Arkansas walmart shooting
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Police are responding to an active shooter situation at a manufacturing facility in west suburban Aurora.

Kane County’s SWAT team, the U.S. Marshal’s Task Force and other police are at Henry Pratt Company, which is near Highland Avenue and Prairie Street. Streets in the area are closed.

Live streaming of local coverage here.

Reports indicate four law enforcement officers have been injured along with “multiple” (some report as many as 12) civilians. While local TV reports the shooter is dead, other media reports indicate he/she has been arrested.

This is still a developing situation and the “facts” frequently are mis-reported and change as time goes on.

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  1. how come we wind up with anti-gun politicians in control in Illinois then this shit all the sudden magically happens it’s like they have it planned

    • Because you are looking for patterns so you find them. At any given time there’s something anti-gun happening that you can point to as a connection.

      • Yes, agreed. This could have happened in a bordering state and the Illinois politicians will say “this happened 100 miles from our state borders- what if it were here….blah blah blah….”. Illinois politicians are morons.

  2. Swell…as if the demoncrat majority needs a reason to ban everything. Shoot the mutha#####…ILLinois sux.

    • That was my first thought. Marshal’s don’t respond to local events. They may have chased this guy and he went into the plant for cover.

    • Fugitive arrest gone wrong. Maybe. U.S. Marshals just happened to be close on another op. Maybe. Take your anti-paranoid meds. Recommend. All L.E.O. will respond to citizens and fellow officers under attack. Regardless of jurisdiction. How about we just wait to hear what actually happened? Oh, don’t forget to take off the tin foil helmets. It really is safe.

        • If I recall correctly that was a command and control decision at the scene that has resulted in the resignation of the O.I.C. at the scene and the removal from office of the county sheriff. I hope followed by criminal charges. In the meantime, I believe local P.D. made entry despite the orders of the indecisive judgement of that stupid cow in charge on scene. I also believe I remember hearing that rank and file deputies and E.M.S. were begging to make entry. If what was reported was accurate I don’t know how that S.R.O., and I was one, can cash his retirement check without shame.

      • Why insult a fellow TTAG commenter and call THEM out as a conspiracy theorist? Didn’t TTAG put add some questions also about unusual events that have been happening nationwide..?! What about the Las Vegas incident…I CAN’T say that has been even remotely answered without a shadow of a doubt…So why insult fellow Americans if THEY are unsure about things..? Just as YOU would most likely be if an SJW/ANTIFA Moron had something to say about YOUR screen name ID….

  3. US Marshals on the ground? Where did they come from? Aren’t THEY supposed to be guarding Federal fugitives, and /or prisoners? Why would THEY be involved in a local affair?

    • Their self-impelling elevatrix levitates, even to the elevetieth floor.

      Tis’ a time of wondrous wonders we live in.

    • They come for the photo-op in order to help justify their bloated budgets and to look like they are doing something useful.

      Just like the toolsheds who posed for the cameras after the Boston Marathon fake bombing and Sandy Hoax.

  4. Look at the big tubby clown in the battle gear.

    Kind of reminds me of the clown show at the Sandy Hook hoax.

    • *SIGH* Sandy Hook hoax? *SIGH* Stupid, stupid, stupid………next you’ll be telling me about the flat earth.

        • A green laser has been reportedly been used by the shooter….now the anti-gun types can add lasers to their list of high-cap mags, bump stocks, etc., etc.

        • After you’ve proven yourself to be too dumb to breath without instruction why would I listen to anything else you have to say?

          Anybody with any sense out there know what an IIDF is?

        • Yes, and the fact is you are an idiot. Miles Mathis? Miles Mathis, heehaahaahhhaaahaa, how dumb do you have to be to quote either a mental defective, or conman, not sure which is worse.

          Also, geocities called and wants its website back.

    • It wasn’t just a false flag. The government has been using fluoridated water to introduce mind control nanobots into the population to get us to believe in gun control. It’s the same technology they used to fake 9/11…and the moon landing…and the Lincoln assassination.

        • Sadly, there are enough people here who make false flag claims that you need to be really over the top in your sarcasm.

      • And vaccines. Don’t forget vaccines. If the Truth be told, dag blag near every one of the recent mass killers has been vaccinated against something. Virtually all of them have eaten tomatoes, too. And attended public schools.

        Cause and effect? You tell me!

    • The suspect is a black guy named Gary Martin. The liberal rags are already burying the story. This story won’t have a shelf life of 72 hours.
      The msm needs white shooters to push the agenda.

  5. There really needs to be a PSA campaign encouraging these losers to give themselves 9mm lobotomies in the comfort of their own homes.

  6. And if someone there had a CCW permit & was carrying, maybe there wouldn’t be so many casualties…DUH…!!!

  7. Wait. Civilian injuries? Everyone there was a civilian. I didn’t see any Air Force or Coast Guard guys on scene. Did you? What’s up with the police pretending to be active duty military?

    Does anyone remember the DC sniper case in detail?

    After months of listening to criminal profilers pontificate about how the shooter was almost certainly a disgruntled middle aged white guy, and the truth came out…

    …the story died a swift death when it came out that the shooters were 1) nominal Muslims, 2) black, 3) genuine terrorists, and 4) almost certainly HOMOSEXUAL.

    I expect this story to die even quicker if it is confirmed the guy was 1) on pharmaceuticals 2) black and 3) shooting at white people.

    That’s if it’s not a staged event, because the odd response (US Marshalls?) and minute by minute, blow by blow, updates would seem to indicate hoax. 5 officers injured? Did they stub their toes, shoot each other, or line up and hold still for the guy?

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but has there been a massive influx of the Lunatic Fringe to this site? I mean, it USED to be just Sovereign Citizens, Flat Earthers, and Haters of Authority Figures, but now it’s Conspiracy Central.

    You know, Old Testament. Real Wrath-of-God type stuff. Vaccines! Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! False flags! Rivers and seas boiling! 40 years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes! black helicopters! The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

    Some of these new guys need to be sent a nice fruit basket.

      • I’m an old guy who come here occasionally to check for signs of intelligent life and see how many people are drinking the mainstream Koolaid.

        You on the other hand *sigh* like a teenage girl and patrol the comments like a full-time IIDF troll. Perhaps you are both.

        Hoaxes, misdirection, and misinformation are a 24/7/365 fixture in the information age, and to claim otherwise is just plain silly.

        By the way “Koolaid” got it’s name in this respect from the Jamestown Massacre HOAX.

        • I hope that you’re just being sarcastic, but on the off-chance that you aren’t. . .

          MAN, those 918 people strewn about the ground in Guyana were good actors! Some of ’em were even able to swell up and decompose on command, something that not even Bruce Willis could master! Not a single one of ’em moved a muscle, even when they were being buried and/or cremated! We’re talking true dedication to the acting craft, here!
          Not only that, but 918 families have been able to keep the secret ever since! Their ‘dead’ loved ones all came home and lived out their lives, and not a single neighbor, friend, distant relative, coworker, or old schoolteacher ever so much as recognized them on the street!
          I mean, tens of THOUSANDS of people had to be in on the hoax, and to this very day not ONE has come forward to tell how it was done! Or did they all get snuffed by the CIA, the NSA, and the Daughters of the Confederacy before they could talk? Are they all living on some remote island compound somewhere, held incommunicado for the last few decades? Do they know Marilyn and John? Are Judge Crater and Jimmy Hoffa there as well?
          Yeah, that must be it.

          Simply amazing. Oh, yeah, I’m convinced!

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