound on STH 186 to CTH HH, and the rifle is believed to be somewhere along STH 186. The Wood County Sheriff’s Department requests that you turn the rifle in should you find it. [h/t: MojoRonin]

A Northern Illinois University man was arrested Wednesday after university police found guns and body armor in his on-campus dorm room. He was done in by a worker sorting mail in the residence hall who found a package containing gun parts and called police. Officers searched the addressee’s dorm room and found a disassembled AR-15, a .40 cal GLOCK, ammunition, and body armor. When questioned, the man said he was unaware guns are banned from all Illinois school campuses.

I’m pretty sure I saw someone mention that the Arlington, Texas photo that MDA was screeching about seemed a little to good to be true (for MDA). Today I ran across this article about Obama coming to Texas last week, and it had this interesting part at the bottom:

Moms Demand Action took credit for the first photo [from the side], but has declined to take credit for the second [from the front], saying they got it from social media. Kory Watkins of Open Carry Texas, who organized the protest, told the National Review that a woman had come over and asked to get a picture. She appeared nervous and didn’t have a gun on her. “I tried to start talking to her about the Second Amendment but she didn’t really say much,” Watkins said. “We got in the formation to take a picture for her. I said to my friend, ‘This is probably Moms Demand Action taking a picture, I just want you to know.’ But we didn’t care. It’s not a big deal. We don’t mind the pictures no matter where they come from. She took a couple pictures.”

So, a setup? Sure looks like it, and I’m not even wearing my William Burke hat.

As a followup to yesterday’s RatedRR video, Richard goes all Red Ring of Destruction on several of them with det cord and C4 at 50k, 2 million, and 10 million frames per second. If you’re not watching these in full hi-res, you’re missing out.


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  1. Hey guys, gun in the far bottom left – it looks like it’s got a lock affixed to it (a safety feature that the Spectre offered), rather than a loop/wire lock (look hard). I’m pretty sure that’s an Alchemy Arms Spectre .45. The gold emblem looks right, too.

    I owned one. They’re incredibly hard to find – strange, all-metal, stryker-fired Glock/1911 hybrid. You don’t normally find them outside of Washington state (that’s where I bought mine), as the company that created the Spectre (Alchemy Arms) was based in WA.


    • My bad. A couple things don’t match up (I was operating from memory, just googled the Spectre). The ejection port isn’t right, and it looks like that gun has a hammer. So, no clue what it is.

      But it does bear more than a passing resemblance to the Alchemy.

  2. The RCMP’s comment on the seizure was that the streets are safer now, despite the fact that this man had no criminal record, no suspicion of criminal activity and by all accounts had never harmed anyone. All this while there were a number of assaults in the area with the perpetrator still at large…

    • Because it takes a really hi speed camera to read their lips correctly and see their hands in you pocket.

    • I think it has to do with the fact that they were developed initially as military technology and the only practical uses for them are mostly related to that.

      For me the 2mil FPS shots didn’t really add to the video, in fact they actually made it worse. But we’ll see what he does with it in future videos.

    • I believe it has something to do with the components inside being able to be repurposed for use in nuclear weapons. Nanosecond switches or something. I’m going on half-recollected memory, but that’s what I’ve got.

    • That was my thought, as well. I think someone at my college once opened up a package of mine as it had a hole that looked like it was supposed to look accidental. Apparently they didn’t look close enough or I wouldn’t have gotten it at the end…

    • If you see something, say something. Even if you have to open someone else’s mail to see that something.

    • I had a similar thing happen when I was in college. Except the guy ordered ammo to his on campus PO Box. Apparently the box was labeled ammo and they tossed his dorm room. Found 2 loaded handguns. My reaction was “why the hell would you order ammo to your school PO box.”

      prior to this the school policy required all weapons to be checked in with security and you could check them out to take them off campus. Within 24 hrs they gave everyone notice that absolutely no weapons were allowed on campus and any left with security would need to be picked and stored elsewhere. Even though this didn’t affect me at the time, it was my first lesson in “gun control”. Take a perfectly working law, and when someone brakes it, punish all of the law abiding citizens by making them criminals.

  3. I’m shedding a tear over those seized guns and ammo.
    What a bummer.
    I have my own horror story of driving through canada with guns on the way to Alaska for a hunt.
    That country is fubar.

    • For quite a while it was better up here than it was in the states, the bleeding heart liberals ended that. Since then the firearms act has been political hot potatoes, no one wants to touch it. That said, at the recent Conservative party conference there was a motion to adopt recognizance of the RKBA, removal of the prohibited class (in effect making full-autos and a number of other types of firearm legal) and decriminalizing possession into the party platform, it unfortunately failed to pass, but only by a narrow margin. It’s evidence that the political climate surrounding firearms is shifting. There may yet be hope for the future.

  4. Care to explain why when I open the main page on my iPhone it fires up the App Store and takes me to Empire: Four Kingdoms, by Goodgame Studios (whoever they are)?

