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We’ve run a number of posts in the past on the benefits of home carry and even shower carry. Yes, shower carry. We’re not crazy enough to think that many people actually do that (shower carry), of course, but stories like this one from Milwaukee might enlist a few converts.

It seems a woman was showering when she heard her two children begin to scream.

From tmj4.com . . .

Without hesitation, she raced to her bedroom, grabbed her gun, and ran into the hallway to face down the intruder, she said.

“It all happened so fast — an adrenaline rush,” she said.

The woman — as so many have done — had bought a gun for personal protection.

The mother bought the gun ten years ago, she said, after discovering a man sleeping under her son’s bed. She said she hoped she’d never need to use it.

There’s probably quite a story there, but back to the current situation. She used the gun she’d bought years ago when the home invader wasn’t deterred by a couple of intimidating hounds.

The man, she said, was already being attacked by her two pit bulls, but she shot him multiple times because “he wouldn’t stop coming.”

The ballistic dissuasion stopped the attacker and he won’t be attacking anyone any more.

“I knew I’d be able to do it [shoot the intruder],” she said. “To protect my kids.”

Don’t threaten a woman’s children, especially one who has the necessary tools to defend them and herself. Police haven’t yet released the room temperature thug’s details, but does anyone really think this is his first brush with criminal activity?

The case is now in the hands of local prosecutors who, given media reports of what happened, will rule this a case of lawful self-defense and a justifiable homicide. The woman and her children probably won’t be sleeping well — or even at all — for the foreseeable future, but at least they’re alive and otherwise unharmed.

A couple of very valid bromides bear repeating here — you are your own first responder. When seconds count, police are only minutes (if you’re lucky) away.

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  1. No she should have calmly dressed and called 911. Then shoot a shotgun through the front door.
    He was only trying to feed his kids, unfortunately he wanted to feed the homeowner’s kids to his kids.
    Speaking of shower, what is a corrosion resistant choice and with environmental sealed ammo?

    • In my poors days I lived in a rough area. When I took a shower I had a small pistol in the folds of the towel. I could reach it from the shower. Soaking wet and buck naked I would exit the bath room armed.

      Home invasions are fast and dynamic. Fumbling room to room or accessing a safe may get you killed.

      • Shotgun by the shower door in the corner for the same reasons. Also to hell with anyone who supports needing a permit to merely own a pistol or any other firearm at home.

        • Those marine edition pumps look ideal as a shower gun. 😂
          Water resistant, coarse grips, short barrel. Can alway add one of those weird flattened funnels to wide the pattern. Imagine the advertising? “I always shower with my stainless 870 marine loaded with military specification high reliability ammo”.

        • “Shotgun by the shower door in the corner for the same reasons.”

          .357 in a zip-lock freezer bag keeps gun and ammo nice and dry.

          Marine shotguns – I’d be a bit leery on that idea.

          While the finish may be be stainless, the springs that make it cycle and function probably aren’t.

          Doesn’t someone make a seal-able long gun storage bag to keep it dry?

        • try a plastic umbrella bag from the local supermarket—just fold it over your favorite gobbledygook of choice–leave room for the action–

        • Yo, Dude, really? I have owned a P229 for over 25 years and I have never heard that before. Are you sure?

      • This cannot be told enough times!
        Do you want to fight past an armed or larger intruder to get to your night stand? Open a safe? Load a gun in an emergency?
        No you do not.
        I can tell you from personal experience that a keltec. 32 in the pocket is better than any gun in the world if it’s stuck on the other side of a home invader twice your size.

      • You kep quoting increasingly rare incidents to prove a point to arm America. I cannot see that you do much for your cause when you think it’s perfectly OK to shoot a man already being attacked, and probably eaten by not one, but two, PIT BULLS ?. Watch a man being eaten alive , that’s what Pit Balls do, go fetch you gun and shoot him dead, I call that borderline MURDER becasue there is a case here for pre-meditation / The law allows the use of PROPORTIONATE FORCE and I’d have thought that two pit bulls were most cerainly proportionate. This woman to me was just waiting to slot somebody>
        The kids might well have been screaming there heads off and so would you be if you were a kid watching a man being chewed up by two pit balls bought for that very purpose and a wild woman shooting that man to pieces MULTIPLE TIMES would be enough to give anyone elfin NIGHTMARES let alone two children. Nowhere does it sat the guy was attacking the kids does it?
        Those kids will probaly suffer from delayed shock and need psychiatric help for the rest of their lives ans so will she. And you idiots think it’s a good thing. ON the othger hand sauch is the hysteria in America why am I not surprised. How long before some crazy starts shooting the PIZZA MAN.
        Bloody crazy woman! But then again IT IS AMERICA

        • If I was being torn by pit bulls I would welcome the swift ending of a bullet.
          But I would like to know why someone entered. Was he a harmless mental patient? A benzo dope psychotic ready to perform cannibalistic acts?
          Children these days have been totally desensitized to violence. I’d worry about accidentally hitting the dogs.
          Let’s say it was indeed a harmless mental patient looking for moon dust, it’s tragic that he died but can we ask people to risk their lives?
          There are more tweaker than harmless.

