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LOL. This is a strange meme, but “swamp puppy” cracked me up. At any rate, go out and train this weekend!


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  1. Go out and train. Yup. Just bought a Ruger 10/22 for my wife…her birthday present. Enough of her hemming and hawing about learning to shoot. We’re going to make it happen.

    No swamp puppies needed.

  2. Bears don’t scare me. Alligators are a different story. Having gators live right beside a walking trail in your development while not allowing anyone to shoot the gator is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

  3. “I’m helping you learn how to move quickly in difficult terrain.

    “And you don’t have to run faster than the swamp puppy — only faster than one of your friends.”

  4. Based upon experience, one shot from a Glock 23 between the eyes does wonders…just saying.

  5. We (myself and other students) would go party at night in swampy areas near Daytona Beach and sometimes would see glowing eyes shining by flashlight. I don’t recall anyone coming up missing but I’ll bet we came close to being gator poop! How the hell did I survive this long?

  6. I saw one of those on the farm this morning. Not a big one. 5-6′. He was just cruising Ray’s pond. Does deter some tresspassers.

  7. Visiting a supplier long ago in St.Petersburg Florida I was waiting on the grounds for a taxi.
    I was warned to not go look at the pond because a gator had become agressive and it was going to be deported next day.
    Being dumb, I carefully walked to the edge and looked around. A violent crashing sound came from the brush and I ran the maybe 70 yards to the steps faster than I knew I could move.
    Looking back, there was a confused armadillo. I think he wanted to be my friend.

  8. That’s no “swamp puppy”. It’s a Murder Log, somewhat related to a Danger Noodle.

    Christ, memery is getting weaker by the day.

  9. I see someone found the gator that lives where the boat sank with my scary black rifles on board. If y’all wouldn’t mind, retrieve my outboard please. That old Johnson is worth more than the rifles.

  10. Up here in the Northwoods, we have forest puppies. Noses like dogs, but way bigger and NOT YOUR TEDDY BEAR. I’m training mine to eat federal agents. They taste like chicken tenders, but come in turkey flavor too.

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