      • ACL 9000’s issue should be corrected. If you see that stuff, let us know so we can swat the ad guys. Screenshots are very helpful, only slightly less helpful are detailed descriptions. Saying general things like “some feminine hygiene product” isn’t terribly helpful in pinpointing the miscreant.

  5. It cracks me up that they labeled and bagged the morning stars. Those things are decorative props. Thats only slightly less stupid than cataloging a poster of Gandalf, cause hes pictured carrying a sword. But hey, it is saves one child (from LARPing) than its all ok.

  6. We may not agree with an illegal gun being illegal, but the law does. Keeping FA guns without the proper paper work or even if they are completely outlawed is just too risky. Too many unknown ways you can get ratted out and face serious felony time for it.

    I believe that we should have full access to the same guns the cops use. But i’m not going to prison or worse to make my point.

  7. Regarding B.C. Prince George Victimless Crime:
    “The presence of these weapons constituted a clear threat to public safety,” said Superintendent Derek Simmonds, Federal Serious and Organized Crime in B.C. “We were fortunate that we were able to remove these weapons before they harmed someone.”

    Spoken like true Canadians. Gotta love it where the tax rate is 87% and everyone is legally bound to the most extreme social polices and Statist ideals known to man. Canadians have actually redefined the definition of “Freedom” to mean one living under the protective shield and instruction of the government. The concept of doing whatever you want so long as you don’t bother anyone else or interfere with other’s natural, civil rights, is just lunacy in their eyes.

    • That’s quite the broad brush you have there. Do you paint for a living?

      Not everyone up here is a nanny-statist, longing for a day when they’re relieved of the horrible burden of adult responsibilities.

      “the most extreme social polices and Statist ideals known to man” – Jesus, man. Ever heard of Sweden? Or the UK?

      I can buy a model 870 Remington clone with an 8 inch barrel here and take it hunting. No tax stamp silliness. I have access to solid-quality (and improving) M14 clones. They run under $400 and are an excellent base for mods. The Rossi Ranch Hand is a rifle here, not a handgun, and I can keep one in my truck.

      Certainly there are those here who like the idea of bigger government. They live everywhere, but are concentrated in a glob that runs from Windsor to Quebec City. The other half of us do our level best to ignore them, aside from fighting against them in every election and sitting of the house.

      Seems to me that we have a similar problem, you Yanks and us Canucks. The split isn’t between left and right (whatever the hell that means anymore). The split is between folks who prefer more governmental control over their lives and those who don’t. You and I are in the latter camp. Not everyone north of the 49th is in the former.

      • Well said. I have to admit that I don’t know much about Canada’s laws, but statism is very much an international problem, affecting all of the “free world.” I feel like we are at a turning point right now in the USA, and will slowly start to make some actual progress back toward freedom. I hope Canada does too, along with Australia and others. I fear much of Europe and the UK is past the point of no return, and will have to get much worse before they get better.

  8. “We were fortunate we were able to remove these weapons before they harmed someone”.

    Not just one or two or a dozen people think like this; but MILLIONS of people feel like this; and they vote other people into power that represent them and the way they feel.

    The inmates are running the asylum.

    As for the gun “arsenal”; it will probably end up “disappearing” in to the personal collection of one of the “only ones’; what a waste.

  9. I would like to point out that the article says that 3 handguns and 7 rifles were seized. If the above picture is accurate and everything they confiscated, then I count 3 handguns, 3 rifles, a KSG shotgun, and what looks like 3 complete AR uppers, which are not the same thing as separate rifles as they are useless as anything other than a a club or paperweight without the one lower I see in the picture.

    • Well, you could fire an upper without a lower…. but I wouldn’t recommend anyone try it, and if they do I would ask them to please video it so I can watch it and be amused by their stupidity.

  10. I realize no one is going to care about this but since we criticize the media for misusing firearm terms I have to correct it: Those are not morning stars. They are military flails. Morning stars are just a spiked ball on a stick. No chain.

  11. Why the frak does the Government regulate cameras that shoot 1 million frames per second? Do not need a smart a$$ response, just the real reason.

  12. “If you’re in the vicinity of STH 186 near Vesper, Wisconsin this evening, you may want to be on the lookout for an AR-15 on the lam. It seems a Wood County Deputy was replacing the rifle in his vehicle and mislaid it at about 3:00 p.m., leaving the cased rifle on his trunk lid and driving off. The cruiser traveled northbound on STH 186 to CTH HH, and the rifle is believed to be somewhere along STH 186. The Wood County Sheriff’s Department requests that you turn the rifle in should you find it.”

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    I think only the Military and Police should be allowed to have guns.

    Politicized Child.

  13. I love the spare AR butt stock with buffer-spring. OMG! It’s so incredibly menacing, we found a shoulder thing that goes up without the other thing that sprays death and destruction!

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