        • Being chewed to death is a far nastier death than dying of acute lead poisoning. Actually she did the intruder a favor by administering a coup de grace.

        • Albert, you evidently didn’t read the story thoroughly. The intruder was still approaching the woman even with the pit-bulls munching on him. Castle doctrine in America (You Briit’s lost your right to self defense many years ago) was a British idea. The perp was IN HER house without permission. The dogs were his warning to exit the premises. He wasn’t smart enough to heed their warning. By laws in just about every state in this country, this was justified. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

        • OH and Albert. this happens a lot in this country. Fortunately most episodes do not end up with shots being fired?

    • Wrong. First don’t shoot the shotgun thru the front door. the shot pattern might expand and hit an innocent by-stander. I would say, go out on your 2nd story patio and shoot the gun up in the air to “scare the perp off” Creepy Uncle Joe says that will work. (But Uncle Joe’s creds are noticeable deficit, so maybe you better ask the perp nicely to leave and threaten to call vp Harris. That would scare him away. Seriously, though, first don’t waste ammo with a warning shot. Call police if you have time. Second, wait til the perp breaks open your door (shows his intent to actually harm his victim and lets you ID the perp). Third, shoot for center of mass (don’t try to “wound” the perp. Continue shooting til the perp is down (ie don’t try to wound.). Then, call police if you haven’t done so yet.

    • I recommend anything in stainless/inox.

      Unfortunately I’m not aware of any stainless cased ammo (and it’s probably too brittle to make a good case anyway) so you will just have to practice regularly, so the ammo is always fresh.

    • Another ‘mama’ bear:

      “A would-be robber, pretending to be a stranded motorist, killed a Florida college student, who had pulled his own weapon in self-defense during a gun fight in Alabama, authorities said.

      Florida man slain in Alabama by woman pretending to be stranded motorist
      © Provided by NBC News
      Florida man slain in Alabama by woman pretending to be stranded motorist
      Victim Adam Simjee, 22, and girlfriend Mikayla Paulus — both students at the University of Central Florida — were driving through Talladega National Forest near Cheaha State Park when they were flagged down Sunday by suspect Yasmine Hider, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

      Hider said her car had broken down and when the victims offered their help, she “produced a gun and made the couple walk back into the woods,” according to the sheriff.

      Simjee then pulled his concealed handgun and wounded Hider “multiple times” before he too was shot and then died at the scene, the sheriff said.“


      • And his not having a gun would have changed the outcome… how, exactly? Other than an uninjured perp with the energy to rape his girlfriend, of course.

        Moron49 as usual.

      • The ‘mama’ bear you were referencing was the murderer’s companion, right?

        “Paulus, who was not wounded in the shootout, called 911 and told authorities there was another woman was with Hider. Searchers eventually found the suspects’ camp about half-mile away, where they had been “living off the grid,” according to the sheriff’s statement.

        “That’s where police officers and deputies found second suspect Krystal Diane Pinkins and her young child.

        “As officers were ordering the female to the ground a 5-year-old child ran from the woods holding a loaded shotgun,” the sheriff said. “Law enforcement told the child to put the shotgun down however the child continued to the female’s location before laying the gun on the ground.”

        As Paul Harvey used to say, now you know “the rest of the story.”

  2. But the Woman that God gave him, every fibre of her frame
    Proves her launched for one sole issue, armed and engined for the same;
    And to serve that single issue, lest the generations fail,
    The female of the species must be deadlier than the male. – Kipling

    • Ah a happy ending. If no one is home I do carry a gat when taking a shower. I routinely have a gat in the john when doing #2 no matter who’s home. My wife also has her own dedicated gat but is not so judicious as moi. My sons are large & would maul anyone breaking in(good for something).They’re 27 & 29…

  3. The last mortal image he carried into eternity is an armed and determined naked woman. Hell hath no fury . . .

        • Gringo Cracker,

          Might’ve even had wood in his shorts.

          Well, the naked women did say, “He wouldn’t stop coming.”

        • No I would not say”vaha con dios” but rather “vaya con el diablo”. Far more deserving of him to visit the one who hates and uses him. Dirt deserves dirt. And DRT is close enough.

          And no way he had any wood in his shorts. More like somethiing soft and mooshy.

      • Most folks would have stopped at barking dog. The only sort of person that would enter and face two pit bulls is a tweaker or severely psychotic person. I am now curious about history of the tweaker. Was he a one of those new benzo crank folks? Was he off a huge dose of Sertraline like the weird clown guy?

        • Around a decade ago I would have been saying bath salts but it looks like I have another substance to review.

        • Yeah was watching tv show about how the mafia was dealing with a fentanyl price increase. They found out it’s very cheap to make a benzo mash (rough mix of Ativan, Valium, Xanax like chemicals. By mixing a heavy dose of that with a small dose of other the users just love it.
          They had a user who said that a hit of heroine mixed with benzo mash was the closest he could come to utter Ecstasy. Problem is the users stop breathing a lot so need to add some speed or meth. Whatever slop they use it’s called “benzo dope”. The users often die of simple anoxia (not breathing). The narcan still seems to work bringing them back but I don’t know if that’s only when mixed with opiates. People cannot resist this stuff. Oh, the dealers give it free at their place to pretty girls as they black out.

