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tennessee dentist concealed carry good guy with gun shoots
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“‘I want to thank him from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, I want to call him a hero today,’ said Sheriff Cassidy.” That’s Sullivan County, Tennessee Sheriff Jeff Cassidy talking about an armed man with a concealed carry permit who shot a murderer yesterday in Kingsport.

An unidentified man walked into a dentist office and shot his wife to death. Before he could turn the gun on anyone else…

The sheriff said that a conceal-carry permit holder who was in the dentist office “eliminated a threat” by shooting the suspect.

A threat was stopped thanks to a good guy with a gun. Another defensive gun use. A concealed carrier stopped a bad situation from possibly becoming far worse. Fortunately, we’ll never have to know if that would have been the case.

And yet we have to deal with thinking like this.


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  1. You know the dentist was one of the few places where I left my gun locked up instead of at my side. I just didn’t feel comfortable taking it with me if they gas me up or I passed out for some reason. But apparently I should think twice now. Sheesh.

    • Anywhere there is people the same threat level exists. I’ve been in the chair more than once and heard domestic disputes among hygienists and their husbands/boyfriends. So-called safe places like libraries, rec centers, police station parking lots, YM/WCA’s, etc… are ripe for assaults and murders. Couples look to these “safe” places for things like supervised visitations or to exchange their kid for the weekend. Powder kegs.

    • Cucamonga Jeff,

      Several years ago, a friend of mine attended a doctor appointment and left his handgun in his car. My friend thought nothing of a husband and wife, both senior citizens, who entered the waiting room. At some point the husband went into the bathroom and my friend heard a loud bang. As it turns out, the husband decide to end his life in the bathroom of his doctor’s office and shot himself in the head. Needless to say, my friend was extremely grateful that the husband had not decided to take others with him since my friend was unarmed.

      You never know where or when someone is going to harm themselves or others.

    • My dentist used to have a ‘No guns allowed’ sticker on his door, but it was removed about a year ago. He has since moved on, and a new dentist has taken over the practice. Will be interesting to see if the prohibition comes back.

      • I stand corrected – NCGS 14-277.2. “Weapons at parades, etc., prohibited.” actually reads “It shall be unlawful for any person participating in, affiliated with, or present as a spectator at any parade, funeral procession, picket line, or demonstration upon any private health care facility . . . ”

        And later “The provisions of this section shall not apply to concealed carry of a handgun at a parade or funeral procession by a person with a valid permit issued in accordance with Article 54B of this Chapter, with a permit considered valid under G.S. 14-415.24, or who is exempt from obtaining a permit pursuant to G.S. 14-415.25. ”

        So my bad – carry on !

        • If you look closely at the wording, it is supposed to make it easier for police to arrest someone open carrying at a Klan rally, political parade, biker funeral, abortion clinic protest, etc. places where the politicians believe that open carry may be inflammatory, overtly threatening, etc. In begrudging fairness, there may be some truth to that logic. Some physician offices do have the NC equivalent of the TX 30.06 sign, as of course do the hospitals. As if those signs ever stopped a crazy person.

    • I pondered some over whether to carry into my dentist’s office just yesterday, and if I carried, how. I considered dropping something in my pocket, but then finally just belt carried my EDC under a sweatshirt. Now, I think I made the right decision. There is no place where I would rather be unarmed than armed, everywhere at no more than arm’s reach.

  2. Comon this never happens its fake news. Anywho we’ll just take all the guns away (400 million and counting) and it’ll be all milk and cookies and hippy love!!!!

  3. Really sad to hear the wife died. It’s hard to believe there are people in this world who think a disagreement with their SO means they should kill them.

    • Let’s not pretend we know what was going through the guys mind.

      Plenty of women have it coming.

      That, and a person is not really “thinking” when they are taking PHARMACEUTICALS.

      They guy probably needed a straightjacket and an ambulance.

    • Let’s not pretend we know what was going through the guys mind.

