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What started out as a luxurious beach vacation and ended in abject horror when two Detroit women were raped at gunpoint in their five-star hotel. The two friends had spent $2,400 on an all-inclusive getaway at Hotel Riu Reggae in Jamaica, where they stayed for five nights.

At 11:15pm on their last night there, a 24-year-old man named Scott Dowe climbed up onto their balcony and forced his way into their room on the second floor. Dowe had been on the job at the hotel just three nights before, working as a dancer with an entertainment company the hotel had hired.

He demanded money from the women, then threatened to kill them if they each didn’t have sex with him while the other watched. This went on for 15 long minutes before one of the women, who owned a gun back home in Detroit, managed to get a hold of the attacker’s weapon.

“I grabbed the gun and started shooting,” recalled the woman.

There were only two rounds in the gun, and she fired them both, hitting Dowe twice. He fled, jumping off the balcony he’d come in from.

“At night, it really haunts me. All I see is his eyes,” she said in an interview with Detroit Free Press.

After the shooting, the woman left the room, half naked, found the front desk, placed the gun on the counter and said, “There was a gunman in my room. He raped and robbed me and my friend. And I took the gun and I shot him.” The staff member at the front desk then called the police.

Dowe was arrested the following day when he checked himself into a local hospital, and the hospital staff informed authorities that they’d admitted a man with gunshot wounds. Had he not been shot, Dowe would likely still be at large.

“I feel empty, like something is missing,” said the woman. “I just want to know why? What targeted me? Did (he) just see me as an opportunity?”

Things will never be the same for her. However, thanks to her good instincts and some familiarity with firearms, she may have saved two lives that night.

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  1. The moral of the story is to never put your gun down while whipping your gun out.

      • Oh, please. You can so. Just stay out of the seedier areas of any city and the chances you’ll be attacked are so small as to be statistically zero. GTFOH with that shit.

        • Actually the hotel Riu is a five star hotel, I stayed there. The problem is Jamaica.
          It used to be a beautiful island to vacation. We honeymooned there long time ago.
          It is no longer that. To go to the shops across the street from the hotel we were not permitted to walk there. We were driven by the hotel staff, it was literally just a couple of hundred feet.
          This was the third and last time we will ever go back to Jamaica.

        • Yep. I lived in an all white part of the country for many years. We still had rape, murder and other crimes.

          But the stormfront crowd forgives crimes done by whites. Or overlooks them. Weird, but there it is.

        • Yep. I lived in an all white part of the country for many years. We still had rape, murder and other crimes.
          Just not nearly as much.
          Daughter went to college in Indy surrounded by the black community or ghetto. Campus alerts about armed black male suspects all the time.

      • You picked an apt name, “Chicago”, where the average citizen of any race will let you steal his last $0.05 if he thinks you’ll use it to harm somebody different.

        Any place that BOTH Frank Collin and Louis Farrakhan found a congenial environment is best preserved under a sheet of radioactive glass.

      • “The moral of the story is never relax around anyone who votes Democrat.”



        It looks like the Leftist’s attacks on Kavanaugh have fired-up our base, as the advantage the Leftists enjoyed in the generic ballot have all but *evaporated*…

        • My bet is that would have happened anyway, I was fired up long before he was nominated. Difference is, lefties have seen how useless their gods are, will be staying home in droves.

        • “The moral of the story is never relax around anyone who votes Democrat.”
          They are dangerous and the same as Bolsheviks.

    • No the real moral of the story is don’t be a rapist, because you’ll deserve what’s coming to you.

      Second lesson, if you can, always be carrying, and don’t trust ANYONE.

      Good on the lady for getting the gun and using it correctly.

    • Sad she only wounded him he will be out after a few years and do it again next time aim for his head to make sure he can never hurt anyone else

    • I worked with a Jamaican guy years back. He escaped, and vowed never to return…

      • Escaped from Jamaica or from you? The way you wrote that left it open to interpretation. Ha.

    • Ammunition is expensive in Jamaica. Probably what was left over from the previous owner.

  2. Only two rounds? I almost wished he loaded more. He might not be around if that was the case. Damn cretin doesn’t even look ashamed at what he did.

    • He’s not. He’s just waiting until he’s released for some fabricated reason about mental health or whatever. And he’ll do it again. That we can count on.

  3. Sick. Good thing she’s a good shot. We read the article yesterday about the homeowner who fired 3 shots, and missed all three. Here’s a woman who has been raped, her friend is being raped, and she has the wherewithal to get his gun and shoot him. So much for security at a posh hotel.

    I perhaps needlessly point out the rapist’s color … blacks (as I think most of us know here) commit the majority of violent crimes — black on white, and black on black — while they make up about 15% of the population. There is a subset of blacks who are very violent. Granted, this is out of this country where it happened. But I don’t think it’s any different elsewhere. Europe probably could tell more than a few tales.

    Good for that lady. May well have saved her life and her friend’s life. Too bad the son of a bitch survived.

    • Jamaica is like 90%+ black. Like many Caribbean nations. So it stands to reason that most criminals there will be black.