        • Well sounds slightly better than the fent/pcp we had earlier in the lockdown. Narcan to combative in 30 seconds.

  4. “but does anyone really think this is his first brush with criminal activity?”

    Ten years prior a man broke into her hone and she found him sleeping under her sons bed.

    Seems bad guys are attracted to her kids.

  5. Albert Hall will be along to rant to us all that basically this woman should have let this guy kill them, ’cause gun bad.

  6. If two Pits can’t stop him, she needed to shoot the crap out of him! I love a story with a happy ending!

    • and a bath gun, and a hall gun, and a kitchen gun, and a medroom gun, maybe better two at least, not to mention a sitting room gun and a garage gun.

      Reminds me of the Hollywood jewelry store owner who, having been the victim of an armed robbery (and NO help from the local constabulary) began to collect a number of very similar revolvers of signficant bore. He seeded them throughout his shop, such that he was never more than a few steps away from at least one of them. Having repulsed an astonishing number of armed robbery attempts word got round the community that he knew how to handle armed robbers, and would not hesitate to do it, the robberies all but ceased. The odd “new guy in town” who had not yet heard……. go elsewhere.

      Don’t eactly remember the tally, but I DO know it was well into double digits on his side the ledger, and zip on their side with the coppers also scoring a big fat zero as well. .
      He eventually sold off all the properties and settled back into doing one on one by provate appointment at his ample home. Which location he kept very private lest any with a score to settle ever find him.

      • Benzos must be a very high dose on their own to kill and have little effect on breathing. Combo with opioids is the trick. Narcan will work fine on the mix.

        • If I understand right the mafia addressed an increase in the price of fentanyl or heroine by boosting the benzodiazepines then to keep the customers alive added some meth / speed. But overall there’s an increased die off. I think they said they the junkies stop breathing quicker with the big benzo dose than with plain opiate OD.
          The mystery to me is why the junkies experience such Extasy compared to opiates. To me it all feels like people are giving up and checking out.

  7. I shower carry a Hi-Point Model JHP in a waterproof box. Showering was the only remaining time when I didn’t have a gun in arm’s reach, so I fixed that problem.

    • Scary are the training drills.
      At sone random time, his wife blows a whistle and times how long it takes for naked wet man with gun to sweep the house and double tap the pop up target.
      This may happen when there is company.

  8. “Idiot homeowner is poor steward of wildlife” from the bear post had some advice to give, just scream and the intruder will wander off.

  9. Albert Hall, how do you see this type of situation?
    How might it play out had the woman not had a gun?
    I am guessing she lives near drug users.
    Of course had she been able to get to a phone before he began chewing on her throat, at least the operator might have recorded the gurgling. Sorry I’m being silly, I would like to hear your take on this.

  10. Obviously fake news. Based upon “common knowledge” as reported by the MSM, so-called “home invasions are rare and armed homeowners are more of a danger to themselves and their children…….

      • or so he had claimed.. in past perfect tense.
        Inwestigatours found him with the wrong sort of toolset for furnace repair.

  11. Naked mom jumps out of the shower, grabs her pistol then rushes to shoot the intruder that was threatening her children. I wish we could see video of that.

    • Well
      That depends. Think of certain women you might have seen eating donuts on her scooter in Walmart.
      Then think of say umm, a Victorias Secret model before they got woke.
      I wanna see the model. Just to check her stance and placement.

  12. “The mother bought the gun ten years ago, she said, after discovering a man sleeping under her son’s bed.”

    Ho lee sheeyit


  14. “Timmy there’s no monster under your bed”
    “I know mommy it’s the man from the park that smells like garbage”

  15. “Don’t threaten a woman’s children, especially one who has the necessary tools to defend them and herself.”

    Too bad women/females/pregnant males (? !) can’t learn to defend their “children” from Planned Parenthood and other similar threats to children…

  16. Seems the perp was determined to get killed. Suicide by homeowner? Who knows. Can’t ask him now.

    If the law won’t keep recidivists away from the ordinary folk, it looks like the ordinary folk will eventually have to make perps an endangered species.

    Unfortunately this woman and her children will have to endure the trauma of it. But they need to consider how much suffering they have alleviated the community from experiencing, and the drain on community resources and budgets.

    Being a parasite on society has a whole range of bad effects long before they meet their end. The trauma they caused the last victim is the most dramatic that we currently know about.

    I think in cases of self defense like this, there should be an automatic lawsuit against the estate of the perp to gain some compensation for the event they were forced to go through.

    • Good chance the estate consists of a dirty needle, urine soaked sleeping bag, feces coated tent. But I agree with you.
      Also sue the authorities for releasing a violent offender which is also probably true.

  17. . “A real paranoid doesn’t have a gun in every room in the house. A real paranoid only has one gun.
    And he showers with it.”

    –John Milius, RIP

  18. sadly the news report leaves out the ethnicity of the intruder, but i’m going to take a SWAG and say it was a neo-nazi white supremacist terrorist

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