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A designer by the name of Brian Magallanes lists these as his EDC – and I do believe this is the first Sony we’ve had appear. It isn’t just any Sony, either, it’s a mirrorless model. Nice camera. The gun is a Kimber Micro 9 which I’ve spent time running for a review back when it was new.

What do you guys think about micro pistols; should they be 9mm or .380 ACP? Which one creates more felt recoil…or is the difference negligible?

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  1. W I T, .380 to answer?… How bout a 9×18, the hot rod .380?. Hits just about the limit for small practical blow backs….A camera??? pocket dump??? I guess, if most if these guys are carrying a pocket watch with wrist strap attached, this guy can holster his camera

    • That is the locked storage for the lens hood for the Sony A series.

      All this individual has to do to utilize it is rotate it, pull it off of the end of the lens, put in on the right way, and rotate to lock.

  2. Well, the Ruger LCP semi-auto pistol (chambered in .380 ACP) weighs 9 ounces I believe and it’s recoil is snappy due to how light it is. I cannot imagine shooting 9mm Luger out of that same pistol as the recoil would have to be punishing.

    I have shot the Ruger LC9S semi-auto pistol (chambered in 9mm Luger) and that produces no more recoil than the Ruger LCP shooting .380 ACP. Of course it weighs almost twice as much at 17 ounces so that is no surprise.

    • I own an LCP (bought for the wife) and LC9 (not s). I shoot better with the LCP, but I think trigger pull is a factor. My wife has trouble racking the LCP so that was a waste of money since she won’t use it.
      Bottom line I don’t think the LCP recoil is bad at all and I kind of find it fun to shoot. I’m thinking of trading the LC9, just can’t get used to the trigger.

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