      • That is true, but as the commenter also said, backed by FBI and DOJ statistics: Black males make up about 6.5 to 7% of the US population, but are responsible for 80+% of all violent crime and roughly 60% of all homicides. Put another way, minus the African American population, the US is nearly the safest country in the world. Do what you want with that information, but it is certifiable, demonstrable fact. If one extrapolates from these facts that they are indeed safer in an all white community they would statistically be correct. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t racism, it’s an informed decision based on verified facts and is incontrovertible.
        I personally like to judge people on their actions and my personal knowledge of their demeanor and system of morals, but still, like most people, I must assess threats in real time on limited information. Given that the fact is black males are 7 times more likely to commit a violent crime than are whites, I’m naturally more wary of blacks than whites.
        I know Pit Bulls are mostly friendly dogs who like people, but I still approach them differently than Labradors, because I also know that statistically I’m much more likely to be mauled by a pit than a lab. It doesn’t make me bigoted, just honest.

        • You seem to forget that there is very little interracial crime in the U.S. Here, 85-90% of all violence is intraracial. There is more black-on-white crime than vice-versa, sure, but odds are still very good that you’ll be attacked by someone who looks like you.

          As for me, I hardly interact with anybody anymore than in absolutely necessary, anyway. That’s ’cause I hate everyone equally. 😉

    • Not that long ago they had public hangings. It was safe to visit in those days. After their “revolution” in the early seventies the country turned into a shit hole. The first time we visited, pre the uprising, was great. The second time after the uprising, was bad. We decided to give it one more shot. That will be the last. The hotel compound was great but you were trapped there.

  4. Mozambique drill , people need to learn to shoot even when all miscombobulated

    • It’s “miscontonreflabulated”. Look it up, dummy.

      And Jamaica isn’t a country. It’s a dessert topping.

    • Lets see, two to the chest and click to the head. Tough to run the Mozambique with only two rounds!

      I won’t go where I can’t take my gun, and Jamaica is clearly one of those places.

      • Yeah, if you’re not safe even while relaxing in your hotel room with the locked door, why would you want to go there, even armed?

        • Well, given the massive violent crime rate, I’d say armed vacationers in Jamaica would be there for the adventure. I mean, if Jamaica had stand your ground and allowed concealed carry, it might be a very interesting place to go adventuring…I mean vacationing. Then again, if Jamaica had SYG and CC, maybe it wouldn’t be such a violent cesspool.

  5. As Rusty Chains indicated above, why leave the United States and go to a location where you have no effective means to defend yourself from animal and human (but I repeat myself) attackers???

  6. I love these stories where the victim shoots the criminal with his own gun!
    I am saddened to hear what happened to these two women.
    Jamaica has gun control, so tourists cannot use their personal weapons for self defense
    Since only the criminals are armed, good people have to depend on the criminal bringing a weapon for them to use

    • Unfortunately, when the goal is robbery or murder, the chance to appropriate the thug’s gun are less likely. But if you get it, *always* empty it.

  7. Jamaica has their tourist zones and you don’t want to venture out from there. Best to stay on the beach and block the sliding glass door with the toilet plunger.

  8. “The two friends had spent $2,400 on an all-inclusive getaway at Hotel Riu Reggae in Jamaica, where they stayed for five nights.”

    Two mistakes right there from the women…Jamaica trip and blowing way too much money on a hotel.

  9. Jamaica has very strict gun control and civilians are totally disarmed. Obviously not the criminals though.

  10. While I’m not surprised anymore by blatantly racist comments from ignorant racists, I’m kind of shocked this website continues to allow blatantly racist comments. It undermines the legitimacy of an otherwise great site.

    • Indeed, it’s pretty disappointing to see this place gradually attracting more haters of blacks, Jews, etc. Only takes a few @$$holes to ruin a nice scene.

      • The racist comments are not helpful when we are trying to preserve our rights and the Constitution. Generally, when these types are allowed to run rampant, the intelligent posters will move on and that’s what you are left with.

        • Gets clicks, increases user time, more add exposure, makes money for Zimmerman. That’s the reason this and any website exists. If you belief any of this is actually about politics you have been successfully marketed to.

  11. Its easy to criticize blacks when they are wrong. But its not easy to criticize white homosexuals when they are wrong.
    I wonder why?

  12. “There were only two rounds in the gun, and she fired them both, hitting Dowe twice.”
    The rapist is lucky he was so poor that he could only afford two bullets!

    Just more proof of how stupid the anti-gun people are to think that TARGET SHOOTERS, because they buy 500 or 5000 bullets at a time, are somehow more dangerous than men who only own two bullets.
    (Although judging from recent news stories, the mainstream media would probably call even two bullets “a huge cache of ammunition,” LOL)

    • That likely just means your on a very fixed income in a very low average income area of the country , or very old / disabled, cowardly, paranoid or all of the above. It’s nothing to admit to as if it reflects well on you.

  13. Love how a story about attempted rape and defensive gun use in Jamaica can somehow morph into domestic Dem-bashing. One track, much?

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