tempe mom home invader gunpoint
courtesy abc15.com
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tempe mom holds home invader at gunpoint
courtesy abc15.com

There are few creatures more fierce than a protective mother. “It was either me or him, and I had two kids. There was no way I was going to let them get hurt,” the mother said.

The “him” this Tempe, Arizona mom was talking about was Anthony Chambers who had let himself into another woman’s apartment last week. When police responded, he lit out into the night, eventually entering the mom’s home.

From abc15.com:

“Eventually I got my phone and…I dial the police up. He snatches the phone out of my hand, and that’s when I decide, I can’t do this, and I pull my gun out. I have it aimed at him, and I make sure he standing towards the door, yelling at him, ‘You need to get out!'”

The mother was able to get her phone back and call Tempe police, who were already in the complex looking for Chambers. The 27-year-old suspect eventually walked out of the apartment at gunpoint, where police were waiting.

Chambers didn’t really go quietly.

Chambers reportedly “continuously disobeyed them” so police released their K-9, Chance. The dog quickly bit Chambers in the left forearm and “held on to Chambers’ arm with his bite as Chambers began to punch the K-9 on the head several times.”

Several officers then tried to arrest Chambers, but he fought with them, “swinging his fists and his legs.”

Two officers and the dog were injured trying to subdue Chambers (who had resisting arrest and aggravated assault convictions on his record from 2014). Now he’s facing a charge of aggravated assault on an officer, three counts of kidnapping, harming a service animal, and five other felonies counts.

But the mom and her kids are safe and sound. Thanks to a gun.



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  1. Why bother with a thug like that with all his arrests, if you can’t see he can’t or won’t be rehabilitated, quit wasting taxpayer money on him. The mother should have done everyone a favor & shot the prick.

    • He took her phone, so she waved a gun at him? She, the cops, and the purty puppy are all lucky he didn’t just take her gun. He should have heard it before he saw it.

      And edit doesn’t work any more.

      And now it works again.

      • Yes, the edit function works as long as you look underneath the fields where you provide your name and email address and check the tiny box next to “Save my name, email, and website in this browser for next time I comment.”

  2. I am surprised that the police didn’t just use their tasers on him. Seems like that would go a long way to taking the wind out of his sails.

  3. The news story indicates that the home-invader burst through the woman’s front door. The sad reality is that it is fairly easy to burst through most front doors even if they are locked. Unless all of your doors are beefed-up and impossible to burst through, home-carry is the prescription for the day, every day.

  4. I wish cops would quit unleashing their dogs on people when they just could have tased him. It just makes me sick to watch a dog chew on somebody. They sure do like playing KKK Nazi and I think that’s the part I dislike the most Bad guy or not, the law enforcement is getting in a habit of this. And it’s also b s. I’m sure the dog suffered no real injuries, just another charge. I love the irony when a dogs got someone down, chewing on them, and the per/victims natural instinct to fight back on any animal attack, with the cop screaming don’t move. Try it sometime yah frickin Nazi cops.

    • Spot on comment, possum.

      I grew up around a sociopath who would do something like burn you with a cigarette and if you moved, he would immobilize you and burn you some more. When he would burn you (stick you with a needle, whatever), he would keep saying, “Stop moving!” He would then claim that he was restraining you because you moved. That shit cops do with the dog and “stop resisting” is purely evil and I think many of them know it.

        • Don’t matter, it’s wrong and I know of no one who can not jerk back when a dog bites them, maybe some kung fu yogi, maybe. Sick real sick, a dog dealing out pain and punishment for the law enforcement.

        • In a free society, law enforcement shouldn’t be using attack dogs. It’s really quite simple. It’s immoral. It has no place in a country that has been founded upon individual liberty. A dog cannot swear an oath. A dog has no conscience. A dog cannot make a moral decision. A dog cannot be made to stand trial for his crimes. There is no recourse against a dog that has violated rights.

          If government were not infringing on the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms, in addition to severely undercutting the unalienable individual right to legitimate self defense, there wouldn’t be a need for as many law enforcement agencies and such draconian tactics. This is all about control. Government creates a problem and then offers solutions that create more problems. This how tyranny grows.