      Plenty of women have it coming.

      That, and a person is not really “thinking” when they are taking PHARMACEUTICALS.

      A straightjacket and some mental health treatment might have saved both lives.

      • > Plenty of women have it coming

        Jesus, seriously? You’re a nutcase, and it is asinine and frankly, evil, statements like that help to label the vast majority of law-abiding, sane, balanced rational gun owners as the same kind of moral garbage that inhabits your sack of skin. Get lost, get back to trolling somewhere other than TTAG.

      • You’re a scumbag. The only way a woman (or anyone else for that matter) “has it coming” is if they’re trying to harm an innocent person and must be stopped. Your feelings aren’t so important that you get to decide someone is or isn’t worthy of living because they upset you.

  4. I carry at the dentist…I will never get knocked out either. Novacaine is fun. Oh and it ain’t no “gun-free zone” either.

  5. I’m a dentist. Hence, the disturbing screen name. I am confident that many of my patients would be similarly equipped to deal with a scenario like this. As would my staff. And me. And my lab guy next door.

    • I work at a large international corporate place where nurses have to deliver unpleasant news to people in a small private room. It is designed to keep sound from going outside the door. The company has a no weapons, no chemical sprays policy
      The nurses get nervous.
      I tell them that I promise I’ll never ask them what the lumps tucked inside their scrubs are, because that would be sexist and impolite.

  6. This story was all over local news yesterday with a very positive opinion of the concealed carrier. Our local news covers Southwestern Virginia and East Tennessee. For some reason, Kingsport has more gun related news than the rest of the area combined even though Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City and smaller nearby communities are very close together if not connected. I sometimes wonder if the local police and or the local news gatherers have an interest in pushing the gun angle to the public I(but it seems to be ineffective).

  7. Sullivan County investigators released the name of the suspect and victim in a domestic violence shooting Wednesday that left one person dead.

    The case narrative says that Harry Weaver, 63, of Blountville, entered the offices of David Guy, DDS, on 150 Clinic Drive through a back door and shot his wife Kelly Weaver, 52, of Kingsport. The report says that Kelly Weaver was in the process of divorcing her husband.
    Officers found Larry Seagroves standing over Harry Weaver with a semi automatic hand gun pointed at the gunman. Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy told News 5 on Wednesday that Seagroves is a conceal carry permit holder and used his weapon to prevent further loss of life, calling him a hero.

  8. Concealed Carrier With Gun Stops Dentist Office Murderer

    What would be a concealed carrier without a gun?

    Kind of like “armed gunmen”. What are unarmed gunmen?

    • Would have been way more ninja if he decided to forgo the gun and took the BG out with a concealed throwing knife or something.

  9. My medical office if full of gun magazines. I encourage my patients to carry right into the examining room, and many do. Once, a very grateful Muslim patient (and Egyptian ex-soldier) wanted to bring his decked-out AR-15 to do a show and tell. I politely declined the honor. Last week a patient found a 9mm JHP Speer Gold Dot round in the patient’s restroom floor. There is a semi auto in my desk and a Ruger revolver in my manager’s office. Hey, if a shooting starts in my office I don’t want to be the only one returning fire.

  10. I had a procedure on my spine , where they use a chemical to burn the nerves on 3 disks. That was on Monday, My 9mm sat right next tome on the chair, with the Doctor and his assistants full approval. The neighborhood is a shithole, with junkies wandering into the doctors office,
    it’s 20 minutes form one of the top 5 cities in the US. He has 5 offices, and is a genius. After over a year of incompetent doctors doing nothing, he got it on the first visit. But no way I would go in there and leave my wife to drive me home without my firearm, which goes everywhere with me for 48 years.

  11. Ihave a solutiont to Civil Unrest, there’s objection to “good guy with a gun stops bad guy with a gun…” Get the bad guys to stop doing bad guy things and there won’t be any good guy stopping going on.

    Mabe get on that and we’ll all be happy.

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