          It is not natural to lie still while an animal mauls you. That is an incredibly insane thing to expect an individual to do. It goes against every natural survival instinct an individual has. Only a dehumanized slave sheep could do it. That’s what government wants.

      • No, the shit the crooks do to your wife is what is evil. But when the cops have to use any amount of force on them, you c u c k s rush to the side of the scumbag.

    • Tempe, AZ … they do not have a very good reputation. Shot the 14 year old with an airsoft gun (yes stupid move but…) and just next door in Mesa was the cop that executed Daniel Shaver. I live in AZ and that area is the pits, crims and cops alike.

  5. He did very little to the dog. The dog will eat those punches and kicks and look at the scum-bag and think; is that all you got, you’re weak! Come on human, BRING IT!

  6. For every event like this that makes the news, there are 100 more that don’t.

    That being said, anyone worth holding at gunpoint is worth shooting.

  7. Since she didn’t zap him, now she’s probably worried about the sh*tbird coming back and hurting her or her kids…

    Room temperature attackers are a bit less to deal with, these days.

  8. In the famous words of Hank, Jr. Forgive me if I paraphrase. A bad guy said to the good guys they couldn’t put him in jail. They just smiled and said, “Oh, yes we will.” Some kicks to the head and some sticks to the shin, and several bites by Rin-Tin-Tin and I couldn’t wait to get into that jail! That’s the way it turns out more often than not. This guy obviously deserved what he got and what he has coming. But, even if you’re right and the cop is wrong, it happens, comply. Work it out later. You’ll end up ahead.

      • This may be a surprise to a cop hater, but almost every L.E.O. I worked with is pro 2A. Most of the others were neutral and didn’t won’t to be bothered with confiscation of a firearm from an otherwise law abiding citizen. You wouldn’t believe the paperwork involved. Court on your day off, etc. Direct your disdain elsewhere. I really think a lot of the anti-cop thing from some pro-2A people is sour grapes. If you really want to carry a handgun every day, for real, and I mean you’re not just looking for trouble, you’re being sent to it. Stand behind a badge. See how it works for you. John in Ohio.

        • I’m not that anti cop, it’s the way they use the dogs is my anti. Once the guy says get the dog off me or is taken down the cop should call the dog off. Not that quit resisting, don’t move crap. I ask, could you hold perfectly still while a Chihuahua bit you?, not flinch, not move. Just let it bite while the cuffs are put on? That’s my beef.

        • Opossum, every time I’ve seen a bite as soon as the suspect said, “I’ve had enough!” The K-9 officer called the dog off. They immediately broke contact. They’re that well trained. While we’re at it lets not forget those brave K-9s shot and killed by suspects attempting to escape. Most of the time as soon as the dog was introduced to the scene the suspect surrendered. Never got off the leash. Worst dog bite I ever had was from a mop head without a handle. My left ankle swollen for a week.

        • I wonder what LaVoy Finicum would say about that? Oh, wait, he was executed by the FBI. Oh well. Just another citizen who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the LAW getting some payback.

          There are a lot of good cops but there are also plenty of evil law enforcement personnel out there as well. for the most part they are immune to the rule of law, which opens the door to deadly abuse.

  9. I hear told that “most cops are pro 2A” BS all the time.

    If that were true, cops would not take your guns if you have no criminal history. They would not take your mags….they would not enforce black rifle prohibitions…….etc., etc., etc…….spare me.

    If you really support 2A then do not become a cop. Certainly don’t join the batfu.

    Most people I know who are cops, at some level signed up for the lifetime ccw reciprocity, the pension and some level of special treatment.

  10. John, you’re right. That’s why every time I served an injunction for protection and the respondent had firearms I asked the respondent if he had a friend or family member who could take possession of the weapons. As did every deputy I worked with. At the “informal” direction of the sheriff. We didn’t want to be responsible for them. Don’t become a cop. You’re right again. You can volunteer to patrol your community on your time off from your job. Hell, you can even burn your vacation time to work burglaries. You know, canvas pawn shops, talk to all your street informants. That kind of thing. Of course, if it’s a homicide you may need to take weeks or months off. When I signed up there was no CCW reprocity in many states. I carried concealed in South Carolina when they did not recognize out of state L.E.O. credentials. They did, however, recognize FL CCW which my friend was carrying. I also carried concealed in New York as an L.E.O. at the risk of minimum 2 years imprisonment. That’s according to my firefighter friend that I jumped out of airplanes with. Lifetime pension? Lots of people have those. I don’t have any debt, but I live in a very modest home with two two piece of shit vehicles that probably aren’t worth $5000 between them. I do have a shit load of high dollar firearms though. Some things go up in value, others down. I know the difference. lol Special treatment? Urban myth. Used to be. Because of liability, no cop gives another a break. Risking that pension you mentioned. And prison time. No one does that anymore. I’ve said it before. You know so much about it? Go get you some. No? Didn’t think so. Shit, you sound like you think it’s a dream job. And you’re right it, it was. I enjoyed directing traffic on the interstate when it was 98 degrees. Or raining. Dodging traffic because no one will slow down. Wrestling with the crack dealer on the same hot pavement at the public housing projects. Oh, let’s not forget about delivering the death notices in the middle of the night. Especially, when the dead was a child. That made seizing guns all worth it. You idiot.

  11. John Galt, I responded to you two hours ago, yet I’ve heard no reply. Are you suffering a medical emergency, or just have no lucid reply? I can call EMS for you if you let me know where you are.

    • Are your feelings hurt? Poor baby. Perhaps John simply didn’t consider what you said worthy of a response (horror), or maybe he doesn’t wait around for others to become enamored of such enlightened wisdom….as you seem to do.

      Been a long time, but you really seem a long way up your own backside. How pathetic.

  12. Brave police dogs? Good grief. STOP humanizing animals every chance you get.

    Dogs are no more capable of bravery then they they are of cowardice, in any remote sense of the human terms. Dogs are no more capable of love than they are of hate, in any remote sense of the human terms.

    Dogs either act or they don’t. Dogs either form ATTACHMENT or they don’t. Stop trying to conflate those things into higher human thought and human emotion.

    Sure, millions of people benefit greatly from relationships with animals, but get a life and try interacting with humans a bit more. Yeah, I know a lot of people suck but try to show some deference to your OWN SPECIES first.

    • 22winmag – You’ve obviously never owned a dog. If you’d take your own advice and spend some time interacting with them, you’ll quickly find out that they aren’t the idiot animals you think. In fact, i’d absolutely spend time with a dog over someone like you and im sure many others would feel the same. You sound like a prime example of a fantastic human…
      Everything you said could be said about a human, so not sure what your point is other than hating on people that hold service animals in high regard.

      • Who said anything about idiot dogs? Who is pretending to know someone from one blog comment? Who is reacting to my words like an emotional teenage girl? Put down the guns and get your head checked.

        For every person who benefits from a healthy relationship with their pet/animal companion, there is a person who takes it overboard and has withdrawn into their own little pet-centic world. That’s it. No hoaxes. No conspiracy facts.

  13. All this fuss and the ensuing fees that taxpayers will be stuck with, could have been avoided by administering a few 40-cent slugs to the perpetrator.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  14. First, at the time the thug broke into the woman’s home she should have shot him. When she was attempting to call Police and he took the woman’s phone away, she should have shot him.

    As far as “possum’s” comments concerning the use of the police dog, You are an idiot. Have you ever been in a real life or death fight? Yea, I didn’t think so. All the thug had to do was comply , he chose not to, He got whatever it took to take him into custody. Any scumbag who resists arrest gets what they deserve. The two cops who got hurt should sue him civilly. More and more Police are suing people who injure them and it’s great. F, them scumbags.

  15. Suspect’s open mouth, lack luster eyes, probably coming down off drugs – which admittedly must be no fun – but I know druggies (I worked on an ambulance for 34 years) who moderated their use of their drug and even managed to work to pay for their own shit…
    Glad everything worked out for mom and her kids but he was too close to her… should have shot him. I hate to think what he could have done, but not all criminals, especially heroin addicts, are interested in hurting people – they just want stuff to sell… it’s still dangerous, they scare people and it’s just plain not right to do and can lead to the “room temperature challenge”


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